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Friday, June 29, 2007

Murray To Be Moved?

From HockeyBuzz,

Oilers starting to make it more into the rumour is widely rumoured that the Oilers tried to get Glen Murray out of Boston at the Draft and Chiarelli would not move Murray...A source said that could be worth watching a bit here..."The Bruins are trying to clear som cap space as well," a source told me just now.

Matt's Take: That bold sentence makes no sense. Chiarelli would move Muzzy's deal if he could, but obviously EDM was making a bad deal for the B's. It makes sense PC is clearing cap space. Aaron Ward and Muzzy seem like the best cap clearing guys.

The B's are brewing

HockeyBuzz is reporting the B's are up to something big. Not yet what it is. Could be a trade for a forward or a goaltender.

Bruins cap figure

For those who are wondering, but are too lazy to scroll down to the sidebar to find it...

Zdeno Chara.......7,500,000
Marc Savard.......5,000,000
Patrice Bergeron..4,750,000
Glen Murray.......4,150,000
Marco Sturm.......3,500,000
Aaron Ward........2,750,000
Phil Kessel.......2,200,000
PJ Axelsson.......1,850,000
Andrew Ference....1,400,000
Andrew Alberts....1,250,000
Chuck Kobasew.....1,200,000
Tim Thomas........1,100,000
Shean Donovan.......925,000
Stanislav Chistov...800,000
Brandon Bochenski...600,000
Hannu Toivonen......532,000
Dennis Wideman......516,000
Mark Mowers.........463,000
Travis Green........208,000

CAP SPACE........10,106,000

And the new cap numbers is...

50.3 million!!!

Chia going to give it to Ottawa: Emery

Various reports are out that Sens goalie Ray Emery has had conversations with 2 other teams on a possible contract. The Bruins are reportedly hot for his services and could offer him a deal.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Slava Kozlov: Top Target?

Slava Kozlov could be a name you hear July 1st. This guy is a true talent, but is getting up there in age. He will pot around 20 goals and dish out 35 on a regular basis.

He played with Marc Savard in ATL, so there could be a connection there. He would be perfect for the B's.

The only question is the money. He could seek around 4 per. Which IMO is too much money. If he'd settle on a 1-2 year deal worth 3.5 I'd sign him.

He has scored 20 goals 10 seasons. His career high in goals is 36 back in 1995-96 and his career high in assists is 52 in 06-07.

Things are very quiet...

These last few days have been very quiet when it comes to trades and free agent signings. I do see it starting to heat up as July 1st comes up.

I remember talking to former GM Mike O'Connell years back saying that the rumors that you do not hear are the ones that are true. Rumors are rumors they can start anywhere. Another thing he said is a GM will make 100 calls a day regarding trades and so on, out of those 100 calls maybe 1 will work.

All we can do is wait and see, as the day comes closer I see the Bruins being pretty quiet early on in the day unlike last year when they signed Chara and Savard vairly quickly.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Are todays goalies better?

I raise this question after Marty Brodeur was bitching about how goalies get screwed over. Can we really compare Gerry Cheevers, Tony Espo, or any of those guys with the current goaltenders? I say no. Look at the equipment. The scores were a little higher, but the goalies still had the same stats as those today. I mean, you look at the old highlight reels and goals that you'd never see today were scored, but the saves were much more incredable. The old goalies were the true goalies. Todays goalies, to me, are men in a padded bubble. Granted they are talented, but they don't have the same skills as the old ones. Yeah, shots are harder now, so reflexes have to be quicker. But any day of the week, I'd take Cheevers in a shootout over Luongo or Brodeur.

Here is a photo of Gerry Cheevers in his pads vs. Roberto Luongo when he was with Florida.

All Day Chat Sunday

Only 3 more days until the UFA Period is underway. Good thing it is on the weekend. Won't be leaving the house all day.

There will be a chat Sunday during the UFA signings. I will tell you all Saturday or sometime soon when the times will be. For now I'd say it'll start around 10:30-11. We'll break the latest signings and for those in Canada who get TSN, they can break it before we find out online. It's gonna be a hell of a day.

Nick Boynton placed on waivers

Boynton and Kevyn Adams placed on waivers by the 'Yotes. Looks like PC and co. did better on that deal. Ward or Boynton...hmmm?

New Logo

I finally got the logo up for the site. Thanks to Jake for taking his time to make this for us. If anyone needs a logo shoot me an email and I'll give you his.

Gorton Dismissed

Per KPD,

The Bruins today continued to make sweeping changes through the organization, dismissing long-time assistant GM Jeff Gorton and Daniel Dore, one of the industry’s most respected coaches.

Gorton, who was among the initial candidates under consideration for the recent GM opening in Phoenix (since filled by Don Maloney). Gorton reported to the Bruins’ Causeway Street office today, according to a source familiar with his dismissal, and left the premises soon after cleaning out his desk.

The 37-year-old Gorton, a former Bridgewater State goaltender, started with the Bruins in 1992 as an intern in the club’s public relations department, and two years later joined the scouting department. When Mike O’Connell was fired in March 2006, he became the interim general manager—the position he relinquished last June when Peter Chiarelli was hired as GM.

Word of Gorton’s dismissal leaked Tuesday afternoon, but Chiarelli, in three communiques with the Globe, including one early today morning, denied that Gorton was dismissed.

Chiarelli, reached via cellphone in Hilton Head, S.C. confirmed both dismissals at 1 p.m.

"You are correct," he told a Globe reporter. "Other than that I have no comment.

Chiarelli on Tuesday was attending AHL meetings in Hilton Head — an assignment that many, if not most, organizations leave to their assistant GMs.

Upon assuming the assistant GM position in March 2006, Gorton was touted by Charlie Jacobs, the club owner’s son, as one of the leading candidates—if not the favored candidate—to be named GM.

Gorton during the 2006-’07 season signed a one-year contract extension that will pay him through the 2007-08 season. Typical assistant GM pay throughout the league is in the $175,000-$200,000 range.

Gorton, not immediately available for comment, now will be able to investigate assistant GM openings in both New York (Rangers) and Phoenix.

NHL 08

For the video game fanatics out there, including myself, NHL 08 is hitting stores this September. Here are some things I hope they include. For anyone wondering what system I got, I was lucky enough to snag a PS3. For those with the 360, the game is basically the same. ps2 version may be scaled down a little.

1) I want correct cap information. In NHL 07, Chara made like 1.9 million, even though he had just signed for 7.5. Almost every cap number/salary was wrong in that game.

2) Realistic trades. If I can trade Alexei Zhamnov and Brad Boyes for Sidney Crosby, something is wrong. (Try it, it works). Same goes for trading a number 1 pick for another teams 1, 2 and 3 picks. Also, let me trade more than 3 players at a time. If a team is rebuilding, they trade overpriced guys for nothing. At the deadline, teams should be able to trade picks for veterans with expiring deals.

3) Realistic injuries. Since when does a pulled muscle keep you out of the lineup for 1 month?

4) No crap "cap upgrades". Let the cap go up or down based on how your team did financially. Do something like in MLB 2k7 where your team has a "fixed cap".

