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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Review of Last 3 games

Sorry, I have been extremely busy of late.


Thomas played extremely well. There was a lot of advantage for the Ducks, their home opener, banner raising. So, I did not expect a win for the Bruins, but I thought it could be done. The Bruins came out first, with a goal by Kobasew, who showed his speed and has been great this season (extended goal streak to 2 games). The Bruins then for some reason did not keep up the pressure, and did not play well. The defense was alright, but Anaheim had a lot of oppurtunities to score, and had it not been for Thomas, we would have lost by a lot more. The Bruins finally upped the anty when they trailed 2-1, but it was too late. Savard was also out, with Metropolit taking his place. It is amazing how much Savard means to the Bruins.


Kobasew (3) from Metropolit (1) and Chara (2)

Getzlaf (3) from Huskins (2)
Beauchemin (1) from Hnidy (1) and Getzlaf (2)

Los Angeles-6

Overall, it is nice to finally see the Bruins win one of these games, rather than be on the losing side, or seeing another team do it on the sports ticker. Fernandez played decent. He was not responsible for all of his goals, but did not play like a number one. Phil Kessel was a beast, scoring a hat-trick. Milan Lucic had a hat-trick as well, a Gordie Howe hat-trick that is. A fight, a goal, and an assist. Krejci also played well. Marc Savard had a 5 point night, again showing his value. Aaron Ward had a goal, one more than Paul Mara. The defense was awful though. Turnovers left and right, leaving players unmarked. Andrew Ference has looked awful this season so far. The most important thing is though, the offense clicked and we won.


Kessel (1) from Krejci (2)
Murray (1) from Savard (3) and Chara (3)
Ward (1) from Lucic (1) and Kessel (2)
Kessel (2) from Savard (4) and Bergeron (1)
Kessel (3) from Savard (5) and Ference (1)
Savard (1) from Murray (1) and Schaefer (2)
Lucic (1) from Krejci (3) and Chara (4)
Kobasew (3) from Axlesson (2) and Chara (5)

Los Angeles:
Stuart (1) from Frolov (2) and Nagy(2)
Murray (1) unassisted
Kopitar (1) from Cammalleri (3) and Brown (3)
Cammalleri (5) from Armstrong (2) and Frolov (3)
Kopitar (2) from Visnovsky (2) and Blake (1)
O'Sullivan (1) from Handzus (1) and Nagy (3)

San Jose-1

Again, Thomas played amazing and won the game for the Bruins. The Sharks hit about 20 posts/crossbars this game. The offense had some pressure, but Nabakov was playing well. Bergeron had a nice goal in the scrum thanks to a heads up play by Sturm. The defense played well. It is nice to see the Bruins give up 2, 1, goals respectively in 2 of their last 3 games. They can play low scoring a high scoring games. Marco Sturm played a great game. With about 35 seconds left, Michalek ruined Thomas's shutout, with a lucky goal scored in a scrum of people off a bad bounce. I was thinking, "typical Bruins," blowing it with less than a minute. But, I was wrong! I flipped the channel thinking it would go to OT, and then I saw Trot Nixon win it for the Indians over the Sox (GAGME)! I flipped back and saw the score 2-1 Bruins with 15 seconds left. No way! Marco Sturm circled around the net, and dished it to Aaron Ward. Ward shot it upper right corner on Nabakov, who overcommitted to Sturm. Bruins win. I am starting to like Aaron Ward. Did I mention Joe Thornton? He played alright, some good passes and some strong moves we are used to seeing behind the net, but he was not a dominating player in the game.


Bergeron(3) from Sturm (1) and Murray (2)
Ward (2) from Sturm (2) and Bergeron (2)

San Jose:
Michalek (3) from ex-Bruins C (2) and Ehrhoff (3)


Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

TSN and the Globe are reporting the Bruins may be close to signing Markov. Just finding a way to move some salary to bring him in.
I'd like to see Boston trade Ward and a late round pick to New Jersey for Matvichuk.(The pick to be incentive for taking the salary.) And then Boston would have enough under the cap to sign Markov and have room down the road. Not to mention the defense would be much improved.
with Wideman as the spare.

Just my thoughts.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

My mistake... it was sportsnet... not TSN. Sorry about that!

Also... nice read Matt!!

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just get rid of axelsson and clear 1.85 million off the cap. then put bochenski back in the lineup. that way the bruins can keep lucic plus have an additional body off the bench (Reich). If there still isnt enough cap space, then waive Ward. His cap doesnt count against the team if he is in the minors or if he gets claimed. its ridiculous a gm would be that stupid and give someone like him 2.75 million a year.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous jeff said...

yea ive been reading the bruins are close to signing markov too. I like the trade with NJ for matvichuk. If that happens the bruins need to get another proven scorer or put bochenski in the lineup and scratch axe or something. So far i like where the team is heading. the Bruins coudl ahve gone 4-1 on this road trip and i think they would be gettting some positives from fans if that happened.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Timmy leads the pack of NHL goalies in GAA...

Let's trade Manny for a usable defenseman...

12:58 PM  

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