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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wideman files for arbitration

As I said earlier, Wideman could opt for arbitration and he has done so.  This is great news for some reasons....

1) Bruins did not want to commit big money to Wideman after only 1 year, so it is unlikely he will get 3+ million this season.

2) Buyouts.  Now Glen Murray or anyone else DOES NOT need to be bought out by June 30th, but rather 2 days after the arbitrary hearing.  The Bruins now can shop, and see what money is out for Hossa and co. and then sign them, then buyout Muzz later.  This could be why Chiarelli has not signed Wideman yet, because for all we know, contrary to my point 1, the Bruins have a deal in place for Wideman after the UFA market settles.


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