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Monday, June 18, 2007

Milbury Likely to be Given Job

Various reports are out that Mike Milbury is the leading canidate for the vacant coaching job. Milbury coached the B's in 1990. He was the GM of the Islanders until he was fired last year. Milbury is a much better coach than a GM, but Wang is the man behind that.

Anyways, Milbury would be a perfect fit for the Bruins, and the fans want him as well. He is a toughass and will sit whoever isn't playing well. He is my favorite to return besides Pat Burns.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My votes are as follows:

1. Burns
2. Julian
3. Milbury

Hockey has changed too much since Milbury last coached, and notice that Quinn is not even on the list! Julian has at least proven he can caoch in today's NHL and I am sure Burns would adapt just fine but not sure whether he would actually come back or not.

3:55 PM  

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