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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ok, chill out about all the centers

I know many Bruins fans are upset over the fact we have about 100459325543 and 2/3 centers in the farm system.  

Sobotka, Krejci, Hamill, Kessel, Soderberg, Nokie, Colborne and more.

Well, people, they can move to wing.  Everyone has a vision that they will all be centers.  You can slot many centers to a wing.  The only centers in the league that must play center are guys who dish the puck like Savard or Thornton.  Remember Kessel?  Center. Wait, now he is a winger.  Just because these guys come out of college as centers does not mean they will be in the NHL.  Also, NHL prospects are hard to tell if they will become of anything.  How many NHL busts are there?  Too many to count.  The Bruins are just loading up the farm while also trying to put together a good team on the ice now.  If this team adds a Hossa, it could contend in the East.  


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