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Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Bruins have done the impossible (implausable?) and forced a game 7. 

We all saw the game, no need for recap....

Who thinks we can do it?

I think we can.  I refuse to jinx it by dissing the Habs though.  That being said, even if we lose, I am still proud of this team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This team has already surpassed all expectations in this series and if they win it will be the icing on the cake

GO B's!!!!!!!!!!

1:31 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

time to finish the job. drop the smackdown on these hab bitches

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

never be satisfied until the Cup is in your hands

5:03 PM  
Blogger own said...

It's unbelievable!!!

I was watching Red Sox on MLB.TV and the scorebox was appearing. I can believe what I was seeing:

MTL 1 BOS 0 First period
MTL 2 BOS 1 Second period
MTL 4 BOS 4 in just eleven seconds!
MTL 4 BOS 5!!!!!!


5:20 AM  
Anonymous vincem said...

Let's Go Bruins!!!

Make Canada Proud.

knock these Separatists out of Canada!!

10:04 AM  
Anonymous big-e said...

Price has never lost three games in a row. The Habs have never lost a 3-1 series lead in history. The Bruins have never won a 3-1 series defeat (let alone a 2-0 series defeat). The Montreal PP has yet to click. Koivu has reenergized this team. Kovalev will wake up. Price will be strong...But the Boston PK will be better. Sturm and Kessel will continue to impress. Thomas will be stronger. This is the B's third game facing elimination - Montreal's first. Boston has to go into hell (Bell Center) to win this game as we did in game 5. B's have been here before. Montreal hasn't. If I look in my crystal ball, I see a heart breaker. 1-1 tie into the final minute and a Habs choppy goal making them win the series. And in the end, if that were to happen - I would still be so proud of my Bruins and what will come from them next year. I think this series win or lose, has brought Bruin fans out of hiding. And one hidden card that Montreal has no ficused on - they will shut down Chara, Kessel, Sturm, Krejci, Lucic. Don't be surprised to hear - Savard to Murray one timer SCOOOOOOOOOOORESS!!!!! GLEN MURRAY!!! He has done nothing and what a game to pick to wake up. No one is checking him. GO BRUINS GO!!

11:14 AM  
Blogger Lee said...

no more heartbeakers. the time has come. this shite is going to stop tonight. ScHabs will fold like origami. its over for them. how sweet the retribution will be. And yes i got a hunch murray might even hit the back of the net. hey, what can i say, im an optimist

11:28 AM  
Blogger own said...

@ Vincem

I think it's better don't mix policy and sport.


12:07 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

So proud of my Bruins.

I expected a better game 7, but no Patrice, no Alberts, Kobesew, and an injured Zdeno,...we will beat those dirty habs next season.

They will not win the cup (the habs), but he Bruins showed alot of people they were wrong.

SI, TSN, Hockey Buzz can go blow themselves. All the naysayers, the pessimists, the frontrunners can to.

Heres to the fans that care, whether they believed or not that the Bruins did as good as they did.

Ive been quoting this for years, and here it is, my last hurrah here for a few weeks anyways.

"It takes neither courage nor intelligence to cheer for a team only when that team wins. The true test of a fan's mettle is the same as it is for a player: Were you there when you were needed?"

-Ian Wilson

Answer this honestly to yourself, and keep the faith.


-Jefe out.......

2:28 AM  
Blogger own said...

It was so difficult was we were close to pass thru in the playoffs.

May be next year, but he have to wait for better regular season and better qualify for playoff tree...

I can't follow the game but I read it was impossible without our best players...



3:11 AM  
Anonymous big-e said...

Think if game 2 or game 4 would have been different - Saturday's win could have been the clincher. Exciting series and I am a proud Bruin fan. Game was closer than the score says.

Bad way for Muzz to end his Bruins career (possibly), Big Z being injured but still effective.

The future is bright and I want tickets to opening day in October.

Have a great Summer B'S fans!

