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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

8/31/07 Notes

Manny Fernandez will be unavailable for a few games. Jordan Sigalet was recalled from Providence yesterday. With no Bergeron at practice, the lines for the past three days have been the following:


Interesting to see Axelsson on the top line again. Didn't the Bruins learn something last season? Also Julien noted that Krejci has been struggling lately, putting him on the fourth line may mean he may be the next one in his dog house.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are people really stupid?

Ok I have read dozens of articles on Bergeron's hit. The best handsdown so far is Scott Burnsides.

The one that makes me sick is the one by Flyers columnist Tim Panaccio over at HockeyBuzz. He is mad over the 2 game suspension, but he also goes out of his way to say, "That said ... someone in the league office needs to send Claude Julien and Patrice Bergeron the memo handed out by God on common sense." This about the posistion Bergeron was in prior to the hit. That is like telling Travis Roy, why can't you make a body check?. It is just sick.

First off, the guy could have had his career ended. The hit was cheap. He shoved his hand on the back of his neck and plowed him into the boards.

Second off, the guy got off way too easily and this is the third time in 10 games for the Flyers doing something like this.

Third off, if this was his bitch Briere, he would be crying like a schoolgirl. Just because he is on your team doesn't mean it is not wrong. If Aaron Ward had leveled Briere or whoever like that and Briere was out for over a month, I wouldn't be saying why the hell was Briere's head down.

I also agree with the commenters on the site, if this was Crosby or Ovechkin, Jones would have been suspended for atleast 15 games.

It makes me sick to see people actually blame Bergeron for getting injured.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bergeron: When/If he comes back

First off, health is much more important than playing hockey, so we are all glad to hear that Patrice is healthy and doing better.

At first, many thought Saturday night's game was Bergeron's last. Thank god it wasn't. Bergeron does have a broken nose and a concussion. It seems that he should be able to come back at some point. I would not call this a career threatning injury per say. It remains to be seen the long term effects the concussion has, whether it be memory loss, or reoccuring concussions like Eric Lindros.

I am not expert on concussions, but my guess is Bergeron will be out for atleast 2-3 weeks, maybe longer. Give him time to recover.

Also, if you check out Bish's Blog on, the quotes by players today make it seem as if he will come back at some point.

The main thought be have now, is will he be the same player? I don't know. Physically, he will be. Mentally though, we don't know. Patrice is a tough young kid, and hopefully this does not create a physcological issue for him. It was a hit that is not or should not be common.

All I hope is that Patrice comes back and plays like he has been for the past 4 seasons.

Burnside Article

I have been known to dislike Scott Burnside from ESPN, but I read this article and I really liked it.

Scott Burnside

Oh, we know the drill.

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Randy Jones offered heartfelt remorse for his hit on Patrice Bergeron that might have left the talented Boston forward paralyzed. It didn't. Bergeron has full range of motion, but the timetable for his return to the Bruins lineup is unknown (Boston is expected to say more on the matter Monday).

Did we mention Jones was sorry? Really sorry?

Just like Jesse Boulerice was sorry he nearly decapitated Ryan Kesler when he cross checked him in the face. And Steve Downie was exceptionally sorry after he headhunted Dean McAmmond of the Ottawa Senators during preseason.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

The NHL season is not yet a month old, and three times the Flyers have had to answer for how one of their own has gone AWOL and committed an indefensible act against another team's player.

We acknowledge that Jones' hit on Bergeron doesn't compare to the brutality of the other two incidents, but let's not just pass this off as "just another hockey hit." To suggest this is the kind of hit that happens every night is to ignore the hit entirely.

Jones tracked Bergeron as he headed into the Flyers' zone. Bergeron's back was to Jones the entire time leading up to the hit, but Jones still used his forearm to drive Bergeron's head into the boards.

Rest assured: If a Flyer, let's say, Daniel Briere, had been on the other end of any one of these three assaults, the team would be screaming blue murder.

If the NHL responds as if this were just another hockey hit and penalizes Jones lightly or lets him off altogether, all the league's statements that it is serious about eliminating dangerous play would be rendered moot.

For all the praise being heaped on Flyers GM Paul Holmgren and coach John Stevens for turning around a Philadelphia franchise that finished dead last in 2006-07, these incidents suggest this franchise has no real control over its players.

What else are we to conclude from the fact that three players scouted and signed by the Flyers have engaged in behavior that could have ended players' careers?

