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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Greatest Figher of All Time...

This is what we are missing in the new NHL and the Bruins...

And an old fan fav...


Just all around an awful game played by the Bruins. In the last 4 games they've been out scored 19-3, OUCH! If anyone listened to the end of the game (sadly I did) Andy Brickley hit the nail on the head saying, "the Bruins will have to make some personnel changes if they have any chance of making the playoffs, otherwise they will be in the lottery again." I can't agree anymore with Brick.
The Bruins start off the game with a tic-tac pentely called on Wayne "I must get on the stat sheet one way or an other" Primeau, 17 seconds into the game. Not even a minute later Shean Donovan takes the dumbest pentely of the game, hooking Briere in the defensive zone. Chara shoots the puck out of play in the D-Zone and yes of course Buffalo cashes in on the 5 on 3. Great way to start the game it just gets worst.
Next Adam Mair is now the guy in the NHL I HATE the most at this point. David Krejci gets absolutely runner over by Mair way after the whittle and Mair gets a 2 mins in the box and hopefully is fined for his actions. Later in the game Mair takes a run at Brad Stuart after Stuart lays a guy out, text book style. Mair comes running at him and trys to put a lick on him. The best move on Primeau this year is coming off the bench in defense to this late cheap shoot by Mair and challenges him. I think Mair is a dirty player and the Bruins need to find a guy on waivers or call someone up for Thursday nights game against Buffalo to beat Mair's brains in. He tries to cheap shot Stuart with a 6 goal lead in the 3rd, real classy. This after the cheap shoot on Krejci who only played 2:07 in the game, this also shorted the B's bench. Andrew Alberts also took a slap shot just below his eye midway through the first. He came back stiched up and with a sheild on. Hopefully the swelling goes down and Alberts will be ready to go Thursday.
Back to the comments Brickley made, PC should know right now the team needs to make a move in one way or another. He has to know Brad Stuart's value and after seeing the last two games, Lewis has had to pull his starters. I work with Bruins former goalie coach Brian Daccord and just working with him, I know that the goalie shouldn't be on his back, butt, or stomach; look at the goals at least 5 of them the goalie is in one of those positions. One of two things needs to be done, the Bruins need to trade for a goalie or need to hire a technical goalie coach such as Daccord. Right now Bob Essensa is the goalie coach an has alot of NHL experience but is not a technical coach. The Bruins also need offensive help, Marc Savard can't do everything himself. All though he has been great he can't be acountable for 80% of the teams offense, as he is now.
I think the officating of the game was lobsided. I watched and saw plenty of holds and late hits not called on Buffalo. I still belive Mair should have gotten more than a minor for his first late hit. I hope Lewis skates the team into the ground tomorrow. I hope they remeber how awful they played, because if they do this at home Boston fans will boo them right out of the building (espcially a bunch of drunken college students, Thursday night is student night). I hope the Bruins slug the Sabers, I hope it's physical. Buffalo wanted to run the score up and if the Bruins play this way again the same results will happen.
Finally the only two guys who seemed like they played the whole game as hard as they could was Petr Tenkrat (who should be getting rewarded with more ice time), Brad Stuart who continued to play the body the whole game, and Wayne Primeau who might of not played his best game but stepped up and took one for the team and showed emotion. I know the Bruins don't have an enforcer so a guy like Primeau has to realize, hey I haven't played great someone's cheap shooted my team twice someone has to do that. I do belive Alberts would of but he already got hit in the eye and could of got hurt even more so. I don't care how much people get paid, if you're teams losing battle hard and try to put your team back in the game.

I hope David Krejci will be alright.


This is the sorriest excuse for a hockey team I have ever seen.

Attending Thursday's Game

Lucky me, I get to attend the Sabres-Bruins game this Thursday. Now it could be a good game with a new Bruin player...maybe...or a crapass game where the Sabres destroy the tired Bruins. We'll get to wait and see. And for anyone wondering where my seats are...I got box again.

Tonight's Lineup

Here are the lines to start the game anyways. Stan Chistov is the odd man out in favor of Mowers.




Pretty Impressive Stats

Taken from the Bruin's Insider for the Herald, Douglas Flynn:

- Petr Tenkrat, who was scratched last night, has gone 17 games without a goal, with just one assist and a minus-6 rating in that span
- Chistov has gone 11 games without a point and is minus-8 in that span
- Axelsson has just one goal in 15 games and is a minus-11 since his return from a foot injury, yet still started the night on the top line
- Sturm is just 2-3-5 and a minus-13 in his last 15 games
- Bergeron had gone six games without a goal before his tally in this one and has just four points and is minus-9 in his last nine games
- Mowers is 0-2-2 and a minus-4 in his last 13 games
- Primeau is 1-2-3 and a minus-6 in his last 11 games
- Donovan is 1-3-4 and a minus-8 in his last 22 games
- Hoggan has 0 goals all season in 31 games and 0 points in his last nine
- Even Savard has now gone three staight games without a point for the first time all season
- Allen finished even again in this one, allowing him to remain the only Bruin with a plus rating for the season. He’s plus-1 in five games.

Bruins vs. Sabres

Tonight the Bruins take on the Sabres. Sabres are 3-0-1 versus the Bruins thus far. Left wing Thomas Vanek, who missed Monday night's game with an illness is a gametime decision. These are the lines I would like to see with Krejci being put right into the fire. Should be interesting to see who the healthy scratch will be tonight. Lewis already stated that Petr Tenkrat, who was scratched the previous two games, would skate tonight.


Unlikely to happen however. Look for Stan Chistov or Brad Boyes to be the healthy scratch for tonight. Boyes has gone 14 games without a point.

Hoggan waived

With the recall of David Krecji this morning, Jeff Hoggan was the odd man out. He was placed on waivers. Strange move, especially with Hoggan having a two-way contract, meaning he does not need to clear waivers to be reassigned to Providence. Putting him on waivers means that Peter Chiarelli hopes some other team will claim him and take on his salary ($450,000).

Hoggan might not even have been the best option to be waived. Mark Mowers would have been my choice to go. At least Hoggan is out there trying to hit everything in site, crashes the net, and brings energy. Mowers is more versatile because he can play all three forward positions and is a better option on the penalty kill. But the Bruin's already have enough "checkers" on this team, a list that included P.J. Axelsson, Wayne Primeau, and Shean Donovan, whom of which all play the exact same role as Mowers. In the "new NHL", there is no need to have more than one line of checkers (meaning 3 players total). I think Chiarelli is finally starting to realize that, now lets hope Dave Lewis does too.

Habs put #29 to the rafters....

The Montreal Canadians last night put #29 up to the rafters. Ken Dryden's number finally went up with the other greats, my problem is what took the Habs so long to realize Dryden's number 29 should be up their? In 1971 Dryden who was a Rookie only played all of 6 regular season games and knocked out the Bruins in the playoffs. He won 80 of 112 playoff games, including 10 shutouts, while maintaining a 2.40 GAA in the postseason. Dryden who was a great goalie desvered the #29 being retired, but it should of been done alot sooner.

Krejci Recalled

David Krejci was recalled this morning from Providence. The 20 year old rookie center has 15 goals and 29 assists in 44 games for the Baby B's this season. Finally Peter Chiarelli decided to make a move. Now the only question is, will Dave Lewis actually play this guy or will we continue to see Axelsson on the PP, Primeau with one minute left when we're down by one, and Mowers and Hoggan for 12 minutes a game.

Days as a Bruin numbered??

Taken from today's Boston Herald, Stephen Harris

“Stuart is going before the trade deadline. That’s all I hear,” one agent said. “I would think to somewhere in the Western Conference.”
After the B’s 6-1 rout at the hands of the New York Rangers last night at the Garden, general manager Peter Chiarelli might be ready to pull the trigger on a deal or deals. Chicago, Anaheim, Philadelphia and, interestingly, Ottawa are among the teams with which the Bruins are said to be talking trade.

“You wouldn’t expect that, talking to a team you’re fighting in your own division,” said another agent in reference to the Senators. “But (ex-Ottawa assistant GM) Peter Chiarelli knows their players well, and it would be easy for him to talk to (GM John) Muckler. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were something going there.”
Teams interested in acquiring Stuart likely would first want to have a pretty good idea whether they’d be able to sign the blueliner to a new contract before he reaches unrestricted free agency.
The Blackhawks had several team officials on hand last night, including GM Dale Tallen. One Chicago forward who would fit the bill for the “energy player” Chiarelli has said he’d like to add would be ex-Bruin Martin Lapointe. On the books for $2.4 million this season and next, Lapointe, with 10-5-15 totals in 50 games, would be an affordable option to provide a spark.
Sources also said the Bruins are prepared to dump second-year forward Brad Boyes, who was scoreless for a 14th consecutive game, for nothing more than a draft pick.
“How do you trade guys if we’re not doing great,” center Marc Savard said. “Peter is in a tough spot. When your team is struggling, you get offered crap probably.

