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Monday, June 30, 2008


I won't shut up until we sign him or he is gone BUT according to Eklund (I know, but hell anything Hossa and Boston makes me happy inside), the Bruins are the front runner according to a team source.  HOSSA HOSSA HOSSA!!!  


Going into chat now a littler earlier than planned.  Click on the link on the right below the Bruins logo.

Bruins sign Nokelainen

The Bruins signed RFA Petteri Nokelainen to a 2 year deal worth 1,700,000, an average of 850,000 per season.  He will get 800,000 this season and 900,000 in 09-10.  

He signed for a little more than I thought he would, but it was a good signing.

Official Cap Space: 7,188,734 redid their cap numbers last night and it seems the Bruins have just over 7.1 million to play with.  Don't fret though, if they can get rid of Murray, and Alberts they can fit in both Hossa and Wideman.  We'll see what happens.....

My Official Hossa Offer

Here it goes, as Peter Chiarelli, with assuming 8,400,000 in cap space ( or so, my offer to Marian Hossa.

A 7 year deal with a total value of 54,000,000 USD.  Cap hit of 7.714 per season.  A breakdown as following.

10, 10, 9, 8, 7, 5, 5.  

A full No Movement Clause as well.  

What do you all think?

18 hours

18 more hours!!! I am starting to get real excited, sleeping tonight will be extremely tough.

Chat TONIGHT!!!!  I am holding a live pre UFA frenzy chat tonight at 8:45 pm EST! Anyone who wants to give me an earful over that controversial post feel free!


The 6th sense

Anyone else just feel its going to happen?  I felt the same way in 2006 when the Bruins signed Chara and Savard.  I knew it was coming for some reason.  I feel the same way about Hossa.  It just makes too much sense.  It just does.  Tell me all about Ryder and Redden you want, but Hossa makes just too much sense.

Unless he gets some CRAZY offer from Vancouver or Detroit, I expect him to be a Bruin.  I can't tell you why.  I know they need to move some salary, but I just sense it.  I can see it now, Bruins win the Hossa sweepstakes, sign all-star to 7 year, 54 million dollar deal.

The Young Guys 2.0

Okay let me try this again, the first one is gone and I will admit I wrote it poorly and my point wasn't made, obviously.

Here I go, the young guys, Lucic, Sobotka, Krejci and Nokelainen are decent prospects, and on a top projection, Lucic will be a 20 goal scorer, Krejci similar to Bergeron, Sobtoka and Nokie being plugger with potential to score 10 goals.

But, many people are playing the old, "wait and don't sign anyone, let the kids play, we made the playoffs and took the Habs to 7 games!"  Well, first off, we were only 10 points out of first, but 1 point away from being out the playoffs.  They were 1 win away from not having to play the Canadiens in the first place, and anyone satisfied with losing in the 1st round in the playoffs, come on.  We haven't won a playoff series in 10 years!

This team can't bank on the improvement of these kids for this season.  I can't stand when people say that this team will get to the playoffs, because it might just miss them as well.  Bergeron is coming back, Fernandez is coming back, but when you look at this team now, you just can't bank on Krejci and Lucic doing well.  These guys will hopefully pan out, but I think we are all doing the Red Sox thing and really being pumped about these guys when they only played 30 good games (Krejci) or did well in the playoffs (Sobotka).  I'm not ready to say, these guys can really bring this team to the playoffs as the team stands now.  

My first post kind of made it seem like I was saying the prospects suck, which wasn't what I was trying to say.

1 Day Away

So excited, cannot wait.  This is what we've been waiting for since the Game 7 loss to Montreal.  Will we get Hossa?  Or will we stick with what we have?   With Glen Murray be back?  We will find out in the next 3 days.....

Remember UFA CHAT LIVE 11 am EST tomorrow.  click the link on the right below the Bruins logo to enter.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crazy Night of Action

Visnovsky to Edmonton for Stoll and Greene.  

Rolston's rights to Tampa Bay.

Foote and Liles back to Colorado.

First off with Visnovsky.  Good deal by Edmonton, not really giving up much.  Visnovsky could've been the PP guy the Bruins were looking for, but I don't think he was on their radar.  

Why is Tampa Bay doing this?  Honestly, the deal they gave Malone as INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE.  I mean, 7.5 million per over the first two, are you kidding me.  Why even offer the pick for the rights, no one will top that.  Is Rolston going to get 4 year, 24 million or something stupid?  I don't like this by Tampa, just wait.  If you're going to give a crazy offer, just wait.

Foote was a good signing, 2 years and 6 million.  Liles is a bit surprising for two reasons, first I thought he was done in Colorado, and 2nd, 4+ million per for 4 years is a bit high, I was thinking more of 3.5.

Bruins have 8,820,001 in CAP SPACE

The Bruins have more cap space than we all thought.  According to, the Bruins have 1,765,000 in Bonus money which comes from RFA's not making their bonuses last year, such as Kessel, Stuart and Nokie.  Also, they have Martins Karsums on the cap, so you can take away another 83,000 + and replace him with Sobotka (750,000 vs 833,333).  The Bruins have around 8,900,000 in cap room.  Enough to offer Hossa 8+ and then buyout Murray to sign Wideman.  This may be why they have yet to waive Murray.  This bonus money is a huge factor.

Hossa potential teams breakdown

Pittsburgh:  They reportedly offered 7 years, 50 million.  Hossa declined, since he should be able to get 7.5 at least on the open market.  The reports of a deal from Pittsburgh worth 7.5 per are not necessarily true, more of Pens fans wishful thinking.  A big 3 of Crosby, Malkin and Hossa taking up potentially half the cap is not how you build a team, especially when you need to re-sign Staal, Fluery, and Malkin, and still fill out a team.  The only way he returns is if he takes a big discount and really wants to be a Penguin for the rest of his career.