10:45 AM  
Anonymous vincem said...

I wore my Bruins jersey all day yesterday in preparation for the big game. The outcome was not what I wanted, but then the outcome of the season is more that I expected.

Here it is the day after game 7 and I am still wearing my Bruins pin. Everybody comes up and says cheer up - I am in a good mood. My (Our) Bruins had a good season, a building block for great seasons to come.

We didn't get past the first round, but hey - we weren't even supposed to be in it.

Cheers to all the Bruins (past & present)
Cheers to all the Bruin Fans

Hold your Head up High and be proud to wear the Black & Gold.

Until next fall

1:23 PM  
Anonymous da wreck said...

Awesome Season. "analysts" predicted the Bruins to finish in the bottom 3 of the conference. So much for that. Other than that awful goaless losing stretch in February/March and the "streak" against Montreal, they would have been a top team in the conference.. They also predicted a first round sweep for the Canadiens, wrong again. The Bruins Proved everyone wrong, with 400-something man-games lost, they were unreal. They proved that you don't need Crosby or Ovechkin to win. [though they'd look good in black and gold.]

Can't wait for next season.

-last october I got a black and gold bear tatoooed on my leg, and they had a great year, maybe more of you guys should show your Bruins Pride in ink...

3:01 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

well last nights game blew cock. too bad timmy couldnt stand on his head one more time. very disappointed but as previous posters have stated. better season than expected. hope muzz hangs it up now and makes some room for youth. habs will alway suck, i despise that piece of shite team. hope they get swept next round. diving bunch of pussies.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello one more time from Michigan, Not the way any of us wanted it to end but you can't help but be proud!! 6 months to puck drop. Next year is the year the cup will come home. I have been waiting since "72" I can wait one more year!!!! GOOD JOB this year bruins fans we had alot to cheer about!! solong for now, see you next year.

9:52 PM  
Blogger beantown said...

I agree MTL are wimps in all sense of the word. Hell they are the definition of a WIMP. They dive, act, and cry a bunch of babies. But as for those Bruins they really buckled down and fought from games 2-7. It is tough to get over a lose that should have gotten you to the next round of the playoffs. I am looking forward to the offseason. I think Chia has a lot to work with. He has 2 good young stars in Lucic and Kessel. Can build through the draft 16-18th pick is not all that bad.

There are a few guys we have/should trade....

1. Muzz great guy but is not pullin g his own, not gonna get much but get what you can... Old age syndrome.

2. Now this one is getting be bitter. Tim Thomas. We have a great young goalie in Rask in the Minors and trading Thomas now could get us something in return. Maybe Nashville, they have 2 first package Thomas and a prospect or 2 for their 2 picks.

SEE I JUST DON'T WANT THIS TEAM TO THINK THAT THEY CAN GET BACK TO WHERE THEY WERE THIS YEAR. Step it up. Thomas is good but he is just keeping the seat warm for Rask. Give him a shot somewhere else. There are some good scorers in this draft as well as some good Defenders sign some guys build for the future as well as right now do something to keep those doubtful faithful. It was nice to see the Garden full of Bruins fans to keep that up they need to improve and spend some money or get some talent in the draft...

10:16 PM  
Blogger beantown said...

I think that this team is legit and is a good scorer or 2 away from actually making a run at Lord Stanley's cup.

There are like 4 guys in the draft that caught my eye:

1. Tyler Myers huge defender like Chara and can skate. Just gonna have to work on Hockey IQ. Could fall because he is just a body and ability guy not some much Hockey but he does show grit.

2. Nikita Filatov, nice Russian scorer. LW but could probably Change less likely top 5-8 pick.

3. Greg Nemisz a nice goal scorer, RW. He should fall into our range.

4. Luke Schenn, said to be the next Dion Phaneuf could go anywhere from 5-10... Another grit defender...

10:27 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Trade Tim Thomas?