P.J. Must Go

P.J. Axelsson's career as a Bruin should come to an end this season. He is making 1.85 million this season and next. The Bruins need to get new fresh players in here who play with passion. He simply isn't cutting it. He is the most overrated Bruin and is nothing more than a checking line winger/fourth liner. He possesses no offensive abilities what so ever. Not to mention his defensive skills have been on the decline the past two years. This year it is very apparent that he lost a lot of defensive skills and I have no idea why. He looks like he doesn't want to be out there. On multiple occasions I have seen him give up on plays in the defensive zone which have resulted in goals or great scoring chances. Not to mention his terrible clearing attempts which always seem to go directly to the opposing players. The Bruins need this team to be a team that skates, shoots, and checks. He possesses now of those skills. Trade him for a winger or even a draft pick, then call up Kalus, Karsums, or Krejci for the remainder of the season. Getting rid of his salary is a very smart idea right now. No 3rd/4th liner should be getting that much money. The Bruin's play a much better game when he is not in the lineup. They are 7-4 without him. I have been saying it all season and I stick by what I have said, P.J. Axelsson should have been traded at the beginning of the season when his stock was higher than it will ever be. Ottawa was offering Antoine Vermette at the seasons start but Peter Chiarelli declined the offer. That will prove to be a mistake.

Monday, January 29, 2007

"This is the definition of a laugher"

Exactly what tonight's game was, a laugher. Team shows no passion or desire what so ever. The only positive of the game was that Lewis finally took Axelsson off the top line. What happened to this guy? Nice job backing off on a puck in the corner which resulted in a goal for the Rangers. The games get uglier and uglier to watch. Shake this team up and get someone in here who cares about playing hockey and winning games.

"This is starting to get ugly"

Yes it is. Show some emotion.

Captain Hook

Is it me or does Wayne Primeau take atleast one hooking penalty a game? That's all he does is hook. Grow some balls and hit someone.

Conroy back to Flames

The Flames are bringing Craig Conroy back to Calgary. Today Conroy was acquired from the Los Angeles Kings for Jamie Lundmark, a fourth-round draft choice in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft and a second-round draft choice in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. Conroy only has 5 goals and 11 assists on the season and is 35 years old. He makes 2.394 this season and next. The trade helps Calgary in the short run because they need a center. However, Calgary will lose in this trade in the long run. Next season they are stuck with an aging center who makes alot of money for a role player and on the decline . Lundmark,26, is a fourth line center/winger who is a RFA at the end of this season.

Bruins vs. Rangers

Same lineup as the previous game. No Petr Tenkrat again. Although he has been struggling as of late, he is a much better offensive option to Mark Mowers. Mowers turns the puck over way too often and botches many offensive opportunities when given them. Chara will see a steady diet of Jaromir Jagr tonight. Look for the pairings to be mixed and matched once again, in attempts to get Chara on the ice for the majority of Jagr's shifts.



And Why is he in the AHL...?

One of the best goals I've ever seen.

Around the League

- Bruin's might be interested in Jan Bulis of the Canucks. He is making 1.3 million this season.
- 11 teams have contacted the Flyers about Peter Forsberg. Detroit appears to be the favorite, with them offering a player plus a first round draft pick.
- Jason Allison is rumored to be heading back to Toronto. It looks more likely, especially with the injuries to centers Mike Peca and Kyle Wellwood.
- Brian Smolinski is on the block. Montreal and Buffalo have interest in the former Bruin.
- The Blackhawks are also trying to move Jay Cullimore, with Tampa being a likely suitor.
- Buffalo is also trying to add a veteran defenseman. Ales Kotalik appears someone who will be shopped.
- Edmonton is desperately trying to make a move. Joffrey Lupul is someone they are expected to move. They are also willing to part with Hutchinson and Tanabe(both of whom will probably get no interest).
- If the Islanders cannot work out an extension for Jason Blake, he may be on the move.
- Washington said that Zednik will be available for a draft pick.
- Darcy Tucker has drawn interest from the Oilers and the Flames. However, he does have a no-trade clause and said he wishes to remain in Toronto.

Lewis a target?

Matt wrote yesterday a post regarding the fact that Lewis might be the target of the fans. For sure, Lewis is taking bad decisions but do Lewis is the victim of the fans base angryness? No, in fact; he deserve it.

Let's make it straight right away: Lewis in not the only one who is responsible for the bad performances of the team. The team have the bad tendancy to disappear for 20-40 min and the players are solely responsible for that lack of consistency. That said, Lewis is guilty of a couple of things.

1- His double standard regarding the accountability is not working, at all.
2- His tendancy to fall in love with unproductive players is killing the team.
3- Finding positives all the times could become negative.

There's no way you can refuse to bench a veteran because " he knows how to correct his mistakes ". A players who didn't show up, take bad penalties or hurt the team with turnovers, on a daily base, deserve to be benched whatever his name: Kessel, Primeau, York or Mara. Lewis painted himself in the corner and some players have to the right to question why Alberts and Tenkrat are warming the bench while stone hands player like Hoggan and Mowers ( who keep turning the puck over ) are logging ice time. That's simply R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.

Now, when it becomes to win games; you cannot afford to fall in love with players who hurt you and benched players who can help you. There's no way a guy like Kessel can hurt the team on the offensive side but Kessel is playing 6 min/game. Of course, " The Genius " is convince that guys like Primeau/Donovan/Mowers and Hoggan can sparks the team offense. The hard truth is that those guys can't hit a soccer goal. Putting Primeau, who was called Big Preems by Lewis, in a 6 on 4 situation when you desesperatly need a goal is plain stupid. You need a goal which mean that you need a player with a minimum of scoring touch. Do Lewis is really serious in his attempt to convince us that Primeau fit the bill. Lewis is hurting the team and he keep doing it.

Of course, even when the team is embarass by the opponent, there's positives: " The team played well in the 2nd "; " we had speed and we had a good moving puck game ".... The fact is that Lewis is developping a culture of excuses where everything is good to justify a bad performances. When i looked, at the players comments after the last defeat, i was wondering if those guys were living on the same planet as the fans. In fact, no. They live in the same " Pink glasses planet " as Lewis and that's why this team is getting ZERO result.

Yes, the players are to blame for their lack of effort and consistency. But when you look on how bad Lewis is managing his roster and how ridiculous are some game decisions; Lewis is definitely, right now, a part of the problem. I hate to give players a pass, which i won't at this point, but there's too many talent on this team to see the kind of results we are seeing, now. Yes, the players are to blame but, right now, there's nothing but an empty slot behind the bench.

Edmonton / Boston trade partners again?

Speculation is high and the rumors are persistant that a deal could go through with our pals in the City of Champions. The main and most talked up is Sturm and Stuart for Bergeron and Smith. Things are heating up as the team is what nine losses in the last twelve? This deal kinda works for both sides as the bruins get more cap space to add another piece if PC can get a player in the 2-2.5 mill range. B's address the blueline and make a spot up front to either bring in that piece or call up from the farm as discussed a few messages ago on this forum, there are a couple of guys who could play with the parent club. The Oil? They get one of the best defensemen available, and although Brad is half a Pronger, it will ease the irreplacable void that the fans can't seem to let go of in Edmonton. A trade for a top two defensemen is going to happen and why not Stuart. He hasn't signed with the B's yet. We are near the end of January. I'm doubtful he will at this point... (they are rumored 700k-1mill in the difference) Sturm might be helped with a chance to play in a faster style as he was used to back in San Jose, who knows? He has had some fairly sizeable slumps this year.

That's the one everyone keeps hearing about. I think the pressure is on PC to do something, sooner than later, let's just hope he finds what he is looking for.

Hopefully a trade will happen and spark the team, ending discussion on what might happen and what we want to see happen. It must mess with players minds along with a losing skid and other talk floating around. Let's get it done and get back to hockey! Let's get a playoff spot!


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Are We (us fans) for Real?

I ask this question in response to the Dave Lewis critisism. Yes, we can blame him for not calling a timeout here or there, but really, is it all his fault? The team sucks. I bet our AHL team has a better chance right now. If the players can't produce, how is that the coach's fault? I find it like the NFL in a way. Some teams really think it is all the coach, when their product just plain sucks. The Bruins have talent don't get me wrong, but they don't have all the pieces. Lewis is doing all he can to save the team. Yes he is mixing lines up trying to find a good combination. When is doesn't work, you freak. When it works, you don't give him credit. Where is the logic? I am not saying we all have to be nice to Mr. Lewis here, but we are to harsh on the guy. This isn't the 2nd coming of the 60s Bruins...

PC Get a Clue - Fire Lewis!

