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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

4,333,333, a 4th round pick and Petr Kalus

= Manny Fernandez.

Alright, I know it is early in the season, but Manny isn't be Manny (pun intended). I know Manny has only played in 2 games since coming back from a serious knee injury, and I have all the confidence in the world he will come back strong. No, my only question is, why did we get another expensive goalie if we have Tim Thomas?

I am jumping on the Timmy bandwagon. I said he was a amazing backup and an average starter. Now, honestly, I would have preferred the Bruins acquiring a Ilya Bryzgalov/Vesa Toskala guy (pre-extension) to platoon with Thomas.

I was watching ESPN or NESN, I forget, and I saw the ticker for best GAA in the league. Tim Thomas number 1! I wanted to take a picture of that. Thomas has been a onster this season. Now I doubt he will post a 1.55 GAA and a 955 sv % all season, but if he continues to play well, what do we do with Manny?

The issue is, Manny needs about, I think, 5-10 games until we see who he really is, but I don't want to take away time from Thomas.

Amazing how we get a new goalie, and we still like the one we had better. I am hoping Manny turns it around and we will have a nice 1-2 punch for goaltending.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha a couple of months ago you were ecstatic that we got manny and berading on thomas. how quickly those forget....

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its still early people!!! Lets settle down and see where things go .

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Grammar Police said...


6:06 PM  
Blogger Jefe said...

I tink yu all haf to relize, thet the rezon Thimy Tomas iz plaing so grate, iz becuz of Manny,s presents in the lokeroom. Manny's 4 milliun celary, maks Thimy pla like a 6 milliun $ gole.

Fuk U spel nerd.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Jesus's Brother said...

Timmy looks like Jesus in there right now

1:42 AM  
Blogger Jefe said...

I said it last year, and I'll say it again. Tim Thomas, is the Bruins starter.

Hey Spel Nurd, did I forget any commas?


3:52 AM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

Way, way too early to make that kind of statement, Matt. If there's a lessons you should have learned about Thomas is the fact that he can't sustained that kind of stats through a long period. Fernandez a bust? Aftert two games? Come on !!! You know better then that.

And for those who get excited too soon and too fast, don't forget the last two years of the Thomas reign...

5:51 AM  
Anonymous B.SHOEBOTTOM said...

All you people need to relax!!!!!Manny Fernandez is an excellent proven NHL goaltender and is going to be great this year.He has played just two games!!He will be fine.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous whitehat said...

T.T. is your typical lunchpail his ass off every night, and quite honestly has been carrying the team on his back (ie:last night vs. T.Bay). Realistically, he cannot (no one could) do this all year, and will be spelled by Manny (hopefully not being Manny!).....give Fernandez a chance to heal from his injury, and then see what we have---I think we are in for a good year, and feel strongly that this club can make it to the playoffs......

10:12 AM  
Blogger McKeon said...

"Something I am following this morning. The Sharks are still looking hard at a d-man, and apparently they are even considering another move to get Chara. That would be a shocker, but these two have shocked before."

-Eklund has zero credibility

he sucks

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's up with Eklund's rumor about Chara being traded to SJ. is this guy a moron or just a plain IDIOT. Even if the B's traded Chara.. it would never be to SJ.

12:01 PM  

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