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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More news

According to TJ Oshie is leaving University of North Dakota, signing with the St. Louis Blues. Oshie is considered one of the best all around players in college hockey. Oshie is feared by his physical presents along with his goal scoring ability. Oshie was the Blues first round pick and 24th overall in the 2005 draft. Oshie leaving before his senior year has averaged over a point a game in all three seasons at North Dakota. Before joining the Fighting Souix he played for Souix Falls in the USHL. Oshie is a very exciting forward to watch, in 42 games this year he had 18 goals, 27 assists for 45 points. I look for Oshie to be one of the front runners for rookie of the year this up comming season.

Also as reported in the comments in the last post the Bruins did sign Chuck Kobasew. How nice would it have been to have Kobasew in the Montreal series. If you remember he was out with a broke leg, getting hit by a Chara clapper.

Montreal also signed Ryan White to a three year deal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

walshie...its great that youre posting more often and all...but this is a site about the bruins...not about the blues or the sens or the preds or any of those teams...stick to bruins news...no1 cares about a college player signing with another team honestly

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Walshie, learn to fucking spell. You should be ashamed of yourself.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy50 said...

Ok, really excited that Kobasew is here for couple more years. Young talent that can score and showed a lot more physical play toward the end of the season. Just another grinder added to the B's lineup. We need more guys like that, bergeron, lucic, etc...

Next priorty, Ward (UFA) and Wideman (RFA). Wideman improved by the minutes, young talented and that "puck moving defensmen" Chia likes. Ward could have worn the C if Chara wasn't on the team. Great vet that I would love to have back.

No more Zhamnov on the books, and hopefully no Murray (kinda).


God I can't wait for next season.

6:54 AM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Your killing me. I'm sure you cant wait for next season, to watch Tuuka play and develop more in the AHL, (didnt exactly hold down the fort as he lost 4 straight to the Pirates), and sigh....Manny Fernandez will simply get payed 4.5 to sit on the bench, and or play like a 1.5.

Guess what! Manny sucks when theres competition. Thats not the only time he sucks!

I mean you must be excited about a goalie we pay 4.5 million who has 1 career 30 win season, 3 playoff victories, only 125 wins in 10 NHL seasons (12.5 wins per season average), and a history of succeeding jobs to goalies who arent supposed to be half as good as he is.


I cant wait for next season. To see Thomas ONCE AGAIN, emerge as our starter.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

Auld is F/A. He won't be around if they cannot move Manny. They haven't even approached him about staying yet.

Most likely it's Thomas/Manny. Judging by Chis' comments recently (about Rask) look for him to spend another year at the AHL level.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome news. now trade stone hands. i mean axelsson

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy50 said...

yea Chiarelli traded for Fernandez and took on his contract so he could.....what?

Oh yea be the starter of the Boston Bruins.

Thomas sprawls around and opens his five hole more than anyone in the history of the NHL, even more than Hasek.


7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jimmy just shut the fuck up seriously fernandez SUCKS and always will SUCK lost his job to roloson, backstrom and thomas now...hes overrated and over payed and never has been a solid goalie at the nhl level or any level for that matter youre just another thomas hater so go to a habs site or something you stupid closet hab fan

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy50 said...

ok I never said I was a Thomas hater I applaud the guy for what he did these pass couple season. We won't win the CUP with him. or please tell me you disagree with that.

and good job calling prob the biggest Bruins fan a Habs fan. Been goin to games since 91', went to 7 B's games last year while going to college in NC. Went to 10 this year including games 3 and 6 of the playoffs. Flicked off Canadiens fans on 93 N headin to the games. Will argue with anyone that Cam Neely is the greatest ever to play.

So just because I want some more consistency in Net means Im not a B's fan? Give me a break, FUCK YOU.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Jummiy. Thomas is fucking terrible. While Fernandez is no Evgeni Nabokov, he is leaps and bound better than Thomas. Tim had a knack of letting soft golas go in and let ordinary players look spectacular when he let soft goals in. He single handedly lost game one against Montreal. He gave four goals - the first one he kicked the rebound right to one of the Kostisyn's and let two other goals go fibe-hole. A playoff goaltender cannot play like that. I will give him credit that he settled down as the playoffs went on and even stole game 3 in Bosotn, but he is not a "number 1" golatender. the Bruins will not be successful with Thomas as the goaltender.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Federko said...