Detroit Red Wings:  Many feel they are the actual leaders for Hossa, but he isn't what Detroit is looking for.  Detroit wants a guy who will take less be a Red Wing.  Hossa is looking for some money, not necessarily the highest bidder.  But, Detroit has to re-sign Brad Stuart, and Andreas Lilja this season, and then lock up Zetterberg, who could get up to 8 million, Johan Franzen, and Valterri Flippula the following.  Detroit will probably snag Sundin before they sign Hossa, because he is most likely a 1 year commitment and would really bolster them up the middle.
Vancouver Canucks: While Vancouver is a real possible destination, they seem to be more likely to sign Pavol Demitra, and other guys to fill their roster, which has some gaping holes.  I'd consider Vancouver a top 4 possibility, but they have a lot of holes to fill and by spending most of their cap space on Hossa does not make much sense.

Montreal Canadiens: Does any UFA want to play there?  Aside from trades, no impact players ever go to Montreal.  Sundin, why isn't he there yet?  Hmm.... I think Hossa is more of a Habs fan dream than a possibility.  They see more likely to go after some secondary guys like Vrbata and Hainsey.  While it is a possibility, don't get me wrong, the Habs have been rumored to go after every high UFA this century, and have yet to get one.

Boston Bruins:  By many, this is the most logical choice.  He has connections with Zdeno Chara, Marc Savard and GM Peter Chiarelli.  The Bruins need to upgrade on offense and the GM has made it known he wants to make a splash.  While they would need to move some salary via buyout or trade, it seems they could make it work.  Some scenarios have it that Glen Murray is traded to a team who needs to hit the cap floor, like Columbus or Atlanta.  Hossa has said he would like to play with Chara again, and it seems like the interest is mutual.  

My rankings for where Hossa will sign would be this... Boston, Vancouver, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Montreal

Bruinsrumors Milestone

250,000 views!  A huge mark in going on the 3rd year with the blog.  That means a lot to me.  I started this for fun, and to have everyone enjoy reading my stuff as well as the other bloggers is great.  Continue spreading the word and for continuing to come back even when the posts are lacking.

Ryder an Option/Update on Soderberg

KPD of the Globe reports Michael Ryder could be an alternative to Marian Hossa, citing the connection with Claude Julien, his relative youth, 28, and his former back to back 30 goal seasons.  

Matt's Take: It doesn't matter, as most Bruins fans would be bummed without Hossa, so whatever other moves are secondary.  Ryder would be a decent fit, but I don't think he possesses the skills to really help this offense out, I think he is more of just another guy like a Kobasew or Murray.

He also goes on to say that Soderberg, according to Chiarelli, WILL play in either the AHL or NHL.  His deal with Malmo of Sweden was just incase Boston did not want him in Providence or Boston, so that is good news.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Your offseason predictions

1) The New York Islanders will sign Sean Avery to a 30 year deal worth 120 million.  "I wanted to make sure Sean was an Islander for life...literally," said GM Garth Snow.  Avery is supposed to take over as GM when he retires.

2) The Toronto Maple Leafs will sign Ryan Malone to a 5 year, 25 million dollar deal with a full NMC.  "Since Jason Blake did not work out, we decided to roll the dice on another overpaid, one year wonder winger," said GM Fletcher.  In 2 season, the Maple Leafs threatened to blow up Malone's house if he did not waive his NMC.

3) The New York Rangers will overpay for a sexy free agent.  The Rangers will sign Mats Sundin to a 1 year, 10,000,000 deal.  "Atleast he isn't going to Montreal," says GM Glen Sather.

4) The Montreal Canadiens will, in response to losing out on both Marian Hossa and Mats Sundin, sign Andrew Raycroft to a 7 year, 49 million dollar deal.  "Atleast we got some REAL talent from Toronto.  I mean, Sundin sucked anyways and we all know Tanguay will score 55 goals, and Razor and Price will be a top combo in the league.  Like Osgood and Hasek," said a Habs fan poster on HFBoards.

5) The Edmonton Oilers will try to sign every UFA and RFA in the league, fail to do so, and then Kevin Lowe will be named one of the best GM's in the league.  "Pronger for nothing, Pitkanen traded for and then away, Ryan Smyth over a few bucks, hell he sucked" Lowe said as him team also loses the lottery for the 1st overall pick.

6) Brian Burke will trade his entire team to make room for Niedermayer and Selanne.  


Wideman will not get 3 million plus

I keep hearing this, we have about 7 million in cap space, so Nokie and Wideman will cost 4 million.  No!

Nokelainen will get around 700,000, his pay of 1+ million last year was based on an entry level deal, and obviously for a 4th liner, 13th forward, he is going to get under 1 million.  

Now to Wideman.  Yes, there were talks of a long term deal with a AAV of 3-3.5 million, but they haven't transpired.  This is because the Bruins did not want to pay him that.  Look, you can compare him to Shea Weber and co., but Wideman played 1 good year of hockey.  One, 1,  uno.  You can't bank on 1 year for a long commitment with substantial money.  That is why Wideman filed for arbitration.

Now that he is in arbitration, he will get around 1.2-2 million max.  When was the last time a guy jumped from 600k, to 3.5 million?  Cammalleri got 3.35 per for 2 years after scoring 80 points and having 2 legit years of hockey.   

That is why Wideman won't get 3 plus million.

Why Murray has not been waived/bought out yet

What the $%#^!  Bertuzzi just bought out, why isn't Murray.  OMG!!!

Okay, calm down people, there is a reason why Glen Murray isn't on waivers...yet.  As much as we all wish Murray was gone right now, he still has some value to the team.  This is a guy 2 seasons ago scored 28 goals in just under 60 games.  So, we can either say last year was just a bad year and he is a 30 goal scorer, or he is done.  You tell me.  But, that is the reason why he is still on the team, he isn't going to drop off the face of the Earth ala Jim Rice...hopefully.  Since Wideman is going to arbitration, there is no rush to let him go now.  They can gauge the free agent market, make a run at Campbell/Hossa and some other guys, and then if necessary cut Murray loose.  They could also demote him, which is why they haven't bought him out.  Maybe the Bruins brass knows something we don't (like that is possible).  