Bruins need to do something

The Bruins are currently tied for 2nd to last in the Eastern Conference with 48 points. The past 5-10 games have been awful to watch. The Bruin's play with no passion or spirit in their game. It seems like no one on the ice cares what is going on. Peter Chiarelli must make a move and make a move fast. The Bruins really need to add another winger to their roster. Brad Boyes, Marco Sturm, Petr Tenkrat, and Stanislav Chistov are just not cutting it. This leaves Patrice Bergeron with no one to play with. Not to mention P.J. Axelsson, Wayne Primeau, Mark Mowers, Shean Donovan or Jeff Hoggan, all of whom have the same role and that is to be on a checking line. The Bruins are made up of too many 3rd and 4th line players, who cannot put the puck in the net. PC must look to acquire a scoring winger or recall a player from Providence (Vertseeg or Karsums). The defense will be fine, if they keep Brad Stuart. If Stuart gets traded then they must address another issue. Phil Kessel must get more ice time but Lewis refuses to play him. He can pot some goals and that is exactly what the Bruins need right now. If Lewis can sit the younger guys (Alberts, Jurcina, Kessel, Chistov), then why not take the same approach with the older guys (Axelsson, Mowers, Primeau, Sturm).

Bruin's Top Prospects by Position


1. Martins Karsums- LW/RW, 5-10, 192, shoots R, age-20.

10 goals 13 assists in 38 games.

Karsums went down to the final week in camp fighting for a fourth line job. Is a fast shifty winger who isn't afraid to throw his body around. Plays hard and with grit on every shift. Needs to put on some weight to compete in the NHL. Could be on the Bruin's 3rd or 4th line this season but time in Providence will do him good. If the Bruin's fall out of contention look for him to get recalled.

Potential: 2nd line winger

2. David Krejci- C, 5-11, 192 shoots R, age-20

15 goals 29 assists in 44 games.

Krejci currently centers the first line down in Providence. Has great playmaking skills and has an act for putting up points. He needs to get faster and develop a better shot. Look for him to play this season and most of next in Providence with only a slim chance of getting recalled, due to the surplus of centers the Bruins already have.

Potential: 3rd line Center

3. Kris Versteeg RW, 5-10, 179 shoots R, age-20

21 goals 26 assists in 47 games.

Versteeg is a pure goal scorer. He is the top right wing for Providence this season and usually is on a line with Krejci. Is fast and plays with a lot of passion. Is listed at 179 but looks a lot smaller than that. Needs to put on weight and muscle to become an NHLer. He should get a chance this season to play for the Bruins. He leads the baby B's in points and goals and is in the top 10 in the AHL. He needs a strong offseason if he wants to make the club next season.

Potential: 2nd or 3rd line right wing

4. Petr Kalus LW/RW, 6-1, 192, shoots L, age 19.

8 goals 6 assists 75 PIM in 24 games.

Kalus nearly made the team out of camp. Was sent to Providence to develop and work on his game. Despite battling injuries for the majority of the season, he shows great promise. Very gritty and aggressive forward who is not scared to battle for the puck. Has the speed and talent to be an NHLer in the near future. Probably will not make it to the big club this season but look for him to draw a lot of fans by his style of play.

Potential: top 6 winger, Fan Favorite

5. Milan Lucic LW 6-3, 220, shoots L, age-18

21 goals 23 assists 104 PIM in 50 games for the Vancouver Giants (WHL)

Was the 2nd pick for the Bruins in this past draft. Currently playing in the WHL. He ranks in the top 30 in the league in scoring. At 18 is probably at least another season away from making it to the NHL. He is a big, strong, aggressive power forward who plays with heart and desire. He is a fighter and a scorer. He will be a great player for the Bruins one day. He is a similar player to Chris Neil of Ottawa, being a tough guy but someone who can also play on the top 2 lines and on the PP.

Potential: 2nd line LW. Fan Favorite


1. Matt Lashoff 6-2, 205, shoots L, age 20

6 goals 13 assists in 31 games.

Lashoff showed what he could do in the NHL this season. He looks better than some of the defensemen the Bruins currently have on their roster. Has good puck moving ability and a decent shot. Could develop into a Brad Stuart type defenseman. He needs to become more consistent in his own end, where he tends to turn the puck over. If the Bruins move a defenseman this season, look for Lashoff to get another call. If not look for him to remain in Providence for the season but next year he will be a Boston Bruin.

Potential: 2nd-3rd defenseman.

2. Jonathan Sigalet 6-1, 198, shoots L, age-20

8 goals 11 assists in 42 games.

Sigalet got one recall this season. He did not get a chance to play much. He has the speed and offensive mind to be a good defenseman in the NHL one day. Needs to develop more at the AHL level and is probably atleast another year away from being in the NHL. Needs to work on adding bulk, (198 is alittle generous) to become a more physical defenseman. Isn't the greatest in his own end.

Potential: 3rd-5th Defenseman.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

P.J. Stock, I miss you

P.J. Stock was one of my favorite Bruins in the past 10-15 years. He would play 4-5 minutes a game but he would fight every chance he got. This got his team energizied and got them to play with passion. The Bruins need a guy like P.J. Stock back on their team. He was a fan favorite and was loved by everyone. When your team is down by a goal and your playing passionless hockey, a player like P.J. Stock would come in handy. It is sad to say but his playing days are over, due to an eye injury which left him with double vision.

The Favorites of Lewis

The following players are obvious favorites of Dave Lewis. No matter what they do or how bad they play Lewis continues to go back to them.

1. P.J. Axelsson. Probably Lewis' favorite. Plays on the first line and the 2nd PP unit ( for some reason). Brings nothing offensively and has not played well defensively since his return from injury. He clearly needs to be put back on a checking line because he is not cutting it on the first line.
2. Mark Mowers. Is a hard-working winger. However, he does not deserve to be in the NHL. He does not possess any skills which prove his case. He should be a 4th line/extra winger or in the AHL, not a 3rd line winger who gets more playing time than a promising young star in the making. Lewis seems to be attached to this guy.
3. Paul Mara. Traded for Nick Boynton this offseason, he has not lived up to expectations. He gets beat on almost every one on one play. Looks very lost in his own end and has not been the "powerplay specialist" that PC and Lewis described him as. Lewis benches Alberts but refuses to bench Mara? That makes sense.
4. Jason York. Old, slow, beat-up awful defenseman. Cannot stand this guy. Once he returns from injury, look for him to take the job of Allen, who has played well since his recall. He too gets beat on every play in his own end. Is very weak with no shot what so ever. Needs to retire.
5. Wayne Primeau. Granted Primeau is a good 4th line/checking center, Lewis overplays him. Primeau works hard and is good on the PK (at times). He should be playing much less and should never be on the ice with 1 minute left when you're down by one goal.

Post Game Notes

- The Bruins came out with no energy or desire in the first two periods. The beginning of the third was different, but they soon went back to playing passionless in the final half.
- Petr Tenkrat was a scratch for tonight's game. Jeff Hoggan played in his place. Hoggan played well and showed his passion on every shift. Not the most skilled of players but atleast he is working his butt off out there. Hoggan played on a line with Primeau and Donovan.
- Brad Boyes continues to look awful. He looks very slow and lost on the ice. Not to mention his faceoff percentage is only 45% on the season.
- After scoring a hat trick in the Young Stars Allstar Game, Phil Kessel played a total of 10:47. He was moved to the fourth line with Boyes and Mowers. He played two shifts in place of Hoggan in the 3rd.
- Stanislav Chistov skated on Bergeron's right wing for all but one shift. He too has looked bad in recent games. He logged 11:53 on the day.
- When is P.J. Axelsson going to be put back on the 3rd or 4th line where he belongs? He took two awful penalties and brings nothing offensively. He also had many bad clearing attempts in his own zone. Get him off the 2nd PP unit! Kessel got one shift in his place for about 15 seconds.
- The defensive pairings were mixed and matched for the whole 3rd period.
- With the Bruin's on a 6-4 advantage, with a little over 1 minute remaining, the Bruin's had Wayne Primeau on the ice. Yes Wayne scoring machine Primeau. This stuns me, if they need a big body in front, put Chara there. He has done it before and it always seems to work. Then put Stuart at the point.
- Does anyone else seem to notice that Doug Houda does all the talking on the bench? He draws up all the plays and is clearly the vocal leader. Lewis likes to observe.

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

I believe a deal will happen soon. There is talk all around the league and I've been compiling the rumors to sort through here... Let's go on the assumption Stuart is dealt. Although money is a big issue with Salaries, forget trying to figure who has what money cause a deal is coming whether we like it or not, and at this point we can just speculate. I also will not include draft picks or prospects:

Stuart Rumors

SJ Carle and Bernier to Boston BR 2
EDM Torres and Bergeron BR 2.5
PHX Doan BR 2
St.L Involved somehow BR ????
MTL Samsonov/Rivet Rivet/Aebischer BR -1 due to it being MTL, 3rd team involved here.
and others to say the least. I think all 29 other teams want Stuart if the price is right....

