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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bruins clip the Red Wings

A 4-1 win over the defending Stanley Cup champs.

This was a real test to the Bruins.  Had they lost, many would say we are not yet with the elite teams, but we showed otherwise.  The thing about Detroit was you could REALLY tell how well they played their system.  Few turnovers, lots of possession, explosive offense.  Fernandez played well while TT battled an illness.

The thing I loved most was how explosive OUR offense was.  We were getting killed in the 1st, and on our first shot, we scored.  That is what legit teams do.

Compared to last season, I remember saying, "if we can just bury our chances, we would win so many more games."  Well, this season, we are burying our chances.  

P.S.  Marian who?  The guy was a no-show tonight while Kessel lit the lamp...again.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

All good things must come to an end

I wouldn't call it good, but I wouldn't call it bad either.  It wan an OK game.

We had some chances but we could not finish.  Our defense did not play well, a lot of bad passes and turnovers coming from our own zone.  All 3 goals were bad scored by Buffalo.  Krejci mistake, bad screen on Thomas on a bad angle shot, and a horrid non-stop by Thomas.  The positive you can take is that we lost by 1 goal in a winnable game while not playing well at all.

The team should come out flying against a weaker Islander team.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marc Savard wants to retire a Bruin

In an interview today, Marc Savard said he would like to retire a Bruin.

"Myself coming into the league I had a lot of growing pains to go through. Coming into the league I played with the Rangers and we had a lot of stars and obviously it was hard for me to make a name there. I went to Calgary and got a great opportunity to play. When I moved on to Atlanta that’s where things started to get a lot better. Obviously Coach Hartley really helped me out and I owe him a lot to him – especially in the early stages — because he basically told me there’s the ball right there and if you want to take it then just go. He gave me a lot of ice time and I was able to succeed there before I moved on to Boston, where I’m happy and I hope that i can finish out my career here and keep getting better."
When was the last time a Bruins player said that?  We have come a long long way since the O'Connell/Sinden years.  It is good to hear he wants to stay.  This guy is an elite player who is very underrated in the league.  He is now getting some more notability from the recent success of the Bruins.

What would it cost to re-sign him?  He'll be 31 when his deal is up.   A 3-4 year deal worth an AAV of 5.5-6 million seems fair.  It also depends on the cap situation for the Bruins and the league as a whole.  This is a special player though.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bruins working on Thomas extension

According to the Edmonton Journal, the Bruins are working on a contract extension with Tim Thomas.

Not a bad idea at all.  Considering we know how Thomas plays, it is a better idea to lock him up to a 2 year extension rather than sign some who knows what and have Rask and an unknown.  Thomas and Rask is the obvious tandem next season.  I say 2 years 6 million as a reasonable deal.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bruins in first...for real

The Boston Bruins are in first place, who would have thought?  They aren't like the Rangers who are in first in the conference with 3 more games played or anything like that.  The Habs are in 2nd place with 22 points, 4 behind us, and have 1 game in hand.  The Bruins may be 11-7 W-L wise, but they have taken points in 15 of 18 games.  They have yet to lose by more than 1 legit goal (Toronto was an EN).  This is a tough stretch, but Florida should be an easy win and Buffalo has been struggling of late.  The game against Montreal should be entertaining.  It is nice to see that the Habs fans can't give the games played crap anymore, and speaking of anyone surprised with their recent "struggle"?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time to make a move: Jay Bouwmeester

With Andrew Ference out for 6-8 weeks, it is time for Chiarelli to make a move.  It isn't like this is Shane Hnidy going down, as well as he has played, but Ference has been one of the best defenseman all season.  I like Matt Hunwick, but right now, I don't see him filling in for 6-8 weeks when he is paired with Shane Hnidy.  Matt Lashoff is an option, but still, do you want a rookie?

Florida is still struggling and it doesn't seem like they are going anywhere.  Boston has a lot of assets to trade, so why not make a move for Jay Bouwmeester?  He is the best defenseman available (Philaldephia just acquired Phillipe Boucher from Dallas from Daryl Sydor, Boucher could have helped) and he could make the Bruins a legit contender.  I know a lot of people don't want to trade a lot for him, either do I, but if you can also lock him up in a deal similar to Chara or something, you would have nothing to do this offseason aside from maybe a trade or two.  The cap room is there.  Now the question is, what do you trade.  Jay-Bo is a UFA after the season, so if there isn't a sign and trade, it take a high pick, an NHL ready prospect/lower roster player, and another prospect.  If it IS a sign and trade, maybe a 1st, Kobasew and another prospect.  Who knows.  It is Florida, maybe they take Hunwick straight up.  