Listen, I respect the fact that you are posting on a positive note, but do you UNDERSTAND what the words SALARY CAP mean?

Yeah, lets trade a top 3 in the league, all-star and BARGAIN goalie, so that we can put ALL the pressure on our prospect Rask.

Dont mean to sound insulting, but what the fuck are you talking about? Signing someone twice the cost to do half the job? Brilliant!!!!!

While were at it, lets trade Bergereon and Savard, HEY!!! We got David Krejci and Glen Metropolit to step up! Lets dump Sturm and Kobesew, we got killer prospects palying junior right now...and lets throw them to the wolves.

Best idea yet, lets get rid of all the fans who dont know what the fuck they are talking about, because they never actually watched the games! Beantown, change your name and favorite team.

Let me guess, your a PJ hater too...sick of you dipshits. I was sick of people like you talking about trading thomas this last offseason, because,...he sucks and Manny is the man right?

Wake up.


6:20 AM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Beantown, your posts are ridiculous.

I understand you are a young hockey fan, but you have no basis for your suggestions to be anywhere near realistic.

Gee, everyone wants Murray and his 4 mill contract. Wow! Lets him! What a simple answer. I have no idea why our GENERAL MANAGER didnt think of that!!!!!

Maybe YOU should GM the Bruins!!!

We would have a rookie goalie, and what 12 rookie forwards? I mean you suggest that "draft picks" are going to help us score? Have you noticed what pick we have? Have you noticed how many rookies were playing already for us? Sure you did! Krecji, Nokeleinan, Sobotka, Lucic, Lashoff, Stuart, Allen...

Fuck those guys! Lets get some NEW rookies. And build off them, forget about the fact that those 4 forwards were some of our BEST during the stetch and in the playoffs.

But no, we need scoring draft picks. Guys who will rip it up in their junior leagues. Guess what! We got plenty of those guys; Marchand, Karsums, Pelletier, Hamill

The only thing we need to do with the doubtful, is let the faithful continue to expose them as moronic, frontrunning, pessimistic, shallow, and pretty much in the dark about the actual state of the team.


6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jefe shut the fuck up...he was just throwing it out makes sense we still have auld/manny too and were stuck with mannys contract so we might as well make him play...and as for muzz...get rid of him buy him out or something i do not want him wearing the B next year he sucks think before you speak you fucktard

9:33 AM  
Blogger beantown said...

Jefe you bring up some horrible points:

I shouldn't be GM of the Bruins because Chia gets paid to do that and so far he has done an alright job.

The other thing is the idea about trading Thomas. Thomas is our new Byron Defoe... He has a couple of good years in him and people all of a sudden think he is some big time Goalie. No he isn't he is a good one but not a great one. He is not in the same sentence as Broduer, Luongo, Hasek, ETC.... Look at the last few Cup winners...

Lets say from 2000 on, the start of the new millennium, Colorado(2000-01, Roy),
Detroit(2001-02, Hasek),
Devils(2002-03, Broduer),
Lightning(2003-04, Khabibulin),
2004-05 LOCKOUT,
Hurricanes(2005-06, Ward),
Ducks(2006-07, Giguere)

SO all those teams had a stud goaltender not a guy that made his debut at 31... Oh and Rask knows how to deal with pressure, he is already considered one of the best goaltenders in the WORLD... He plays for his country the NHL is not even close in terms of pressure. See you are a homer and it is not a bad thing but Thomas is not the answer for a title. Because of his numbers could attract good trade value...

With the talent we have now in the farm and could get through the draft we could put together the new Detroit. Instead of throwing a bunch of money at a guy like Hossa who I think only has another 3-4 years in him and he is probably gonna look for about 7 or so, why not build through the draft...

By the way I like PJ because he does his job and knows his role. He is a third line defensive forward.

11:39 AM  
Blogger beantown said...

Here is a site that has Dafoe's Stats...