How about Theodore... another rumor out there? BR 2

Our buddy Kessel. This one shocked me:

CGY for Phaneuf (Stuart would be gone for sure, cause Dion salary will be high) BR 1.5

St. Louis (the team) rumors persist.

Brewer could be a bruin in as little as a week. BR 2.5
Guerin is up for grabs too.

Tampa rumors are all but gone, There was a chance that one of the big three would move...

Philly and Forsberg. I wouldn't waste my breath. Petr is all but done at this point. He's had a great career and needs to hang em up so Philly can move forward.

I've also had a blip on the radar about Tucker from TO. Not likely though.

The deal I would like to see happen that would never happen in a million years:

Bos - Stuart, Sturm and Primeau whatever else needs to go.
To reunite the team canada line with Bergeron and Boyes. I will not mention any names as this could jinx it. Then the JT trade would look brilliant!

Maybe two or all three of these guys will go over the coming weeks. Whatever happens is sure to cause discussion as it will show whether we are in the stretch run or giving up till next year.

Stay tuned....

Friday, January 26, 2007

Rumors around the league

I haven't had alot to do today and I've heard a couple of rumors about trades. It seems like almost every team is looking for a defensemen. The only exception is Carolina who is willing to deal Andrew Hutchinson and former Bruin David Tanabe. The Bruins could be affected by the next one, Rob Blake to Edmonton (which could affect any Bruins deal to Edmonton) an other is former B's blueliner Nick Boynton to the Leafs. Another name floating around heading to Edmonton is Joe Corvo, who missed the beginning of the year in Ottawa and hasn't really fit in, up their.
Peter Forsberg's name has been rumored to go several places also rumored to stay, I still belive he will get moved and Mike Knuble will too. It seems like Montreal is the front runner right now in the Forsberg deals. I have also heard Mark Recchi could be heading back to Carolina for another playoff push, remeber he was dealt last year at the trade deadline from Pittsburgh to Carolina, it could happen again.
Unhappy in Vancouver Jan Bulis could be heading to Columbus for former Canuck and Bruin Aason Carter.
I recently heard that Brad Stuart doesn't want to be traded but nothing has been said about him getting moved or him resigning.
At the end of the University of Minnesota season you could see former #1 pick Erik Johnson sign with the Blues to finish playing this season with them and join them next year too.

Old Pal Sammy not Happy in Hab-Land

Shows you why once your a Bruin, you never become a Hab.

The Toronto Sun reports that Montreal Canadiens forward Sergei Samsonov has been telling Russian reporters he'll soon be out of Montreal. It also says no deal is imminent.

Rumoured Bruins/Oilers Deal

From WBZ, the Herald and the Globe,

To BOS: Jason Smith and Marc-Andre Bergeron

To EDM: Brad Stuart and Marco Sturm

Matt's Take: At first, you say no. BUT, Marc-Andre Bergeron is an extremely great defenseman and Jason Smith is also a good defenseman. Yes Smith is 33, but is still good. He is also the Oilers captain. Smith provides great leadership and Bergeron, well you can't go wrong with 2! Sturm could be had back this offseason, he hasn't really done much here this season, so there isn't too much of a loss. Stuart, I think is gone, by his recent quotes and it doesn't seem like he wants to be here. This deal is very plausable. You win with great defense.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Could Drury Sign in the Offseason?

Various places have said the Bruins are one of the two teams to go after Chris Drury very hard this offseason. The Sabres will obviously want to keep him, but Drury has ties here and has wanted to play here for a long time. He could come at a minor home-town discount. Anything over 4.3 million I am saying a no go. Would be great if it happened though.

All Star Game

I know this might sound funny but the All Star game looks like a men's league game. Granted it would be the best men's league game ever, but I hate seeing no defense, back checking, and hitting in a game. The NHL should do something with the All Star game to make it more competitive, such as the MLB did. I am not saying give the side who wins home ice, allthough it wouldn't be a bad idea. Don't get me wrong I love offense but 12-9 is a little too much, its like a low scoring football game.

At the All Star break us Bruins fans are use to seeing Jumbo Joe and Muzzy there sucking it up and coming home -4 with no points. This year it was new Phil Kessel had 3 goals and 1 assist in the Young Guns game. The format of 3 10 min. periods of running time was intresting and Malkin was just hanging and didn't do much, was the only player not to register a point. In the All Star Game we had Chara put home 2 goals and basically be the fourth forward. Something Joe and Muzzy couldn't do while they were at the game. Chara also comes home with bragging rights of a 100.4 MPH slapper as the leagues hardest shot now. After winning the contest I love the coments Chara made, that he has to work on his accuracy on his shoot.

Minor Trade

The Vancouver Canucks have acquired right wing Colby Genoway from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for defenceman Joe Rullier.

Brewer to Boston (br.5)

Not to get up expectations, but hey, a rumor is a rumor isn't it?

From someone from the Globe board,

to Boston: Eric Brewer, Jamal Mayers

to St. Louis: Brad Boyes, 4th round pick

Matt's take: If I can get an extension with Brewer, I'd do the deal. But Boyes is still talented and I wouldn't want to trade him. As for this deal happening, I don't think so. But I do have a strong feeling that Eric Brewer will be a Bruin by the deadline. PC has had his eye on him.

Chara Makes Us Proud

Bruins lone representative at the All-Star game, Zdeno Chara, scored 2 goals in a 12-9 loss to the West. My MVP would have been Z, how many defensemen score 2 goals in the All-Star game? Overall, the Bruins did very well with there representatives which also included Phil Kessel.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Board of governors: Much Ado About Nothing

Each year, the NHL have an All-Stars game and each year, there's a board of governors. Quite frankly, i wonder why. Few weeks before those meetings; we hear rumours about changes that could occur. As usual, nothing happend.

The governors were way too busy to look at the new uniforms then to really care about the problems around the league. For once, the schedule is a topic of discussion since the beginning of the season. The players hates it; the fans are angry to see the same divisional rivals 8 times and desperate to see teams from the other conference. Everything was set for a change, right? ( Buzzer ), wrong answer. The proposition to change the schedule failed by one vote. The message to the fans is clear: we don't care about your opinion. Instead of rising to the occasion, the NHL decide to stay put and vote for a statu-quo. What a shame; especially for a league who have to increase their ratings in a country (US) where fans need to be excited about the game.

The other topic who deserved to be discuss is the officiating. I don't know what happend since the beginning of the season but the officiating is plain awful. In fact, there's no standard anymore. A hook is called at one occasion but is let go at another one. Major penalty and cheap shots are overlooked while referees are wasting their time to penalise a goaltender for knocking the goal out of his place. So far, there's too many games who are decided by the referees. Last year, the NHL implant the new officiating system in order make the game more open and to allow goal scorer to fill the net. So far, there's not a huge difference between this year and last year. However, the number of cheaps shots and dangerous head hits are up. Do we will have to wait until a player like Crosby or Malkin fall due to a post-concussion syndrom to do something?. It's doubtful that the game of hockey will be sell with 4th line grinders...

As usual, the board of governors deliver very few. For years, this meeting was perceive as a " private party " where governors talk about life and golf scores. This year result will not help to change that perception...

Kasparaitis on Waivers

The New York Rangers have placed defenseman Darius Kasparaitis, 34, on waivers. Kasparaits is making 3.268 million this season, which makes it likely he will end up in the minors. The only team I could see picking him up is the Pens for some protection for Crosby, and Darius used to play for them. Natural fit.

Chiarelli on WEEI

For those who didn't get the chance to listen, Peter Chiarelli was on the air with Pete Sheppard on WEEI at 1. Here is the basics of what he said.

-The Bruins are not sellers at this point in the season, and they have a good amount of cap space to play with after some recent roster moves over the past few months.

-He would like another defenseman to help out Andrew Alberts, a 3-4 defenseman type guy. Eric Brewer seems to be high on the radar.

-Brad Boyes and Marco Sturm have been struggling and one could be dealt by the deadline.

-He is confident in the goaltending situation for this season and believes it can take the team into the playoffs.

-The Bruins have the cap space to resign Stuart, but he wouldn't say if Stuart wants to stay.

-Says the lack of playing time for Kessel was due to his illness and that he will get more time on the wing with Bergeron. He also says Kessel is very mature and likes Kessel a lot.

-He said no trades are imminent but will definately make a move before the deadline and could happen as early as next week.

Matt's take:
Encouraging to hear, remains to be seen what type of deal he is talking about.

Bruins Do Well at All-Star Game and Skills

Phil Kessel had 3 goals an 1 assist in the youngsters game last night.

Zdeno Chara won the hardest shot competition with a 100.4 mph blast, beating Habs Sheldon Souray's 100 mph one.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All-Stars Game: The Flaws

Each year bring his All-Stars game and so it is for the controversy. It seems that the NHL never learn and the more it goes; the more it become puzzeling. The two factors are at plays here: 1- The NHL want the All-Stars game to be a " fan " event and 2- The fact that the All-Stars game should be the game where the best players are on the ice.

