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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Going Into Chat Again

If you're interested in writing for the site, come on now, I'll be in for another 45 minutes. We'll also talk some hockey.

Asked Eklund Some Questions...

I asked Eklund these questions...ok you may be surprised, as Ek has some MAJOR sources he knows.

Eklund: Any chance the Bruins acquire Gionta?YES

Eklund: Will Tuuka Rask get dealt? YES

Eklund: Are the chances good the bruins get Gionta? NO

Eklund: Leetch back to Boston? NO

Eklund: Are the chances good that rask gets traded? YES

Eklund: Will kessel be on 2nd line? YES

Eklund: WIll the Bruins sign another D man with M stuart out? NO



Eklund: Bruins most improved team in the league? NO

*Basically, he thinks the Bruins will trade Tuuka Rask, and the Bruins are one of the teams that he could endup. But the chances are slim unless NJ can't dump salary. So the idea I had about a week or so ago actually has some truth behind it, and it could happen. There is a chance we get Gionta.

Going into Chat

Everyone come in, especially if you are interested in doing a writing thing for the site.

Rumors and News Roundup

-The Dallas Stars signed D Trevor Daley to a 2 year deal worth around $1,000,000.
-Anson Carter could sign with Leafs if they move Stajan, but Philly could make a run for him if Primeau is out.
-The Hurricanes signed enforcer Stephen Peat to a one year deal worth $450,000.
-Steve Yzerman's number 19 will be retired by the Detriot Red Wings on January 2, 2007.
-The Preds are shopping a winger, possibly Scott Hartnell.
-In 2007-2008, there will be no 3rd jersey's, but in 2008-2009 there will be.
-There are rumors that the Canes could send Jack Johnson to Pittsburgh for Jordan Staal.
-P.J. Axelsson was never on the block Peter Charielli said.

Bruins Sign Tobin

The Bruins announced the signing of forward Mark Tobin. He will play in Providence, but is a big kid, a fighter. He will be fun to watch in the future. The B's future is looking real bright!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anyone Interested?

I am thinking about adding writers to this site. Anyone who is intersted about writing for this site just leave a comment on this article. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. I am not sure if I am going to do this but I am thinking about it. I am looking for people to do special pieces on the Bruins or the NHL, such as preseason, analyzing games, opinions on the team, etc. Not just to post rumors and news. I know a lot of you are talented over at the Globe Board, so just leave a comment.

Bruins Practice Photos

Photos from today's practice. Check them out.

Isbister Signs with Hurricanes

Another former Bruin, Brad Isbister, has signed a one year deal worth $600,000. He will see mostly 3rd and 4th line action. He joins David Tanabe as the other Bruin who signed with Carolina.

Some Number Changes

Zdeno Chara will wear number 33, instead of 3, beacause that is retired.

Hannu Toivonen will switch from 33, given to Chara, to 54, the year his father was born.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tanabe to Hurricanes

Former Bruin defenseman David Tanabe has signed a one year deal worth $900,000. Tanabe was "walked away" by the Bruins after they settled on a 1.2 million dollar case.

The Hurricanes are also close to signing former Bruin winger Brad Isbister to a one year deal. It could be announced as soon as tomorrow.

Bruins Sign Trevelyan

BOSTON (AP) -- The Boston Bruins signed Hobey Baker finalist T.J. Trevelyan to a multiyear contract.
The 22-year-old Trevelyan played the last four seasons at St. Lawrence University. He had 78 goals and 76 assists for 154 points and 204 penalty minutes in 150 college games.

The 5-foot-10, 170-pound native of Mississauga, Ontario, was one of 10 finalists for the Hobey Baker Award, which recognizes the nation's top college player.

*The Bruins seem to be stalking up on College players like Collins, Trevelyan and others. This is essential in the new NHL. Hopefully we will see these guys in the future make an impact.

Dumont to Nashville

Man, I missed a lot while I was gone, so... J.P. Dumont has signed a 2 year deal worth 4.5 million dollars with the Nashville Predators. Good signing by the Predators, almost like the Kariya signing last year, it came out of no where. The bidding war was between Detroit and the Preds. Look for Dumont to put of solid numbers with Kariya and Legwand.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Going into Chat

I am going into the chat right now, I will usually go in it at around 12 and 5 daily if I can. I hope to talk to you in the chat. Just click the LIVE CHAT under the links section.

New Forum

I have used the site that thenhllines uses for their forum. It is much more organized and no popups which were annoying. You will have to make an account, but it is worth it. There are no virus's so don't worry. I hope we can use it like the Globe Board. Enjoy!

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Gionta Wants to Play in Boston?

Well, a few days ago I posted my personal idea that the Bruins would trade Tuuka Rask to NJ for Brian Gionta. Well, it may be more than an idea now. According to poster 77rb at the Boston Globe Bruins Board (I don't know how credible this guy is) but he says his friend from NJ spoke with Mr. Danyko and he said that Brian Gionta will not return to camp and is coming to Boston to stay with his family. Reports also say the Devils are VERY high on Tuuka Rask, possibly to replace Brodeur when he retires or contract expires. I will look for more details, but there is a possibility of Rask for Gionta. Stay tuned...

Northeast Predictions

Here are my predictions for the Northeast Division.

1. Boston
2. Buffalo
3. Montreal
4. Ottawa
5. Toronto

Joining Chat Now

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More on Axelsson Rumor

The report that the Sens are pursuing Axelsson are true, BUT the Bruins wanted a top 4 NHL defenseman and a NHL ready forward, way more than what Ottawa is willing to give up. So it seems that Axy will remain a Bruin for this season.