The culture of recklessness in Philadelphia has been known for years, from the Broad Street Bullies on. It is part of the team's identity, whether anyone has tacitly endorsed it or not.

Holmgren himself is known as one of the toughest players ever.

At what point does the NHL say this culture has to change?
Patrice Bergeron sustained a concussion and broken nose when he was smashed into the boards from behind by Philadelphia's Randy Jones.

Apparently, two potentially devastating incidents weren't enough. Maybe a third will prompt some action.

Perhaps this is a good moment for the league to send a parallel message to its teams that if they can't control their players, then they too will be held accountable.

Earlier in its season, the NFL fined the New England Patriots and took away draft picks (depending on the team's regular-season finish) for spying on the New York Jets. That was a tough penalty, and no one got taken to the hospital.

The Flyers have essentially robbed their opponents of a chance to compete through their flagrant disregard for the rules. McAmmond has yet to play for the Senators. As for Bergeron, the most talented of the three victims, it is not overstating the case to suggest he is crucial to the Bruins' return to the playoffs. Now, Bergeron's return to action is in question and one wonders what effect it might have on the Bruins' strong start.

Why not impose a sliding scale that takes into account previous history? That's what NHL lord of discipline Colin Campbell does when he levies suspensions against players. You could start with a suspension of the coach for five games after a second serious incident. Then, if there's a third incident, start carving off draft picks; the more serious the incident, the higher the draft pick.
As for safety in the workplace, we happened to see Don Cherry on "Hockey Night in Canada" talking about cushioning the dasher boards in the wake of the Jones hit on Bergeron. The NHL has tested a cap system on Long Island last season, but there seems to be no indication it improves safety.

Maybe it's time to take another -- harder -- look.

Jones receives 2 games

Randy Jones has been suspended 2 games without pay (about 5.6 k) for a hit on Patrice Bergeron.

"While it is my determination that Jones did not intend to injure his opponent, he did deliver a hard check to a player who was in a vulnerable position," said NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell. "There have been suggestions by some that this hit was comparable to incidents earlier this season where players received significant game suspensions for blows to the head. These comparisons and suggestions are wrong," Campbell added.

Matt's take: Only 2 games? I think that is not enough. My 30 games was a little harsh, but I think 5-10 games would have been acceptable. The league is trying to get rid of these hits, and only 2 games for that. Not to mention, this is the 3rd Flyer in ten games to cause injury. I am disappointed that the league did not give him a longer suspension, but at the same time, atleast something was done.

Note: Bergeron has been released from the hospital and is at his downtown home.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My take on Bergeron hit

I was at the game, and boy was that one of the most vicious hits I have ever seen. I saw Bergeron skate down in the corner, and I looked away as the puck went around. I heard a huge check and then the hand go up of the referee. My initial thought was a clear boarding, and Bergeron would get up all pissed. I then saw Kobasew and Chara try to absolutely destroy Jones. Had the refs not broke it up Jones would have gotten his ass kicked.

I couldn't really see Bergeron from where I was. I was in a box to the upper left of the Flyers goal, so the low boards blocked my view. The freakish thing was seeing everyone, including Flyers guys and refs waving the medical team over. I thought Bergy may have gotten the wind knocked out of him or something, because it wasn't a huge Stevensesque hit. About 7 or so medical guys ran out on the ice, the stretcher came out.

I have never seen the Garden so quiet before. The place just went silent. It was one of the most eerie moments I have been through. A Philly Sucks chant broke out for about 10 seconds before we saw the stretcher come out. Bergeron did not move at all, and all I could think of was I hope he is not paralyzed. Seeing Kevin Everett this season already. I saw the replay about 10 times on NESN during the game, and I saw Bergy's face was up and then as he got hit, it went down, but it was not so the top of his head hit the wall, for of his face/forehead. Had his head been lower, I don't want to imagine what could have happened. Patrice's parents were also in attendence. I can't imagine what they were going through.

I walked around the North End after the game, and I had my Bruins jersey on. It was amazing to see how many people knew about the hit. Atleast 10 people asked me what happened and if he was alright.

Bergeron ended up with a concussion, and a broken nose. Fairly minor injuries considering what could have happened. Hopefully Bergy will recover quickly and be able to come back in a few weeks.