And another one for Thomas:;_ylt=A0wNdbYAWQ9IpUYB6gJivLYF

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys all sound like Re Re's. Quit arguing like girls and argue like a man. God, don't take a disagreement or a point someone makes (incorrect or not)like a stab in the throat. Take a chill pill folks, we're all Bruins fans so act like it. You sound like Habs fans who think every time someone falls down it is a penalty and if the ref doesn't call it then the ref may as well have beat a child with a rolling pin.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen guys Thomas played his heart outfor us, but if you had any hockey IQ you could see Thomas was weak on quality scoring chances. His five hole is bigger than anyone in the league, and his amazing stops over the season were a result of putting himself in a bad position to have to make those saves. Thomas played well when his defense played well in front of him.

Peter Chiarelli has a laundry list of things to do, such as resign Ward, Wideman, Kobasew. Buyout Murray. Draft best available at which ever picks. And hope Fernandez/Rask are your 1 - 2 next season.

Bergeron and Alberts hopefully back, no need to sign big FA.

1:20 PM  
Blogger beantown said...

I agree with most of what the Anonymous 2 said... Bergeron coming back, Resigning those Kobasew, Wideman, and Ward. Going into the season with Fernandez and Rask... Maybe resign Auld if he wants to come back... Buyout or TRY to trade Muzz.

Look at a good Defense man like JM Liles or Redden (don't think he is good but when he was with Chara they were one of the top duos)

Draft a RW like Nemisz and try to get more picks stock the farm. So this way we won't be in Salary Cap turmoil in 3 years.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think we have to tap into the already thin FA Market. Ward showed leadership qualities and hard work that no other FA could bring. Wideman has the potential to be the elite puck moving D-Man Chiarelli was hopin for and lot less cheaper than Brian Campbell.

08-09' Line Up

Sturm Bergeron Kobasew
Kessel Savard Lucic
Axelsson Krecji Schaefer
Thornton Nokelainen Sobotka

Chara Wideman
Ward Ference
Staurt Alberts


Obviously some subs in the 3-4 O lines but solid 1-2, D, and Netminding.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do people think Rask is going to be up here next year? He is still extremely young and the Bruins, rightfully, do not want to rush him (see Hannu Toivonen). The crease will involve some form of Thomas/Auld/Fernandez...assuming they resign Auld. If not, it's Thomas and Fernandez next year. Get used to it.

If you think Rask will be up in Boston next year I will be willing to bet $100 on him being in Providence barring an injury to the aforementioned 3.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He got his season of North American hockey and travel, now its time to back up for the start of the season (Carey Price) then potentially become the starter next season, if not years end.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

Look for the Bs to go into the season with Thomas and Fernandez. They will probably resign Thomas and let Fernandez walk in the next offseason and bring up Rask then.

Of course, that could all change if Rask leads the PBs to the Calder Cup and plays "stella". In that case, Bs could try and trade Fernandez but not likely any takers for 4mil goalie coming back from season ending surgery. More likely Thomas goes.

Bs could also sign Auld and trade Thomas. I think talent wise they are pretty much the same.

Bs need scoring.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

remember when this site used to be cool? I must be going nuts but, is it still game 7?

7:58 PM  
Anonymous mook said...

alex auld is toast. too bad cause he'd come cheap too.

i couldn't imagine thomas in another jersey...

10:38 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Buying Murray out is the most realistic way we can shed his contract. No one will pay that for his services. Will Jacobs allow PC to do it or ask for a voluntary paycut, we'll see, if they sign any more scoring, top line or depth it may be a catalyst.

As for Manny, Auld, Rask and Thomas, I did think before I spoke, if any of you think Thomas is going anywhere soon, your wrong.

You see, Rask playing for his national team is NOWHERE near the pressure of playing in the NHL, so sorry beantown that is another ridiculous statement.

