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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hossa potential teams breakdown

Pittsburgh:  They reportedly offered 7 years, 50 million.  Hossa declined, since he should be able to get 7.5 at least on the open market.  The reports of a deal from Pittsburgh worth 7.5 per are not necessarily true, more of Pens fans wishful thinking.  A big 3 of Crosby, Malkin and Hossa taking up potentially half the cap is not how you build a team, especially when you need to re-sign Staal, Fluery, and Malkin, and still fill out a team.  The only way he returns is if he takes a big discount and really wants to be a Penguin for the rest of his career.

Detroit Red Wings:  Many feel they are the actual leaders for Hossa, but he isn't what Detroit is looking for.  Detroit wants a guy who will take less be a Red Wing.  Hossa is looking for some money, not necessarily the highest bidder.  But, Detroit has to re-sign Brad Stuart, and Andreas Lilja this season, and then lock up Zetterberg, who could get up to 8 million, Johan Franzen, and Valterri Flippula the following.  Detroit will probably snag Sundin before they sign Hossa, because he is most likely a 1 year commitment and would really bolster them up the middle.
Vancouver Canucks: While Vancouver is a real possible destination, they seem to be more likely to sign Pavol Demitra, and other guys to fill their roster, which has some gaping holes.  I'd consider Vancouver a top 4 possibility, but they have a lot of holes to fill and by spending most of their cap space on Hossa does not make much sense.

Montreal Canadiens: Does any UFA want to play there?  Aside from trades, no impact players ever go to Montreal.  Sundin, why isn't he there yet?  Hmm.... I think Hossa is more of a Habs fan dream than a possibility.  They see more likely to go after some secondary guys like Vrbata and Hainsey.  While it is a possibility, don't get me wrong, the Habs have been rumored to go after every high UFA this century, and have yet to get one.

Boston Bruins:  By many, this is the most logical choice.  He has connections with Zdeno Chara, Marc Savard and GM Peter Chiarelli.  The Bruins need to upgrade on offense and the GM has made it known he wants to make a splash.  While they would need to move some salary via buyout or trade, it seems they could make it work.  Some scenarios have it that Glen Murray is traded to a team who needs to hit the cap floor, like Columbus or Atlanta.  Hossa has said he would like to play with Chara again, and it seems like the interest is mutual.  

My rankings for where Hossa will sign would be this... Boston, Vancouver, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Montreal


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dislike montreal and all that. But if he goes to detroit I will puke. They got enough talent there.

11:38 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

I feel you

10:29 AM  

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