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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why Murray has not been waived/bought out yet

What the $%#^!  Bertuzzi just bought out, why isn't Murray.  OMG!!!

Okay, calm down people, there is a reason why Glen Murray isn't on waivers...yet.  As much as we all wish Murray was gone right now, he still has some value to the team.  This is a guy 2 seasons ago scored 28 goals in just under 60 games.  So, we can either say last year was just a bad year and he is a 30 goal scorer, or he is done.  You tell me.  But, that is the reason why he is still on the team, he isn't going to drop off the face of the Earth ala Jim Rice...hopefully.  Since Wideman is going to arbitration, there is no rush to let him go now.  They can gauge the free agent market, make a run at Campbell/Hossa and some other guys, and then if necessary cut Murray loose.  They could also demote him, which is why they haven't bought him out.  Maybe the Bruins brass knows something we don't (like that is possible).  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the Bruins found a team interested in trading for him? Like that could happen

8:36 PM  

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