It just seems like a perfect time to make a big move to take this team one step further.  At the same time I am not down for trading Bergeron or someone, but if we can get a guy like Jay-Bo for something fair, do it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ference out up to 8 weeks

Andrew Ference has a fractued Tibia and will be out up to 8 weeks.  Sucks, Ference had been playing amazing this season, maybe out best defender...

Let the trade rumors begin...

Komi- Tell me how my ass tastes

A little late, but how you like that 6-1 spanking of the Habs?

I was there and it was packed.  But the thing is, this time, it wasn't 50/50 or 40/60 or even 30/70 Habs fans as it has been.  It was probably 90% Bruins fans.  I saw maybe 2 large sections of Habs fans up in the 300s and a few scattered groups of 2-6 people in the loge sections.  

The game started out a little slow for the Bruins, but then once Thornton scored, it was over.  The Bruins were unstoppable.  I can't think of one player who played bad.  Fernandez played really well again, although he seemed shaky with glove.  Sturm is on fire and played sick.

But, you all saw the game so I don't need to go into it.  The Garden was rockin' and that is nice to see, especially on a Thursday.  I think the city is starting to B-leave.  

Now that we are no long Montreal's bitch, can anyone tell me one team you don't think we can beat?  I can't.  This team could easily go 2-3 rounds deep this season.  I know it's only 16 games in, but from what I have seen, I don't see why not.  We are scorning 3-5 goals a game without Ryder, Bergeron, Krejci, and others scoring at a high clip.  The goaltending is tops in the league, and the defense is only going to improve.  We also could add a few pieces whether it be Shanahan or a trade deadline move.

I knew this team would be good, but not this good.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bruins rise to number 3 on TSN Power Rankings

Bruins now number 3 in the NHL according to TSN's power rankings.  The Sharks are ranked number 1, Chicago 2.  The Habs are ranked 5 with Buffalo 4.

I think it can be said that the Northeast Division is one if not the toughest division in the NHL.  With Buffalo, Boston and Montreal potential playoff teams, and Ottawa is no slouch either.  Toronto is rebuilding, but they are a pesky team.  

Also to note, Tim Thomas is the 2nd best player in the NHL according to TSN's player rankings.  Savard is number 17.   

Glen Murray Injury Claim

Glen Murray filed a grievance against the Bruins claiming they bought him out while he was injured, which is not allowed.  The Bruins have a cap hit of 1.383 million on him over the next two seasons.  Since Murray's career is more than likely done, him winning the grievance is a win win for all.  

The Bruins take Murray cap hit back, and place him on the LTIR, and thus shave off the 1.383 million cap hit for this and next year, freeing up some space.  Jeremy Jacobs does not have to pay Murray, but insurance will, so he saves money.  Murray gets all of his 4.15 million, not the 2.7ish he was going to get.  This extra money could be used to sign a guy like Shanahan or saved to acquire a guy at the deadline.

Marc Savard: Trade candidate?

Eklund came out with his top 25 to be traded post.  Marc Savard made the list at number 9.

Is Savard a legit trade candidate?  No.

He has a NTC and is the Bruins best offensive player aside from possibly Kessel.  How would this PP do without him?  How would the teams offense play without him?  He factors in to a good amount of the Bruins goals.  I don't understand how there is any chance Savard is traded.  I'm telling you the Bruins trade Krejci before him.  Savard is a top 3 playmaker in this league with Thornton and Crosby.  Not to mention, he makes 5 million next year as well, well under market value for a 90 point guy.  

Unless you are getting a 50 goal scorer or a Lidstromesque defender, why would you trade him?  Again, this is more of Eklund being Eklund than anything, but his name has been thrown around by people before.  There is no way Savard is dealt unless the package in return is insane.  

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Canadiens Suck: French Guys French Kiss

What a game last night.  I had 2nd row seats, could see myself on TV.  Pretty sick.  Only one goal on my end, but it was fun.  Heckling the crap out of Miller was fun as well.  I don't know how those guys don't laugh at what they here.  Bruins totally dominated after a slow start.  

I snagged a Canadiens Suck on the front, French Guys French Kiss on the back shirt.  Gonna wear it Thursday to the game, and again I got 2nd row seats, this is going to be a CRAZZYYY game.  I have been waiting forever for this.  

Well, I got to run, I'm going to the Pats-Bills game.  Hope to sweep Buffalo in sports.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Young guns proving worth

What more can you say about this team?  They are one of the top teams in the East so far, and don't forget Chuck Kobasew is coming back soon.  

David Krejci has been spectacular this season, and I see him playing a similar style to Bergeron.  The guy gets down and dirty, makes great plays and can score.  On Wheeler's 2nd goal, he held on the the puck while on his knees which led to the goal.  I didn't think this guy would be that great this season, but I was proved wrong.  He is the real deal.

Patrice Bergeron, I don't know if we consider him young but he is, has been a little disappointing, but a the same time he was out for a season so I don't expect 30 goals and 50 assists.  I see glimpses of return but I need more consistency.

