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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Erat and Redden News

Martin Erat signs a 7 year deal for $31.5 million with Nashville. Erat 26, had a career high in goals and points with 23 and 57.

Wade Redden said he has not recived an offer for a contact. At the same time the Sens are looking for a new head coach. If you remember that the Sens picked Redden over Chara. Some belive that Redden has had troubles ever since his father has passed away, which his points dropped in production. Redden could benifit from a change. I don't see the Sens not offering him anything and letting him walk away. If he gets back to where he was he could be one of the best signings in the offseason, if Ottawa doesn't resign him.

Alexi Yashin could be heading back to the NHL rumors are that Montreal would welcome him back. I wonder if Montreal can pay him as much as he made last year in Russia for the production they get from him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bruins signed Kobasew 3-year 2mil, 2.5mil, 2.5mil deal.

Redden will end up in Chicago

Yashin in Columbus.

6:29 PM  

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