On to the actual hit. It was dirty, no doubt about it. Randy Jones gave an apology speech and all. People are saying it was not intentional. I agree, he was not going out to injure Bergeron, but at the same time, if a guy is in a vulnerable posistion and you level him into the boards, you have to know he could and likely will be injured. Anyone who does not think this was a dirty hit is probably a Flyers fan. You can also tell Jones looks away as he hits Bergeron, which shows he knew something would happen and did not want to watch it.

This is the 3rd Flyer in a month to do something like this. The hit on McAmmond, the cross-check to the face, and now the hit from behind. The other two got 20-25 game suspensions. I would say 30 games or more for this one. Not only because it was a dirty hit, but the fact this is the 3rd Flyer in a month. The league needs to send a message, especially on hits from behind. I would have said the season had Bergeron been more seriously injured. I am not calling the Flyers team dirty, but there is no coincidence that the players doing these cheap shots are Flyers. It is one thing to be physical, but another to maliciously injure players.

I think everyone right now is just glad Patrice is okay and can continue to play hockey.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bergeron not seriously hurt

Bergeron suffers broken nose, and a concussion.

I will give you more on this tomorrow, I was at the game and it was a very frightening moment.

Boston: Best Sports City in America?

Let's take a realistic look of every Boston sports team.

1. New England Patriots. Was just one first-down away from a 4th Superbowl appearance in 6 years, they were considered a top team in the NFL. This offseason, they acquired Wes Welker, Donte' Stallworth, Adalius Thomas and most notibally, Randy Moss. At 7-0, they are one of the best teams ever in the history of the NFL. Tom Brady has gaudy stats of 27 TD and just 2 INT. He is on pace for 62 TD's which would oblierate Peyton Manning's record. They are also on pace for the most TD's in a season, most points, Tom Brady for passer rating, and could challange for most yards in a season. Not to mention Randy Moss is on pace to break Jerry Rice's record for 22 REC TD in a season. The Patriots are favorites to win it all and are running the table for 16-o. There is a very good chance they win another Superbowl.

2. Boston Red Sox. After winning the AL East Pennant, beating the New York Yankees by 2 games, they swept the Los Angeles Angels in 3 games to advance to the ALCS vs the Indians, who had just beating the hated Yankees 3 games to 1. The Sox fell behind the series 3-1, but they rallied again to win the series in a blowout score in game 7. In the World Series against the feel-good story Colorado Rockies, the Red Sox took game 1 in a blowout 13-1, and game 2 in a pitching duel 2-1. It looks as though the Sox will easily win the WS, making 2 in the past 4 years.

3. Boston College Eagles. Ranked number 2 in the country, the highest ranking ever in BC history. QB Matt Ryan is a Heisman canidate, and the Eagles are 8-0. Trailing by 10 points with just over 2 minutes in the game, Matt Ryan had a Heisman moment and rallied the team to win the game with a TD pass, onside kick recovery, and then a game winning TD with 11 seconds left. The Eagles have a chance to win the BCS.

4. Boston Celtics. Going from the 2nd worst team in the league to title contenders. After losing out in the Durant, Oden sweepstakes, the Celtics acquired all-star veteran Ray Allen from the SuperSonics, which promtly led to the Celtics acquiring 10 time All-star, future Hall-of-Famer, league MVP, Kevin Garnett in one of the biggest trades in NBA history. The Celtics now have a new "big 3" and can compete with any team in the league. They are favorites for the Eastern Conference and have recharged the life of Celtics fans. It is not out of the realm that the Celtics go to the finals, and possibly win.

5. Boston Bruins. The butt-end of many jokes, the Bruins have quietly started off the season very well at 6-3. They are one of the better teams in the Conference right now, and Tim Thomas has been the best goalie in the league. They may not win the Stanley Cup, but to make it to the playoffs would exceed many fans expectations, and if they can get past the first round, that would be great.

6. New England Revolution. Okay, so soccer may not be popular in the US, but Beckham had to help a little. Robert Kraft's Revolution have gone to the finals 3 of the past 5 years, but have yet to win. They have a nominee in footballer of the year in Taylor Twellman and have one of the best goalies in the league in Matt Reiss. There is a good chance the Revs could make it to the finals, and maybe this time, they will actually win it all.

7. Boston Cannons. Okay, this is stretching it, but Boston does have a MLL team (lacrosse for those who do not know). The Cannons have been one of the better teams in the league for a while, and acquired Mike Powell, one of the top players in the world, this offseason. The season was going to cancelled, but owners revived talks and saved the season. The Cannons could make a run to win the MLL title.