5) Better free agency. No markee free agents every went on the market in NHL 07. The signings were complete BS. Nathan Dempsey asking for 1.4 million, Belfour for 4+ come on. I want to see some NTC being able to be added. I want to see some performance bonus's for older players. Players who are from a certain area are more likely to sign with the team. Being able to go into bidding wars with other teams rather than, Scott Gomez has rejected your offer and signed with the Philadelphia Flyers for the same money. Have players contact your team and say they want to play for you. Have players not want to sign with you because they have issues with other players or they want to be the number 1 guy. Things like that.

6) Better draft. Have a "Gretzky guy" every 10 years like a Crosby or Ovechkin that can change a franchise.

7) RFA's. Allow qualifying offers, be able to sign players to offer sheets. Compensation.

8) Better graphics. Obviously the next-gen systems will be better. But the ps2/Xbox version was bad IMO. The graphics of the players were alright, but it seemed arcadeish to me. The ice surface vs the player was weird. It seemed like the ice was 2 feet wide. The puck was also the size of a player head.

9) Better gameplay. The goaltending sucked in NHL 07. There seemed like the only thing you could do was skate, pass and shoot. There was no setting it up on the PP or realistic goals. The gameplay was cheesey. Much improvement needed. Everyone player seemed to be the same, whether it was a 99 rating or a 69.

10) Better controls. I hated the controls in 07, so I reverted them back to the 06 version with x to pass, o to shoot..etc.

Overall EA has a lot to do with the NHL series.

Fanbase GM's

Just a fun thought. What if for 5 seasons or so, each teams fanbase was the GM of a team. A board would present a scenario and the fans would vote. Let's see if the fans really are better GM's than, well the GM.

Example. The Bruins have the option of signing the following free agent.

1) Chris Drury @ 6 per
2) Brian Rafalski @ 5.4 per

Which one do you want?

The fans would go online and vote, and there you have it. Obviously the fans would have to know the cap and stuff, but still, it'd be fun.

For trades both fanbases would have to agree.

Example. The Bruins have 3 trade offers for Joe Thornton.

1) to San Jose for Wayne Primeau, Marco Sturm, and Brad Stuart.
2) to Atlanta for Dany Heatley and Andy Sutton
3) to Florida for Roberto Luongo and Martin Gelinas.

Talk about making the NHL marketbale.

My Theory

Why the ratings suck for the NHL...

The NHL has not lost fans by any means, but they haven't been able to gain more.

It is all about marketing. The NHL has the worst marketing skills of any sport. How many times do you see MLB, NFL, Nascar, NBA, even now MLS/FIFA promotions on TV? All the time. I never see NHL ones. You rarely see NHL players in advertisement. You're telling me you can market a guy driving in a circle for 10 hours, but you can't market hockey?

Now, it seems kids don't want to sit down with their dad and watch a NHL game, but rather college hoops, or a baseball game. Every little kid plays baseball and basketball, which is why the revenue is so good, but a lot of kids don't play football, but love to watch it. So hockey should be in the same boat.

The NHL needs to find a way to make hockey marketable. It isn't that the game now sucks or that no one cares about hockey, it is just that when I watch TV and see all these promotions for other sports, I forget about the NHL. And Versus is not helping either. Put the ESPN game once a week like 5 years ago and some NBC game. Versus is a joke. The NHL needs to market. People want to see huge hits and fights. Hockey is an exciting sport. Ovechkin and Crosby are more marketable than any sports figure, so use that to your advantage.

Hockey has not become forgotten, but if the NHL can't gain younger fans, it will be.

How bad are the NHL ratings?

Listening to WEEI and check out this stat.

The US-Mexico CONACAF game had twice as many viewers as the clinching Stanley Cup game...and that was just on the Spanish channel.

Dupont on Fan590

Highlights from Dupont:

- Think HT will be trade
- Murray will be dealt if possible, even for a pick. ( SJ,EDM )
- Dupont gave another shot to Joe. How surprising !
- Chara was not able to play his game
- Lewis had problem with bench managing. He hurt players confidence ( Bergy )

Not a lot of surprises there. We already knew about Lewis and Murray is on the block since forever....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wideman Qualified

The Bruins have qualified Dennis Wideman at $516,000.

Site Milestone: 100,000 viewers

Just wanted to thank everyone. We have reached 100,000 views in less than 1 year.

Tkachuk Dealt to Blues

The Atlanta Thrashers traded Keith Thachuk to the Blues along with a 4th rounder for a 1st round pick, the one they sent to acquire him.

New Bruinsrumors Logo

Special thaks for Jake for taking time and making this logo for Bruinsrumors. I hope you all like it.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Bruins free agent targets:

If I was PC and Co. I would take a intresting look into this years free agent class along with next years. The Bruins must be smart, this year they have there hands tied a little bit unless they unload a Murray or another high priced player.

Now I am going out on a limb here but I think the Bruins need to trade Murray, I do not consider him a leader(Ive heard stories), he is not a great skater and in this new league, its all about speed and disipline. I do not think they need a goalie for him either, TT and Hannu are good tenders but D need to be better.

Every GM makes a list of players they wish to talk to as July 1st roles around, heres my list:

Aaron Miller
Roman Hamrlik
Ossi Vaananen
Brian Rafalski
Tom Poti
Tom Pressing
Martin Gelinas
Yanic Perrault
Darren McCarty
Alyn McCauley
Aaron Asham
Jeff Hamilton
Jeff Friesen
Mika Noronen (Goalie)
Danius Zubrus
Richard Zednik
Viktor Kozlov( great in shootouts and killed B's this year)
Michael Peca
Dominek Hasek (hope not)
Slava Kozlov (him and Savard again, would be scary)

Now I might not even be close with this list but I think if they can get trade Murray look for PC to go all out and make an attempt for Drury. In return for Murray I would stock up maybe a prospect and a young forward or D-men.

Let's now wait and see, my list could also change...

From Eklund: B's intrested in Marek Zidlicky from Nashville, D-man with 30 pts and +8 last year.

Some scouts say Bruins 1st round draft choice Zach Hamill will be a 1st line center and that other than Patrick Kane, may be the closest to being NHL ready maybe not next year but the year after.

B's-Ducks...possible deal

From TFP...

As Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli continues his attempt to improve his hockey team, it's believed he is set on acquiring a new goaltender.

According to the Ottawa Sun, the Bruins tried to acquire Ilya Bryzgalov from the Anaheim Ducks during the draft, but neither side was able to get a deal done in Columbus.

Ducks GM Brian Burke acknowledged that he will likely trade Bryzgalov. With Jean-Sebastien Giguere as the team's No.1, and newly acquired Jonas Hiller set to become the backup, there's no room on the roster for Bryzgalov.

My top 20

Here are my top 20 UFA's for this offseason. Note: Excluding one's arleady signed.