-The Wild are interested in Matt Cooke, but they are believed to be offering draft picks, which would seem to be a waste on the Canucks part unless it is a number 1 pick.

-Brian Boucher has been getting interest by the Canucks. The 'Nucks have been rumored after every backup goalie available it seems.

-The Kings are shopping Craig Conroy.

-thenhlline is saying the Flames are interested in Nathan Horton of Florida. David Lombardi going the other way. With this report it could mean a deal for Gomez fell apart since Lombardi was the main piece going to NJ on that deal.

-Expect many deals including possibly Gomez, Gionta, Biron, Zherdev, and Simon Gagne to happen this week.

Problems with Chat and Board

Just wanted to let you all know, the site I am using BraveNet has seemed to be down for a little bit. It has nothing to do with your computer or the Chat and Board itself. I will let you know when the site is back up. Also, I know there have been a few popups with the Message Board, all I have to do it reset one of the settings that I unclicked while trying to do something.

New Message Board

As I said I am making new upgrades and additions to the site, an in addition to the new Chat Room, I make a message board for all you guys to share your news, rumors, or ideas. I hope you enjoy!

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New Chat Room

I am starting to add things to the site, and I made a new chat room. Anyone can talk, as long as it is about hockey. It isn't the greatest thing, since it was free, but it works, so I hope all you come in and join. I will tell you when I will be entering the chat. Talk Hockey!

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rumors and News

Ok I need to catch up, so...

-Evgeni Malkin is expected to sign with the Penguins in early September, after Labor Day.

-Goalies Steve Shields, and Wade Flaherty are being considered by the Canucks to be backup to Roberto Luongo.

-The rumors of Nikolai Zherdev to Toronto are completely false.

-Aleksei Kaigorodov, a Russian prospect of the Sens, has signed a 2 yr deal.

-Andrei Taratukhin has signed with the Calgary Flames. He was one of their Russian prospects.

-The Wings have resigned forward Johan Franzen to a 3 yr deal.

-David Tanabe could sign with the Carolina Hurricanes.

-The Islanders are starting negotiations with goalie Rick DiPietro.

Bruins Cap Space

Ok, I've looked at sites, and blogs, and this that and the otherthing and almost NO ONE has reported the correct amount of cap space. Now, using the information which is VERY accurate from the salary site listed under my links, (Mark Stuart is listed as 1.580 million, but that is a glitch, he will actually earn around 500,000) the Bruins payroll, including Zhamnov and Buyouts is $42,375,000. That's $1,625,000 in Cap Space. Now MINUS Zhamnov's deal with is $4,100,000, their Cap Number is $38,275,000. That leaves $5,725,000 in Cap Space.

*I've been getting a lot of comments on my Gionta piece, and there is enough cap room to sign him, around 3.5 million and still have money to sign Leetch or get a player at the deadline.

Sens to Pursue Axelsson?

Sorry guys for not posting lately, been away. I came across some reports and the Ottawa Sun that the Sens will try to pry P.J. Axelsson from the B's. Now this probably won't happen because the Bruins are fairly thin on the wing position, and the Sens are reportedly offering defenseman Anton Volchenkov. The Bruins are deep at the D position with Chara, Mara, Stuart, Jurcina, M Stuart, York, Alberts, and Dempsey. Also, the possibilty that they may sign Leetch with M Stuart out in the beginning of the season.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Bruins Interested in Gionta?

Ok I'm not going to give you this "A solid source" told me. This is a hunch I have. Even though the Bruins signed Kessel to play LW on the second line, I believe he will play in Providence or on the 3rd line like Thornton did in his first year. My idea leads me to believe Tuuka Rask would be sent to NJ for Gionta. The Bruins have no need for Rask beacause a) Toivonen is the goalie of the future and b) Thomas is signed for 3 years, so why would the B's need Rask because they have Thomas and Toivonen long term. Rask was acquired to be dealt. Also, Kessel is a center, hence he shouldn't play LW. Now Gionta would be fairly cheap at around 3.5 million a season. And the Bruins currently sit at around 39,000,000, about 5 million under. So they have enough room to sig Gionta. Gionta is a native to Boston, so he would likely want to play here. A perfect fit.

Now where to put Kessel. Well, I never really thought Primeau was a 3rd line center. Axy and Donovan could provide a scoring, yet gritty touch. So I would move Primeau down to the 4th line, then place Kessel on the 3rd line as the center for a year.

Now in the future, I would maybe try to trade Murray, IF he doesn't connect with Marc Savard. Then put Kessel where Murray would have been. So you put him at RW, kind of like a Brad Boyes situation. Your other option is if Savard is a bust, try to unload him and put Kessel there.


Sturm Bergeron Boyes
Gionta Savard Murray
Axelsson Kessel Donovan
Stastny Primeau Mowers

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


-Brian Leetch wants to remain in East, and will Mark Stuart's injury, the Bruins may sign him to a 1 year deal worth around $1,000,000.

-Matt Cooke could end up in Pittsburgh or New York. Pittsburgh could send Ouellet the other way.

-Nik Antropov is going to stay in Toronto.

-Sidney Crosby is under consideration to be captain of the Pens. Mark Recchi and John LeClair are also under consideration.

Nicklas Lidstrom Named Captain

Red Wings defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom has been named the new captain of the Detroit Red Wings. He will replace former Wins captain Steve Yzerman, who retired earlier this year.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bergeron Signs for 5 Years!