Attending afternoons game

I am attending todays game vs the Flyers. First game of the year. It'll be exciting to see the new Flyers vs the vastly improved B's. I'll give you all game review on Sunday.

I apologize for the lack of updates. I have been extremely busy this month, but things are looking better.

Me and Joe are going to start our game preview/review starting next week.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bochenski Sent Down

Brandon Bochenski has been sent down to Providence for a two game conditioning stint. Coach Julien recently said that Bochenski was a step behind because of all the excess weight he added over the summer. The Bruins may be looking to get him some ice time in Providence before finally giving him an opportunity to show what he can do for the big club. Bochenski will be back for the teams game on Saturday against Philadelphia. Expect to see him either in Saturday's game or the following Thursday against Buffalo. This could be Julien's final assessment of Brandon Bochenski in Boston.

Saturday's Game

Saturday's Game has been changed from 7 P.M. to 4 P.M., so there is no conflict with the Red Sox game. This is the second straight week the Bruins have changed their Saturday start time. The Red sox will play Saturday night at 8 PM.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lucic To Stay in Black and Gold

To confirm what we had all previously been hoping and suspected. Solid decision on the B's part.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tongue Firmly In Cheek

Who's the real closer in this town - Phil Kessel or Jonathan Papelbon?

Four in a row for the B's in a 1-0 shootout win today against the Rangers. Best news to take from today's action is the shutout for Manny Fernandez. Like I previously mentioned, if the Bruins are going to go anywhere this season they'll need him to step up.

The Rangers were all over the Bruins at times, especially when shorthanded. Rangers were ferocious in their own zone by blocking shots and aggressively pursuing the puck holder. On the other end, the B's were able to weather the storm with some timely saves on behalf of Fernandez.

Plenty to be encouraged about thus far because the Bruins never won games like this last year.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Eklund, come on

Sharks are interested in Chara (e4). And I think about everyother team in the league is as well. I think every team in the NHL is after Sidney Crosby and Ovechkin.

First off, what does San Jose have to offer? Thornton, Marleau and Cheechoo could get it done. The Bruins aren't going to trade their captain. The effect of that would have astronomical.

Eklund continues to lose credability. I enjoy reading the rumors from time to time, but some are ridiculous.

Chara to stay in Boston (e5).

B's Dominate In Home Opener

Having to wait two weeks into the season before playing a home game clearly didn't effect the B's last night. The only word that can describe their 4-1 victory over the Lightning is dominating.

The Bruins out worked, out hustled and out skated Tampa Bay in all three periods en route to the win. Forwards were working together extremely well, especially on the sweet pass by Bergeron to Sturm for, what I believe, was the 4th goal of the game.

Milan Lucic, once again, set the tone for the game, and possibly the season, by getting into a fight within the opening minutes of the first drop of the puck. This guy has the Cam Neely style of play written all over him. He's quickly becoming a fan favorite and looks to only be getting better every game. My God, whatever direction this team goes in, this guy has to be a part of the ride.

Quick thought, I know Lou Lamoiello has a penchant for a short leash with his coaching staff but, as of right now he made a mistake getting rid of Claude Julien. He comes off as a hard ass, no nonsense guy, which maybe rubbed the Devils GM the wrong way. But, this is exactly what the Bruins needed and lacked from last year's squad. Julien has brought an early sense of direction and blatant syle of play that will get results if this continues.

Lastly, it's no secret that Tim Thomas is on one of his vintage "#1 goaltender in the league hot streaks." This guy is stopping everything right now. However, don't expect this to last. To coin the famous Bill Belichick phrase, "he is what he is." Thomas is a great backup goaltender and a quality starter. This team still needs Manny Fernandez to contribute.

All in all, I couldn't be any happier with the start of this season. This is definitely a different team from last year even though many of those guys are still here. Tomorrow should be a very good test to see if they can keep up with the Rangers.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

4,333,333, a 4th round pick and Petr Kalus

= Manny Fernandez.

Alright, I know it is early in the season, but Manny isn't be Manny (pun intended). I know Manny has only played in 2 games since coming back from a serious knee injury, and I have all the confidence in the world he will come back strong. No, my only question is, why did we get another expensive goalie if we have Tim Thomas?

I am jumping on the Timmy bandwagon. I said he was a amazing backup and an average starter. Now, honestly, I would have preferred the Bruins acquiring a Ilya Bryzgalov/Vesa Toskala guy (pre-extension) to platoon with Thomas.

