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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hossa to Bruins, closer to reality?

It is all slowly starting to build up to what all Bruins fans want; Marian Hossa in a Bruins jersey shooting pucks dished from Marc Savard.  It is starting to feel like back in '06, when the Bruins signed both Savard and Zdeno Chara.  Everyone knows we need 1 player this offseason, a scorer, ala Marian Hossa.  

Now, with a cap of 56.7 million, the Bruins have just over 7+ million to play with.  That is without Petteri Nokelainen and Dennis Wideman signed.  Nokie will take around 700,000 to sign, and Wideman filed for arbitration, which we will get to later.  Call it 6.9 million pre-Wideman signed.  

Why would Hossa come here?  1) Zdeno Chara.  Hossa was quoted as saying that it would be fun to play with Z again, and you never know what happens.  Hossa and Chara are very close friends, and it would not surprise me to see him want to play with Z.  2) Marc Savard.  I don't know if they were tight, but its a fact Hossa had his best years with Savard dishing him the puck.  Hossa is comfortable with Savard and vice versa.  3) Peter Chiarelli.  Chiarelli was assistant GM in Ottawa while Hossa was there, and Chiarelli is the connection that got us Chara, and PC has had a thing about ex-Ottawa guys (Schaefer, Hnidy, Chara), so Hossa only makes sense.  4) The guy.  A reason why Hossa may not want to be in Pittsburgh is the fact he wants to be the guy or one of the top guys, and with Pittsburgh, there is Malkin, Crosby, Fluery, even Gonchar, and then him.  In Boston, it would be him and Z as the big guns.  

Peter Chiarelli admitted, his team wants to make a splash.  Aside from Hossa and Campbell, name me a guy who makes a splash.  No one really.  Campbell is unlikely to sign here as we have enough defenders as is.  You seeing my point?  

Now comes todays news.  Wideman filed for arbitration.  On the surface, not a big deal, but dig in.  Because Wideman filed for arbitration, Glen Murray does NOT have to be bought out by June 30th, rather 2 days following the arbitrary hearing, so therefore, Chiarelli can gauge the market on Hossa, spend 8 million or whatever, go over the cap by 10%, up to 62.7ish and then dump salary after.  By this move, Chiarelli can guarantee he will be able to shed salary even if a deal can't be worked.  Had Chiarelli decided to go over the cap by 10% and not have Murray's contract be "buyoutable", then he would have no guarantee of shedding salary and would possibly be forced to move pieces he does not want to.

Maybe I am being to Hossa-focused, but it seems like everything is lining up for this signing to happen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every point you made is exactly why you will see Hossa a Bruin on July 1

7:59 PM  
Anonymous DS said...

I still think it will be 2 players from Ottawa Hossa and (you guessed it) Redden. This can happen with the right moves. Go B's go

8:11 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

Holy crap... Make it happen.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Theres nothing wrong with wishfull thinking, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

9:04 PM  
Anonymous bennyjo30 said...

Great analysis I've been checking this site multiple times a day because #1 I'm a huge bruins fan and #2 the writers on this site provide updated news and from what I've seen so far accurate predictions hopefully Matt hit the nail on the head here and Hossa will slide right into #18 for the black and gold!

9:33 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Thanks Ben, I took some time off, but I've tried to update it as most as I can lately.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous bennyjo30 said...

Sounds fine to me. Right in time for the feeding frenzy that is free agency. I'd consider taking more time off after that first week if i was you lol. Traffic will probably decrease anyway, but great work nonetheless!

5:55 PM  

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