The Bruins officially announced the signing of C Patrice Bergeron. He agreed to a 5 year deal worth 23.75 million dollars. Great signing by PC. The deal will last until the 2010-2011 season. He will then be a UFA. "Patrice is an outstanding young player with a tremendous future," general manager Peter Chiarelli said in a statement. "He is an offensive threat every time he is on the ice, has great defensive instincts, and he plays a physical game without taking a lot of penalties. With all that he has already accomplished, he will continue to grow as a player and we are very pleased that he will do so in a Bruins uniform."

Here is the breakdown of Patrice Bergeron's five-year, $23.75 million contract, which averages an annual cap hit of $4.75 million:
* $3 million in 2006-07
* $5 million in 2007-08
* $5 million in 2008-09
* $5 million in 2009-10
* $5.75 million in 2010-11

*This all unfolded very quickly. Today I was reporting a deal would be done within a week or 10 days, it only happened in a few hours. Great job Chiarelli. The Bruins cap is around 44 million, but Zhamnov's deal is going to be erased off the books, so it will be more around 39 million.

Luc Robitaille to Have His Number Retired

Former King LW Luc Robitaille will have his number 20 retired before the Phoenix Coyote game on January 20th. Robitaille joins Rogie Vachon, Marcel Dionne, Dave Taylor and Wayne Gretzky as the only Kings players to have their jersey retired. Robitaille posted a career 668 goals, 726 assists, and 1394 points.

Minor Signings

-The Columbus Blue Jackets signed D Eric Boguniecki to a contract.

-The Nashville Predators signed D Alex Henry to a 1 year, 2 way, contract.

Rumor Roundup

-The Canucks and Stars are interested in Mike Dunham.

-Brian Gionta may boycott Devils training camp until he receives a contract.

-Detroit has appeared the front runner to sign Anson Carter, unless Toronto can trade Antropov or Stajan. He wants a 3 year deal worth 3 million a season.

-J.P. Dumont could sign with a team within a week. There has been a dropoff with news on this guy. I wouldn't be surprised to see him resign in Buffalo.

-Habs rumored deal...

To Montreal: Gordon, Morrisonn and a draft pick
To Washington: Bonk and Ribeiro

-A small rumor surfacing saying that the NHLPA blocked a contract from J.P. Dumont. He reportedly agreed on a 3 year deal with Buffalo, but the NHLPA didn't want to get into the situation where teams walked away from their players and then resigned them to smaller deals.

Bergeron Set to Sign a 4-5 Year Deal Instead

Patrice Bergeron is expected to sign a 4-5 year deal later this week, not the 3 year deal reported earlier. The 4 year version of the deal is worth around 3.5 million a year, and would end in 2010, the year Patrice would enter UFA status. The 5 year version of the deal would be worth an average of around 4.5 million dollars because it enters one year of Bergeron's UFA status. With this signing, the Bruins would enter around 43 million dollars on the cap, but minus Zhamnov's injury it will go back down to 39, 5 million under.

Monday, August 21, 2006


-The Hurricanes, Flames and Devils joined the Anson Carter sweepstakes, so did the Penguins.

-The Pens and Rangers are pursuing LW Matt Cooke of the Canucks heavily.

-Yanic Perreault will probably sign in Pittsburgh.

-The Canes, Flames and Devils are also talking to Jason Allison.

-The Flames and Devils are talking about a deal, it could make Gomez go to Calgary and Lombardi, picks, and prospects to NJ.

*I find it hard to believe the Devils will sign anyone with their cap situation, so I'd take them out of the picture for any signing.

Jason Allison

According to various reports, the Carolina Hurricanes are jumping into the Jason Allison sweepstakes. After losing Cory Stillman for the beginning of the year, they are looking for a replacement. He has also been rumored to be going to Washington and Atlanta.

Bergeron Set to Sign 3 Year Deal

According to, the French sister of TSN, the Bruins are close to inking Patrice
Bergeron to a 3 year deal. They are fairly close on the money, and the deal should be annouced within a week. Bergeron will also be participating in the Boston Bruins Golf Tournament this Wednesday.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

More Players Headed to Europe

Former Oiler Rem Murray has signed a deal with HIFK of Helsinki.

Radoslav Suchy has signed a deal with ZSC Lions of Switzerland.

Dvorak, Quinn

Radek Dvorak is going to sign a contract with the Vancouver Canucks. He will provide a steady wing on the 2nd or 3rd line. He is no longer the scoring threat that he used to be, but could pot possibly 20 goals and 35-40 points.

Pat Quinn, who was fired by the Toronto Maple Leafs, has been talking to the Stars about a possible assistant coach posistion. And depending on how Dave Tippett does, Quinn could replace him as coach of the Dallas Stars. The Bruins almost signed Quinn to be a coach, but thankfully he rejected a deal and we got Dave Lewis.

Bruins Season Preview

The Bruins started off this offseason needing to make a big splash. After trading Joe Thornton and Sergei Samsonov, many fans were loosing faith in the team. The Bruins, within the first 4 hours of free agency, snagged two of the most prized pieces in the market. As I was reading rumor sites, I heard Zdeno Chara signed with LA as many people thought. I was very mad the Bruins didn't sign him and thought here we go again. But I soon found out he had signed a monsterous 5 yr, 37.5 million dollar deal with the Bruins. This deal is the largest in team history. They then signed C Marc Savard, who scored 97 points, to a 4 yr, 20 million dollar deal.

Chara, is a huge upgrade over Leetch. Many people believe Chara was overpaid, but I think his fair market value was 7 million. Also, Los Angeles offered 8 Million for him. Chara's only weakness is that small forwards like a Samsonov have the ability to burn past him. The Bruins definately bolstered their blueline by also acquiring Paul Mara from the Phoenix Coyotes for Nick Boynton. Now many could argue Nick is better than Paul, but Mara provides an offensive punch to this blueline, something we didn't get from Leetch last year. They also got some depth with Nathan Dempsey, and Jason York.