I was watching ESPN or NESN, I forget, and I saw the ticker for best GAA in the league. Tim Thomas number 1! I wanted to take a picture of that. Thomas has been a onster this season. Now I doubt he will post a 1.55 GAA and a 955 sv % all season, but if he continues to play well, what do we do with Manny?

The issue is, Manny needs about, I think, 5-10 games until we see who he really is, but I don't want to take away time from Thomas.

Amazing how we get a new goalie, and we still like the one we had better. I am hoping Manny turns it around and we will have a nice 1-2 punch for goaltending.

Review of Last 3 games

Sorry, I have been extremely busy of late.


Thomas played extremely well. There was a lot of advantage for the Ducks, their home opener, banner raising. So, I did not expect a win for the Bruins, but I thought it could be done. The Bruins came out first, with a goal by Kobasew, who showed his speed and has been great this season (extended goal streak to 2 games). The Bruins then for some reason did not keep up the pressure, and did not play well. The defense was alright, but Anaheim had a lot of oppurtunities to score, and had it not been for Thomas, we would have lost by a lot more. The Bruins finally upped the anty when they trailed 2-1, but it was too late. Savard was also out, with Metropolit taking his place. It is amazing how much Savard means to the Bruins.


Kobasew (3) from Metropolit (1) and Chara (2)

Getzlaf (3) from Huskins (2)
Beauchemin (1) from Hnidy (1) and Getzlaf (2)

Los Angeles-6

Overall, it is nice to finally see the Bruins win one of these games, rather than be on the losing side, or seeing another team do it on the sports ticker. Fernandez played decent. He was not responsible for all of his goals, but did not play like a number one. Phil Kessel was a beast, scoring a hat-trick. Milan Lucic had a hat-trick as well, a Gordie Howe hat-trick that is. A fight, a goal, and an assist. Krejci also played well. Marc Savard had a 5 point night, again showing his value. Aaron Ward had a goal, one more than Paul Mara. The defense was awful though. Turnovers left and right, leaving players unmarked. Andrew Ference has looked awful this season so far. The most important thing is though, the offense clicked and we won.


Kessel (1) from Krejci (2)
Murray (1) from Savard (3) and Chara (3)
Ward (1) from Lucic (1) and Kessel (2)
Kessel (2) from Savard (4) and Bergeron (1)
Kessel (3) from Savard (5) and Ference (1)
Savard (1) from Murray (1) and Schaefer (2)
Lucic (1) from Krejci (3) and Chara (4)
Kobasew (3) from Axlesson (2) and Chara (5)

Los Angeles:
Stuart (1) from Frolov (2) and Nagy(2)
Murray (1) unassisted
Kopitar (1) from Cammalleri (3) and Brown (3)
Cammalleri (5) from Armstrong (2) and Frolov (3)
Kopitar (2) from Visnovsky (2) and Blake (1)
O'Sullivan (1) from Handzus (1) and Nagy (3)

San Jose-1

Again, Thomas played amazing and won the game for the Bruins. The Sharks hit about 20 posts/crossbars this game. The offense had some pressure, but Nabakov was playing well. Bergeron had a nice goal in the scrum thanks to a heads up play by Sturm. The defense played well. It is nice to see the Bruins give up 2, 1, goals respectively in 2 of their last 3 games. They can play low scoring a high scoring games. Marco Sturm played a great game. With about 35 seconds left, Michalek ruined Thomas's shutout, with a lucky goal scored in a scrum of people off a bad bounce. I was thinking, "typical Bruins," blowing it with less than a minute. But, I was wrong! I flipped the channel thinking it would go to OT, and then I saw Trot Nixon win it for the Indians over the Sox (GAGME)! I flipped back and saw the score 2-1 Bruins with 15 seconds left. No way! Marco Sturm circled around the net, and dished it to Aaron Ward. Ward shot it upper right corner on Nabakov, who overcommitted to Sturm. Bruins win. I am starting to like Aaron Ward. Did I mention Joe Thornton? He played alright, some good passes and some strong moves we are used to seeing behind the net, but he was not a dominating player in the game.


Bergeron(3) from Sturm (1) and Murray (2)
Ward (2) from Sturm (2) and Bergeron (2)

San Jose:
Michalek (3) from ex-Bruins C (2) and Ehrhoff (3)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Petition To Keep Lucic

Sign the petition to keep Milan Lucic on this team! The guy has proven he can hang in this league in a mere 5 games. He has the grit, determination and ability to produce in the NHL and the Bruins could certainly use his services.