Yes, the All-Stars game should be a " fan " event and by letting the fans decide the starting lineup; the NHL make the fans involve into the process and that's a good thing. But, do we have to follow an " unofficial rule " who says that we should have one player per team because the All-Stars game is a " fan " event? I don't think so. If a team deserve to have 5 players at the All-Stars game because of an incredible season; those 5 players should be at the game. I don't see the point to pick a player from Philadelphia when they are dead last in the conference. By doing so, do the league is creating an injustice toward another player who deserve it? Yes, they do. There's no doubt, as a fan, that i want to see the best players on the ice. I don't want to see politics being involve in an All-Stars game. The All-Stars game is about sports and entertainement. Not about politics...

So, how do you pick the players who should be there? Some peoples suggest a committee where fans, players and peoples from hockey would be involve. Those three committees will share 33% of the vote and could have a better impact regarding who should be in and who should be out. Sound like a good idea but i think we should keep this process simple. Take the stats sheet and pick the players with the better stats at this point of the season. I mean, the All-Stars game is suppose to reward players for their good season. By putting those players on the ice, the NHL is giving fans what they want: the best show they can have with the best players on the ice. Honnestly, their a lots of ways to fix that system and something should be done, soon or later.

By keeping the actual system; the NHL is making a fool of herself. There's no point to call that game the All-Stars game if players like Marc Savard, who deserve to be there, are at home sitting and looking at the game in their rocking chair...

Chara to Take Part in Skills Competition

Zdeno Chara will take part in the Slap Shot competition at the Skills Competition. The goal is to see who has the hardest shot in the league. I expect upper 90's to low 100's from Chara. That stick has a lot of torque.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Bruins New Uniforms?

From the new Reebok uniforms to be introduced for the 2007-08 season, a sneak preview of the Bruins.

Personally, I think they are ok. All the uniforms seem to have the same pattern with a different color (see template). These uniforms seem to have a little retro in them, which I like, but the current one's aren't bad either. If anything, the only thing I'd change is that numbers and letters on the away jersery be black not yellow. Not bad though.

Stuart Trade Rumor

From LaPresse in Canada via Spectors,

Andrei Kostitsyn and David Aebischer to Boston for Brad Stuart.

Matt's take: Wow, that would be one bad trade, hense the insane in the article. I say .1% happening, since you never know what a GM will do.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stuart to be Traded?

Brad Stuart said the following.

From the Boston Herald,

When asked if he wanted to stay in Boston yesterday, Stuart was noncommittal.

“That all depends on how things go. I’m hoping to, for sure but I haven’t decided one way or the other,” he said.

He does figure, like most other observers, that if something doesn’t get done by the 27th, he’ll be wearing another uniform on Feb. 28.

“Probably, but I don’t know. I’d have to be prepared for it, I guess. It’s a business nowadays and that’s the way it is,” said Stuart.

From the Boston Globe,

Speculation persists that Brad Stuart, an unrestricted free agent as of July 1, will not agree to terms on a new deal in the Hub of Hockey, which could force GM Peter Chiarelli to trade him prior to the Feb. 27 deadline.
"I haven't made up my mind yet, if that's what you are asking," said Stuart. According to Stuart, agent Pat Brisson had informal contract conversations with Chiarelli last month, and he believes the two chatted again recently. "But I'm not really sure -- truth is, I haven't heard anything," said the ex-Shark.

Matt's Take: This doesn't look good. I believe that the Bruins are going, or have, offered a deal worth in the 5 million range. This could be a case of Stuart not wanting to be in Boston or thinking he can make 6+ million somewhere else. I hope he resigns, we all do, but he could be dealt. If the Bruins are in contention, then he could still be kept.

A Look at Style of Play

The Bruins way of playing has been a huge reason for the downslide they are on. If you notice, teams with good offense's will not dump and run all the time, they have possession into the offensive zone which creates oppurtunities. The Bruins kept dumping it in literally giving the puck to Ottawa. When the Bruins do carry it in, they usually get a good chance and most of their goals on 5 v 5 start with posession into the offensive zone.

Clean up time?

That All-Star break is welcome in Beantown. PC will have to face some decisions and according to the Globe, the negociations with Stuart seems to stall. So, do PC will make a clean up in order to be in the playoffs hunt or to prepare his team for next year??? Let's see who's hot and who's not...

-Tim Thomas: had a shacky start then was red hot and then cooled off. Thomas had to do it by himself but crumble, in the end, largely because of the exhaustion factor. He gave everything he can but in the end; he's not the long term solution. Some players, in this lockeroom, could take lessons from him about commitment and team spirit...

- Hannu Toivonen: had a shacky start but was not able to recover his old form. He played an annoying yo-yo game between Providence and Boston; only to warm the bench. His last two outing might suggest that he's on the road of recovery. Still, there's a long, long way to go. If the B's give up on the playoffs; Toivonen need to play more in order to see if he can cut it.

-Jason York: Jason York is Jason York. Protected by Lewis, this defenseman showed that he cannot play in this new NHL anymore. He's too slow; miss the coverage and take bad penalties. A guy like Allen or Lashoff can take his spot with better result. PC should waive him and a demotion to Providence is in order.
-Paul Mara: A case of the player in the wrong team at the wrong time?? He's playing better lately but Mara didn't deliever what was expected from him. He's a high risk player in his own end and have the bad habit to turnover the puck in key moments. He's the only guy who showed that he care and was never afraid to stick his nose in the traffic. A tough call for PC but his 3 per contract might force PC to dealt him.
-Brad Stuart:Was considered as the marquee man in the JT trade. The B's want to re-sign him but his prohibitive cost might be the signal of a trade for him. Stuart prove that he's a legitimate #2 D but with Lashoff and Mark Stuart in the minors; PC might want to move him order to fill some needs.

-Marco Sturm:Annonced at the beginning of the season that he would test the UFA market. Since then, Sturm is almost invisible on the ice. Except his shootout goals; there's very few to say about his season. A deception, this year, and trade is , likely, on the way. I don't expect the B's to have a lot in return for him. Seems to suffer from the " Samsonov " syndrom...
-Brad Boyes:Sophomore slump? This guy showed that he could have a very bright future. The fact that he was not playing with Sturm and Bergron at the beginning of the season might hurt him more then in a way. Boyes seems to play without motivation and confidence. Still, this guy is young and there no need to push the panic button here.
-Donovan/Primeau/Mowers:No question about their work ethic. But, in this new NHL, you need 3 productive lines and except a couple of games this line didn't produce. Of course, you cannot expect a 50 goals production from them but, at least, they need to bring something to the table. At 1.2, Primeau is a goner and Mowers ... buyout??. Donovan have a 2 years contract... There's some young talents in Providence who can replace them and we should give them a chance to prove if they can make it.

Dave Lewis:His bad tendancies to bench rookies in favor of some veterans ( who brought very few to the table )annoyed some fans. For some, Lewis have no clue; for others, he know exactly what he's doing. Lewis is tough to decrypt. Lately, he bench 4 guys in the same game and was willing to use the " whip strategy ". Maybe this lockeroom have played with Lewis's patience too many times. Let's wishes that he will make players accountable for their bad outings. His comments after the 1st period against Ottawa might indicate that he will take the hard line...

At the All-star break, the B's are where some peoples expected them : 10th in the conference. Some moves need to be made in order to shake up this team. This team is definitely not consistent enough to reach the playoffs and the timing might be right to think about the future. No need of a major clean up here but some adjustements are needed; especially after this bad performance against Ottawa. Who's hot and who' not???. Your choice are good as mine...

Friday, January 19, 2007


Does Hitler, I mean Dave Lewis fall asleep durning the shootout? First of all everyone who watches the Bruins or fallows the NHL knows that if Patrice Burgeron is in the shootout he's going 5-hole. So Burgy is going to have to find a new move and Lewis has to stop putting him in the shootout. For a guy who's had the most opportunities he's awful in the shootout. Next, WHY is Phil Kessel not one of your top 3 guys in the shootout? He is one of the most exciting players, he is now 2 for 2 on it. He's played the way we expected him to play after coming back from surgery. I don't only expect Kessel in more shootouts but getting more ice time. He's been the real deal the past three games.

The Bruins are also going to have to deal for a starting goalie, Hannau is terrible, and WHAT THE **** is up with his goalie mask it's ugly. Thomas played great in Dec. but got burnt out, that is why your seeing more from backups. Thomas played all but 2 games in the month of December.

The rumor is the Bruins are shopping for a defensemen, which I don't understand. With the ice time Chara (30 mins a game) , Brad Stuart (26 mins a game) , and the good young tallent they have at D. I don't see why this is a concern to the front office. The Bruins problems have been scoring goals and stopping pucks (not so much Thomas, he's burnt out). If the Bruins don't trade for a goalie, this could be a huge problem (if they make the playoffs). Thomas has lugged a huge amount of mins and this is a guy who's never played a full NHL season. If they do make the playoffs he will look garbage and we will all be all over his case, when in reality it should be on the GM who hasn't made a move and Lewis who contiunes to play a tired goalie. Both of the Sharks goalies are out their, both of the Ducks goalies, and Biron.