Savard maybe a risk given he scored 97 points, but with Hossa and Kovalchuk at the wings, I could have had 80 assists. Savard will probably not put up the same number he did last year, but could put up hopefully 70-80 points. Murray and presumably Kessel with provide a sniper in Murray and a scorer in Kessel for Savard. With a 2nd line of Kessel, Savard, Murray, we will see a lot of goals. The Bruins also inked Brad Boyes to a new deal, which will keep him in black and gold for 2 more years. To also fill the role for a 3rd line wingers, the club signed one of the best in the NHL, Shean Donovan, who is known to go on streaks. The B's bolstered their offense a lot this year. Looking at the Roster, their are no stiffs in sight. The only issue is Alexei Zhamnov, who's contract is supposed to come off the books.

The goaltending will be anchored by Hannu Toivonen and Tim Thomas. Toivonen is expected to be a starter after Andrew Raycroft was traded to the Leafs for G prospect Tuuka Rask. Thomas is expected to be the backup after signing a 3 yr, 3.3 million dollar extension last year, one of last moves by former GM Mike O'Connell. Expect a ROY type performence from Hannu.


The Bruins face a tough division. The Sabres, Leafs, Senators, and Canadiens. The Bruins will beat the Leafs in the division, and also prbably the Canadiens, but as history shows, we always have trouble beating them. The Sens will drop off this year due to HUGE losses in Havlat, Smolinski, Chara, and Hasek. The Sabres didn't improve or get better. If anything they got worse. I expect the Bruins to finish 2nd in the division. They will be seeded around 4 or 5th in the conference and loose in the 2nd round of the playoffs, and improvement from last year. I just don't have confidence with M Stuart, Alberts, and Jurcina, all rookies, holding up the defense. We saw how that worked last year. I'd feel more secure if they brought back Leetch.


Sturm Bergeron Boyes
Kessel Savard Murray
Axelsson Primeau Donovan
Walter Stastny Mowers

Chara B. Stuart
Mara Alberts
Jurcina M. Stuart


Pooh Bear Jersey's Dead

It's official. Charlie Jacobs announced that they will no longer wear those "Winnie-the-Pooh" jersey's. Instead, they will wear the black version of the 1970s retro jersey in all home games vs. original six teams, and pending league approval they will wear them against Chicago and Detroit in away games. The retro jersey's look like the ones Booby Orr wore.

*I personally like the Winnie the Pooh jersey's but I agree vintage is way better. I can now call my Bourque Pooh Jersey a collectable.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Today's Rumors

-Yanic Perreault is very close to signing with the Penguins.
-Victor Kozlov may be heading to Washington, Carolina and LA are interested.
-Brian Savage is getting interest from Philly and Nashville.
-Radek Dvorak is close to signing with Edmonton, but Tampa has interest.
-Anson Carter is close to signing with Toronto, but the thing holding it up is the trading of Antropov. The Pens are making a late push.
-J.P. Dumont is getting interest from Habs, Bruins, Oiler, Sabres, and Rangers.
-Valeri Bure is getting interest from Vancouver, Phoenix and Dallas.
-Edmonton is inquiring about Brian Leetch, but the B's may resign him.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Rumor Roundup

-The resigning of Flames F is believed to be the beginning of a deal that would send him and major prospects to the Flyer for Simon Gagne. More to come on this one.

-The Oilers are talking to former Bruins defenseman Brian Leetch again since Dick Tarnstrom went to Sweden.

-The Rangers are trying to get Matt Cooke from Vancouver.

-Hurricanes winger Cory Stillman may miss the beginning of the season after going surgery on his right shoulder. He will need 3-4 months to recover.

-The Penguins signed G Andrew Penner to a contract.

-The Blues signed former Bruin D Jamie Rivers to a 2 way contract.

-A far-fetched rumor that would send Mike Comrie, and Ladislav Nagy to the Canes for Jack Johnson and Justin Williams. The Yotes would then sign Anson Carter.

-The Habs Isles deal I mentioned earlier is...

To Islanders: Mike Komisarek, Radek Bonk
To Canadiens: Radek Martinek, Jeremy Colliton, Sean Bergenheim

The Habs then sign J.P. Dumont.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

More News

-The Atlanta Thrashers acquired D Vitaly Vishnevski from the Ducks for Karl Stewart, 2nd round pick in 2007, and a conditional pick.

-The Canucks officially signed Rory Fitzpatrick to a 1 yr deal.

-The Habs and Isles are completing a deal that would send Bonk and Komisarek to the Isles for Colliton, Bergenheim, and Martinek. The Habs would then probably sign J.P. Dumont.

Dick Tarnstrom Contract

Former Pen and Oiler defenseman Dick Tarnstrom recently signed a deal with Lugano of the Swiss Elite League. His contract allows him to void the deal if he receives an NHL offer. This is expected to happen since Tarnstrom is still a valuable D-Man to many teams.

More on Kessel Signing

The Bruins announced they signed their 1st round pick Phil Kessel to a 3 year deal. He will earn $850,000 every year, and it also includes a $85,000 dollar signing bonus that will count against the cap this year. He can also earn bonus performance money like Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby did. If he is sent down to the AHL which he can since it is a 2 way deal, he will earn the maximum $62,500. This signing probably means a) he will play LW with Savard and
Murray this year or b) he will be sent down to Providence and look for the Bruins to try and trade for or sign a LW for Savard.