Put in a comment, let us know how you feel regarding the young bruiser.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quick Thought

From my impressions, I have been encouraged to see the way the Bruins have played thus far on the West Coast swing. Besides a few bad moments in the first game, the B's played excellent top to bottom against the Coyotes and admirably against the Ducks.

They may be 1-2 on the young season so far but there are many encouraging signs thus far.

1. Lucic has been a great asset to the team. He plays with a physicality and determination that can motivate others. Right now, he deserves to stay beyond 9 games.

2. Maybe all Tim Thomas needed was a fire under his rear end. Having Fernandez in town might have given Timmy that extra boost. He has looked excellent in the two games he's started (1-1, 1.51 GAA, .955 sv%) .

3. What a welcome surprise Chuck Kobasew has been so far (2G, +1).

4. Three positives and one negative. Think Chiarelli is sweating a little bit with every goal Fernandez lets up and every minute he spends on the bench? Chiarelli is going to have to start answering to someone if this acquisition fails.

Give it some time though folks, the season is still young and there is plenty of hockey to be played before jumping to conclusions.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mara sucks in NY as well

Various reports are out in the Big Apple that Paul Mara sucks in New York and is in the doghouse with their current coach. Mara has a 3 million cap hit, and it seems that the Rangers want to try and dump his salary, via trade or a nice demotion to the AHL.

When we first acquired Mara, I thought he was a nice offensive defender and was a good acquisition. He sucked here, partly because of Dave Lewis and partly because he didn't play well in the Eastern Conference. I liked that he tried to show some toughness by getting into a few scraps, but we sent him to NYR for Aaron Ward. Mara did alright in New York, but not great. His play has slipped. It isn't like he is not trying, but he having trouble.

Now 3 defenders everyone hates in a basic 3-team deal. Boynton to Phoenix, Ward to Boston, Mara to New York. Boynton could not suck enough in Phoenix and was put on waivers, and to no ones surprise, he was not claimed. Everyone in NY hates Mara. Ward is clearly the best defender in the group, so we won the deal. For some reason, people in Boston don't like Ward. I like him, he is a solid defensive defenseman. He does not make too many mistakes in his own end and knows how to win with a couple Stanley Cup Championships. His cap hit of 2.75 maybe a litte high, but not Kasparataislike (ps he was sent to the AHL. Way to go from all-star in Pittsburgh to crapo in New York).

PSS. On the topic of sucking and Phoenix. We should all send Phoenix some flowers for giving us Tanabe for Scatchard. We would have had to buy his crap deal out instead of them. Tanabe and the 'Canes!

23 players on the roster

I just thought I would note, the Bruins have 23 players on the roster, but they only need 20. Right now, they have two extra forwards, and 1 extra defender. With Savard out, that leaves 22 players now. They all count against the cap, but it is good to see they are still under with some depth.

Forwards (14)
Marc Savard
Glen Murray
Peter Schaefer
Patrice Bergeron
Marco Sturm
Phil Kessel
Milan Lucic
Glen Metropolit
Shawn Thornton
Chuck Kobasew
David Krejci
Jeremy Reich
Brandon Bochenski
PJ Axelsson

Defenders (7)
Mark Stuart
Zdeno Chara
Dennis Wideman
Aaron Ward
Andrew Alberts
Bobby Allen
Andrew Ference

Goaltenders (2)
Manny Fernandez
Tim Thomas

Preview: Anaheim-Boston

A good game vs. the defending Stanley Cup Champions...minus Dustin Penner, Scott Niedermayer, Teemu Selanne.

Look as good as Chris Pronger is, that defense is nothing close to what is it without Niedermayer. Schneider is also injured. The defense is not a strength anymore. Which leads to goaltending. As good as Giguere was, and resigning him to a megadeal this offseason was the right idea, he is not going to be as good without that defense.

Anaheim's offense is weakend by losing Selanne. Bertuzzi is alright, but not a mega threat. Kunitz and Getzlaf could pose some problems and MacDonald and Niedermayer (Rob) provide stability at center. Anaheim won't be offensively challanged.