1) Chris Drury
2) Scott Gomez
3) Daniel Briere
4) Ryan Smyth
5) Brian Rafalski
6) Paul Kariya
7) Peter Forsberg
8) Tom Preissing
9) Roman Hamrlik
10) Jason Blake
11) Michael Nylander
12) Sheldon Souray
13) Keith Thachuk
14) Brad Stuart
15) Scott Hannan
16) Bill Guerin
17) Dominik Hasek
18) Matheiu Schneider
19) Teemu Selanne
20) Alexei Yashin

Turco trade situation?

I've heard alot on here about Marty Turco getting traded. I understand that the Stars have Bud Smith had a great rookie year and is now the future of the Dallas organization. But Marty Turco has been doing it, Turco gets backlashed for not winning in the playoffs after Belfour won a Cup in Dallas. The Stars haven't gotten any younger the teams getting older in Turco's defense. My problem with all these rumors on here about Turco is what are you going to have to give up to get him? It's not like the Bruins have alot to offer to teams on their NHL roster. Guys like Burgeron, Mark Savard, and Chara are all untradeable according to the Bruins. The only thing the Bruins have to offer are Hannu, Matt Lashoff, Mark Stuart. So who are the Bruins going to give up for Turco and the Stars will have a high price tag for him. Also teams want to make sure young goalies don't get burnt out like Blaine Lacher.... See I touched a nerve with you all now. Smith has only been in the league once and I'm sure Dallas wants to make sure it's not a one year onder. Not to mention look at the teams who used the two goalie system; Nashville, San Jose, and Anaheim. The system works and if your a team who only plays one goalie, what happens if that guy gets hurt?
My take is Turco's going to stay in Dallas price tag Dallas wants is too high. Just look what Minnesota wanted for Manny who isn't half the goalie Turco is.

Former Boston College star Ryan Shannon gets dealt from Cup champs to Vancouver.

Thank you and Thomas is staying put...

First I want to thank Matt for letting me come on board and letting me voice my opinion and trying to find rumors and news, I will work to find out.

I recently spoke with an former Bruin who now is still close with the organization, he informed me that the Bruins love Tim Thomas and he is not going to go anywhere. That does not mean they won't bring someone in to split time but I do not see him going elsewhere. I do remember a rumored trade before the trading deadline this year which would have sent Timmy Thomas to Ottawa for Martin Gerber, others were involved but obvisouly the deal feel threw.

This time next week the Bruins roster could look a little bit different, we shall wait and see!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My take on the goalies...

I know a lot of people have asked me my take on the goalie situation, so here it is.

I don't see Tim Thomas or Hannu Toivonen as number 1 goalies this season for the Bruins. TT, as much as I love him, is nothing but a top-end backup, or a mediocre starter. The team won't go anywhere with him in net.

Hannu, I don't see doing much this season. He let me down last season, but I am still willing to say he has the talent. He could rebound, but I am not putting money on the bank for him to be my starter come opening night.

Saying that, overpaying for Manny Fernandez isn't a great option. My whole philosophy is to get a bridge guy to Tuukka Rask. I don't want to rush the kid, but he is what many people are praying on to turn out well. Manny, I thought was a good bridge guy because we'd only have him for 2 more seasons, but he is a head case and his contract isn't user friendly.

Marty Turco looks like an a nice goaltender to acquire. The Stars have an up and coming guy, and they want him to be their goalie. Marty is, no question, a top 10 goaltender and could lead a team to a cup if the supporting cast is there. I don't know what Dallas wants in return, whether it be picks for salary dumping or talent and contracts in return.

Free agents, the Dominator isn't coming here, Gigs is off the market, so I don't see who else I want. Eddie the Eagle is too old IMO, and see no fit. Guys like Esche, Boucher, Thibault, Aebischer, they all suck. Why not just stick with TT and Hannu?

If a trade is not reached, I don't see any free agent goalie coming unless Hannu is dealt and they sign one for a backup.

P.S. No way in hell is Martin Gerber coming here with his phat 3.6 per contract...unless Dany Heatley is involved...

Bruins Draft

Quick rundown...

1) Zach Hamill
2) Tommy Cross
3) Denis Reul
4) Alain Goulet
6) Radim Ostrcil
6) Jordan Knackstedt

Fernandez Deal "Not going to happen"

Guess we can say buh-bye to that. Minny wanted a 1st, 2nd, and PJ Axelsson for Fernandez. PC was not willing to do that, and thank god. Minny can eat his 8.7 million over the next 2 years if they are going to ask for that. The Bruins can now look at Ilya Bryzgalov and Marty Turco. The last rumor to surface was a 3 team deal in which Boston got Manny Fernandez, Edmonton got Glen Murray and Minnesota got Raffi Torres.

New Poster

As you already all can tell, we have a new writer on the site, Ryan. He will add a new perspective and he knows some people within or ex-within the organization. Will be really fun to see what he has to say. Hope you all enjoy reading what he has to say.

Big trade or free agent splash or else...

Being around Bruin legends such as Ray Bourque, Reggie Lemlin, and Gord Kluzak you may hear some intresting stories. This time of year you may also hear some trade rumors. Owner Jeremy Jacobs not knowing much about hockey according to his past players is now known to having short leashes and the next on is going to be GM Peter Chiarelli. Look for him to make a big free agent splash or a blockbuster trade in the next few days, Chris Drury or a Marty Turco would look great in the new uniforms. Jacobs recently told Chiarelli and Co. that he would like the organization to be 3 to 4 million under the cap heading into the season. My opinion: Last, knowing ex Coach Mike Sullivan and hearing many stories, I still believe Mr. Harry Sinden is calling some shots.

What's next for the Bruins?

With the fallout in the deal with Minnesota for Manny Fernandez the Bruins with go into a different direction. The move I think will be made is beacause of a trade that did happen this past weekend. That would be Tomas Vokoun to the Florida Panthers for a couple of draft picks. With the Panthers already having Alex Auld as their goalie for the future before the Vokoun deal and Auld is already under contract for next season. That leaves Auld's partner last season expendable, Eddie Belfour. The 42 year old free agent will be looking for a new home. The Bruins backed out of the deal for Manny because they wanted too much. By signing Belfour you get a quility goalie for 1-2 years that will give Raask and Hannau to spit time down in Providence. Belfour can be your 1B guy and Tim Thomas as your 1A guy and split time. We need something like this because Tomas got burnt out when he plays longger than a week straight, he needs his rest. Belfour did get in Florida, he's a proven winnner with a Stanley Cup ring. There's two things you get with Belfour a guy who gives you a chance to win and will be making bartenders and taverns around Boston very happy. Who wouldn't want to be in the NHL and be the man at the bar all at the same time; and that my friend is your next goalie for the Boston Bruins, Eddie "the Eagle" Belfour.

Any questions?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fernandez Deal Falling Apart

Unless the Wild take down the asking price, Manny Fernandez won't be a Bruin. The Wild want a 1st rounder and a top roster player it seems. The Bruins will likely shift their attention elsewhere.

Ducks Re-sign 2

Sean O'Donnell, 2 years/2.5 million

Kent Huskins, 2 years/2.5 million

B's Move up, Select Tommy Cross

Traded their 2nd and 3rd pick for him.