Some Horrible Bruins Rumors

These I found on the Boston Globe Bruins board, they have no truth to them at all, but I decided to post them to give you all a laugh.

1) Bruins trade Zdeno Chara (waiving his no trade clause), and Brad Boyes to Pittsburgh for Evgeni Malkin.

2) Bruins trade P.J. Axelsson and Brad Stuart to Edmonton for Ryan Smith.

3) to Boston: Henrik Zetterberg

to Montreal: Marco Sturm and Andrew Alberts

to Detroit: Michael Ryder and Mike Ribeiro

*Wow could these be any more far-fetched? Trading impending UFA's, 3rd liners, and midlevel prospects for all-stars. All I can say is WOW. If any one these happens, I will eat my shoe.


-Tomas Surovy has signed with Lulea of the Swiss Elite League.
-Martin Cibak has signed with Frolunda of the Swiss Elite League.
-Atlanta is closing in on acquiring Vitaly Vishnevski.
-The Bruins officially signed Kessel to a 3 yr deal. (Yes!)
-The Canucks resigned D Kevin Bieska and RW Tyler Bouck.
-The Flames resigned F Matthew Lombardi.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ducks, Tarnstrom

-The Anaheim Ducks signed Francios Beauchemin to a 3 yr contract extension.

-Former Penguin and Oiler, defenceman Dick Tarnstrom has signed with Lugano of the Swiss Elite League.

*I am surprised no one signed Tarnstrom to a deal. He led the Pens in scoring 2 years ago and can manage the PP.

Bruins Sign Kessel

The Boston Bruins have signed C Phil Kessel to a 3 year deal. He will earn the max entry salary which is 850,000 dollars through the contract, but he can earn performance bonus's like Crosby and Ovechkin did. A formal annoucement should be made Thursday. So I would guess that this guy is are LW to play with Savard and Murray. He could still end up in Providence though. ROY anyone? I would still like them to sign Dumont, who they supposedly offered a deal, but I'm excited for Kessel to play here. I want to see what this kid can bring to the table. Good job PC, now it's time to sign Bergeron.

More on J.P. and Bruins

J.P. has reportedly received 3 "serious offers" from Northeast clubs. The Habs are not one of them, and the Leafs cap situation makes them an unlikely canidate. Now, this is good news if your a Bruins fan, PC has realized that the need of a LW is necessary and Phil Kessel might go back to college for another year. It seems like he may not want to go back to Buffalo, so that leaves the Sens and Bruins. The Sens could make a pitch, but the Bruins could offer more money. If we can sign Dumont for 2.5 million or less, that will cap off a solid offseason. I am not sold on Kessel playing LW for us this year. It'd be beneficial for him to go back to college or the Providence Bruins for a year. With a second line of Dumont, Savard, Murray, that could be one of the top scoring lines in the NHL. Cross your fingers Bruins fans.


-Atlanta and Washington are interested in former Bruins captain Jason Allison.

-J.P. Dumont is interested in staying in the Northeast and has received 3 serious offers, which would include the Bruins, Sens, and Sabres. The Habs have not offered a deal and the Leafs with their cap situation would likely pass on him and try to get Anson Carter.

-A far fetched rumor from

to Pittsburgh:

1st round pick
Sheldon Souray
Michael Ryder
Mike Ribeiro
David Aebischer

to Montreal:

Evgeni Malkin

*Personally, even if this trade has some truth to it, Montreal, even though I hate them, would be getting the shaft in this deal. Giving up WAY to much for Malkin, a true talent, but unproved he can play in the NHL. An allstar in the future in Ryder, a number 1 goalie, a 1st round pick, and 2 solid wingers is to much for Malkin in my opinion.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Moran Finds a New Home

Former Bruin D Ian Moran has found a new home, signing a 1 year deal with the Anaheim Ducks. He is the second Bruin to sign with the Ducks along with Travis Green.

Fitzpatrick to Canucks

Former Sabres D Rory Fitzpatrick is set to sign a deal with the Vancouver Canucks.

Nolan, Hill Sign

The New York Islanders agreed on a 1 yr deal with former D Panther Sean Hill

The Phoenix Coyotes signed RW Owen Nolan to a 1 year deal worth 1.25 million dollars.

*The Phoenix Coyotes are taking a big chance with Roenick, Cujo, and now Nolan. If these guys fail to preform, the Yotes could be in trouble.


-Yanic Perreault may land in Pittsburgh.

-Evgeni Malkin is on Toronto.

-Sabres are working hard to resign J.P. Dumont long term and that is holding up Miller and Kalilin signings.

-Habs are shopping C Radek Bonk.

-Former Bruins goalie Steve Sheilds could be signed by the Canucks to backup Roberto Luongo.

-Vaclav Varada of the Senators has signed with HC Davos of the Swiss Elite League.

Stuart Out of Boston? is reporting that the Bruins may be shopping Brad Stuart. Edmonton has offered Marc-Andre Bergeron, Marc-Antoine Pouliot and a 2nd round pick. I don't think this deal is bad for us because I am a huge fan a Bergeron, an up and coming defenseman star, but I rather try to acquire a LW for the 2nd line as part of the deal. Marc-Antione Pouloit is a AHLer who score 1 goal in 8 games with EDM last year, I don't think he brings much except more depth in the offense or 4th liner. This would also free up a lot of salary, possibly to pursue J.P. Dumont.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Bruins Draftees Rankings

From TSN, the ranking of the draft day players. Bruins took 2 of the top 30 ranked players in the draft.