Muzz, Axe and Kessel package?

As a rumor site, I am obligated to put everything I read out there here, so here it is, according to, (scroll down) the Bruins are offering Kessel, Muzz and Axelsson in hopes that a team will take the 2 salaries along with Kessel.

Matt's Take: And that is 100% BS.  Because, first off, the Bruins are not going to deal Kessel unless it nets them a guy like Bouwmeester, or a top 10 player in the league.  2nd off, why would the Bruins deal Kessel now in order to sign Hossa, when they could have traded for him in February FOR KESSEL?  Also, Axelsson isn't dead salary.  As much crap as fans give him, he is one of the best defensive forwards in the league, he scores 13-20 goals a season and look at the Bruins record last season without him.  His 1.85 million salary is minimal, and for what he brings, is worth it.  Alberts make 600k less and he does nothing (Hal Gill 2.0).  If they are going to take off 1+ million, dump Alberts.  And for all the talk about Murray, if no one will take Bertuzzi and his 4 million salary, I doubt there are any takers for Murray and his less stats and bigger contract.

UFA Chat, July 1st

Remember, UFA Live chat starting at 11 am EST July 1st.  Last years chat was awesome, so hopefully we can continue that.  There might also be a chat June 30th at around 8 or 9, but that isn't final.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Bruins looking hard at Campbell

From what I've been reading, it seems the Bruins may actually take a hard run at Campbell if Hossa's price is up past 8+ million.  It seems they REALLY want to add one of the two players, not only to make a splash and create attention, but they both fill needs.  Campbell could be that puck moving defenseman they really want, while Hossa is the guy they need who can score.

Also, if Campbell's price is around 6.5, they will be able to go on without buying out Glen Murray, and then when Fernandez, Axelsson, Murray and Alberts come off the books, they can go after a scorer in a deeper free agency period. 

I still believe Hossa is their main target, but I would not be surprised to see them try and snag Campbell.

Bertuzzi on waivers

Where is my prize?!?  I told you all what a bad signing he was last year in my top 10 worst signings, and now it has been shown to be true.  The Ducks placed him on waivers to then buy him and his 1 year at 4 million contract out.  Bertuzzi had 16 goals and 40 points, Glen Murrayesque numbers.  Now they will be on the hook for 2/3 his salary over the next 2 seasons, or 2.666 million.  Glen Murray, you're next...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Soderberg to return to Sweden if he doesn't make squad

In somewhat of old news, reports are that prospect Carl Soderberg, acquired from St. Louis for Hannu Toivonen, will play with Malmo of Sweden if he does not make the Bruins.  He'd rather play in Sweden than the AHL for Providence.

It seems we could have Sergei Zinojev part II if Soderberg does not come to Boston.  

My Official 2008 Offseason Predictions

Of course, with team AND contract (yes, I am that good).

Teemu Selanne.......Anaheim Ducks........1 year, 4,500,000
Doug Weight.........St. Louis Blues......1 year, 2,000,000
Bobby Holik.........New Jersey Devils....2 year, 1,500,000 per
Mark Recchi.........Detroit Red Wings....1 year, 1,000,000
Teppo Numminen......Buffalo Sabres.......1 year, 2,000,000
Craig Conroy........Columbus Blue Jackets1 year, 1,150,000
Kristian Huselius...San Jose Sharks......5 year, 4,750,000 per
Daymond Langkow.....Calgary Flames.......5 year, 5,100,000 per
Owen Nolan..........Florida Panthers.....1 year, 1,100,000
Ron Hainsey.........Boston Bruins........3 year, 2,800,000 per
Mike Peca...........Buffalo Sabres.......1 year, 1,250,000
Adam Foote..........Colorado Avalanche...2 year, 3,250,000 per
Peter Forsberg......retires
JM Liles............Phoenix Coyotes......4 year, 3,400,000 per
Joe Sakic...........Colorado Avalanche...1 year, 6,000,000
Brad Stuart.........Detroit Red Wings....3 year, 3,350,000 per
Rob Blake...........New York Rangers.....1 year, 5,000,000
Pavol Demitra.......Vancouvner Canucks...3 year, 5,750,000 per
Brian Rolston.......Columbus Blue Jackets3 year, 5,800,000 per
Michael Ryder.......Toronto Maple Leafs..3 year, 2,000,000 per
Ruslan Fedetenko....New York Islanders...2 year, 2,000,000 per
Miroslav Satan......New Jersey Devils....2 year, 3,000,000 per
Sean Avery..........New York Islanders...5 year, 3,750,000 per
Jaromir Jagr........New York Rangers.....1 year, 5,500,000
Martin Straka.......Pittsburgh Penguins..2 year, 2,750,000 per
Brendan Shanahan....Detroit Red Wings....1 year, 2,800,000 + Bonus
Martin Lapointe.....Edmonton Oilers......2 year, 1,200,000 per
Wade Redden.........Edmonton Oilers......4 year, 4,900,000 per
Jason Smith.........Edmonton Oilers......2 year, 2,350,000 per
Radim Vrbata........Toronto Maple Leafs..4 year, 4,000,000 per
Marian Hossa........Boston Bruins........6 year, 7,500,000 per
Brooks Orpik........Pittsburgh Penguins..3 year, 3,000,000 per
Ryan Malone.........Columbus Blue Jackets4 year, 5,000,000 per
Mats Sundin.........Detroit Red Wings....1 year, 7,000,000
Markus Naslund......Atlanta Thrashers....2 year, 3,750,000 per
Sergei Fedorov......Washington Capitals..1 year, 3,000,000
Olaf Kolzig.........Los Angeles Kings....2 year, 3,000,000 per
Cristobal Huet......Washington Capitas...4 year, 5,000,000 per

Hossa to Bruins, closer to reality?