The officals were terrible against Pittsburgh. A no-goal, with out going to the booth. Some non-calls and some terrible calls against the Bruins (Hoggan's interfence call, which should of been a holding on Pitt.)

Finally I think we were all shocked the Bruins called up Bobby Allen and sent Matt Lashoff down. Now Lashoff and Mark Stuart are down the Bruins best prospects. Allen has played great in the two games he's been up. This is another reason why they don't need to trade for a D, they have had guys from Providence come up and played great.

Post game comments

Well, the B's win a thriller as, for the first time in memory, they didn't collapse in the 3rd and win it all in SO.

- Phil Kessel was flying around the rink and was the best player on the ice for the B's. Maybe Lewis will see the light and will play " The thrill " more and more...

- Toivonen had a so-so outing but manage to step up when the team needed the most. He need to work the timing of his butterfly style. Toivonen was at fault on two goals and he will have to play better; that's for sure. Grade: C

- The officiating was terrible. The B's were robbed on a goal and the referees didn't even look at the replay. The more it goes; the more the officiating is becoming a running gag.

- Donovan and Mowers started the OT and it was a scary sight. Lewis benched Alberts,Jurcina, Tenkrat and Chistov for their bad performances. Do Lewis will have the b**** to bench Sturm and Boyes, eventually???

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Thriller: Pittsburgh

Penguins-4 OT/SO

Just got back from the game. Box seats this time, 2nd game this season. Got to see Ovechkin the first time and now Sidney Crosby. Both wins in extra time. Anyways, what a great game from a fans perspective. Great end to end action.

From what I saw, the Bruins did not seem to be skating much and lacked puck control. They did a lot of dump and run. Phil Kessel played a spectacular game. Some big hitting went on from Chara and co. and Ryan Malone seemed to be pissed off. Great goals by Savard, Sturm, Murray and Stuart. Shean Donovan or Jeff Hoggan, I couldn't tell, should have had a goal that was ruled a no go. Should have been reviewed.

Hannu sucked...for most of regulation. On the 4th goal, he lifted his foot for no reason and on Malkin's two goals, should have stopped them, came to far out. He seemed to be playing a little to far out and to the right of his net. Also he had a delay of game penalty. In the shootout Hannu was brilliant and won the game for the Bruins.

OT was insane, I don't know how fast my heart was beating, should have been able to clean things up, but Marc-Andre Fleury was outstanding. Overall good game, good comeback, no giving up, and Kessel with the game winner in the shootout.

3 Stars:
1. Marc Savard (1g, 2a)
2. Evgeni Malkin (2g)
3. Phil Kessel (GWG, 1a)
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Glen Murray, Marc-Andre Fleury, Zdeno Chara, Jordan Staal


1. Glen Murray (22) from Savard (43) and Axlesson (11)
2. Marco Sturm (12) from Bergeron (32) and Savard (44)
3. Brad Stuart (7) from Alberts (8) and Donovan (8)
4. Marc Savard (18) from Murray (15) and Kessel (5)

1. Ryan Malone (6) from Crosby (46) and Recchi (27)
2. Evgeni Malkin (23) from Staal (7) and Scuderi (7)
3. Evgeni Malkin (24) from Whitney (22)
4. Jordan Staal (14) from Oullet (16) and Christensen (6)

Kessel leads the way!

I'll admit I was one of the ones disgusted by the first period and walked away. I checked in expecting a 6-1 score and instead it was 4-3. Then it was the Shootout. Kessel who assisted on the game tying goal, scored the SO winner. That's 2-1=3 in two games and a shootout winner, and I believe this is his second career one. Not bad. Not bad at all.

On top of that Hannu got a win, which, if anyone felt as I did, that felt like his first of the year. All and all I appreciate the two points. Vancouver helped us by beating Ottawa, but the Habs and Leafs also won, so we do not make up any ground for the finally playoff spot. Watch also for talk to increase about Sturm and possible trades for Stuart as he has yet to re-sign with the team.

Anyway B's Fans, just wanted to check in and the news is that Hannu is on his way out. The most likely spot right now is the west coast (our favorite trading partners). Of course that all remains to be seen.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stastny to Blues

As Scotianuck reported, Yan Stastny has been traded to the Blues for a 5th round pick. This does seem like a prelude to a upcoming deal. The Bruins need to clear some cap space and now just shed some 700,000 or so. The Bruins are in a posistion where a nice defenseman (Eric Brewer type) and possibly another impending UFA forward (Bill Guerin type) would really help the team.

I could also be very wrong. Maybe Stastny just didn't have a place on the team and therefore the Bruins didn't want to pay his salary.

B's rattle the Sabres in SO

Congrats to the boys in Black and Gold for having a very competitive game and beating one of the best teams in hockey, and it's starting all-star goalie. I think this "Taming of the Buffalo", will be a wake up call to a team that can look to put some of the struggles of the past weeks behind it. They hit a stumbling block, and now have shown they can play with the best of them.

Go Bruins!

Stastny feeling the "Blues"

Blues Acquire Forward Yan Stastny From Boston In Exchange For A Fifth Round Pick In 2007 Draft

ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Blues’ President John Davidson announced today the team has acquired forward Yan Stastny from the Boston Bruins in exchange for the Blues fifth-round pick in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

Stastny, 24, has split the season with the Boston Bruins and Providence of the American Hockey League. The 5’11, 175-pound center has appeared in 21 games with Boston, collecting a pair of assists and has skated in 11 games with Providence, recording 12 points (three goals, nine assists).

He made his NHL debut with the Edmonton Oilers against the St. Louis Blues on March 1, 2006 in Edmonton. He played in three games for the Oilers before being traded to Boston on March 9, 2006. With the Bruins, he tallied four points (one goal, three assists) in 17 games. The Quebec City, Quebec native is the son of former Blue Peter Stastny and was originally Boston’s eighth round selection, 259th overall, in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.

Usually, a move like this is a precurser to something bigger happening. The only rumors persisting are Aucoin and Brewer. There was a small spike in Evgeni from St.Louis and Ilya from Anahiem for goalies... but again, it's a sellers market and I doubt a goalie will come without a smartin' price tag.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Marc Savard can now say he's been snubbed, by not making the all-star team. Making the team over Savard is:
Martian St.Louis, Vinny Leclaiver, Marian Hossa, Jason Blake, Dany Heatley, Simon Gange, Eric Staal, Brendan Shanahan, and Justin Willams.
Chara makes the team as the only Bruin, the rest of the D go:
Kaberle, Rafalski, and Bouwmeester round out the d.
Huet and Broduer will back up Ryan Miller.
West Forwards:
Selanne, Marleau, Nash, Havlat, Zetterberg, Rolston, Guerin, Smyth, Perrault (who just signed a month ago)
D-Phanuef, Timonen, Boucher, Visnovsky
Goal- Turco, and Kippersoff.

I didn't put the starters I already posted them

Time for a Change

The Bruins have been awful lately. All season I have said that they should trade P.J. Axelsson to address another need that they have. On the season the Bruins are 13-18 with Axelsson and 7-4 without him. He brings down the first line and should not be there. Granted he is a great defensive player and a fan favorite, but he is not a first liner and it is very apparent. He is not offensively gifted and should not be asked to be. The Bruins need help in more places than one, and their only good bargaining chip could be Axelsson. He is the only player who would get the Bruins anything in return, therefore I believe he should be traded. Lewis refuses to take him off the top unit and it shows on a nightly basis that they are better with him not on that line. Chistov and Tenkrat, both of whom are nothing special themselves, add more offensively and should be on there with Savard and Murray. In my opinion maybe even put Boyes on the left side and then move Chstov to a line with Bergeron and Sturm. Either way Axelsson does not deserve to be on the top line and right now our checking line is fine so trade him and help the team in a different place.