Fernandez/Turco Deal to Go Down Today

If a deal is going to happen, it will likely go down today. The availibility of Vokoun and Toskala slowed things up. If a deal is no concluded today, it may not happen at all.

Draft Continues Today

Round 1 is done, but the draft continues today at 10 am est. It's going to be a flurry of deals I can tell you. Last night was tough with everyone watching everyone. A lot of future picks and 2nd/3rd/4th rounders will be dealt. Some big names could be on the move. I'll be in the chat in about an hour.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Oilers-Coyotes Deal

PHX sends the 21st overall to EDM for the 30th and 36th overall

Cherepanov falls; Espo still on the board

Cherepanov falls to 17 to the NYR. Espo still on the board at 20.

Flames-Blues Deal

Calgary sends the 18th pick to STL for the 24th and 70th overall pick.

Ducks-Wild Trade

Ducks send the 16 pick to Minnesota for the 19th and 42nd overall.

B's still in talks with Minny

Axelsson and a 2nd for him is the latest...

Trade Between Stl and SJ

#9 pick to SJ for the 13th pick, a 2nd rounder (44) and a 3rd rounder.

With the 8th overall pick, the Bruins select..

Zach Hamill

LA Bombs Pick

Hickey 4th overall. Projected as a mid-late 1st rounder, early 2nd rounder.

Balsillie Out as New Owner

Per TSN:

Nashville owner Craig Leipold has advised the NHL to no longer consider Jim Balsillie as a prospective owner of the team.

Sources say Leipold told the league the absence of a finalized sale agreement and Balsillie desire to move the franchise to Hamilton are the reasons for his decision.

Pens-Thrashers Trade

Penguins acquire a 3rd rounder for Chris Thoburn.

Chicago Keeps Pick

I guess Chicago decided to keep the pick...we will find out soon enough!

Going Into Chat

I am going into the chat now, but will have to leave at like 7:10ish for a few minutes. Come on in.

Stars-Bruins Talking

SportsCentre in Canada is reporting the B's and Stars are talking about a potential deal. Marty Turco could become Boston-Bound.

Expect Deals Within the Hour

According to a lot of places, the word around the league is that there will be a flurry of deals during the draft because teams want to see who is available at the time. Stay tuned...

Chat: 7:20

I pushed it back 20 minutes. Feel free to go in before. I will join at around 7:20. Hope to see you all in there.

Phoenix Acquires 1st Overall Pick

More details to come...Phoenix moved up from the 3rd spot.

Update: For a roster player and the 3rd overall pick.

Could be ex-Bruin Nick Boynton.

Toivonen's Name Off the Roster

Don't read much into it, but Hannu Toivonen's name is no longer listed on the Bruins roster on their site.

Don't be Bitter B's fans...

I know most of you are all pissed that we did not land Vokoun. Find it kind of funny.

As I recall, I brought this up earlier in the day and people were like for 5.7 I don't want him. He gets dealt, now you all are up in arms.

First off with Toskala. Toronto only got him because they took Bell. I don't want Bell. He is overpaid and overrated. So that was not going to work out.

Second, Vokoun to Florida. Even if the B's had a legit offer, they could not afford his cap hit without giving up some contracts, which NSH has no interest in doing. So there was no way we were getting Vokoun.

Everyone underestimates Fernandez, and if we get him, I will be very happy. He is a solid goalie and will do well in Boston.

Vokoun deal HELPS Bruins

Vokoun got dealt for a 1st and 2 2nd's to Florida. This hurts Risebrough's bargaining position for Manny. Vokoun is a much better goalie than Manny. Seems like the 8th pick won't be involved in any deal for Manny.

Russo Rants has been great this offseason so far.

And then there were 2...


Only Fernandez and Bryzgalov left. Hopefully the Bruins make a move sooner than later.

Vokoun traded to Florida

More details... reports that an announcement will be made prior to the draft.

Note: Vokoun has yet to waive his NTC on the deal, and it could still fall apart.

Free Agent Tracker

As you can see, I finally finished the free agent tracker on the sidebar. I did the majors UFA's on each team. The teams are in order, but not labled. I will add players not on the list when they sign. Instead of posting who signed on the top, it will be (Player, New team, Yrs, Money). Since the UFA's are sorted by their current team, it will act like an "old team" column. Hope you all like it!


There will be a Draft/Rumor chat tonight. I'll be in it at around 7. Come join!

Toivonen to Blues?

If a Fernandez deal goes down...Toivonen could be headed to the Blues. (HockeyBuzz)

Avs Ink Arnason

2 year extension...

Recchi/Roberts Resigned

Both back in Penguins...

Roberts, 1 year/2.5 million

Recchi, 1 year/2 million.

Axelsson...part of Fernandez deal?

Latest rumor to hit.

Murray for Fernandez

Montreal's hockey radio station reports the Bruins are CLOSE to sending Murray to Minny for Fernandez straight up. They would keep the number 8 pick.

The B's could then make a run for a major UFA winger or trade the 8th pick in a separate deal.

Toronto acquires Toskala and Bell

For a 1st (13th overall), 2nd and 4th round pick in tonight's draft.

NHL Draft Tonight; Expect Flurry of Deals

The Draft is on at 7 tonight in Columbus, on (what channel?) Versus, and for Canada it's TSN.

With all that time until the draft, there will be trades a plenty coming. Expect rumors all day long, and a lot of deals may end up being... Gary Bettman steps to the podium, "This pick has been traded."

It will sure be a fun day, and as a hockey fan, I am glad to see that the offseason started a week early!

Habs/Toronto Fans

No bash to them, they are great and passionate fans, but it cracks me up to listen to their so called "rumours" or "trade prosposals".

Somehow, they are supposed to trade their crap for superstars, or their mediocre youngster for Sidney Crosby. Hilarious.

Last time I checked, Steen, Wellwood, Antropov, and Kubina all were underachievers and some overpaid.

Last time I checked, Habs fans were unwilling to part with Latendresse, Higgins, Komisarek, Plekanec or Huet. But somehow Kovalev and Aeibescher equals Patrick Marleau or Vincent Lecalvier. If that is the case, send Murray and TT to whatever GM is smoking that pot.

Not to mention, any star on the move is rumoured to be going to Toronto and Montreal.

Last time I checked, since the lockout, has there been any superstar who went to either? NO!

Think they are passionate and great fans, but it is just hilarious to look at their proposals and rumors.

Aucoin to Calgary

Waived NTC to go to Calgary for Andrei Zyuzin.

Good deal by Chicago they got rid of his contract, setting up a potential move, and Calgary got a replacement for either Stuart and/or Hamrlik.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fernandez Updates...


HockeyBuzz: (e4).

Spectors/Minnesota Tribune: Michael Russo reports on his weblog that the Wild may be close to trading goalie Manny Fernandez. He claims the Boston Bruins and Phoenix Coyotes are "hot" after Fernandez but it appears the Bruins are front-runners. Russo also claims "five teams" are still in this with no guarantees. \

Spector's Note: Hat tip to "Randy". Hockeybuzz also has this story claiming Fernandez all but certain to head to Boston. Looks like Fernandez could be moved within the next 24 hours, it's just a matter of where. Stay tuned...