It is all slowly starting to build up to what all Bruins fans want; Marian Hossa in a Bruins jersey shooting pucks dished from Marc Savard.  It is starting to feel like back in '06, when the Bruins signed both Savard and Zdeno Chara.  Everyone knows we need 1 player this offseason, a scorer, ala Marian Hossa.  

Now, with a cap of 56.7 million, the Bruins have just over 7+ million to play with.  That is without Petteri Nokelainen and Dennis Wideman signed.  Nokie will take around 700,000 to sign, and Wideman filed for arbitration, which we will get to later.  Call it 6.9 million pre-Wideman signed.  

Why would Hossa come here?  1) Zdeno Chara.  Hossa was quoted as saying that it would be fun to play with Z again, and you never know what happens.  Hossa and Chara are very close friends, and it would not surprise me to see him want to play with Z.  2) Marc Savard.  I don't know if they were tight, but its a fact Hossa had his best years with Savard dishing him the puck.  Hossa is comfortable with Savard and vice versa.  3) Peter Chiarelli.  Chiarelli was assistant GM in Ottawa while Hossa was there, and Chiarelli is the connection that got us Chara, and PC has had a thing about ex-Ottawa guys (Schaefer, Hnidy, Chara), so Hossa only makes sense.  4) The guy.  A reason why Hossa may not want to be in Pittsburgh is the fact he wants to be the guy or one of the top guys, and with Pittsburgh, there is Malkin, Crosby, Fluery, even Gonchar, and then him.  In Boston, it would be him and Z as the big guns.  

Peter Chiarelli admitted, his team wants to make a splash.  Aside from Hossa and Campbell, name me a guy who makes a splash.  No one really.  Campbell is unlikely to sign here as we have enough defenders as is.  You seeing my point?  

Now comes todays news.  Wideman filed for arbitration.  On the surface, not a big deal, but dig in.  Because Wideman filed for arbitration, Glen Murray does NOT have to be bought out by June 30th, rather 2 days following the arbitrary hearing, so therefore, Chiarelli can gauge the market on Hossa, spend 8 million or whatever, go over the cap by 10%, up to 62.7ish and then dump salary after.  By this move, Chiarelli can guarantee he will be able to shed salary even if a deal can't be worked.  Had Chiarelli decided to go over the cap by 10% and not have Murray's contract be "buyoutable", then he would have no guarantee of shedding salary and would possibly be forced to move pieces he does not want to.

Maybe I am being to Hossa-focused, but it seems like everything is lining up for this signing to happen.

Wideman files for arbitration

As I said earlier, Wideman could opt for arbitration and he has done so.  This is great news for some reasons....

1) Bruins did not want to commit big money to Wideman after only 1 year, so it is unlikely he will get 3+ million this season.

2) Buyouts.  Now Glen Murray or anyone else DOES NOT need to be bought out by June 30th, but rather 2 days after the arbitrary hearing.  The Bruins now can shop, and see what money is out for Hossa and co. and then sign them, then buyout Muzz later.  This could be why Chiarelli has not signed Wideman yet, because for all we know, contrary to my point 1, the Bruins have a deal in place for Wideman after the UFA market settles.

Salary Cap

Salary cap is 56.7 million, with the floor at 40.1

Straka to Czech Republic

Not one of the elite free agents, but definitely somehow who could help your team.  Martin Straka has called it quits on the NHL, agreeing to a deal with a Czech team in his native country.  He was a great winger, with a career high of 95 points in 2000-2001.  He wasn't expected to sign with the Rangers, but was rumored to have interest from Pittsburgh, Montreal and others.

UPDATE:  It seems those reports were premature, and Straka is going to test the waters July 1st.

Wideman could go to arbitration

The Bruins could end up going to arbitration with Dennis Wideman after all.  It seems the Bruins are unwilling to give Shea Weber money (3.5) for only 1 year of good hockey.  While the Bruins would like to sign him long term, they seem to want it to be under 3 million.  

With only a 600k cap hit last year, in arbitration, Wideman could get around 1.75 million.  If Wideman plays one more year of hockey like last, he could then see the money.

While it isn't the best idea to go to arbitration, in this instance, I would not give Wideman 3+ for 1 good year of hockey.   We've seen how deals like that backfire.

Money in then money out?

According to Peter Chiarelli's comments, the Boston Bruins could indeed pull a New Jerseyesque move to the cap.  He said:
“I’m going to have to be in position to do it, if I’m going to get the player or players that I want,” Chiarelli said in a conference call yesterday. “I have to at least set the table. In a perfect world, if you want to do it that way, you’d like to move the money first and then get the player, but it doesn’t always happen that way. It may be that you get the player and you move the money at some point in the summer or the season.”

Based on that, the Bruins have the ability to go 10% over the cap, adding a potential 5.7 million in cap space, and then must do down by the end of September.  The only issue is, if there are NO takers for Muzzy, then you cannot buy him out, but you could still demote him.  It could be Chiarelli has some deals in place depending on what happens in the UFA period, and thus the Bruins could sign Hossa or Campbell, go over the cap and then deal guys like Schaefer, Alberts, Murray, Fernandez...etc.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bruins, Campbell speaking?

According to TSN, the Boston Bruins have been granted permission to speak with Campbell.  He has wanted to stay East for some reason.

Matt's Take: I don't get why you would pay 6.5-7.5 million for Campbell when you need scoring.  If they go after a high priced UFA, Hossa makes much more sense than Campbell.

Chiarelli Wants to Make a Splash

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli announced today that this team would like to make a big splash.  He admitted that he is trying to move some contracts, such as Manny Fernandez, Glen Murray, Peter Schaefer, PJ Axlesson and Phil Kessel.  It seems unlikely Chiarelli would move Kessel, since he did not want to trade him at the deadline.  

Matt's take: Well, there you go folks.  Murray is all but gone, and it seems he will buy him out if no dean can be done in the next few days.  I doubt Kessel is traded unless it is for an impact player.  July 1st will be interesting I'll tell you that.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Glen Murray, What to do?