Friday, January 12, 2007

B's All-Star's

The All Star game is coming up all the ballots are in for the starters. Crosby, Ovechkin, and Briere (Ovechkin and him have had problems against eachother, makes it intresting) will start up front for the east. Sabers d-man Brian Miller along with his goalie Ryan Miller wills start. The other defensemen is the Habs Sheldon Surey.
For the West Joe Sakic will be playing with two Sharks, former Bruin Joe Thorton and Jonathan Cheechoo. Vetern defensmen Lidstrom and Scott Niedermayer will play infront of Roberto Lunongo.
For the Bruins I think Marc Savard is a lock. After playing last year in Atlanta in the shadows of Hossa and Kovalchuk. According to last year Savard was the most under-rated player in the NHL. He has earned ervery penny for the Bruins so far. He has tremendous hands and sees the ice very well. He has lead the Bruins offense and given them depth and a second line that can score (I know he's on the first line, without him Bergy's line would be first).
I think Chara will be on the team. He leads all players in ice time with over 30 mins a game. He hasn't been exactly what the Bruins wanted. I think we all expected to see more hits and a much better defensive player (unstead of him running around the ice). We also expected more perduction from him offensively and we're still waiting him to drop the mitts a little more than he has. I know we need him on the ice but he can still pick and choose when to drop the gloves. We have 0 fighters on our roster. If you look at the last player Boston fans feel in love with that was a Bruin it was PJ Stock, who was far from a goal scorer, played little ice time but showed great heart and was willing to fight anyone.
I think Patrice Burgeron is going to be off of the all-star team. I think the late push he has put on is not enough. remeber each team must have at least one all star. There are going to be several teams with multi all stars in the east; Atlanta, Buffalo, and Ottawa will have at least three each. Buffalo already has three starting. We sometimes forget how young Burgeron is, but there is a ton of young tallent in the east; Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin, Staal, and Vanek. Who should all be on the team. However, I think Vanek will be left off they already have three starters without having Drury and Afinogenov not starting.

What is everone else take?

Moves around the NHL

The Flyers claimed Michael Leighton from waivers on Thursday.
This is a bit of a surprise with Nittymaki and Esche on their roster. Leighton will stay with the big club. The Flyers are rumored to be shopping Esche or Nittymaki, there is also rumors about Nittymaki might needing surgery on his hip now rather then the end of the season.

Former Bruin Tim Taylor is going to try to play and try to push back having hip surgery. Taylor who is an excellent role player and great PK player.

Ryan Smyth's agent is in contract talks with the Oilers to keep him north of the boreder before he becomes a UFA at the end of the season.

Washington Capitals resigned backup goalie Brent Johnson to a two-year/$1.625 million contract. Johnson sports a 4-5-3 record with a GAA of 3.50 and a save percentage of .893.

Former UNH, Lowell Lock Monster, and Hobby Baker winner Jason Krog was picked up on waivers by the NY Rangers. He had only one goal and four points in 14 games this season for the Thrashers, in the NHL. In the AHL this season with Chicago he racked up 19 goals and 52 points in only 25 games. The former Wildcat is now 31.

Oilers are eying some D-men for help among the names are The Oilers are also believed to be pursuing St. Louis Blues Eric Brewer (who's played for them before), Florida Panthers Mike Van Ryn, and Flyers Joni Pitkanen. Also there have been some rumors around Bruin's dealing brad Stuart to Edmonton too.

While Toronto continues to play without Sundin and Tucker might be looking to deal for Ladislav Nagy.

Lewis Roster Management start to raise questions

Let's make it straight: No, i don't want Lewis to be fired. Like it or not, Lewis coached with the best coach of all time: Scotty Bowman. That said, his roster management start to raise questions and last's night game give us two example of a mismanagement regarding the roster.

The Goaltending situation: A team shaky start; two goaltenders who were looking for their games and then the emergence of Thomas. Thomas did a good job but Lewis forgot that every goaltender need a rest and that you have to prepare your backup to face all kind of situations. Last night game highlights the fact that Lewis mismanage the whole thing. Now, Toivonen have to step up without any margin of errors and have to deliver. In fact, Lewis is putting Toivonen in a pressure cooker. The B's need points but, as Stephen Harris pointed out in the Herald; it's more critical to give Toivonen ice time to see what he's made of. This organisation is looking for answers and have to rely on a rusted backup to get back on track in the middle of January. Ouch ! Instead of losing, a little bit, earlier in the season; Lewis decide to play Thomas to exhaustion to get the maximum number of points . Now, he's painted in the corner. He have to give ice time to Toivonen without knowing the result of the experiment and it might sink team's chance to get that playoffs spot. Worst then that, Lewis mismanagement might force PC to acquire a " band-aid " backup to complete the season...

The rookie situation: There's two things here: 1- Lewis fall in love with players/strategies or 2- Keep stubbornly the same pattern alive. Some of us raise the question about the fact that some veterans log lots of minute without helping the team. Dempsey and York were not that good but guys like Lashoff and Mark Stuart, who can filled their spot, were in Providence. Last night, Lashoff played a grand total of 10 min in the game. Lashoff did great against the sens, considering the situation where he was put on, and looked solid, again, last night. In that case, where a rookie can help you without hurting the team, why are you overusing veterans? Why putting Mara in a situation where he's at risk? Why playing Chara 30+ or Stuart 26 min + when you have fresh legs on the bench who can help you? And please, don't tell me that you have to avoid to put your youngsters at risk. Lashoff was under the fire Tuesday and did great. The truth might be that Lewis prefer to not play rookies. He wants veterans on his team and will forgive a lots of mistakes in order to keep them in the lineup. There's no other way to see it when you look at some players ice time. Once again, those rookies, who deserve to play more ice time, will probably be put in a situation who could have been avoided simply by giving them more ice time in the first half of the season.

Like i said, there's no point here to start a " fire Lewis " propaganda. But we have to raise questions about certains things. Why waiting so long to give more ice time to some rookies who performed well. Why Lewis put his eggs in the same basket regarding the goaltending situation? And why, last night, Lashoff and Jurcina played only 10 min? Sure, Lewis is paid to be a professionnal and have the knowledge to do his job. But that shouldn't prevent us to ask questions...

Post game reaction : NYI 11/01/07

Well, the B's let go a precious point but are still pretty much in the hunt for that 8th spot.

- Hannu Toivonen played an excellent game, for a guy who played his first game in a month, but scraped it all by allowing a bad goal with less then 2 min in the 3rd. I wish they will gave him more starts or 1-2 consecutive starts to really evaluate him.

- Glen Murray could have win it all for the B's but suffered a " Brain Strain " in front of an empty net.

- Matt Lashoff looked solid, again, but had only 10 min of ice time. This kid should have more ice time since he make good decision and doesn't hurt the team . There's no point to overuse Chara or Stuart if another D can handle more workload.

- The team is still taking bad penalties at the wrong time. Paul Mara who played a very good game, last night, took the gate with less then 4 min in the third.

- Rick Dipietro was superb in OT where the B's outshooted his team 10-1

Thursday, January 11, 2007

PC Shopping

Peter Chiarelli has admitted to be shopping around for a defenseman, forward, and a goaltender. According to sources, he has said that no deal is imminent and that other things have to happen in order for deals to occur, but talk has picked up of late.

Islanders: 1/11/07

Should be a win, but with the play of the Bruins, you never know. Brad Stuart will be back tonight with Hannu Toivonen being showcased tonight. I am looking from a strong game from Phil Kessel and Shean Donovan.

Keys to winning:
-No 3rd period laspses


Game Day Notes

- Hannu Toivonen will get the start in goal tonight. His numbers on the season are not impressive (2-5-0, 4.31 GAA, .870 save percentage). If the struggles in the next few games to come, look for a move to come for a backup goaltender.
- Jonathan Sigalet was sent back to Providence. He needs more time to develop, but should be ready next season.
- Matt Lashoff remains with the club and will play tonight for Jason York. York injured his knee early last game, hopefully Lashoff plays well enough that York eventually loses his job.
- Stanislav Chistov is out for tonight's game. Chistov could play against the Rangers on Saturday. Jeff Hoggan will skate in his place. Hoggan was cleared to play by the medical staff after suffering a shoulder injury.
- Projected lineup:


With the recent struggles of pretty much everyone on the team, it is time for Lewis to shake up his lines a little bit. These would be my lines, if Chistov were healthy:


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Post game reaction

Well, another 3rd period extravaganza for our B's...

- Alberts and Lashoff played a HUGE game. There's no way that Jason York can pry away a spot on the roster from Lashoff. Lashoff deserve a chance to make his mark.

- Thomas's stock is dropping dramatically. Since that Columbus game; Thomas is definitely not the same guy. That first goal was brutal and it's changed the momentum. After that goal; the Sens were all over the B's. It seems that the scouting reports were right about Thomas, after all.

- Lots of ice time for Tenkrat and Chistov. They played a good game overall and i liked their presence in the defensive zone.

- Kessel had a good first game. I'm still in disbelief that this guy returned to play so fast after his surgery. A+ for the courage !!!

- PC will have to react soon or later on the trade market. The team need a major shake up. Shopping for goaltending might becomes his prority.

- Dave Lewis might painted himself in the corner with his goaltending management. It seems that the team will have to rely more on Toivonen who is rusted to death. I wish the young keeper will rise to the occasion.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Interest in Aucoin?

I have been reading around it seems people have the idea the Bruins could be interested in Chicago Blackhawks defeneseman Adrian Aucoin, who is formely of the Islanders and a former BU Terrier. Aucoin makes 4 million the next two seasons, but could be had fairly cheap. The cap hit is what scares almost any team away. Last year there were swirlings of a Zhamnov-Aucoin deal, but it never went down. I don't really see it happening, but I threw it out there anyways.