I also agree with Jimmy. Thomas is GOOD not but Great and would be the most likely candidate (as goalie) to get traded and get something in return.

As much as it will probably be Thomas/Manny, I (personally) would rather see Auld/Manny this season, trade Thomas for a high draft pick or prospect and use his cash to sign a proven gaol scorer. Next year bring up Rask.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous mook said...

trade thomas to the leafs for pogge. the leafs are in the business of taking our #3 goalie and trading-away their future...(raycrap for raask)

10:24 AM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

No one has any basis to say Manny will be better for the B's.

You all keep saying the same thing about Manny, with no supportive evidence, statistics, performances or any specifics for that matter.

All I hear, is a "the grass is greener on the other side" sentiment echoed over and over.

Manny has 1 30 win season, and 125 wins in 10 seasons.

He has 3 playoff wins coming during Minnesotas run to the Conf finals, when he ONCE AGAIN choked, and lost his job to another lesser goalie.

Manny will not, can not, and never will play good goal if someone is there competing with him for it. Manny needs a team that is desperate, and needs a 1 stop hero.

You all say Tim Thomas wont win us a Cup. I think your all forgetting something, Manny wont either, so who would I rather have in net until Rask is ready? Uhhhhhhh,....the goalie who ACTUALLY wins games, and who ACTUALLY plays games. The goalie that does not over focus on being a starter, just playing like one.

Tell me all you goalie experts how you do your math on an unproven 12.5 win per season goalie.

Oh, and Jimmy you really are the biggest Bruins fan ever because you flip off Montreal fans on the highway and went to 10 games last year while at NC. Whoa. Cam Neely would crap himself. There are Bruins fans here who have been watching the team since you were in diapers. Pretty arrogant statement considering the teams history.

Pissing contest anyone?

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy50 said...

Sorry I was born in the mid 80's let me go back in time and watch the games I missed, then will I be a bigger Bruins fan? And yea at the time living 900+ plus miles from Boston and seeing the B's in 4 different states does say a lot. Obviously you don't know me but I would rather see 1 stanley cup in Boston rather than the 3 SB and the 2 WS and I am a big pats/sox fan.

Unfair to judge Manny based on his current injury. So far you can't criticize Chiarelli for any transactions, moves, or none moves the guy has made. He saw a talented butterfly goaltender that could potentially help this team. Add that to Claude's system and the players used in that system.

We are in for a special era of B's hockey boys no matter who is net. and yes if Thomas does it than he proved me wrong and ill still be the happiest man alive.

but I wish I had a record of how many times I said in my living room "Thomas what the fuck are you thinking, oh my God"

...anyone else had this re-occurence?

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay no need to argue over manny. his contract has him stuck here, deal with it. this team needs to get rid of players like axelsson, murray, and schaeffer and start moving forward with younger players who can skate, arent injury prone, and dont clog up the salary cap hit withtheir useless play or time sitting in the locker room because they get hurt every other game.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

I completely agree with the last post, it is just incredibly annoying that a good deal of Bruins fans dont understand what value Thomas brings vs. Manny. There is a hypothetical theory that Manny will repeat his one good season out of 10. His one 30 win season. Thomas comes at a fraction of the cost, and has already had 2 collectively better seasons than Manny.

Jimmy, ABSOLUTELY it would make you a bigger Bruins fan to watch all those games you missed. Why not? Ive watched a bunch of games before I was born, and I own a ton of pirated tapes of games, fights and highlights. Your talking about games that featured Cam Neely and Ray Bourque, O'Reilly, Middleton amongst others, beating Montreal for the first time in over 40 years, many great games with many great goals and fights. The 80's were almost as entertaining for the NHL as the 70's.

You should at least watch the 88' playoffs. That is Cam Neely's most fond memory as a Bruin; beating Montreal and going to the finals, its the most meaningful season to him and his oft stated best memory as a Bruin.

It was the most glorious thing I have ever witnessed.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous jimmy50 said...

Well my earliest memory was 92' when my Dad took me to Game 4 Round 1 vs. Montreal. We beat them 2-0 and local boy Steve Heinze had both goals to finalize the sweep. In Halftime pizza before the game my Dads friend had a half of a broom in his pant leg and I asked what it was for. Those were the days, but I honestly believe Bergeron, Lucic(next neely), Kobasew, savard(more creative Oates) can bring back those days. We should trade up in this years draft I heard one kid is suppose to be the next Ray Bourque?