Glen Murray, aka Muzzy, what do we do?  Well, we can do several things...

  1. Trade Murray 
  2. Buyout Murray with a cap cost of 1.88 over 2 years. (2/3 his salary at twice the length).
  3. Demote Muzzy to minors with salary of 4.15 million but no cap charge.
He is a good goal scorer still, but his legs are gone and his shot with them.  He is no longer a 30 goal scorer, which I thought he could be last year, and is more of a 20 guy at max and is injury prone.  

I would try to trade him, but not bad contract for bad contract, since Murray has only 1 year left.  If no deal can be reached, then it becomes hard.  Do you demote him and eat the entire salary, or buy him out at 2/3 his deal.  Because Glen has done so much for this team, I think it is unfair to demote him and have him rot in the AHL when he could sign a lesser deal elsewhere, but at the same time that 1.88 cap hit in the next 2 years could become annoying, and by demoting him, you save yourself some room.  Personally, as long as he isn't taking a 4.15 million cap hit next year, I don't care what goes on.

What do you want to do with Murray ?

Bruins acquire Johnny Boychuk

The Bruins announced today they they have traded F Matt Hendricks to the Colorado Avalanche for D Johnny Boychuk.

The 6-2, 225 pound Boychuk spent the majority of the 2007-08 season with Colorado's minor league affiliate, Lake Erie of the American Hockey League, where he posted 8-18-26 totals in 60 games. His 26 points ranked second highest among Erie defensemen and he led all blue-liners on the squad in power play scoring with 17 points.

Boychuk saw action in four games for the Avalanche in 2007-2008, which marked the first NHL appearances of his career.

A year earlier, the 24-year-old Boychuk suited up for the Albany River Rats, also of the AHL, and was the only player on the team to see ice-time in all 80 games during the 2006-07 season. He was second amongst defensemen in scoring with 10 goals and 18 assists for 28 points.

Boychuk was originally drafted in the second round (61st overall) by Colorado in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.

Hendricks appeared in 67 regular season games for the Providence Bruins in 2007-08 and tallied career highs in assists (30), points (52) and penalty minutes (121). He also skated in 10 playoff contests for the P-Bruins, scoring 0-3-3 totals with 6 PIM. He signed with Boston on July 9, 2007 as a free agent after originally being drafted by the Nashville Predators in the fifth round (131st overall) in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft.
This is the 2nd Bruins move today, and it seems they are shaping up for some more player movement this week.  Boychuk looks like a offensively minded defenseman who can man the PP.  Hendricks was nothing more than a career minor leaguer.  

Stuart signed, 2 years, 2.6 million

The Bruins signed D Mark Stuart to a 2 year deal worth 2.6 million, 1.3 cap hit for the next two seasons.   The salaries are 1.1 million for this season and 1.5 for next.  Similar to Alberts deal last year.  Stuart's cap hit will go down from 1.58 it was last year, so that gives us so more room to work with.  Stuart will be a UFA at the end of the deal.

Mark Stuart signed to a multi-year extension

The Bruins just announced they have signed RFA D Mark Stuart to a multi-year deal.

More details to come...

Bruinsrumors updates

I did a much needed update to the sidebar, adding top 10 prospects, as well as the draft, and updated salaries.  There are new poll questions down below as well.  If there are any ideas you guys have for the site, let me know.

ALSO!  Remember, UFA Chat live @ 11 AM EST July 1st, I moved it back 30 min.  Join us there, it'll be a hell of a time.

Sundin to Habs, not so fast

According to various reports, C Mats Sundin of the Toronto Maple Leafs may not being going to play for the red white and blue in Canada, but rather the red, white and blue in New York.  

There are contradicting reports out that Habs GM Bob Gainey will not fly to Sweden to talk to the all-star center.  Instead, Sundin will wait out until July 1st or after to sign a deal.

According to TSN, the New York Rangers appear to be his more desired team than the Montreal Canadiens.  The Rags are in need for some forwards after letting go Brendan Shanahan, Martin Straka and possibly Jaromir Jagr.  

Matt's Take: I bet Sundin ends up in Detroit.  They have a good amount of cap space, and Detroit is right near Toronto.  Also, the Red Wings are cup contenders and that is what Sundin is after.  I don't see his going to the rival Habs as a icon of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Draft Trades Review

The Philadelphia Flyers acquire D Steve Eminger from the Washington Capitals for a 1st and 3rd round pick.  
I am not so sure I like this deal for Philly.  They gave up a first rounder when that was getting players such as Tanguay and Cammalleri for a guy who played only 20 games and was a healthy scratch down the stretch.  Eminger is only 24 and is a solid defenseman, but I think Philly gave up way too much.

The Toronto Maple Leafs acquire Jamal Myers from the St. Louis Blues for a 3rd round pick. 
Nice move by the Leafs.  Myers is a solid depth player who can give good 3rd-4th line minutes.  

The Minnesota Wild acquire Marc-Andre Bergeron from the Anaheim Ducks for a 3rd round pick.  
I love this move.  Bergeron is of the most under-rated offensive defenseman in the league, he is young and is cheap.  He has been bounced around a few teams since being with Edmonton, but if one team will stick with him, they will be happy with his production.  The price was cheap and it is a win win for both teams, Anaheim shedding cap space and Minnesota picking up some defensive help.

The Columbus Blue Jackets acquire R.J. Umberger and a 5th round pick for a 1st and 3rd round pick.  
I don't get why Philly dumped him, he had 50 points and a great playoffs.  He helped that offense out and was a 20 goal scorer in his rookie season.  He is only in his 3rd seasons and is blossoming into a solid player.  Columbus got a good deal in acquiring a potential 25 goal scorer to go along Rick Nash and Nikolai Zherdev.

