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Monday, October 29, 2007

Bergeron: When/If he comes back

First off, health is much more important than playing hockey, so we are all glad to hear that Patrice is healthy and doing better.

At first, many thought Saturday night's game was Bergeron's last. Thank god it wasn't. Bergeron does have a broken nose and a concussion. It seems that he should be able to come back at some point. I would not call this a career threatning injury per say. It remains to be seen the long term effects the concussion has, whether it be memory loss, or reoccuring concussions like Eric Lindros.

I am not expert on concussions, but my guess is Bergeron will be out for atleast 2-3 weeks, maybe longer. Give him time to recover.

Also, if you check out Bish's Blog on, the quotes by players today make it seem as if he will come back at some point.

The main thought be have now, is will he be the same player? I don't know. Physically, he will be. Mentally though, we don't know. Patrice is a tough young kid, and hopefully this does not create a physcological issue for him. It was a hit that is not or should not be common.

All I hope is that Patrice comes back and plays like he has been for the past 4 seasons.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jones only got a 2 game

11:19 PM  
Anonymous big-e said...

The Flyers seem to be animals and I agree with ESPN they have no control over their team. Just trying to scare players from playing them. I think the ultimate thing the B's can do is beat them physically (no injuries) and beat them on the board, like 7-0 - in their own building. I agree that it would feel good if Thornton rearranges Jones' face, but then Shawn gets a suspension, and knowing this team, they'll come fater Savard or Kessel. As per Bergy, I say most probably back to wokring out in late November, early December and playing back in January. If the B's start to slide, knowing Bergy like last year, he will force himself back to help out this team. If the B's are doing well, he will take more time. I hope Julien does not pull a Lewis and if Bergy wants to come back but shouldn't, don't play him. This is serious - even a regular body check can send him into lala land.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Bob Cat said...

Trust me; if Sydney Crosby had been on the receiving end of that cheap shot, a heavier suspension would’ve occurred!

Hell, 2 games, they should just let him freakin’ play! What’s the difference?

A GRADE 3 CONCUSSION, the most serious type and it gets 2 games. What, if he paralyzed him would that have warranted 5 games?

In my eyes right now, the NHL is a joke! 3 instances in a little over a month by players on the SAME TEAM!! A disgrace! I hate the Flyers, I’ve always hated the Flyers and I think I hate them more than any team in sports! As a matter of fact, their fans suck as well!

8:37 AM  
Blogger Federko said...

Get your tickets for the game on the 26th. I predict a blood bath.. at least there better be after those talentless freakin goons get back in our building. The NHL is loking more like the WWF every day. Sad, sad sad...

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha bobcat. I can't believe this like the rest of you. Nick Kypreos broke the hit down and justified it in Jones defence. How do they blame Bergeron for leaving himself open. I have watched the replay over and over and don't see what the heck they were talking about. As for intent. His freaking arm was behind Bergerons neck. Give me a break, Back to Kypreos who i have no time for, the biased ^%$%&%, he shouldn't be talking in the first place. He never was in the position where he blew by anyone and was first in the corner. Unfreaking real. I hate the flyers as well. Holmgren saying he was disappointed Jones even got suspended. Give me a break. ughhhhh

12:29 PM  
Anonymous BIG-E said...

Wow Kick Kypreos - gentlemen we should listen to this guy. After all, he did score an impressive 17 goals in one season, not twice, not three times, but once in his career! I remember when Cam scored 17 goals in a season...I think he played 3 games that year. Anyways, the pure BS I had to hear over the last few days that it was Bergy's fault. This is his 3rd season, and he has done that play endlessly. Here are the facts - Jones chases him down the ice, Jones plants his arm in the back of his head, Jones checks Bergy directly into the boards HEAD FIRST and (OH YES WATCH IT AGAIN) jumped up for some extra pop. I agree if it was Crosby or Ovechkin they would cry murder, the face of the NHL. But who was Bergy? I guess a nobody. RESPECT. Even when Joe thumped Gill into the boards, at least he had the respect to look down and say, ok he's moving...

1:17 PM  
Anonymous jeff said...

Jones should have gotten at least 10 games maybe 15 just cause the flyers suck and its the 3rd suspension already this year. Holmgreen sux and the flyers should be fined just cause i hate them

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The WWF is the World Wildlife Fund :P

If you mean Wrestling its like... WWE or something

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

colon camble you suck

11:01 PM  

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