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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bruins Recent Moves

The Bruins made a few moves this weekend.

Bruins traded Aaron Ward to Carolina for Patrick Eaves and a 4th round pick.  Placed Eaves on waivers and will buy him out.

I thought Ference would be the odd man out, but Chiarelli likes him for some reason.  Ward was making 2.5 million vs. Ference's 1.4, so that comes into play.  The Bruins wanted a puck moving guy and decided to get rid of Ward and sign Morris.  I thought Ward would net more of a return, but I thought it was nice of Chiarelli to deal him to Carolina where he lives.  We saved 2.2 million in cap space with this move.  I hate having dead money on the payroll, as we have about 2 million this season, and Eaves' contract will be on us for 4 more seasons at around 200k per.  Ward has also been injury prone of late, but he was great in his own zone and good at blocking shots.  The 4th round pick is not really much.  Could we have gotten something better from somewhere else?  Possibly, but it was not too bad.  

Bruins signed Derek Morris to a 1 year, 3.3 million dollar deal.

At first when we traded Ward, I thought we were going to sign Sergei Zubov to a deal under 1.1 million and sign Kessel, but I was wrong.  I had a feeling the Bruins were going to go after Morris and he is a good puck moving player.  His point total has dwindled, but he did play in Phoenix, which isn't a great team.  If he can regain his form, he will be a steal.  I thought this was too much money because it's now late July, so you think you could get a discount, but I like the addition of Morris and I think he will help the PP and transition game which is so vital to this team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks matt, it was already posted.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Birdman2403 said...

It is unfortunate but looks like Kobasew will be the one gone to sign Kessel. I love Kobasew, great hard worker. I hate this as I don't like Kessel at all however, know what he brings and we do need to resign him for the G's !

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why the duplicate post?

9:09 AM  
Anonymous psands said...

the more i think about it the more i dont mind it. morris is a one year deal so even if it does not work out he is only here for one year and we can put him in providence if he sucks. but if he bounces back to a number two type d-man, pc looks like a genius.

the one thing i dont like though is that this makes our defence pretty small, could ference be moved because of his injurys and the bruins bring in a big d-man, or just call up mcquaid (probably our best d prospect but he always gets left out of discussion because he is not a puck moving d-man, he is a shutdown type) either way, there is more to come.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:47 PM  
Anonymous James said...

why do people come to this blog and tell us about their blog??

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Morris has gone backwards,’’ one Eastern Conference executive wrote in an e-mail. “No longer a top-four D. His mobility for a 6-foot guy is surprisingly average at best. Offensively, his game isn’t what it once was and he has trouble defending the rush. Shocked at what they paid him. For close to the money, [Francois] Beauchemin is a way better player. They were better with Ward for my money.’’

THESE are the words of Brian Burke. It is so obvious to anyone in Toronto that Burke talks like this, thinks like this, and always pats himself on the back through the media with respect to his signings. I am 100% confident this was him, and therefore means shit.

P.S.: Fuck you

9:20 PM  
Anonymous bruinsfanupnorth said...

mook i have to agree with you. Burke is such an arrogant shit. i hear about him every day on the FAN, drives me insane.

10:42 PM  
Blogger McKeon said...

To be honest, that was not me promoting my blog...sorry you think that

12:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm hearing Boston will announce a trade on Mon. 8-3???

12:51 PM  

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