The Phoenix Coyotes acquire Olli Jokinen from the Florida Panthers for Keith Ballard, Nick Boynton and a 2nd round pick.  
An awful deal by Florida.  They could have gotten more at the trading deadline and probably more this offseason.  Jokinen has 1 year left on his deal, so Florida had to deal him, but the management is awful, letting both Luongo and Jokinen go with little return.  Boynton is a bum, and could've been had for nothing off waivers last year.  The 2nd round pick is just that, a pick.  Ballard is a solid young defenseman, but he is now Bouwmeester, and isn't a top notch stud defenseman in the making.  But, at the same time, if Phoenix does not re-sign Jokinen to an extension and loses him next year, I don't know why they would trade for him in the 1st place.

The Montreal Canadiens acquire Alex Tanguay from the Calgary Flames for a 1st round pick.
I like this move, but I also don't.  5 million for a guy who has yet to crack 30 goals, but yet is an 80 point winger.  You see my point.  Tanguay is a talented guy, but he is not the goal scorer some people believe he is.  He is more of a playmaking winger, and I think Habs fans will be a bit disappointed at times when he isn't scoring goals.  His contract also likely takes them out of the Hossa sweepstakes.

The Calgary Flames acquire Mike Cammalleri from the Los Angeles Kings for a 1st and 2nd round pick.  The Los Angeles Kings acquire a 1st round pick from Anaheim for a 1st and 2nd round pick.  
A great deal by Calgary.  Cammalleri is a young scoring playmaker.  He is one of the top youngsters in the game.  He has an affordable contract this season and will do wonders with Iginla.  Why did LA dump him is what I want to know.  They had a nice young core with Kopitar and Cammalleri.  I know Cammalleri had attitude issues, but I wouldn't dump him after a subpar injury prone year.  

Bruins Draft Review

Here is my draft review for the Bruins.

1st round (16th overall)- A pick they could have traded for a proven forward, they selected C Joe Colborne.  Colborne has been compared to as Joe Thornton, and by many scouts is considered a miss or hit prospect.  Colborne is expected to return to his team this season and won't be competing for a job until the 2010 or 2011 season.  Colborne was not the fan favorite pick, many hoping they would go for defense.  My opinion is, with the lack of scoring on the team and the log jam at prospects who could crack the big club, the Bruins took a chance on a guy in 3-5 years could be a world-class talent.  

2nd round (47th overall)- The Bruins chose another center, Maxime Sauve.  Sauve is a long term project who could become a solid center.  Sauve is a smooth skater and has good stick work.  

3rd round (77th overall)- The Bruins selected G Michael Hutchinson.  A goalie for the future.  With Rask, Sigalet as the only two youngsters in the system, the Bruins added another one.  Hutchinson played well for the Barrie Colts of the OHL and stepped up his game in the playoffs, with a .941 save percentage.  

4th round (97th overall)- The Bruins traded their 4th and 5th round pick to Columbus to draft C Jamie Arniel.  I am telling you, in 6 years Arniel will be a fan favorite.  This guy is a Bruin.  He was ranked highly by the Bruins, which is why they traded up to get him.  

6th round (173rd overall)- The Bruins selected C Nicholas Tremblay.  He is offensively gifted, scoring 110 points, 51 goals and 59 assists in 51 games in the QJAHL.  Again, he is another long term prospect.

7th round (197th overall)- The Bruins selected C Mark Goggin.  He is a high school kid going to Dartmouth.  He is a long term project, and it remains to be seen what his skills really are.

Overall, the Bruins did not draft one defenseman, but don't be worried, they have plenty of young defensemen in Lashoff, Stuart, McQuaid, Wideman, and Alberts.  No need to draft them this year.  And for all the centers, many of these guys will end up wingers.  Many prospects come out as centers, but eventually switch positions.  The Bruins have a lot of long term projects in this draft, no one who immediately can help the team, but they also got Blake Wheeler, who was a 5th overall choice a few years back. My overall draft grade is a B for the Bruins.

Who do you want?

If you could pick 1 combo of players to sign (1 forward, 1 defenseman), who would it be?

FORWARDS: Hossa, Vrbata, Avery, Shanahan, Huselius, or Malone
DEFENSEMAN: Hainsey, Liles, Redden, Campbell, or Blake

I'd go with Hossa and Hainsey

Bruins Dream Offseason

Here we go!!!

Place RW Glen Murray on waivers, then if cleared, send him to the Providence Bruins of the AHL.

Sign RW Marian Hossa to a 7 year deal worth 52 million with breakdown of 10, 9, 8, 8, 7, 5, 5 and AAV of 7.43 million.

Sign D J-M Liles to a 3 year deal worth 9 million.

Trade Peter Schaefer to the Edmonton Oilers for a 2nd round pick.

Trade Andrew Alberts to Columbus for a 3rd round pick.

Sign LW Ladislav Nagy to a 2 year, 5 million dollar deal.







Now, I know the cap is supposed to go 57+ so, I am playing it tight, but I can dream can't I?

EDIT:  Now after thinking about it, I'd ditch Liles and sign Hainsey @ 3.75 per for 4 years and ditch Nagy as well, hoping a guy from Providence steps up or Wheeler.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bruins will sign Hossa and here is why

Okay folks, Hossa is not going to resign with Pittsburgh according to reports.  No surprise, since Pit has to sign Malkin and co.  Who is going to sign Hossa?

Not Montreal after acquiring Alex Tanguay, they will likely focus on some defensive help.  So, Pittsburgh and Montreal, two of the main competitors for Hossa are out.  

If you are Hossa, who is the most attractive team?  Boston.  You have your former linemate in Marc Savard who gave him career numbers, former leader and friend Zdeno Chara and former assistant GM Peter Chiarelli.  Hossa has said he would like to play with Z again.

Don't give me, "we can't afford him."  We can, with the cap going to 57+ million, esp. if we buyout Muzz.  

Look, a deal of 7 years @ AAV of 7.75 could get it done IMO.

