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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Soderberg to return to Sweden if he doesn't make squad

In somewhat of old news, reports are that prospect Carl Soderberg, acquired from St. Louis for Hannu Toivonen, will play with Malmo of Sweden if he does not make the Bruins.  He'd rather play in Sweden than the AHL for Providence.

It seems we could have Sergei Zinojev part II if Soderberg does not come to Boston.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my trade: Bruins send Phil Kessel and Dennis Wideman to Florida for Jay Bouwmeester and a 2nd round pick or a prospect....

8:21 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

At best he would be a 3rd line center unless they convert him to wing. If he does not make the team, seeya! Don't want anyone on my team that does not want to play here.

8:49 PM  
Anonymous b'sfan8 said...

Put yourselves in the shoes of European hockey players for a moment. You get cut from the team and sent to the minors. You can a) play in the minors for $70,000 and ride a bus and playe 70some games or b)you play close to home make close to $1million and playe 50some games. To me its a no-brainer and I will never hold it against a young man for making the decision to play at home for more money. Career-wise I don't think its the best move, but like I said I won't hold it against him.

9:47 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

And I don't want him here if he does not want to play here. I am not in his shoes and want a winning team so he has to prove himself of GTFO. Put your money where your mouth is.

10:13 PM  
Anonymous vince m said...

If he does not want to be here then I have one word to say.


He is no Ovechkin or Malkin, if he can't make the team this year he should play in the AHL for a year. Pay your dues. Or is your mommy calling you home

vince m

10:56 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Lotsa Euros dont know what it means for a chance to play for the Stanley Cup. Thats why there is nothing better than a highly motivated canadian.

They will skate through a wall for a chance at it.

10:57 PM  
Blogger beantown said...

No he is not like Malkin but if you pair him up with Kreijc and Kessel and some other pieces you may be able to get Malkin. Who then can play on the wing next to Savy. But I don't think he is implying he doesn't want to play here it is more so a dispute over what level he plays. If he rather play in Sweden over the AHL so be it. If I were Chia I would trade him for Malkin... Add some real scoring. Hossa for 3-4 years but pay him for 5-7 years or get and sign Malkin for 5-7 years at which point he will still only be 27-28... Chia go ahead do a cannon ball make your big splash but make the right one.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Trade him for Malkin? OK... but your forgetting something, why would Pitt trade Malkin for Soderberg? "Getting and signing" make it seem like a walk in the park! Its just not going to happen in the next 5 years...we dont even have players the Pens need. There is probably a better chance of Joe T coming back to Boston before you will ever see Malkin wearinga Bruins jersey.

I dont quite understand what you are suggesting about say sign him to 3-4 years, but pay him for 5-7 years...?

Not trying to rip on you Beantown, your just not making sense or your typing too fast...

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A players skills can improve just as well in Sweden as they can in the A.

7:25 AM  
Blogger beantown said...

jefe77, what I meant to say was you are going to get 3-4 years out of him production wise and pay him for 5-7 years at a cap hit of at least 8 mil. Sorry about the mishap, I was trying to make the point that getting Malkin would be better even if it meant giving up some of those young assets we have. There were rumors of Malkin to Boston the day of the Draft but then again I read that in the Herald. I think that if Chia went to Pitt with a solid offering of players and picks Pitt might take it. Oh and it wasn't Soderberg for Malkin straight up... I believe I said in the first line pairing him up with some other young guys and picks might get it done. It is not easy but as you are a fellow Boston fan, we have dreams and visions of how good this team can be... Just need a goal scorer like Hossa, Gaborik, Malkin, etc... But I would rather Malkin over the other 2 for age, production, and injury history.

8:16 AM  
Blogger beantown said...

HERE is analysis of Malkin's Talent Analysis:
Skating: A technically sound skater... great balance and lateral movement......very good top speed...above average acceleration... needs to further improve his first step and his aggressiveness.
Shot: Possesses a great slap shot, precise with a lot of power and a quick release...possesses a very dangerous wrist shot. Technical
Ability: Has soft hands...a capable puck handler...a very good stick handler with excellent control.
Faceoffs: Above average at the face off circle, but needs to gain power to further improve his technique, as he struggles to win faceoffs in the Super League against stronger veteran professionals.
Pass: An superb passer with excellent poise and timing...capable of making quick, precise passes over long distances...also great at making no-look passes...possesses a one unique and very effective move, in which he leaves the puck behind for another player, while remaining in motion, doing it so deceptively that the opposition often continues to concentrate on him for several seconds.
Hockey Sense: A very mature player...very calm, and strong mentally...possesses great vision of the ice...has a great awareness of his line mates, anticipating where they are going to be and making great, sometimes blind passes.
Defensive Play: Very responsible in his own zone, with great awareness...uses his slap shot more often then his wrist shot because he often remains closer to the blue line to make sure the defensive zone is covered in the case of a rush the other way...a very good skater backwards...reads the plays very well, intercepting passes, lifting a player’s stick at the right moment...can make a great first pass out of the defensive zone.
Physical Play: Isn’t naturally a physical player, preferring more of a European, technical style of hockey...can take physical punishment very well, even at the Super League level...great awareness under pressure and is very hard to knock off the puck

9:38 AM  
Blogger beantown said...

That is back from when he was drafted compliments of

9:39 AM  
Anonymous bennyjo30 said...

That doesnt cover his character/attitude did you watch the stanley cup finals? Malkin basically stopped trying because the wings were hitting him and not allowing him time or space with the puck. Rumor has it that he is not exactly the best character guy in the locker room, he gets too down on himself and his teammates. Bruins would give up way too much to get him and we probably dont even have a reasonable package for Ray Shero to consider shipping Malkin to Boston for. Plus he's admitted to be willing to accept less than market value to stay in Pittsburgh.

5:51 PM  

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