Phil Kessel has been out of this world.  He has taken his game to a new level, both defensively and offensively.  He is the Bruins best pure scorer who can create offense by himself.  I am looking at a 30 goal season from Phil "the thrill" Kessel.

Petteri Nokelainen has been great in his role.  He seems to be faster this season and has some good puck handling skills.  While his offense hasn't got going yet, he can still pot 10-12 goals.

Milan Lucic is a tank.  He has been scoring, fighting and hitting.  While he isn't the offensive force Cam Neely was, he has the same type of play in him.  Lucic has improved after what some called a slow start.  

Blake Wheeler has been a huge surprise.  I didn't expect him to even make the club, let alone be a major contributor.  He has played some great offense and has buried his chances.  He is a big kid with good puck control and speed.  He looks like he could be a less violent Lucic in some ways, but with more offense.  I see a 25-30 goal scorer with Wheeler, and he is only 21.

Vladimir Sobotka hasn't seem much time, but he is there when we need him.  Again, another plugger on this team.

All of these guys are 22 and under, and that is why it is exciting to be a Bruins fan.  This is the nucleus of the offense for the next decade.  

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bruins beat down Stars 5-1

First off great job by Pekese tonight doing a livetype blog.

The Bruins derailed the Stars 5-1 in an old fashion ass whooping.  This game could be a turning point in the season for the Bruins.  Let's see if the momentum from this game can continue.

Let me first start off with this. Steve Ott is a dirty bitchy player.  Sean Avery is just a bitch.  While I think Avery is an ass, and is annoying and cheap at times, he is willing to drop the gloves, which he did tonight.  Ott on the other hand, would not.  He also went for the knees multiple times of players including Lucic and Yelle.  Did anyone get pumped after Ference destroyed him at mid ice? I love how Hnidy started ripping on that guy when Lucic went down after the Avery hit.  It would not surprise me to see Ott suspended for a few games for his antics.  

Marco Sturm got off the scoring quickly with a one timer from the slot, getting his mojo back.  Avery then tied it up later in the 1st with a knuckler.  Bergeron scored in the 2nd on 4 on 4 play by stealing the puck behind the net and had Turco looking the wrong way and tucked it in on the wrap around.  By the way, Turco played amazing tonight, some great saves.  The 2nd period the Bruins were behind the 8-ball with tones of penalties, but instead killed off all of them including a 5 v 3 and took the momentum.  In the 3rd, Kessel scored a sick goal by dangling the D and ripping off his patented wrister 5 hole through Turco.  Stuart then scored on a 3 on 2 with a high wrister and Sturm capped it off with a tic tac toe pass on the PP from Axelsson.  

This had to be my 2nd favorite game since the lockout with game 6 being number 1.  Great old school game.

Third Period Analysis

Tim Thomas wins the NESN star of October poll.

20:00 Bergeron against Ribeiro line. Both lines have started all three periods.

17:01 Bergeron great play, stopping the wrap-around attempt which saved a goal.

15:53 Nice move by Kessel, curl and drag right by the defenseman Fistic results in a GOAL! Assists to Savard and Ference.

15:15 HUGE hit on Ott by Ference. Avery comes and challenges ference. A little fight both players go down, Ference gets 2 or 3 lefts in, but Avery gets the take down. Ference had the balls to drop them unlike Ott and Avery on many occassions earlier.

14:10 Axelsson playing the point on the second PP with Ference in the box.

12:58 Ott another pussy, cheap shot going after Lucic's legs. More penalties. Turco gets two for interference. Roughing penalties to Lucic and Ott. Powerplay for the Bruins.

10:29 Thornton versus Barch. Barch does Ott's dirty work. Pretty good fight, draw in my book.

8:55 Mark Stuart with the goal. Wheeler took a hit to move the puck to Yelle, Yelle with a great look to find Stuart in the slot. Nice wrister beats Turco. 4-1 Bruins. Another great shift from Wheeler.

8:16 Avery another cheap shot, with a hit from behind on Lucic. Savard does the right thing and sticks up for his teammate. Meanwhile, Hnidy drills Niskanen with multiple right hands right next to the pile. He landed a few good ones. Would not be suprised to see a suspension from this (instigator = 1 game suspension).

7:10 Morrow goes to the box. Powerplay for the Bruins. Somehow there was no instigator penalty in the last sequence of events. Good news for the Bruins.

5:43 Sturm with another GOAL! Great setup from Axelsson and Ryder. Finding Sturm all alone to the left side of Turco.

2:40 Shot tipped by Sturm, Turco with the stop. Would have been a hat trick.

0:30 Krejci with the perfect pass to Wheeler wide open. The puck just rolled off his stick and went wide.