KPD: According to Dupont, B's-Wild trade get momentum ( 9:40 PM )... (Thanks to Latrappe for that one).

Phil Kessel; Only 18

I am going to be the first to admit it, I was wrong about my thoughts on Kessel. I really thought he should be in the minors at 18 and learn some more hockey. I was clearly wrong.

In the beginning of the season, he did not look all that impressive, he showed some flash, but not much. Then he came down with an unfortunate case of testicular cancer. I don't know how to say this, but the cancer seemed to "mature" Phil into a better player. When he came back he looked like a whole new player. He matured and by the end of the season, he looked like he belonged here.

My point though, he is ONLY 18!!! Think of it this way, he could be in the NHL for 10 more seasons, and still only be 28! That'd be a guy in the middle of or entering his prime, 10 seasons into the NHL. This kid is special, and I don't think all Bruins' fans realize how good he is. He may not be a Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin, but he is in the tier below them. He will be a superstar in the NHL. And remember, he is only 18!

The team has a core of young players. Bergeron 20, Kessel 18, Marchand, Lucic, Kalus, Krecji, the list goes on. This team will be successful just on their farm alone.

Bruins on verge of acquiring Fernandez

(e4) on Eklund, and I few friends of mine have told me about it, it is 90% chance of happening. The pick is involved likely. I'll keep you all updated.

Luc Bourdon Offered to the B's

The Vancouver Canucks have apparently offered defensive prospect Luc Bourdon to the Bruins. It is not known for what, but one could speculate the 8th pick. Bourdon was taken 10th overall a few years back.

Matt's take: Don't know much about him, I'd rather deal the 8th pick for a NHL ready guy.

Giguere back to Anaheim

4 years/24 million.

6 per for him is expensive, but he did win games for the Ducks. He is overrated with Pronger and Niedermayer in front of him. Everyone wins in that case the Ducks and Giguere's party. Now no more Giguere speculation.

Bruins Receive Offers for Pick

From TFP...

The Boston Bruins have apparently received an offer for their first-round draft pick, which is eighth-overall.
According to reports, the Bruins have been offered a current NHL player as part of a deal for the draft pick.

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli is apparently more than willing to trade the pick if the right deal comes his way. The B's would be looking for an impact player if they decide to trade their first-round selection.

There are a number of teams looking for make moves between now and tomorrow's first-round, and the Bruins appear to be involved in discussions.

Matt's take: Possibly a team looking to get Esposito. Will be interesting to see who is that "nhl player".

New Jersey's

I like them. They seem like a combo between the old and the modern unis. Not sure I like the stripes on the arms so high up. Not too much of a change. They look good though.

Julien the Guy

PC has officially announced Claude Julien has the new head coach of the Boston Bruins. 10:30 press conference on NESN for those who get it. Check out

B's New Logo Officially Released

I like the new shoulder patch (top one). The spoked B is similar to the old one. Very nice job by Hockey RBK. Love it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quick Hit Rumors from Eklund

Patrick Marleau to Boston (e2)- Hmm....another center at 4+ million price tag...and he is an impending UFA. The only way I see this happening is...wait it won't. Why would the B's need ANOTHER center. Unless they slot Bergeron on a wing. So it would be Bochenski-Marleau-Bergeron. Not bad I guess. It would take a lot to get him, and I would want an extension if we got him. I don't see the fit. The cap hit is not bad for a player of his caliber. Unless it is in a bigger deal with Toskala, do not see it happening.

Eric Boulton to Boston (e3)- Boulton is a good forward, could be a decent 3rd liner. Is 29, made 500k last season. Possible, would be a nice gritty player.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

B's New Logo

From the guys at HFBoards, they found/made this. As you can tell, the top one is the new one, and the bottom is the older. These are the draft day caps. Not much of a change, which is good. I like the current spoked B.

Gerber to Boston? (br2)

From Eklund,

Gerber to Boston as an e3.

Matt's take: Complete BS. No way we take Gerber's 3.6, give me Fernandez. I'd only take him if I got Alfredsson, Heatley, Spezza or Redden with him. Not going to happen.

New B's Uniforms

Not 100% positive this is it, the uniforms will be revealed in 2 days, but this is one of the many "versions" out there.

Listen to WEEI Today

I highly recommend tuning in to 850 WEEI today, or stream it on and click progam shedule and listen live.

The players who had an issue with Julien were forwards.

Dale on EEI

Mr. Suckup is actually making some good points.

The Bruins don't want to become a trap team.

Lou has fired coaches in 1st place before midseason ala Ftorek. So don't read into it as much as if it were a 1 time thing.

Julien was not doing so well with the trap scheme that Lou likes.

Julien; Could that lead to Rafalski?

Well, Mr. Timonen is off the market, and a nice 6 year deal at 6.3 per. Hmmm...Chara's deal is looking pretty sexy right about now. Bruins are obviously in the hunt for 1 more top defenseman. Pitkanen could be available, but his asking price would start at Kessel, no thanks. Redden won't be traded to a rival. Jovocop could be an option, but the salary may be a bit high and we have enough stay at home defenseman.

Brian Rafalski, one the best puck moving defenseman, is a UFA this summer. Now the Devs could well resign him, but I wouldn't rule out Boston. PC connection gave us Chara, so a Julien connection could land us Rafalski. Rafalski's tag could be around 4.75-5.1, which isn't too bad. Scott Hannan, Craig Rivet and Andy Sutton are other options.

Give Julien Some Time

I know Bruins' fans are pissed that we got Claude Julien as the new head coach.

Everyone is saying, "I want Mike Milbury", "PC has to be fired", "Julien sucks, the Devs players hated him".

Obviously, anyone who was going be hired, if it was Milbury, we'd be pissed. So get over it, Milbury isn't it. And honestly, I am somewhat glad. Most B's fans remember his as the guy who coached the 1990 B's, not the guy who signed Alexei Yashin to a 10 year deal and who couldn't make any sort of team in New York with the Isles.

People think Julien sucks and is too soft. His own players wanted him to be fired. Any truth? I did not hear anything that boldly stated, "Julien was fired because he was too soft on the players." It may be true, but do we really know?

People say that Julien will suck because the NJ style of hockey only works because of Brodeur. Yeah, ok, you must not know about hockey much then. NJ ALWAYS AND WILL ALWAYS PLAY LIKE THAT. It's the Devils, no matter who coaches, they play like that. This isn't like Julien was always a Devils guy. He coached the Habs as well. Yeah Brodeur is amazing, but who said the Bruins will now play like the Devils? And maybe Julien got fired because he did not want to play that style. Makes sense. Don't jump to conclusions people.

Julien was a huge contributor to the success of Higgins, Plekanec, and Higgins in Montreal. As it kills me to say this, they are good solid young guns. I wouldn't mind them on the B's.

Now, Julien could well turn out to be the 2nd coming of Dave Lewis, and I am not sucking up to the B's front office or anyone, but I want to give the guy a chance before I jump off the Toban. I'd like more than 1 hour to make my decision.