Toivonen and Siglet up, Sauve down

BOSTON (AP) - The Boston Bruins recalled goalie Hannu Toivonen and defenceman Jonathan Sigalet from Providence and sent goalie Philippe Sauve to the AHL team on Monday.
Toivonen played Sunday, making 15 saves in Providence's 7-2 win over Springfield. He had been sent to Providence earlier that day after backing up Tim Thomas but not playing in Boston's 4-3 win over Philadelphia on Saturday. Toivonen is 2-5-0 in 10 games with Boston and 3-6-0 in nine games with Providence this season.
Sigalet has eight goals and eight assists in 35 games with Providence.

Ok. The sens are doing a win one, lose one, win one, lose one thing right now. The Bruins have not collapsed against Chara's old team. Chara is out. Kessel is in. It will be a close one, but, one I think trends will continue in.

Bruins - 3
Ottawa - 2

Ottawa: 1/9/07

No Chara tonight, this will be a tough test. The Flyers team is a joke and the Bruins play has been subpar of late. If the Bruins can get a solid win, most people will be a tad more relaxed. The Bruins defense needs to make up for the absense of Chara and look for Lashoff to get some big minutes. I am looking forward to a solid game. Also, first game we get to see Mike Comrie. Phil Kessel will be back and hopefully will play some good minutes. Want to see what he can give, since he had cancer before, we didn't necessarily see what he is made of.

Keys to winning:
1. Stop Alfredsson, Redden, and Comrie
2. Test Ottawa's goaltending
3. Neutral zone play
4. Efficient at bringing the puck into the offensive zone
5. Fluid transistion


Monday, January 08, 2007

Top 25 Salaries of All Time

Thanks to Francois over at HockeyZonePlus for conpiling this for me.

1. Joe Sakic, $17,000,000, 1997-98
2. Sergei Fedorov, $14,000,000, 1998-99
3. Jaromir Jagr, $11,483,333, 2002-03
4. Mario Lemieux, $11,321,000,1996-97
5. Jamomir Jagr, $11,000,000,2003-04
6. Peter Forsberg, $11,000,000, 2003-04
7. Keith Tkachuk, $11,000,000, 2002-03
8. Nicklas Lidstrom, $10,500,000, 2002-03
9. Jaromir Jagr, $10,359,852,1999-00
10. Jaromir Jagr, $10,033,333,2001-02
11. Pavel Bure, $10,000,000, 2003-04
12. Keith Tkachuk, $10,000,000, 2003-04
13. Nicklas Lidstrom, $10,000,000, 2003-04
14. Sergei Fedorov, $10,000,000, 2003-04
15. Pavel Bure, $10,000,000, 2002-03
16. Paul Kariya, $10,000,000, 2002-03
17. Pavel Bure, $10,000,000, 2001-02
18. Paul Kariya, $10,000,000, 2001-02
19. Paul Kariya, $10,000,000, 2000-01
20. Peter Forsberg, $10,000,000, 2000-01
21. Paul Kariya, $10,000,000, 1999-00
22. Chris Gratton, $10,000,000, 1997-98
23. Joe Sakic, $9,880,939, 2003-04
24. Joe Sakic, $9,856,018, 2002-03
25. Joe Sakic, $9,832,727, 2001-02

Might as well call it the Sakic, Bure, Kariya, Jagr, Fedorov spending spree. Kind of shows me atleast why the Bruins didn't pay this money. Can anyone tell me they would shell out this money for any of these guys, maybe Sakic in the 9 million, but anyone else? Gratton surprises me, who would ever give him 10 million?

Canes-Yotes Deal

The Carolina Hurricanes acquired defenceman Dennis Seidenberg from the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for centre Kevyn Adams.

Matt's take: Good deal for both teams. Phoenix has been unloading, let's get Nagy or someone from them!

Old NHL Problem

When I look at the salaries of these players, it is easy to find the problem. It wasn't that ALL players were overpaid, but the top ones got so much money, and the rest got pennies. In 1997, Joe Sakic made 17,000,000 for one season. 17 MILLION! Crazy, players like Sakic, Jagr, Bure, Tkachuk were getting paid over 10,000,000 a season while many others were getting paid 2,000,000 and less. The problem was that certain teams like NYR, COL, DET and TOR could go out and spend that money and all the others couldn't. Thank god the NHL fixed that issue.

On another note, I do have to take the players on this side. They really do only have 1 or 2 times in their career when they can rake the $$ in. These players make under 1 million for years and when their time comes, you can't always blame them for taking the huge offer from another team. It is one thing if you are a vet with millions already, but for guys like Muzzy who made only pennies for so long, why not?

Bruins Players Salary History

On the talk of salaries, I decided to make up a chart of the Bruins players salary history.

-1994-95 was a lockout year and players only earned a portion of their salary.

Glen Murray
1992-93: 265,000
1993-94: 225,000
1994-95: 104,000
1995-96: 400,000
1996-97: 425,000
1997-98: 600,000
1998-99: 675,000

1999-00: 1,250,000
2000-01: 1,375,000
2001-02: 1,975,000
2001-02: 3,450,000
2002-03: 3,850,000

2005-06: 4,150,000
2006-07: 4,150,000
TOTAL: 22,894,400

Brad Boyes
2005-06: 600,000
2006-07: 1,400,000
TOTAL: 2,000,000

Patrice Bergeron
2003-04: 185,000
2005-06: 646,000
2006-07: 3,000,000
TOTAL: 3,831,000

Marco Sturm
1997-98: 800,000
1998-99: 850,000
1999-00: 875,000
2000-01: 770,000
2001-02: 1,000,000
2002-03: 1,300,000
2003-04: 2,000,000
2005-06: 2,000,000
2006-07: 2,100,000
TOTAL: 11,695,000

Phil Kessel
2006-07: *850,000
TOTAL: 850,000

Marc Savard

1997-98: 610,000
1998-99: 660,000
1999-00: 750,000
2000-01: 800,000
2001-02: 900,000
2002-03: 1,300,000
2003-04: 2,000,000
2005-06: 2,280,000
2006-07: 5,000,000
TOTAL: 14,300,000

Shean Donovan
1995-96: 525,000
1996-97: 525,000
1997-98: 425,000
1998-99: 468,000
1999-00: 514,250
2000-01: 565,675
2001-02: 622,270
2002-03: 684,500
2003-04: 752,900

2005-06: 627,000
2006-07: 925,000
TOTAL: 6,634,645

Wayne Primeau
1996-97: 600,000
1997-98: 675,000
1998-99: 475,000
1999-00: 522,500
2000-01: 600,000
2001-02: 750,000
2002-03: 825,000
2003-04: 900,000
2005-06: 1,000,000
2006-07: 1,150,000
TOTAL: 7,597,500

PJ Axelsson
1997-98: 425,000
1998-99: 450,000
1999-00: 650,000
2000-01: 750,000
2001-02: 825,000
2002-03: 907,500
2003-04: 1,300,000
2005-06: 1,064,000
2006-07: 1,850,000
TOTAL: 8,221,500

Mark Mowers
2005-06: 450,000
2006-07: 450,000
TOTAL: 900,000

Stanislav Chistov
2002-03: 1,130,000
2003-04: 1,130,000
2005-06: 800,000
2006-07: 800,000
TOTAL: 3,860,000

Petr Tenkrat
2006-07: 525,000
TOTAL: 525,000

Zdeno Chara
1998-99: 875,000
1999-00: 875,000
2000-01: 632,500
2001-02: 1,100,000
2002-03: 2,400,000
2005-06: 3,724,000
2006-07: 7,500,000
TOTAL: 18,856,500

Paul Mara
2000-01: 687,500
2001-02: 700,000
2002-03: 1,000,000
2003-04: 1,000,000
2005-06: 1,750,000
2006-07: 3,000,000
TOTAL: 8,137,500

Brad Stuart
2000-01: 975,000
2001-02: 975,000
2002-03: 975,000
2003-04: 1,750,000
2005-06: 1,900,000
2006-07: 2,400,000
TOTAL: 8,975,000

Jason York
1992-93: 120,000
1994-95: 182,700
1995-96: 350,000
1996-97: 400,000
1997-98: 650,000
1998-99: 750,000
1999-00: 1,400,000
2000-01: 1,650,000
2001-02: 2,000,000
2002-03: 2,000,000
2003-04: 2,000,000
2006-07: 500,000
TOTAL: 12,002,700

Andrew Alberts
2005-06: 858,800
2006-07: 661,300
TOTAL: 1,520,100

Milan Jurcina

2005-06: 513,000
2006-07: 500,000
TOTAL: 1,013,000

Tim Thomas
2002-03: 400,000
2003-04: 550,000
2005-06: 500,000
2006-07: 1,200,000
TOTAL: 2,650,000

Hannu Toivonen
2005-06: 818,900
2006-07: 532,000
TOTAL: 1,350,900

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