Marc Savard will likely miss tommorrow nights game with a groin strain and is day-to-day. Hopefully he will return to action this weekend or next week. We will likely see Brandon Bochenski for the first time this season and he needs to prove he should stay with the big club. He is a good goal scorer and reminds me a lot like Murray. Fernandez will likely get the start, even though he struggled vs. Dallas, I'll give him 3-4 games and then judge him, because he hasn't played since middle of last year. As well as Thomas played vs. Phoenix, Fernandez needs some games as well.

When Boston has the puck:
-Capitalize on chances. Last game, Murray and Kessel has numerous chances when they could not, "put the biscuit in the basket."

-Get to Anaheim early. Make them play down.

-No momentum killers. We can't score and then take a penalty or stupid things like that.

-Physical game for 60 minutes. We need to hits, forecheck and all for 60 minutes, even if we are behind by 2. That is how teams come back. It only takes 30 seconds to score 2 goals in the new NHL.

When Anaheim has the puck:
-Try to minimize the chances for guys like Getzlaf and Kunitz. They will make you pay.

-Make big saves. Fernandez can't let in softies that hurt the teams confidence and they lose focus.

-Make smart decisions on defense. Don't leave guys open in the slot and don't take low reward high risks passes on our own zone


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bruins changing way of business

I was going to write about this a while ago, but put it on the back burner. This offseason, it seemed to me that the Bruins have been dealing with their players differently. They, for the first time, are making them feel wanted and making it so they want to play for Boston. When they could have just given the qualifying offer and said shut up and sign it, they gave them a few exrtra bucks.

Dennis Wideman. Qualifier was 516,000 or so, but Chiarelli signed him for 600,000. Giving him almost 75,000 extra.

Brandon Bochenski. Again, qualifier was 500,000, but Chiarelli gave him an extra 100,000.

Andrew Alberts. Qualifier was 700,000 or so, but was 1 year from UFA and the Bruins wanted to lock him up, 2 years/2.5 million.

Last year as well Boyes 2/3 million even though he would still be an RFA at the deals end. They locked up Bergeron long term as well. These are things that would have not been done in the past.

It may seem like a small deal, but for a player, it means a lot.

Bruins beat Coyotes


I might be going out on a limb, but I think this was the best OVERALL game by the Bruins since the lockout.

Tim Thomas should have gotten a shutout, but a weird bounce off a leg went in. He had two spectacular saves in the 3rd which possibly saved the game. Zdeno Chara was a beast in the defensive zone, and Dennis Wideman played very well. Andrew Ference looked alright, but still looks a little rusty. Lucic looked tough as nails and laid it on a Coyote in the corner. Krecji had a great pass to Sturm for a goal, and then hit the post on an empty netter. Muzzy looked alright, had some chances but couldn't put them away.

Kessel was amazing. His speed was there and playmaking ability. I really think he has the chance to become an elite player in the NHL. He is a monster. Bergeron looked great as well, definately stepping his game up and especially on the defensive zone.

Savard was great, but was was injured in the 2nd with a core injury. He did not return. Missing him on the PP was shown, but Metropolit did very well filling in. Kobasew also showed a lot of speed and scored a SH goal thanks to Axelsson.

The forecheck was also great. It caused numerous turnovers in the Yotes own zone and lead to scoring oppurtunties. The action, after Kapanen's goal, went end to end and the Bruins responded with some great chances. The Bruins hit hard, and skated from start to end, something they lacked last season. They also responded after letting up a goal, not slowing down. They also didn't try to protect a lead, rather add to it. The Coyotes looked a lot like the Bruins of last year.

I know this is one game, but the Bruins style of play was just so different and they played with intensity and heart for once. Thomas didn't look out of posistion at all. I still think Fernandez will emerge as the number 1, but Thomas is an excellent backup. The Bruins didn't look like this in Dallas, but again it was the Bruins first game, unlike other teams who have had multiple games.

3 stars:

1. Patrice Bergeron. A nice PP goal and looked great out on the ice.
2. Tim Thomas. One goal, but it was a lucky rebound. Some great saves to keep the lead.
3. Dennis Wideman. No points, but played well in his defensive zone and is showing signs of maturity.