If on the depth chart Axelsson was 4th line I would keep him, Schaeffer was a big upgrade from Donovan but unfortunate he didnt show it until the playoffs, and yes Murray is done.

I say sign Ward and Wideman and if not one then none and go after Campbell. Rather have Ward/Wideman.

No Hossa scoring will be back with Bergeron back

God I cant wait!

10:57 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

That's a good first memory, for sure. Having a dad thats a Bruins fan is priceless. Anyways, sorry to shout out my opinions, I tend to do that. But then again, what the hell else is blogging for?

Not sure about this Doughty kid (I assume thats who your talking about), but it wouldnt be fair to him to mention a next Ray Bourque. I firmly believe Rays scoring records will stick for a while, and his flawlessness is something that couldnt be repeated. Maybe Im just biased as Ray Bourque...I cant get started. I could type to no end about Ray....what can I say? Im gay for Ray.

Quick Ray story; I was going to school in Nor-Cal in 2001, and went to SJ about 2 months before Ray won the cup with Colorado. I tried to get his autograph as he left for dinner with Patty Roy. I ran up to Ray, only to have Patrick run in front of me and tell me "come back tomorrow!, I ran past Patrick after arguing with him that I was leaving to play my own tourney, and I had been pining for my long time blank Bourque jersey to be signed.

After waiting 3 hours for him to come back from dinner, Ray denied a bunch of fans with Colorado crap, but signed my Bruins jersey beautifally. When some fuckhead piped up, "hey why wont you sign my Colorado jersey?", Ray told him and 20 other SJ autograph selling nerds, "I only sign jerseys for kids from Boston." Sweet....

3:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



thomas fernandez

I hope this is next years lineup. We could definately finish in the top 4 in the east

4:52 PM  
Blogger beantown said...

Jefe we agree on something Manny won't win us a Cup, but sorry nor will Thomas. Now seeing that I think I was the first to discuss this topic I want to let it be known that my position hasn't change trading Thomas would be better than buying out Manny and prolonging Rask's time in Providence.

Jefe if you were Chia and a Gm came to you and said I like 2/3 of your goaltenders. I am willing to deal possibly 2 first round selections in the first 15 picks... The 2 goalies are Rask and Thomas... You are telling me because of the future we have in Rask you wouldn't make a deal that will put you in the position to select 3 of the top 20 players in a strong 2008 draft class. Truly I think you are just being stubborn and a homer because you feel that trading Thomas is betraying him. Thomas is at his max value in terms of trade value. You trade him now you could get alot in return. I also wouldn't be surprised to hear rumblings of a Savard trade, but doubt that will happen.

As for Hossa great player but you are only paying him for the first 2-3 yrs out of a 5-7 yr contract. I would go Jagr on this one. A cheap bonus ladened deal for Jagr. He has grit and isn't afraid of contact, oh yeah and he can put the puck in the net. I want the B's to draft Kitril Petrov. Nasty Russian who some consider second coming of OVE but less flash or production but 17 -18 is still young age. He could learn under Jagr.




7:45 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy50 said...

Slow down Beantown. First off Thomas trade max is now high but no one will give up that much for him. Just watching the playoffs I thought Thomas would be a great fit in Detroit with a low salary and great team in front of him.

Defense was the key to our success and is the strength of this draft class. I would love to trade up and some how and go D.

JAGR! No passion left.

Savard might have been the best FA of the last two years nevermind his year. For the wingers he has played with and the injury to Bergeron. I would agree Hossa would increase Savards Points on the PP with Bergeron and 5 on 5. I have never seen so many creative, imaginative, on the stick passes in my life. He is amazing and like I said earlier in this blog a more creative Oates.

Tough calls for Chiarelli coming up lets see how he does.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy50 said...

WARD! Great re-sign. Can't say enough about the guy. Next up Dennis Wideman.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JAGR?? what are you smoking in your crack pipe...hook me up with some of that...hes washed up and that would be such a useless signing...just another glen murray dont even try that

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


why is Olshie feared by his physical presents?


what the hell does that even mean? is he bringing gifts (presents) that are not good ones, so the receivers of the gifts are scared?

this is pathetic.

11:56 AM  

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