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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Third Period Analysis

Tim Thomas wins the NESN star of October poll.

20:00 Bergeron against Ribeiro line. Both lines have started all three periods.

17:01 Bergeron great play, stopping the wrap-around attempt which saved a goal.

15:53 Nice move by Kessel, curl and drag right by the defenseman Fistic results in a GOAL! Assists to Savard and Ference.

15:15 HUGE hit on Ott by Ference. Avery comes and challenges ference. A little fight both players go down, Ference gets 2 or 3 lefts in, but Avery gets the take down. Ference had the balls to drop them unlike Ott and Avery on many occassions earlier.

14:10 Axelsson playing the point on the second PP with Ference in the box.

12:58 Ott another pussy, cheap shot going after Lucic's legs. More penalties. Turco gets two for interference. Roughing penalties to Lucic and Ott. Powerplay for the Bruins.

10:29 Thornton versus Barch. Barch does Ott's dirty work. Pretty good fight, draw in my book.

8:55 Mark Stuart with the goal. Wheeler took a hit to move the puck to Yelle, Yelle with a great look to find Stuart in the slot. Nice wrister beats Turco. 4-1 Bruins. Another great shift from Wheeler.

8:16 Avery another cheap shot, with a hit from behind on Lucic. Savard does the right thing and sticks up for his teammate. Meanwhile, Hnidy drills Niskanen with multiple right hands right next to the pile. He landed a few good ones. Would not be suprised to see a suspension from this (instigator = 1 game suspension).

7:10 Morrow goes to the box. Powerplay for the Bruins. Somehow there was no instigator penalty in the last sequence of events. Good news for the Bruins.

5:43 Sturm with another GOAL! Great setup from Axelsson and Ryder. Finding Sturm all alone to the left side of Turco.

2:40 Shot tipped by Sturm, Turco with the stop. Would have been a hat trick.

0:30 Krejci with the perfect pass to Wheeler wide open. The puck just rolled off his stick and went wide.

0:00 Great game. The Bruins showed some heart in the third. Good to see the crowd getting into the game as well. My three stars: Sturm, Ference, Thomas.


Anonymous jimmy50 said...

What a fuckin game. Hockey at its best! GO BRUINS

9:29 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Love it.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous da wreck said...

The Bruins were absolutely SICK this game. Best 2 minutes in the past years. (playoffs aside) Kessel with a nice goal, FERENCE who's been HUGE with a killer hit on Ott, then fights Avery. Wow. I'm jumping around like a maniac at that point. LOVIN IT! Pounded Dallas. Hnidy absolutely killed Niskanen with about 6000 shots. Like they said on NESN. Teams will think twice about messing with the B's at home, if they're playing like that. WOW BOYS.


The B's look great. Awesome young players with the sky's the limit potential. Guys who can score, make plays, Playing hard D as a team, and most important playing like a team, and not putting up with anyone's shit, and sticking up for each other.


9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have not seen a bruins team play like this in years!!!!! Great team play And don't forget the coaching. this game is the game I have been looking for in years. THE BRUINS ARE BACK!!!! So long from Michigan

10:22 PM  
Blogger Mathew said...

quite upset that I couldn't watch this game tonight - I did happen to get to see them beat the canucks earlier in the week, was alright, but sounds like a snoozefest compared with this game. Go B's.

1:28 AM  
Anonymous bruinsfanupnorth said...

want some interesting reading check out the dallas papers this morning. Bruins were great last night. There is no place in the game for gutless ^%#^#^$# like avery and ott. Don Cherry last night, after the leafs game was commenting on Ott, saying parents dont let your kids watch becuase this will make you sick. He was referring to Otts refusal to fight. Great game B's. Now lets take down the leafs.

8:04 AM  

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