NOTE: Bochenski was a scatch again. I hope to see him play, as he was a great goalscorer last season.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Best weekend for Boston Sports in a long time

For the longest time I can remember, this has to be up there with the greatest sports weekends in a long time. We have 5 major sports going, NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS

  • Red Sox vs. Angels 8:30
  • Bruins vs. Stars 8:30
  • Yankees vs. Indians 5:30


  • Celtics vs. Raptors 2:30
  • Revolution vs. Fire 8:30
  • Bruins vs. Coyotes 10:00
  • Phillies vs. Rockies
  • Diamondbacks vs. Cubs


  • Patriots vs. Browns 1:00
  • Red Sox vs. Angels: 3:30
  • Yankees vs. Indians

All of which are on TV. I am finding myself glued to the TV this weekend.

B's-Yotes preview

This is a game the Bruins should win. The Coyotes are a bad team with bad offense, defense and goaltending. They did little this offseason.

When the Bruins have the puck.
-Set up the PP
-Take shots, test the goaltending

When the Coyotes have the puck.
-Be physical
-Don't let them shoot a lot
-No penalties
-Make saves


Bruins lose to Stars


I didn't see the game so I'll just say what I hear/saw on highlights.

Fernandez sucked. He let in 4 goals on only 22 shots. Granted he is still a little rusty.
The offense couldn't put it together.

Now some positives...

Defense only let up 22 shots, which on most nights would be a good number.
Fights. I believe Shawn Thornton dropped the gloves.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Metropolit Signs

A 1 year deal worth around 475,000.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

B's-Stars Preview

Well, I found out I will be traveling Friday night, which absolutely sucks, so I won't be in front of a TV unil about 11:30, right when the game should be ending. I will see if NESN is carrying a repeat early morning.

On to the game, the Stars did little this offseason, but they still have a strong team. Marty Turco will be a nice test on Friday, and the Stars have a strong defense with Boucher, Nordstrom, and Zubov. The offense is potent with Modano, Jokinen, Halpern, Morrow and Lehtinen.

Manny Fernandez will also play against his former team. Look for a strong game from him. We will get to see our first look at guys like Schaefer, Lucic, Krejci, and Shawn Thornton. Let's see some fights.

When the Bruins have the puck: Quick transition game, work the puck around. Set the screen up in front of Turco and make smart passes. No turnovers in own zone. This is what killed the Bruins the last few seasons. On the PP, work it to the point and set up the screen. Look for guys like Muzzy in the slot. My favorite play was with JT would sit behind the net and dish it to Muzz in the slot.

When the Stars have the puck: Do not take stupid penalties. Shut down Morrow and Jokinen. Modano is no longer a superstar, but can still get it done. The Bruins need to play well on defense. Like I said, not stupid turnover or blown coverages. Don't let the guys walk into the shot.

3 things to watch for:
1. Manny Fernandez. See if his knee is 100% and his style of play.
2. Young guns, Lucic and Krejci. See how these guys step up their play.
3. Physical game. Let's see if this team is really tougher.



Monday, October 01, 2007

1st Official Rant

Absolutely ridiculous that the Bruins have to start each season on a week plus-long road trip. This team has enough things working against them coming into the year where they don't have to contend with an 8 day long 5 game tilt against the Western Conference. I am still sticking with my prediction that the B's will make it to the playoffs but don't be the least bit surprised if they get off to a slow start.

Quick Notes:

  • Manny Fernandez still has plenty to prove coming into the season
  • The spark in this lineup will come from the 4th line bruisers in Thornton and Reich
  • This is a call to you Peter Chiarelli, if the B's do get off to a slow start, PLEASE don't pull a MOC and make a hasty trade

What my lines would be



I don't feel like the Bruins will use Lucic much and eventually will send him back to the WHL, hence the reason for me putting him on my 4th line. Axelsson could slide right in there. My proposal of lines would give them 3 very good scoring lines, with each line having a defensive minded forward as well. The defense obviously isn't the greatest and needs an upgrade. I know these lines probably won't be the opening night lines, but they are what I would like them to be. Here is a more realistic view, and similar to what Julien has been using all pre-season:


Final Cuts

The Bruins trimmed down their roster to 23 players today. Centers Nate Thompson and Petteri Nokelainen as well as defenseman Matt Hunwick were assigned to Providence. Jeff Hoggan was placed on waivers, meaning he can be claimed by any NHL team, if not claimed then he can report to Providence. Looks like David Krejci and Milan Lucic made the team, which is great to see. There are rumors that Lucic may make the west coast trip with the Bruins for the first five games and then be sent back to the Vancouver Giants of the WHL. If Lucic plays more than 9 games with the Bruins then he cannot be sent to Providence or back to his junior team.
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