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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wideman will not get 3 million plus

I keep hearing this, we have about 7 million in cap space, so Nokie and Wideman will cost 4 million.  No!

Nokelainen will get around 700,000, his pay of 1+ million last year was based on an entry level deal, and obviously for a 4th liner, 13th forward, he is going to get under 1 million.  

Now to Wideman.  Yes, there were talks of a long term deal with a AAV of 3-3.5 million, but they haven't transpired.  This is because the Bruins did not want to pay him that.  Look, you can compare him to Shea Weber and co., but Wideman played 1 good year of hockey.  One, 1,  uno.  You can't bank on 1 year for a long commitment with substantial money.  That is why Wideman filed for arbitration.

Now that he is in arbitration, he will get around 1.2-2 million max.  When was the last time a guy jumped from 600k, to 3.5 million?  Cammalleri got 3.35 per for 2 years after scoring 80 points and having 2 legit years of hockey.   

That is why Wideman won't get 3 plus million.


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