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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are people really stupid?

Ok I have read dozens of articles on Bergeron's hit. The best handsdown so far is Scott Burnsides.

The one that makes me sick is the one by Flyers columnist Tim Panaccio over at HockeyBuzz. He is mad over the 2 game suspension, but he also goes out of his way to say, "That said ... someone in the league office needs to send Claude Julien and Patrice Bergeron the memo handed out by God on common sense." This about the posistion Bergeron was in prior to the hit. That is like telling Travis Roy, why can't you make a body check?. It is just sick.

First off, the guy could have had his career ended. The hit was cheap. He shoved his hand on the back of his neck and plowed him into the boards.

Second off, the guy got off way too easily and this is the third time in 10 games for the Flyers doing something like this.

Third off, if this was his bitch Briere, he would be crying like a schoolgirl. Just because he is on your team doesn't mean it is not wrong. If Aaron Ward had leveled Briere or whoever like that and Briere was out for over a month, I wouldn't be saying why the hell was Briere's head down.

I also agree with the commenters on the site, if this was Crosby or Ovechkin, Jones would have been suspended for atleast 15 games.

It makes me sick to see people actually blame Bergeron for getting injured.


Blogger Federko said...

I just don't get it.. WTF are people thinking??? A forearm to the back of a players head to plant them face first into the dasher and it's the victims fault for "putting themselves in that situation".. The sad part is, the league will issue "warnings" for the next time these two teams face each other so don't be surprised if nothing happens. Someone needs to seriously kick some Flyer ass. Sickening. Are hockey fans really that stupid??

Let's just hope Bergerson is OK....

4:04 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

And that was "Bergeron". Sorry for the error.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has to happen for the NHL to realize something is wrong with the Flyers organization? Does someone have to suffer a career ending injury from a hit by a Flyer? Or even worse a death from a Flyer "dirty" hit?

If the NHL doesnt step in soon then whats to stop the Flyers from going out there and slashing guillotine style to other players necks?

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Angry Bear said...

Thats Just Fu[ked. When a up incoming star could be out a month or more and could effect the rest of his career and the nobody (Jones) gets 2 games it should be 2 games after Bergron returns and why nothing for the coach 3 guys suspended in a month does someone need to die cause that could have happened. What if he wasnt wearing a visor and his nose was drove up into his skull. This shit makes me sick.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous big-e said...

I think in the end, Colin Campbell thought that if he would give Jones 20+ games for that hit, others around the league would think "hey, I'm not going to hit cuz I can injure the guy and get suspended". It would lead to players driving into the corners, breaking and conversing - after you, no please after you, why thank you. No use in bitching about it any more - suspensions are easy, you are out as long as he is out. Maybe a scrap player from another team will take out Jones (I don't feel good wishing harm on Briere, he didn't do anything). Flyers suck, the organization sucks, fans suck and the only thing "good" to come from this is that hopefully the energy at Flyers/B's games will now be awesome. All this talk in the past about how the B's are cheap, the Flyers have always thrown money at players and has got them nothing. And the part that Jones is not known as a dirty player means that every player gets one free crippling hit. Nice. What were the B's saying on the McSorely hit? That Brashear should have turned his head constantly? And make us believe that Bergy put himself in that situation. I was at the Chicago game, and I guess if someone plowed me into the boards they could have said - well he was just sitting there and he put himself in that position. Or a person waiting for the bus who gets run over by a drunk driver. Next time, players should skate ass first into the boards so they can see the hit coming. Or better yet, maybe some mirrors on the shoulder pads.

6:37 AM  

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