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Monday, October 01, 2007

1st Official Rant

Absolutely ridiculous that the Bruins have to start each season on a week plus-long road trip. This team has enough things working against them coming into the year where they don't have to contend with an 8 day long 5 game tilt against the Western Conference. I am still sticking with my prediction that the B's will make it to the playoffs but don't be the least bit surprised if they get off to a slow start.

Quick Notes:

  • Manny Fernandez still has plenty to prove coming into the season
  • The spark in this lineup will come from the 4th line bruisers in Thornton and Reich
  • This is a call to you Peter Chiarelli, if the B's do get off to a slow start, PLEASE don't pull a MOC and make a hasty trade


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