The NHL is a business, so why would they trade Thomas before training camp or even shortly thereafter. Rask is no NHL gaurantee yet; anyone remember Blaine Lacher? How many goalies have been touted, and have not done shit. Dozens. Is Manny's knee going to hold? Not sure about that yet are we? Alex Auld played some good hockey, but did he do it for any extended period? Or during a time when the Bruins didnt play desperately? No, the Bruis played excellent hockey when Thomas went down, and Auld did his job.

But amongst all these uncertainties and inconsistent factors......did we see Tim Thomas post all-star numbers, and maintain top 3 numbers for most the season? Yes we did. Guess who's job it is to do the math, study the patterns and adds up all these factors?

The Boston Bruins.

So until Rask goes 14-0-2 to start his rookie season like uhhhh, who was that? Lalime for Pitt? And what is he doing how? Backing up and eating a $700,000 contract. Until Manny actually plays and wins more than 5 games, and stays healty, until Alex Auld comes out of a career backup role;...guess who will be tending net for the Boston Bruins?

Tim Thomas.

Sorry if you are upset with my posts, when someone makes fucktard statements, I treat them like fucktard.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again Thomas played his heart out for us in Boston... but

Thomas was an all-star due to an injury, and in the "82 GAME SEASON" he did not post top 3 numbers in any category. Tim Thomas will be 35 years old next season (Same as Manny I know). His technique is too costly at times.

So just because you can throw out names such as Blaine Lacher and Patrick Lalime doesn't mean goaltender is not a concern going into next season and hopefully the post season. Don't forget we were the 8th seed by two points.

No big name FA's, Buyout Murray,
Sign are key guys that are UFA AND RFA. Go with Manny, Timmy, and Tuukka at camp and lets see what this team can do.


9:17 AM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Fucktard. Quoted in a post by someone named "anonymous" on this thread.

I wont forget we were the 8th seed by 2 points, nor will I forget that we were 3 points out of 5th, and 5 out of 4th. So your point there is moot.

Thomas, Bergeron and Alberts not getting injured, a few more goals by Kobesew and Sturm, a little better backchecking by Kessel, all of this could have given us a few more points.

Nor will I forget that Thomas held the #2 save percentage up until he was injured (second only to Conklin who had played way less games than Thomas), and had to work overtime to regain form.

Yes, Thomas is 35, but does that mean we have another goalie that has provided us with any significant wins the last two seasons, or post better numbers?

Beantown, that would be great to have a "big time" goalie like Brodeur, Hasek or Luongo; let me know when we find this goalie and sign him, Im REAL interested.

Rask is considered one of the best prospects, not even an established goalie, so that statement that he is already one of the BEST in the world is the dumbest one you made yet.

List of recent goalies that were "supposed" to make it as starters.

Carey, Lacher, Hnilicka, Lalime, Denis, Raycroft, Hedberg, Salo, Storr, Caron, Shields, Dunham...

This list is off the top of my head and could go on and on and on. All of these guys were expected to "make it" as starters and were highly touted coming from juniors, college, etc.

The only thing that matters, is stopping pucks consistently in the NHL. So take your numbers before the NHL and flush them down the toilet.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous mook said...

bruins need zarley zalapski

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

"remember when this site used to be cool? I must be going nuts but, is it still game 7?"

couldn't agree more anon. i feel cheated here. Are there any other decent Bruins sites/blogs?

12:43 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Give 'em a break. Regardless of how proud we all are, I think every Bruins fan is little burned right now.

Good job all season Matt, JHA and Pekese.

Walshie, Scotinuk and Ryan W, wtf?

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

That's not what I asked. And good job? Try good start, poor finish. they have been slacking since the January. They came back for a day for the trade deadline and if it weren't for JHA's contributions then this site would MAYBE have 7-8 posts since deadline day.

Again, anyone know of any good bruins blogs that do not involve hockeybuzz?

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea so some times they didnt post for a while but it was fun to read post and comments when they did happen. I dont think this website is their number one priority. Maybe next season more game thoughts and player thoughts daily.

New Presidential duo!

