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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finally some Bruins news...

Former University of Minnesota star Blake Wheeler, will sign with the Boston Bruins, after July 1st. Wheeler who was drafted by Phoenix (1st round, 5th overall in 04), turned down a contact in the spring. Rumor has it that 25 teams made a call to Boston based agent, Matt Keator. Keator said it came down to four teams, Boston, New York Rangers, Minnesota, and New Jersey.

The max the Bruins can sign him for is a two-year deal at $875,000 per year, though bonuses can be added in.

This helps the Bruins who are thin on the right side with; Phil Kessel, Chuck Kobasew, and Glenn Murray. This move could mean the end of the road for Murray.

The Penguins offer salary arbitration to goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

It's that time of the year, where the Sens are looking to deal Ray Emery. Chicago could be a possible buyer. However, that would be a bad move in my book as Emery is not the best person in the locker room. Espcially since your best players are young like Towes and Kane. Also look for St. Louis to be in the mix for Emery.

Nashville sign a young d-man Ryan Suter, to a 4 year $14 million deal.

Atlanta gives Johan Hedberg a 2 year deal.

Also look for Tampa Bay to buy out Marc Denis.


Anonymous bergie37 said...

think Wheeler is gonna make the team out of training camp or is he providence bound with Hammil? anyone will be an improvement over Muzz...though Chiarelli did a chat on the other day saying the team had a tough choice to make about muzz's future in the coming weeks so hopefully they cut him

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks promising - with the young talent coming in this may be the end of Murray and Kessel. Both of which would not bother me in the least. Package up Kessel with a prospect and thier 7'th pick and move up in the draft - Top three would be nice - there is some blue chip players this year or move them for a proven player who can score.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before you all scream - they have the 16'th pick this year not the 7'th

12:51 PM  
Anonymous bergie37 said...

no way kessel gets traded...he finally woke up during the post season and its going to carry over to the regular season hopefully

7:19 PM  

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