TSN: 3
ISS: 5

PHIL KESSEL, C, MinnesotaBorn: 10/2/87 Ht: 6-0 Wt: 189 Shoots: R
From NHL Central Scouting - Is a very fast and quick skater who often surprises opponents with an extra gear...with breakaway speed, he can carry the puck and separate himself from pursuers in an instant and can turn an opponent inside out one-on-one...has accurate shot and very quick hands...can go end-to-end and bring the fans to the edge of their seats.
From ISS - He creates so much offense by using his tremendous skating but will need more at the next level. Offensive capabilities were very impressive including a great shot and a quick stick but he stayed on the perimeter in physical games and needs to become more complete as a player. However you can't deny his offensive gifts when you consider he has the highest offensive upside of anyone in this draft.
From TSN - First native of Wisconsin to letter at Minnesota since Kenneth Byerly (hockey) in 1929-30...His father played professional football with Calgary Stampeders in 1982 and was drafted by the NFL's Washington Redskins...Earned the IIHF Directorate Award as the most outstanding forward with a tournament-best 16 points (9-7) in six games at the 2005 World U-18s...Had 5 goals and 12 assists in 14 career World Junior games...Led all NCAA freshman in scoring this year...Below average performance with physical elements at NHL combine and measured 11.1% body fat.

TSN: 26
ISS: 39

YURI ALEXANDROV, D, CherepovetsBorn: 6/24/88 Ht: 6-1 Wt: 172 Shoots: LFrom NHL Central Scouting - A good, solid skater...moves well in all directions...plays a simple, risk-free game...has fine hockey sense and plays his position very well...likes to join the rush and has offensive instincts...has a good attitude - works hard and can play physical.
From ISS - Here at ISS our concern with Alexandrov is his lack of size and toughness...Although we can appreciate what he brings to the table, we just don't see a lot of upside...Is a very good skater in the typical Russian mould of strong edge use and strong legs.
From TSN - Played regularly in Russian senior league - on a team with former NHLers Andrei Kovalenko, Radovan Somik and Igor Grigorenko...Wwas the captain of the 2006 Russian U-18 team, scored three points (1-2) and was a +7 (tied for 3rd best plus/minus in tournament).

Habs-Isles Trade Rumor

Eklund is reporting that the Islander may be trying to pry away local defenseman Mike Komisarek from the Habs. This could be a salary dump in prelude to a Dumont signing. Komisarek was a first round pick out the University of Michigan.

Dumont and More

The Montreal Canadians have contacted Dumont's agent and talks went well. No contract offer was made. Only one other unnamed team has made a serios offer. Bruins anyone?

The Canucks invited RW Valeri Bure to training camp, and if things go well, they could sign him to a deal.

The Canucks are also close to signing Trevor Linden to a new deal.

Wings Sign Johnson

The Detriot Red Wings have signed former Predators captain C Greg Johnson. No financial terms were released.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bruins Draft Review

1st round (5th overall) Phil Kessel C
2nd round (37th overall) Yuri Alexandrov D
2nd round (50th overall) Milan Lucic LW
3rd round (71st overall) Brad Marchand C
5th round (128th overall) Andrew Bodnarchuk D
6th round (158th overall) Levi Nelson C
Acquired G prospect Tuuka Rask from the Toronto Maple Leafs for G Andrew Raycroft

-Overall I give them a B+. I believe they should have gotten a forward with Raycroft instead of another young goalie. I think Lucic was taken a little permaturaly and Kessel, even with all his talent, does have an ego and we need to see what kind of player he developes into.

More on Malkin

TSN is reporting that the "Russian Superleague hockey club Metallurg Magnitogorsk will go through the legal route to get compensation for the loss of Malkin." Club head Gennady Velichkin is accusing the Pittsburgh Penguins, the team that owns his NHL rights, as well as Malkin's North American agents of "stealing" Malkin. "They all like to talk about democracy, the American way and then they shamelessly steal our best players. This is pure sports terrorism," the Metallurg general director told Reuters."

*So it looks like Malkin will be playing in Pittsburgh this year.

Vitaly Vishnevski

Various reports say the Atlanta Thrashers are interested in him. The defenseman was awarded 1.55 million in arbitration and the Ducks want to trade after acquiring Pronger. He could be valuable to a team in need of blueline depth.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

All Ex-Bruins Team

This team is made up of all current active NHLers who played for the Bruins. This is a team we could have had if JJ wasn't a crapass owner who only cared about money and there was no salary cap.

Knuble Thornton Guerin
Samsonov Rolston Carter
Allison Nylander Lang
Andreychuk Stumpel Lapointe

McLaren Gonchar
O'Donnell Boynton
Leetch Berard
Jackman McGillis



Red Wings LW Henrik Zetterberg will not need surgery on his wrist after injuring it. A big burden lifted off Wings fans. Expect Zetterberg to a have stong season in '06.

Gionta News

Brian Gionta has been invited to training camp, but may not accept. He would have to buy insurance incase of an injury. He is beleived to be seeking a deal worth around 3.5 million dollars a year. Some sources say a team could possibly come in a give Gionta a 3.99 million dollar offer sheet. If the Devils don't match, they would receive a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick from the team who signed him.


Trevor Linden

The Canucks are looking to sign Trevor Linden to a long term deal.

Malkin Missing

A quick translation:

"Evgeni Malkin has gone AWOL from Metallurg. As a source at the club told a reporter, the forward, who came to Finland with his team to hold a training camp has left the team on Saturday with his personal belongings and travel documents. His whereabouts are unknown."

Eklund has reported he has fled to Canada.

*My take is this may be a sign he is coming to play in the NHL this year with the Pens. That would be huge for them and could give them another scoring young talent along with Sidney Crosby.