Unless Hossa gets 8+ from a team like Vancouver or the Rags, there is a VERY good chance he lands in  Boston.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bruins select Maxime Sauve 2nd round

And ANOTHER center.  

Live UFA CHAT starting at 11:30 am EST July 1st

NOTE:  Live chat at 11:30 July 1st, so we can all talk about the lastest moves live.  Join, it'll be a fun time.

Bruins offseason preview

What will be in store for this offseason?  The Bruins had a fairly bad offseason last year, failing to land any notable names, (Metropolit, Nokelainen, Schaefer, Fenandez).  But, they did surpass all expectations, finishing a close 8th in the conference, within 6 points of the 4th seed, and with over 90 points.  This team did it with injuries to Bergeron (entire season), Kobasew (large chunk), Ward for stretches, Muzzy for a lot of the time, Fernandez (entire season), Alberts (half the season) and a few more  So, this team figured out a few things.  It played good defense, and lacked offense, and I mean LACKED it.  They couldn't win if they let up 2-3 goals.  Rarely did this team have an offensive showing.  

So the Bruins will add Bergeron as a 70 point guy hopefully.  This is a guy who missed the entire season, and will be like a free agent signing.   Manny Fernandez will also be able to solidify himself in goal.  Alberts should help on the defensive end and hopefully this team will be more healthy.

The Bruins need offense, and that is their target this offseason along with a puck moving defenseman.  The Prize: Marian Hossa.  
This is it.  He is the only offensive guy in the market who can make a change on the offense.  7 years at 7.5-8 per.  This guy is an elite winger, something the Bruins haven't had in a decade since Neely.   How is a 50 goal scorer sound?

It is meant to be.  Montreal is out of the running after acquiring Tanguay, and Pittsburgh, as much as they want Hossa, can't afford him with Malkin and Staal to be signed, and don't forget Andre-Fleury.  Hossa, best seasons with Savard.  One of his best friends, Chara.  Knows, Chiarelli.  You seeing what I am seeing?  

Also, on the defensive side, a guy like Redden, Hainsey, or Campbell would be huge.  But they have Chara, Ward, Wideman, Ference, Stuart, Lashoff, Alberts at the D, so moving one or two would be a good idea in a trade.  

This should be an interesting offseason, where the Bruins do not really lose any names, but they must get some offense.  After failing to acquire talent in the draft via trade, the chances of landing the big fish in Marian Hossa is there.  With the cap over 57 million, buying out Muzzy should not be a must.

CAP SPACE.....13,472,000
RFA TOTAL......5,000,000
UFA SPACE......8,472,000

So, we have 8+ million to play with.  Could be a lot more if Muzzy is gone or other guys.

Ok, chill out about all the centers

I know many Bruins fans are upset over the fact we have about 100459325543 and 2/3 centers in the farm system.  

Sobotka, Krejci, Hamill, Kessel, Soderberg, Nokie, Colborne and more.

Well, people, they can move to wing.  Everyone has a vision that they will all be centers.  You can slot many centers to a wing.  The only centers in the league that must play center are guys who dish the puck like Savard or Thornton.  Remember Kessel?  Center. Wait, now he is a winger.  Just because these guys come out of college as centers does not mean they will be in the NHL.  Also, NHL prospects are hard to tell if they will become of anything.  How many NHL busts are there?  Too many to count.  The Bruins are just loading up the farm while also trying to put together a good team on the ice now.  If this team adds a Hossa, it could contend in the East.  

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bruins draft Colborne...but

Joe Thornton, I mean Colborne was drated 16th overall by the Bruins tonight.  He is compared to old pal Joe Thornton, but scouts say he is either a home run or a miss, but more on him later.  Anyone else somewhat disappointed the Bruins didn't pull off a deal?

Jokinen to PHX for nothing, Cammallari for the 17th pick, Tanguay to MTL (nooo!) for the 25th pick AND MTL is talking to Sundin as of now...

The Bruins could have shipped the #16 pick for a top 6 forward, or even traded Wideman, Alberts and a 2nd for Jokinen.  I mean PHX sent Ballard (who?), Boynton (sucks) and the 49th pick (who gives a shit).  So, in all, Florida is now officially the worst GM team ever, following the Bruins with MOC.

BUT, I am also not ready to jump to conclusions...Montreal will not sign Hossa (thank god), and maybe we will, since it is rumored to be a two teamed race between Boston and Montreal and Pittsburgh if they have a chance.

I am just a tad mad that we had a chance to add a top 6 forward for a 1st rounder and did not. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back, so what happened to the Bruins?

Yeah its been a few months, but hey I am back after a while away from the blog.  So what happened in those few months?  Celtics are 1 win way from another championship and o yeah, the Bruins made some moves...

Resigned Chuck Kobasew to a 3 year deal worth 7 million dollars.  Another great signing, which will hopefully in a few years he will be underpaid.  Kobasew scored 20+ goals this year in an injury plagued season to some degree.  If he can stay healthy, he showed us he could score 30 goals.  Kobasew has a knack for the net and is a gritty forward.  I thought he could have gotten more, but injuries may have brought down his price.  

Resigned Aaron Ward to a 2 year deal wort 5 million dollars.  A great move.  We all wanted Ward back, whether it was a 1 or 2 year deal.  Most people thought Ward would get 3 million or possibly a little bit more, but by adding a 2nd guaranteed year, the Bruins were able to dilute the cap hit to 2.5 million from his 2.75 previous seasons salary.  Ward will anchor this relatively young defensive corp and hopefully pot a few gamewinning goals like last year.

Traded Jonathan Sigalet to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Matt Marquardt.  Sigalet was a promising defenseman in Providence, but he would have had to wait a while to play up here, and defense isn't an issue for us.  Marquardt is a huge forward with some offensive upside.  It remains to be seen if he plays for the big club next year, but it was a fair trade for both teams.