Blackhawks are stupid

Chicago Blackhawks aquired former Bruin Sergei Samsanov in exchange for defensemen Jassen Cullimore and left winger Tony Salmelainen. Samsanov is coming off his worst year. However, Montreal was going to take the cap hit and release him. Jassen Cullimore was a defensemen that a lot of teams wanted at the trade deadline and Chicago would not deal him. Salmelainen was a former second round pick by the Olilers was aquired in a trade for Jaroslav Spacek on January 26, 2006. Spacek now with Buffalo runs their powerplay from the point. Yet Samsanov who was going to get dropped the deal Cullimore and another player for him doesn't make sence.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Julien the New Head Coach of the B's

This new, trade impending UFA, sign him before July 1st

Honestly, this has to go. This opens up a loophole which is bad. Teams will start going into trade bidding wars to "acquire the rights" of impending UFA's and sign them before anyone else has the chance. There has to be some sort of tampering going on. No team is going to say, here take my 1st round pick and I MIGHT get to sign player x. It's more like, here is our 1st, player x, 4 years/20 million sound good? Okay done.

As I recall, you can't negotiate a contract with a player on another team before July 1st. It seems to me it is a gray area of the league, and it is a bullshit if you tell me. Why don't we just get rid of free agency all together then?

Now there are rumours of Drury going out west to sign before July 1st.

Now any player can go to their agent, tell the current team, my client will not resign and wants to play for team y. Team z calls team y, says, player x will sign with you now, but may test the waters if you don't act now. Team y says, give us player x and here is a draft pick.

Julien New Head Coach

This is from TFP, Claude Julien will be the new head coach of the B's.

I am looking for more confirmation, but as of now this is not 100% true.

Edit: 2 sources so far, TFP and HockeyBuzz. Still waiting for either TSN of

Bochenski's deal is 600k

Brandon Bochenski signed a 1 year deal worth 600,000 today.

"He can score 30 goals and hammer me," joked GM Peter Chiarelli. "But that's fine, because I'd like Brandon to score 30 goals."

Bochenski will be a RFA after this year, and could earn a more lucritive deal after this season.

Flyers Pull Off HUGE Deal

The Flyers sent Nashville's 1st rounder back to Nashville for Kimo Timmonen and Scott Hartnell, signed Kimo to a 6 year/37.8 million dollar deal and Hartnell to a 6 year/25.4 million dollar deal.

Matt's take: Wish PC pulled that off. Philly will deal Pitkanen likely, maybe the B's a suitor? Great deal by Philly, barely gave up anything. Think Nashville could have gotten a much better deal.

B's, Bochenski agree on a 1 year extension

The Bruins signed Brandon Bochenski to a 1 year contract extension. Good move, overall we don't know what he is, so too early to take a multi-year risk deal.

Milbury Likely to be Given Job

Various reports are out that Mike Milbury is the leading canidate for the vacant coaching job. Milbury coached the B's in 1990. He was the GM of the Islanders until he was fired last year. Milbury is a much better coach than a GM, but Wang is the man behind that.

Anyways, Milbury would be a perfect fit for the Bruins, and the fans want him as well. He is a toughass and will sit whoever isn't playing well. He is my favorite to return besides Pat Burns.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Pat Quinn; Leading Canidate

Pat Quinn is the leading canidate to accept the Bruins head coaching job. He told a Toronto radio station he regretted not taking the job last season. Some rumours are he could sign as soon as this week. Stay tuned...other canidates include Pat Burns, Scott Gordon, Mike Milbury, and Claude Julian.

Pat Burns Could Come Back

There are some swirling reports that the Bruins are highly interested in bringing back Pat Burns. He was the last coach who was actually good for the Bruins. He was coaching in New Jersey until he had cancer, but is telling people he wants to come back. Pat is a guy who is a hardass and plays players who play well, no favors. He worked in JT, he'll work in Kessel.

Lewis, Relieved of Duties...

BOSTON, MA – Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli announced today that the club has relieved Head Coach Dave Lewis and Associate Coach Marc Habscheid of their coaching duties, and will reassign them to other positions within the club.

“Since the season has ended I have completed a thorough review of the team and the coaching staff, and I have determined that Dave Lewis and Marc Habscheid are not the proper fit for the Bruins at this time,” said Chiarelli. “I have a short list of candidates in mind, and I hope to have a new Head Coach in place in the near future.

“I want to thank Dave and Marc for their hard work and dedication this past year, and I am certain that they will have success in their future endeavors.”Lewis, who became the 27th head coach in Bruins history on June 29, 2006, finished the 2006-2007 season with a record of 35-41-6.

Prior to joining the Bruins, Lewis served as the Head Coach of the Detroit Red Wings from 2002-2004, where he amassed a record of 96-41-21-6.Habscheid was named to Dave Lewis’ staff on July 13, 2006 following two years as the Head Coach of Canada’s National Men’s team.

Doug Houda, the third member of the Bruins 2006-2007 coaching staff, will remain in his position.

Matt's Take: Saw this out of nowhere. I don't know what to say. I think the fans wanted it. But I still find it a little unfair to place all the blame on Lewis. I'll have analysis later.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

NHL awards perdiction

Tonight on Verus (CBC in Canada) at 7:30 will be the NHL Awards show. I am going to give my perdictions you can argue against them on the comments but you must give reason to why and who you have winning it.

The Hart Trophy is also the MVP (for his team) the finalist are Martin Brodeur, Roberto Luongo, and Sidney Crosby. I think Brodeur will take it home, he played in 78 out of 82 games as a goalie which is unheard of. He went 48-23 with 12 shotouts, 2.18 GAA, and .922 save percentage. This year was a down year for former BC Eagle Brian Gionita, Gomez was out a part of the season and Ellias was a no show down the stretch. I know Crosby had a great year but he also had alot of help with Malkin and Staal. Not to mention the great play of Fluery in net this year. Voters also tend to think younger players will have plenty of chances to win the award down the road.

For the Calder Trophy you have Jordan Staal, and Evgeni Malkin from Pittsburgh and Paul Stastny (brother of Yans the former Bruin) of Colorado. I think Malkin and Staal will steal votes away but when you look at the numbers Malkin was the leading scorer for all rookies. Don't forget he missed almost the whole first month due to being on the DL.

The denfensive forward of the year also called the Frank J. Selke award. You have Rod Brind'Amour of Carolina, Samuel Pahlsson of the Ducks (yea the guy the Bruins got in the Ray Bourque deal with Brian Rolston from Colorado) and Brulington's Jay Pandolfo for the Devils. I think Pandolfo's going to win the award, it might be a homer pick but remeber here's a guy who was the leading scorer when he played at BU his senior season.

Jack Adams the coach of the year award the finalist are Lindy Ruff of Buffalo, Michel Therrien Penguins, and Alain Vigneault Canucks. This is the hardest out of all of them all. I'm going to go with Vigneault even though he had Luongo. Marcus Nasuland had a down year, Nasuland's line of him Morrisson and Burtuzzi got broken up over the summer that landed Luongo.