Sykora to Oilers

As I reported earlier, winger Petr Sykora has officially signed a 1 yr deal with the Oilers for around 3 million dollars. He played with the Ducks and Rangers last year.

The Latest News

The Wings will pass on Dumont and the Habs and Sens will also likely pass because of cap issues. The Habs still have a shot at signing him if they make a paycut trade.

David Tanabe is being looked at by the Rangers. They Rangers are also looking at Radek Dvorak.

Viktor Kozlov is getting some interest from team in need of depth at the wing posistion.

Brian Boucher is getting looked at by the Isles, and Jason Allison is being pursued by them as well as Flames.

The Flyers may be ready to make a deal.

Devils trying to shed payroll.

Carter Lands in Toronto

Not a surprise to anyone, Fan590 is reporting that former Bruin Anson Carter has reached a deal with the Leafs. It is believed to be worth 2 years. No financial terms are known yet.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Bruins Rumor Site

For those of you interested, there is another great Bruins rumor site, Check it out!

By the way for those who do not know, they are 2 different sites by 2 different people.

Friday Rumor Roundup

The Edmonton Oilers officially signed Petr Sykora to a 1 yr deal

The Wings are passing on J.P. Dumont and will not offer him a deal

The Ducks are still shopping Vitaly Vishnevski

If the Leafs sign Carter they will likely have to move eiter Antropov or Stajan for picks

Brian Gionta is searching for a deal worth around 3.5 million anually

Simon Gagne is looking for a deal around 5.4 million anually and the Flyers may be willing to do that

Bruins Coaching Changes

Fired coach Mike Sullivan and replaced him with former Wings coach Dave Lewis

Hired GM Peter Chiarelli, who was Assistant GM of the Sens, to replace MOC

President Harry Sinden resigned and is now Senior Advisor to JJ

Bruins Top 20 Prospects

Bruins top 20 prospects.

1. Phil Kessel, C
2. Hannu Toivonen, G
3. Tuuka Rask, G
4. Mark Stuart, D
5. Matt Lashoff, D
6. Petr Kalus, C
7. Milan Jurcina, D
8. Martins Karsums, RW
9. Yuri Alexandrov, D
10. David Krejci, C
11. Jonathan Sigalet, D
12. Tyler Redenbach, C
13. Ben Walter, C
14. Jordan Sigalet, G
15. Brad Marchand, C
16. Vladimir Sobotka, C
17. Matt Hunwick, D
18. Wacey Rabbit, C
19. Kris Versteeg, RW
20. Anton Hedman, LW


Those Sabres Men and More

Sources say that 4-5 teams have called in his interest. The Canadians have not offered him a deal. J.P. has said he wants to go to Montreal, but the it doesn't look like they want him. The other teams involved are the Bruins, Sabres, Wings, Penguins, and Kings. The Sabres offered him a deal worth 2 million per year.

The Canadians are still interested in C Daniel Briere who was awarded 5 million in arbitration, but don't want to give up Michael Ryder. The Coyotes are still interested in him also.

The Oilers are interested in Flyers C Petr Nedved.

Vaclav Varada is going to play in Europe next season.

Dick Tarnstrom may also head back to Europe .

Anson Carter still hasn't signed, but will likely end up in Toronto.

Danius Zubrus of the Caps has been mentioned in trade rumors with the Canucks with Matt Cooke involved also.

Sykora to Edmonton

Sources say that winger Petr Sykora is very close to signing a deal with Edmonton. It is believed to be around 3 million dollars for 1 year. Some people are calling it a "done deal."

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where Will Leetch Go?

Brian Leetch is still deciding to play another year or not. He could still possibly end up in Boston, but the chances are slim. The Wings and Flyers, if Primeau retires, are interested. He could also reunite with the Rangers, but that also looks dull, still come hard feelings. He will probably earn 1 million or less.

*I am actually for the Bruins signing Leetch because if he can be had for around 900,000 he is a bargain. He can still manage the PP and is better than Tanabe was.

Green Finds New Home

Former Bruin Travis Green, whose contract was bought out this offseason, found a new home today. He signed a 1 yr deal with the Anaheim Ducks.

Vegas Odds

Bruins are 45:1 to win it all

6-1: Red Wings
7-1: Senators
10-1: Hurricanes
12-1: Ducks, Sabres, Flames, Devils, Flyers
15-1: Stars, Sharks
18-1: Rangers
20-1: Avalanche, Predators, Canucks
25-1: Lightning, Oilers
30-1: Thrashers, Panthers, Canadiens
40-1: Maple Leafs, Blue Jackets, Wild
45-1: Bruins
50-1: Kings, Islanders, Coyotes
90-1: Penguins
100-1: Blackhawks, Capitals, Blues

Bruins and Dumont

I would not be surprised to see the Bruins sign him. They are creeping up to the cap so they can't afford a 3.5-4 million dollar winger. Dumont could be had for around 2.5-2.7 million. Chairelli is familier with him as seeing him 8 times a year. He is also fit for the new NHL scoring 40 pts in 54 games. Could become a 25-30 goal scorer with Savard. The Bruins will not pass up an oppurtunity to get a guy like this unless they know Kessel is the real deal and is coming up this year or they have something up there sleave. But I say they have a real shot at getting Dumont.

Bruins Lines

Sturm Bergeron Boyes
*_____ Savard Murray
Axelsson Primeau Donovan
Walter Stastny Mowers

Chara B Stuart
Mara M Stuart
Jurcina Alberts


*Possibilites: Carter/Sykora/Kessel/Dumont/Bondra

More Rumors

-The Wings and Bruins have entered the Dumont sweepstakes.