Fernandez Rask 08'

8:34 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Ferandez = Over finished gone done out

Rask = AHL for at lease 1 more season

Thomas = Bruins starter again

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... one out there oh and jefe...youre a fucktard 8-)

10:34 AM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Yeah, I was the fucktard when I was saying the SAME exact thing last offseason;

Tim Thomas will be our starter.

Guess who was the fucktard? You, you fucktard. You ate your words, didnt you? Along with many other numbnuts who dont understand the NHL. Tim Thomas made you look like a fool, and your upset.

Sorry if you think you know what your talking about.

You dont.

Bet you cant wait to see how wrong you will be. Again.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

Tim Thomas will not win a Cup.. ever. Foghetaboutit.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Probably not, and never said he would. The Bruins have some growing to do as a team before they win a Cup, and maybe Tim's time will come before then, but he is better than Manny, especially cap wise. And Tuuka is not ready.

Hopefully if the Bruins play it right, Rask will come to Boston in a season or two, right as we complete the puzzle.

There would be no greater injustice we could serve Tuuka to bring him in before his due. We HAVE to play this one right. He is the best goalie prospect I can remember.

Play it right; finesse the goalie, and watch the Bruins make runs at the cup. Just ask Lou.

If we throw Rask to the wolves to soon, and eventually fails, I will cry again for another mistake that is remniscent of past ones. I want the Cup, and I want to see the Bruins continue to make the steps they have since PC arrived. The only mistake you can argue, is Boyes for Wideman. And that is an arguement.

You who all argue against my defense of Tim Thomas are reading things incorrectly, and are seeing in black and white. Thomas is simply the BEST answer for the Bruins until Rask enters. Alex Auld is the best back-up weve have for a while, and compliments Thomas with his completely different style.

Manny gained his all-star status eventually under who? Lemaire? One of the most defensive oriented coaches ever. He is a good goalie, but not worth 4 mill. That is PC's only other mistake, is picking him up for one of our best prospects. This one is not argueable. It was stupid.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

You have seen Manny play, what, 5 games? I would reserve judgment for 1/2 season, especially under another great defensive coach (Julien) before making statements like that. I did not say Thomas was not good, just that he will not take ANY team to the promise land. I still think a tandem of Rask and Manny would be better than Thomas and Manny.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

No, I have watched Manny play since he was with Dallas.

I have seen him play ALOT more than 5 games.

What promise land has Manny brought any team to?

Oh! You must be reffering to his 3 career playoff wins he contributed (in one season), as he watched Roloson chase him while they rolled to the conference finals in 03.

Manny lost every battle to Dwayne, and the only reason he cashed for his 4 millions was due to the timing of his free agency, and Minnesota not having anyone else on the horizon as a starter after Dwayne was traded.

You think Minnesota was stoked to get rid of a guy who;

Has 1 season with 30 wins. He has NEVER been consistent, and or stayed healthy. After competing for jobs and training camps through 10 YEARS he has only 125 career wins. Is that the promise land? 12.5 wins per season? Wow.

The most games he played in a season is 58, and that was his one 30 win season. He has 2 44 games played seasons, and a couple in the mid 30s. Gee, what a horse.

3 career playoff wins. Wow. All during Minnesotas big run in 03, and Roloson was put in after Manny sucked and became a star leading the team to the Conf. finals while Manny watched.

A goalie who bitches and moans, is still inconsistent after 10 NHL seasons at age 35 after being highly touted, given chance after chance to compete with Roloson, Turek, Belfour, and Turco. Manny was the 3rd stringer to Belfour while Turek was favored, and when they traded Turek, Turco took over as Dallas traded him with Lukowich for a 3rd and 4th rounder, because of his lack of consistency and attitude problem. Oh, and that Dallas had quality goalies in the system. Not something Manny fares well against.

Manny thrives for a team that sucks, and or is desperate, and needs a goalie to be a hero even if they lose half their games. Just like Minnesotas expansion period.