James Norris is the defensemen of the year Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermayer of the Ducks, and Nicklas Lidstrom of the Red Wings. I think Pronger and Niedermayer steal votes from each other and Lidstrom never makes a mistake back their.

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy is given to sportsmanship and gentlemany conduct Joe Sakic of Colorado, Martin St.Louis of Tampa Bay, and Pavel Datsyuk of Detroit. Sakic has won this award several times and tonight will not change that. The past winter Olympics Steve Yzerman has always worn number 19 for team Canada and Sakic wears 19 for Colorado. When Sakic played for team Canada he wore 91, 19 backwards. He refused to wear 19 because he had so much respect for Yzerman and would not allow anyone else from team Canada to wear 19.

Lester B. Pearson award is given to the most outstanding player voted on by the NHLPA. The finalist were Vinny Lecavalier of the Lighting, Roberto Luongo of the Canucks, and Sidney Crosby of the Penguins. I think Crosby will win this award.

Vezina Trophy Roberto Luongo of the Canucks, Martin Broduer of the Devils, Mikka Kiprusoff of the Flames, and Henrik Lundquist of the Rangers. If you win the MVP and your a goalie you must win the Vezina too. Broduer

In bold are who I have winning

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tenkrat to play in Sweden

Petr Tenkrat has agreed to a deal with Timrå IK, according to their GM. The length on the deal is still under negotiation.

Matt's take: And who cares? No offense to Tenkrat, but he wasn't anything special. Can easily be replaced, and the Bruins can only carry so many subpar players.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

B's Sign Alberts-2 years/2.5 million

The Boston Bruins have re-signed defenseman Andrew Alberts to a multiyear deal.

The former Boston College Eagle, who was a restricted free agent, enters his third NHL season and fourth campaign with the Bruins organization.

In 149 total games with the Black & Gold, the 6'4, 219-pound defenseman has a 1-16-17 career line.

The official press release and reaction from Alberts is forthcoming.

Matt's take: Been wondering if they would do this for a while. He is a great defender. Great deal for 1.25 @ 2.

News and Notes

Niklas Backstorm and the Minnesota Wild came to terms of a 2 year $6.2 million deal. Backstrom who was an All-Star last year took over the reigns for Manny Frenandez. Look for Frenandez to be dealt and Boston is one of the possiblities. Also out their on the Bruins target is Vesa Toskala, Evgeni Nabokov, and J-S Gigure who will come with the biggest price tag. Look for Gigure to head to Detriot for a ton of cash or stay with the Ducks.

Boston's GM Peter Chiarelli would like to add some girtt which the Bruins lacked. Look for them to go hard after Nashville's Scott Hartnell, Carlolina's Scott Walker, Buffalo's Adam Miar is a long shot, don't be surprised if Mike Peca and or Darcy Tucker aren't contact by the Bruins. I would love to see Tucker who is the biggest pest in the league. Tucker will come with the heaviest of price tags due to his out break season in the goals department, he can play PK, PP, and lines 1-4. Peca is a great centermen who is superb in the faceoff circle.

Former Boston Bruin Sergei Samsanov will be bought out according to Boston Globe writter Kevin Paul Dupont.

My last post I talked about Yashin being bought out, which came to surprise of UFA Ryan Smyth who played for the Islanders. Smyth got quoted say, "The owner (Charles) Wang and Yashin seemed pretty close, like buddy-buddy." Yashin said he would like to stay in the NHL rather than head back to his native land in Russia.

With the Nashville Predators being sold the new owner wants to give the GM room to still make deals and signings. Jim Balsillie who bought the team said he wants to give GM David Poile a budget to buld a team. He later went on to say "This is about winning, buying a team that has a shot at winning the Cup in our view." The Predators have a couple big name free agents in; Kimmo Timonen, Scott Hartnell, Peter Forsberg (who's unsure of his future), and leading scorer Paul Karyia. Poile has been in contact with Karyia and his agent, Poile would like to bring Karyia back. Don't be surprised if Karyia land some were with former teammate and pal Teemu Selanne.

Ottawa defensmen Tom Preissing will most likely be out of Ottawa. Preissing who made $600,000 last yar is looking to cash in on his UFA status, he will defentily be making more than that next season. The 28 year-old had 7 goals, 31 assists, in 80 games this past season. Preissing will more than likely get about $2.3 on the market. Other Senators who become UFA are Dean McAmmond who want to come back and Mike Comrie, if Comrie doesn't get resigned look for Washington, LA, Dallas, and Colorado to go after. However Preissing might not be the Ottawa defensmen everyone is going after, Wade Redden, who is going into the last year of his contract could be dealt, Edmonton may unload some of it's young tallented players for him.

The cream of the Crop on the blueline this year for UFA's is Sheldon Sourey. Any team is lucky to land him and his cannon of a slapper, espcially on the powerplay. I am hearing rumors of him to NYR, and Toronto, but I think he will end up on the West coast when all said and done, possibly with the Sharks.

Columbus has asked Ottawa premission to talk to head coach Bryan Murray about their GM opening. The 64 year old was the GM for the Ducks before Brian Burke took over.

Right now Chris Drury is probally playing golf some where. He might also be looking to San Jose for a new home where he can play golf year round. Sources out of Philly indicate San Jose might be the front runners for Drury earily on.

Red Wings are almost done with a deal that will bring 45 year old Chris Chelios back with the club next season. Chelios who at one time during the strike was going to become a bobsleder. Chelios is said to be a freak of nation playing in the NHL as a 45 year-old, his secret is to ride a bike in a sauner for 30 mins at a time, after a game.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Dempsey Signs in Europe

Bruins' defenseman Nathan Dempsey has signed SC Bern.

Glen Murray: Trade or Keep?

Many people want to send Glen Murray packing. Muzzy had 28 goals last season, but only played in 52 games. The Bruins were awful without him. He is their best pure scorer. Bochenski reminds me a lot of him. Murray's cap hit is 4.15 for 2 more seasons. He may not be as good as he used to be, but is still a solid player. At 4.15, he would be less than 10% of the projected 50 million dollar cap. Who is going to replace that production for a 4.15 price tag? Guys like Hartnell are going to get that much and they have never cracked 50 points. Chris Drury will get 6 million and only had 60+ points. Murray is a guy YOU KNOW will produce. Not these 1 year wonder prospects. What makes you beleive Pomminville from Buffalo is going to score 30 goals again? Muzzy scored almost 30 on one of the worst offensive teams in the league.

My verdict? Keep Murray.

Cap to be 50+ Million

Various reports are out that the cap will be set between 50-52 million. We will call it 50 million for fantasy offseason purposes. This gives the Bruins almost 12 million to spend. They have 4 RFA's, only 3 which I see worth retaining (Alberts, Bochenski, Wideman). They will likely cost 2 million, so let's call it 10 million to spend on UFA's. Bruins currently have 2 G, 6 D, and 12 F under contract.




Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yashin out of Long Island

Yashin will be bought out of his four years remaining on his contract. The 33 year-old, had $26.45 million left on his 10-year for $87.5 million contract. This was the contract in 2001 that laured him away from Ottawa. This was the first of the outrageous contracts Islanders owner Charles Wang has given out. The most recent was Winthrop native Ricky DiPeitro with a 15 year contact. The Islanders will have to pay 2/3 of the remaining amount of the contact and will take a $2.2 million hit. Yashin is now a UFA, don't expect teams to give him more than $4.5 million tops.

One rumor I've heard is Detroit is going to throw as much money as it needs to land JS- Giguere.

Nik Antropov and Toronto agreed to a 2 year, $4.5 million deal. Antropov is cosidered a power-forward with a great set of hands. The 27 year old is 6'6'' and weighs 230 lbs. He had 18 goals, 15 assists in 54 games last year.
Mike Peca one of the league's grittiest and best defensive players wants to stay in Toronto for another season after playing just one year their.
Speaking of the Maple Leafs their captian Mats Sundin is closing in on a 2 year $14.5 million deal.

Vancouver resiged Tyler Pyatt to a 2 year, $3 million contract. The 25 year-old is coming off a career year 23 goals and 37 points.

Red Wings want to resign Rhode Island native Mathieu Schneider. Negocations will begin next week, Schneider wants $110-$13 million, which would make it really hard for them to also sign Danny Markov.

Don't expect Scott Gomez to return to New Jersey next season, when asked if there's been any communications Gomez replied, "None at all."

Monday, June 04, 2007

As Predator's GM

I am playing a very fun game on hfboards, where one person is a GM of a team and some people are an agent of 2 UFA's this season. You have a 48 million cap with your roster and you contact the agents and they sign based on what they believe their player should get. We'll I was the Preds GM, since someone already took the Bruins. I had a lot of cap space and made some great signings. Here is what I did.

Resigned Paul Kariya for 3 years @ 4.2 million
Signed Teemu Selanne for 2 years @ 5 million
Signed Gary Roberts for 2 years @ 2.5 million
Signed Greg de Vries for 1 year @ 1.3 million
Signed Anson Carter for 1 year @ 550k
Signed Tyler Arnason for 1 year @ 900k
Signed Scott Walker for 3 years @ 2.65 million

Kimmo screwed me over, so I have some cap space. I am going after Craig Rivet.

Gary Roberts, I needed a 2nd line LW and he would only sign for 2 years, so I had to give him. I wish I waited a bit longer because the guy for Scott Walker contacted me a day later and said his client may accept that offer. But so far my team is 5.6 million under the cap and stacked.


de Vries-Suter


Saturday, June 02, 2007

B's news and notes

Congratulations to former Boston Bruins head coach Mike Sullivan on being named assitant coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning. We wish Mike all the best of luck, with Tampa Bay.

Former Bruin resigns with Carolina Hurricanes for one more year, at $1.4 million.

Bruins annouce the retirement of senior assistant to the president Nate Greenberg, effective June 30

Matthew Lombardi signed a 3 year deal with the Flames. They also signed Marcus Neilson to a 2 year deal.

Expect Hannu to be dealt.... real soon. Then look for the Bruins to sign and/or trade for one of the goalies in California (Nabakov, Toskala, or Bryzgalov) . However I have herd from a very reliable source that it will probally be neither of them and more than likely be manny Frenandez.

News and Rumors

BREAKING NEWS: on The Nashville Predators
report in the Hamilton Spectator states that the city of Hamilton has reactivated an agreement with potential Nashville owner Jim Balsillie that gives him exclusive rights to bring an NHL team to its arena.
This is an interesting development as it has been widely speculated that Balsillie wants to move the franchise to Southern Ontario from Nashville. It is thought that Balsillie wants to build a new arena in his hometown of Waterloo which is about an hour outside of Toronto and that he could use the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton until his rink is ready or just play out of Hamilton. The Nashville arena agreement allows the franchise to be able to move should the team not hit the 14,000 mark in attendance for three straight years. The Predators have been under that amount for the last two years, so it should be an interesting development to watch next season.

Hurricanes goalie and last years story of the Stanley Cup play was Cam Ward. The Canes may be out of the playoffs but Ward is getting rewarded with a 3 year deal, he will be making a total of $8 million in that time frame. 2 then 2.5 and 3.5 in the third year. The 23 year old who won the Conn Symth last year along with the Stanley Cup. Look for the Hurricanes to add another young forward in the Free Agency. In 60 apperance this year he had 30 wins, 2.93 GAA, and 2 shutouts.

Another goalie making noise is Manny Frenandez who wants to be dealt out of Minnesota. Frenandez who's uncle is head coach Jacques Lemaire wants Backstrom back as the Wild's starter.

The Coyotes have hired a new GM, in Don Maloney. Maloney who will be leaving his NY Rangers postion where he was Vice President of Player Personnel and Assistant GM. Maloney who has his hands full with this position. Where their is a lot of older players who are way past thier prime. They also need to make sure they sign young tallented players, but not to over pay them.

With Maloney leaving New York rumors are flying that the Rangers former captian Mark Messier might be in running for one, or both of the postions Maloney leaves. Also in the running is Former NHL Coach and newly named Head Coach of the Rangers farm team Hartford Wolf Pack coach Jim Schoenfeld.

The Habs re-signed defensmen Andrei Markov to a4 year contract worth $23 million. The 28 year old totaled 49 points this past season. Montreal's next move must be to try to resign another blueliner in Sheldon Souray. As a Bruins fan I would be more than happy to see him leave the Habs. According to a Montreal news paper the Habs have offered Souray a contract that is less than what Markov is about to make. Souray who is regaurded as one of the hardest shoters and a key peiece to Montreal's success last year on their power play will be demanding top dollar. Look for him to sign on the West Coast where his family lives. Imagine if Souray winds up in Anaheim next season? With Pronger and Neids, WOW!

Penguins annouce that next years Captian will be Sidney Crosby. Crosby who will turn 20 before the season starts will be enterning his third season after his best season as a pro last year. Crosby will the youngest captian in NHL history.

Former BU and Malden Catholic star Keith Tkachuk will be hitting the free agent market. Tkachuk who was dealt at the deadline to Atlanta by the Blues. Tkachuk had 58 in 79 games between the two squads. Once the prime example of the NHL power forward will get an NHL contract but not for the amount he once would have gotten.

Form several sources the Maple Leafs and Mats Sundin are very close to coming to terms of a deal.

Tampa Bay has had problems in net since they let the Bulin Wall go after winning the Cup via free agency. I have heard the Lighting are very intrested in bringing another Russian goalie. The 6'6'' Vasily Koshechkin, who played for Team Russia at the World Championships this past spring. Koshechkin was a 8th round pick by Tampa bay in the 2002 draft. He played in 42 games this past season for Tolyatti Lada of the Russia league (his stats for this past season aren't avalible). In 2005-2006 in 41 games he had 9 shutouts, 1.62 GAA, and .934 save percentage. Koshechkin could be the answer to Tampa's goaltending problems.
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