-Anson Carter is still likely to sign with the Leafs.

-Look for the Flyers to sign someone if Primeau retires.

-Peter Bondra looks like he will sign in Washington for one last season.

-Petr Sykora will probably sign in Edmonton within a few days

-The Kings and Yotes are the favorites to land Biron

-Columbus maybe closer to signing Zherdev than people believe, they offered a good deal for 2 years.

-PK specialist Greg Johnson is still out there and Bruins, Yotes, Penguins and possibly Flyers are interested in him

-G Brian Boucher is getting a lot of interest from teams

-C Yanic Perreault is getting interest from Avs, Pens, and Sens

-Craig Conroy is on the block

*As a Bruins fan, I would hope they offer Dumont a 2yr deal worth 5 million dollars.

Today's Rumors

-The Blues have been talking to Radek Dvorak

-Wings extremely interested in J.P. Dumont and Peter Bondra

-Sabres having trouble dealing G Martin Biron

-J.P. Dumont has gotten calls from 4 teams, 1 Canadian

Desjardins to Retire

Long time Philadelphia Flyers D Eric Desjardins has decided to retire after 17 seasons. He was Phiadephia's 2nd all time leading scorer. He won the team most-outstanding defenseman award 7 times. He had a career 136 goals, 439 assists and 575 points.

The Malkin Saga

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW - Evgeni Malkin has now said he wants to play in Russia next season. The opposite of what he said earlier about playing in the NHL for the Penguins. My gut says we will not see Malkin in Pittsburgh until that Russian Transfer Agreement is reached with the NHL.

The Zhamnov Situation

Ok, right here, right now, these are the possibilites that could happen with C Alexei Zhamnov.

1. He regains his health and plays for the Bruins.

- Impact on the Bruins wallet = $4.1 million
- Impact on the Bruins salary cap = $4.1 million

2. He regains health, and the NHL allows a buyout.

- Impact on the Bruins wallet = $4.9 million (total)
- Impact on the Bruins salary cap = $1.3 million

3. He regains health and is assigned to the AHL.
- Impact on the Bruins wallet = $4.1 million
- Impact on the Bruins salary cap = $0

4. He regains health, is assigned to Providence, and is claimed.

- Impact on the Bruins wallet = $2.05 million
- Impact on the Bruins salary cap = $2.05 million

5. He remains injured, and NHL accepts the long-term injury application.

- Impact on the Bruins wallet = $0 (Insurance)
- Impact on the Bruins salary cap = $0

Special thanks to Muffaletta at HockeyBuzz for this information.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blues Retain Backman, Sharks Sign 2

Today the St. Louis Blues resigned D Christian Backman to a multiyear deal. He posted 6 goals and 12 assists in 54 games last year. The San Jose Sharks also signed free agent D Mathieu Biron to a 1 yr deal and resigned RFA RW Patrick Rasmiller to a 2 yr deal. No financial terms released.

Great Website

I want to give a shoutout to Great site with lots of cool things. Please donate to the site and get those bumper stickers. Definately check it out.

Bruins Petition

For those who want the Winnie the Pooh jersey's gone, sign the petition at so we can go vintage.

Site for Team Salary Info

Bruins Offseason Overview

Here is what the Bruins did this offseason.

-Boughtout the contract of C Travis Green

-Boughtout the contract of LW Shawn McEachern

-Traded G Andrew Raycroft to Toronto for G Tuuka Rask

-Traded D Nick Boynton to Phoenix for D Paul Mara

-Signed D Zdeno Chara (Ottawa) to a 5 yr deal worth 37.5 million (7.5 per year)

-Signed C Marc Savard (Atlanta) to a 4 yr deal worth 20 million (5 per year)

-Signed RW Shean Donovan (Calgary) to a 2 year deal worth 1.85 mil (.925 per year)

-Signed D Nathan Dempsey (Los Angeles) to a 1 yr deal worth 450,000 dollars

-Signed D Jason York (Europe) to a 1 yr deal worth 500,000 dollars

-Signed D Wade Brookbank (Vancouver) to a 1 yr, 2 way deal worth 450,000

-Signed C Mark Mowers (Detroit) to a 2 yr deal worth 925,000 dollars (450,000 in '06-'07, 475,00 in '07-'08)

-Resigned RW Brad Boyes to a 2 yr deal worth 3 million (1.4 in '06-'07, 1.6 in '07-'08)

-Resigned D Andrew Alberts to a 1 yr deal worth 661,000 dollars

-Resigned D Milan Jurcina to a 1 yr deal worth 500,000 dollars

Sinden Steps Down

Today Harry Sinden announced that he is stepping down from his former role as President of the team to Senior Advisor. He will remain Alternate Governer for the Bruins on the NHL's Board of Governers. The team will not replace the posistion. for more information.

J.P. Dumont to be a UFA

The Buffalo Sabres have used their "Walk-Away Rights" on winger J.P. Dumont. He was awarded 2.9 million dollars. He had 40 pts in 54 games last year until he got hurt. The Bruins, Blues, Wings, Leafs, Sabres, and Oilers have expressed interest. He could get around 2 million in the open market.

Manny Legace to St. Louis

Manny Legace has signed a 1 yr deal worth a reported 1.4 million dollars. The Blues have had some great signings this year in Guerin, Rucinsky, McKee and now Legace. Good things happening in St. Louis.

The Bergeron Situation

The Bruins have offered C Patrice Bergeron a 2 yr deal worth around 8 (not the 10 I said earlier) million dollars. Bergeron countered with a 4-5 yr deal worth 20 million dollars. The two sides seem like they are trying to get his done. I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen within a week or so.
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