Stunning statistics. Really.

Manny is inconsistent, a selfish me type player that has been recognized by many, is overpaid, is injured often, has 1 30 win season, has 3 career playoff wins including blowing it and succeeding to Roloson during Minnesotas run in 03, , has lost positions to other goalies his whole career due to his attitude problem.

Is that the promise land?

1:31 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

No, but neither is Thomas. Rask will be the one who gets us the furthest in a few years.

My point is, we are stuck with Manny, but not with Thomas. If he is not going to get us there, maybe we could trade him for some much needed talent up front?

Face it.. this team's goaltending as currently constituted will take us no-where. I do believe that Rask will be be an elite goalie at some point in his career, hopefully with the Bs.

A goaltending decision has to be made and it is imperative that Rask get in a full season at the NHL level to get him to the next level - playoffs. If he brings the PBs to the promise land, he deserves a shot here.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Well I agree that Rask is our future, and hopefully sooner than later, but not too soon. He is looking great as we all expected, and I so badly want to see the bruins bring him up as the devils did Marty.

So far so good, but as far as Thomas vs. Manny goes, we just disagree. I know we are dedicated to his contract for another year, but thats not unfathomable to buy out.

Its all about training camp next season, and my main point is that Thomas has come cheap enough to keep him through Manny's contract, and has outplayed everyone at camp for the last two seasons. If Manny plays better than Thomas next camp, then hey good for him and that will be some good competitive goaltending he will have to display.

I just dont see it happening. After missing this whole season, by the time he gets to camp it will have been close to 18 months since his last consistent NHL action.

One thing is for certain, with Rask on the horizon, and Manny keeping Thomas on his toes or somehow gaining his once and breif all star status, were not looking so bad in net as we did for so long.

What we really need is a healthy Bergie, a winger that can score, and a puck moving d-man half as good as Ray.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous bigbadbruins37 said...

hey ass clown federko get a clue its not the goaltending thats the issue its the sick of all you idiots hating on tim thomas because you hate a feel good story because your life sucks im with jefe 100% on this one manny is no more proven than thomas...actually i think thomas has been better in the playoffs than check your facts before you make yourself look more retarded than already

2:46 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

hey bigpussy37.. go fuck yourself. Read ALL the posts before you make stupid comments. I have sees (and played) more hockey then you could ever imagine. Go post on some other yahoo board and leave this one to people, who actually know wtf they are talking about and can have a civil conversation.

8:12 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

While Im glad to have a supporter of my arguement, in Federkos defense he hasnt spoken as a tool like some numbnut who posts as anonymous.

Hey anonymous fucktard, I know your out there.....whattsa matta? You read my posts revealing Mannys "statistics for a sucker" like you?

I bet you did you little numbnut!

Didnt do your homework did you, you frontrunning, pink hat wearing foolio? Thats ok. Your foolishness left me with no expectations of anything intelligible coming from you. Glad your polluting some other forum with your regurgitated crap.

2:53 AM  
Anonymous mook said...


anyhoo...thanks a lot habs. way to look like assholes in the 2nd round. why couldn't we see halak in our series?

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

I think it's more of a compliment to the Bruins for wearing the Habs down. The Bruins should receive a nice bottle of wine from Philly for their services.

Go here

the guy updates all the time and isnt a bad writer either

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey jefe go suck a glad i can get you all riled up cuz youre an idiot

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad you can read federko...oh and spell too...sees? when did that word enter the english dictionary...

10:08 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Anonymous spell checker, you still havent had one thing to say worth reading, or made any viable points except that your a fruitneck.

12:43 AM  
Blogger Federko said...

There you go anony-mouse.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous bigbadbruins37 said...

ohh bigpussy37...real frickin original wicked scared. them is fightin words. and again...its not the defense or the goaltending that is the issue on this team...its finding a legit 30+ goal scorer to put up front

9:52 AM  

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