0:00 Great game. The Bruins showed some heart in the third. Good to see the crowd getting into the game as well. My three stars: Sturm, Ference, Thomas.

Second Period Analysis

Got to check out a little of the BU-Vermont on CN8 during the intermission.
Did Jack Edwards say Buffalo Braves?

20:00 Axelsson-Bergeron-Ryder to start the second against the rat line, I mean ribeiro line.

19:11 Yelle gets leveled by Ott. Thornton nice response on Ott who is known for being a dirty player. Thornton gets four minutes.

18:31 Another offensive zone penalty by Dallas. Bad penalty to take especially being on a 4 minute powerplay.

18:08 "replay from Calgary". Bergeron with the steal from Morrow and stuffs it home.

17:06 Nokelainen getting some 4 on 4 time, skating alongside Ryder.

14:38-14:50 Wow, Ott is a pussy. Bitches out against both Hnidy and Lucic. Result 4 penalties, all matching still even strenth 5 on 5.

14:30 Nice stop by Turco stopping Kessel I believe, no one could find the rebound.

11:30 Ryder gets the hands up a bit. 4 on 3 Powerplay now for Dallas.

11:28 Yet ANOTHER defensive zone faceoff lose for Yelle.

10:54 Rocket from Robidas off the post. Real nice shot.

5:14 Yelle working the front of the net. Thornton with a shot, off the post.

3:59 Chara and Morrow going at it after the whistle. No penalties.

2:54 5 on 3 for Dallas as Wideman goes for a slash. Time out called by Dallas. Savard, Chara, and Ward for the Bruins.

First Period Analysis

-18:40. P.J. Axelsson, you are not the center, play your position. Something that bugs me every game, because the center usually does not cover up and play the left side boards in the defensive zone(where Axelsson should be).

17:19. Sturm from Wheeler and Krejci. It's working already. Nice play by Wheeler.

14:40. Nice pass Savard to Kessel. Kessel just barely misses the net.

14:11. Thomas looking sharp early. Stopping Modano right in front.

13:56 NESN question, who's the number 1 star in October? My vote goes to Thomas.

12:05 Weak goal allowed by Thomas. Avery had the speed coming down the wing, but a stop Thomas should have made.

11:45 Aaron Ward needs to learn how to play with two hands on his stick. Another holding call coming.

11:09 Here comes the worst penalty kill in the league. Axelsson and Bergeron to start the PK.

10:11 Nice block by Yelle. Goes down and blocks the shot with his body, nice play.

9:08 Powerplay over. Thank you Brendan Morrow. Gets an extra penalty as well.
4 minute powerplay coming up.

7:11 Absolutely awful powerplay with the first minor expiring.

6:45 Finally some pressure, Ryder stopped twice. Lucic is also on this unit replacing Sturm. However, as I type, the stars have a shorthanded breakaway.

5:18 Bruins powerplay looking a little bit better. Why is Stephane Yelle on the powerplay??

4:45 The new fourth line? Axelsson-Nokelainen-Thornton on the ice right after the powerplay. Once Kobasew comes back, that's my choice for a new line combo with Kobasew replacing Axelsson on one of the top 3 lines.

3:34 Avery going to the box for a hook. Lets give the powerplay another try.

1:52 If Bergeron had a heavier slapshot he would be money on the point.

0:26 Wheeler, what a play and a pass. Yelle misses a wide open net. Great save by Turco but any other forward on the team would have scored that.

0:00 Period ends and tempers flare, you got it Avery right in the middle, but nothing comes from it. Still only two fights on the season for the Bruins.

Pregame Bruins-Stars

Julien switched up his lines a bit, flip flopping Axelsson and Sturm. Here is the rest of the lineup:

Milan Lucic-Marc Savard-Phil Kessel
P.J. Axelsson-Patrice Bergeron-Michael Ryder
Marco Sturm-David Krejci-Blake Wheeler
Petteri Nokelainen-Stephane Yelle-Shawn Thornton

Thomas to start for the fourth straight game. Kobasew may be back as early as Thursday, which gets me thinking who gets sent to the fourth line? Wheeler and Axelsson being the likely candidates. My choice is Axelsson easily, I thought Wheeler-Krejci-Kobasew looked great in the first game.

Still no Hunwick or Sobotka. I really want to see Sobotka crack the lineup, but who would he replace? Yelle is my choice, but Julien has loyalty to his veterans. Expect to see Sobotka back in Providence very shortly, especially with Kobasew returning.

Dallas will be without Brad Richards, Jere Lehtinen, and Segei Zubov, three of their most important players. The Bruins must stay out of the box, something they have had difficulty doing, notably the defense. Hopefully putting Sturm with Krejci gets him going tonight.

Prediction 4-2 Bruins.

Note- Richards is in the lineup.
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