Announced Blake Wheeler will sign with the team.  Probably the most exciting news in a long time.  Wheeler, the former Gopher and 5th overall pick of the Coyotes, will likely sign a 2 year deal with the Bruins on July 1st.   Wheeler is a very talented player who can score.  It isn't known if he will play with the team this year, but either way he adds scoring to this team which we need.  More importantly, it shows players want to play here.  Wheeler could have picked any 30 NHL teams, but chose Boston because of the promising youth we have.  After missing out on Fabian Brunnstrom, Wheeler is a nice compensation.  

Finally some Bruins news...

Former University of Minnesota star Blake Wheeler, will sign with the Boston Bruins, after July 1st. Wheeler who was drafted by Phoenix (1st round, 5th overall in 04), turned down a contact in the spring. Rumor has it that 25 teams made a call to Boston based agent, Matt Keator. Keator said it came down to four teams, Boston, New York Rangers, Minnesota, and New Jersey.

The max the Bruins can sign him for is a two-year deal at $875,000 per year, though bonuses can be added in.

This helps the Bruins who are thin on the right side with; Phil Kessel, Chuck Kobasew, and Glenn Murray. This move could mean the end of the road for Murray.

The Penguins offer salary arbitration to goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

It's that time of the year, where the Sens are looking to deal Ray Emery. Chicago could be a possible buyer. However, that would be a bad move in my book as Emery is not the best person in the locker room. Espcially since your best players are young like Towes and Kane. Also look for St. Louis to be in the mix for Emery.

Nashville sign a young d-man Ryan Suter, to a 4 year $14 million deal.

Atlanta gives Johan Hedberg a 2 year deal.

Also look for Tampa Bay to buy out Marc Denis.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So what happens after you win a Stanley Cup? If your the Detriot Redwings you give your head coach Mike Babcock a 3 year contact and well deserved. You also have Chris Chelios dropping the Stanley Cup and denting it at one of his own resturants. Chelios at age 450 wants to come back for another year along with Darren McCarty, and former Bruin Brad Staurt who becomes a UFA. However you wont have Dallas Drake or Dominik Hasek back, who are both heading to retirement. Hasek's departure will make way for Jimmy Howard who played his college hockey at UMaine and dominated up in Oreno. Hasek will retire with 6 Vezina's, 2 William Jenings, 2 Lester B Pearson's, 2 Hart's, and two Stanley Cups. Hasek is a shoe-in for the HOF.

Trevor Linden the long time Canuck will retire after 19 seasons, playing 16 of them with Vancouver. Linden was the long time captian and wore the C when they last made their Stanley Cup run to the finals, losing to Mark Messier and the New York Rangers.

It is offical Ron Wilson takes over in Toronto, good luck with that Ron.

Marc Crawford is out in LA, after being tied for the worst record in the NHL this past season.

A few minor deals were made Marc-Andre Bergeron got dealt to the Wild from the Ducks for a 3rd round pick.

The Averlanche pick up Marty Serkch from the Stars. Serkch played for Dallas' AHL team Iowa and had 27 goals and 25 assists. The former Hobey Baker winner with Collorado College in 04-05 lead the country in scoring with 64 points. The Stars get a future pick in 09.

Vancouver is looking to deal the 10th overall pick. Also Marcus Nasland could retire.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Coaching moves

According to TSN the Maple Leafs offered the head coaching job to Ron Wilson. Next step for the Leafs is Mats Sundin, what are they going to do with him?

John Tortorella was fired yesterday by Tampa Bay. I don't see him being out of a job for long. Also this could open up Barry Melrose to Tampa Bay.

The Flyers Sami Kapanen will no longer be playing in the US. However he will continue to play for the team he owns in Finland, KalPa.

Florida Panters Captian Olli Jokinen will probally be moved before opening night. Teams that want Olli the most are Flames, Sharks, Canucks. I have a feeling he will be a heafty price. I would like to see the Bruins make a push for him. I think he would fit in here. The Bruins have a handful of young players that could make the deal.

Also look for Paul Maurice to be one of the top canidates for the Panthers job.

The Sharks are dangling Patrick Marleau. The Sharks have until July 1st to make a deal, after July 1st he has a no-trade clause that will kick into his contract. The target right now is the Columbus Blue Jackets who need someone to help out Rick Nash. Right now the Sharks want a first round pick and Columbus holds the 6th overall pick.

Look for the usuall high bidders to go after Brian Campbell. Look for Philly and the Rangers to go after him hard. But with his best friend on the Sharks, Joe Thornton look for him to return to San Jose.

With Gary Bettman getting a lot of heat over the whole tv contract (Turning down $30 million after the strike with ESPN becasue he wanted $40 million and ended up getting $30 from Versus and several cable companies don't carry Versus). The ESPN thing has come up again, people are suggesting that the NHL does ESPN a favor and has ESPN cover games so that it gets more airtime on SportsCenter to create more people intrested in hockey. Look for them to basically give ESPN a deal for little money for one year, which is what Bettman is against.

Expansion: Bettman is feeling pressure from a lot of people to go into Canada if they go to expansion. Paul Kelley a former Boston Lawyer, who is currently the executive director of the NHL Players Association said, "I think it would be a huge error not to relocate one of the existing franchises to Hamilton or Winnipeg," Kelley also mentioned that they should not blackball Jim Balsillie who continues to try to buy teams and move them into the Hamilton, ONT area. Balsillie has tried to buy the Penguins and Predators.

Game 5 of the Stanley Cup was the highest rated Stanley cup game since game 5 of the 2002 finals. "The Pittsburgh Penguins’ 4-3 win to avoid elimination against the Detroit Red Wings earned a 4.3 overnight rating and an 8 share on NBC. That’s a 79 percent increase over last year’s 2.4 for Game 5 between Anaheim and Ottawa." According to Yahoo.

Finally its game 6 of the cup, in Pittsburgh, who do you got? I am goingto go with the Redwings tonight. Is Malkin going to show up tonight?

Sources: TFP, Yahoo
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