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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bruins have 8,820,001 in CAP SPACE

The Bruins have more cap space than we all thought.  According to, the Bruins have 1,765,000 in Bonus money which comes from RFA's not making their bonuses last year, such as Kessel, Stuart and Nokie.  Also, they have Martins Karsums on the cap, so you can take away another 83,000 + and replace him with Sobotka (750,000 vs 833,333).  The Bruins have around 8,900,000 in cap room.  Enough to offer Hossa 8+ and then buyout Murray to sign Wideman.  This may be why they have yet to waive Murray.  This bonus money is a huge factor.


Anonymous bergie37 said...

glad liles resigned in colorado...4+ mil per year for 4 thank you for a power play specialist...saved us 4 million and will get everyone off his bandwagon finally...

10:04 PM  
Anonymous b'sfan8 said...

Thats what I've been waiting for...everyone to stop talking like Liles was a top d-man. This signing will come back to haunt Colorado.

10:12 PM  

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