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Friday, June 20, 2008

Bruins draft Colborne...but

Joe Thornton, I mean Colborne was drated 16th overall by the Bruins tonight.  He is compared to old pal Joe Thornton, but scouts say he is either a home run or a miss, but more on him later.  Anyone else somewhat disappointed the Bruins didn't pull off a deal?

Jokinen to PHX for nothing, Cammallari for the 17th pick, Tanguay to MTL (nooo!) for the 25th pick AND MTL is talking to Sundin as of now...

The Bruins could have shipped the #16 pick for a top 6 forward, or even traded Wideman, Alberts and a 2nd for Jokinen.  I mean PHX sent Ballard (who?), Boynton (sucks) and the 49th pick (who gives a shit).  So, in all, Florida is now officially the worst GM team ever, following the Bruins with MOC.

BUT, I am also not ready to jump to conclusions...Montreal will not sign Hossa (thank god), and maybe we will, since it is rumored to be a two teamed race between Boston and Montreal and Pittsburgh if they have a chance.

I am just a tad mad that we had a chance to add a top 6 forward for a 1st rounder and did not. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

matt i agree 100%. jokinen would look good in a bruins jersey. put him on the left wing and move axelsson off one of the top 3 lines. we would be all set

2:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They don't need another top-line centre right now! Everybody wants to keep moving centrmen to the wing, but it is not that easy! IN fact if you work on their faceoffs, it is easier to move a winger to centre. Keith Ballard is a very good young d-man. Better then Stuart, better then Lashoff, better then Wideman. Stop over-rating the Bruins prospects and under-rating everyone else. There is a reason you guys are bloggers (and not very good ones) and not General Managers.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous bergie37 said...

hey anonymous make a name before you start trying to trash talk...obviously not from the boston area and have no guts...and second im hearing the b's are invovled in the malkin sweepstakes...really hope thats not true or we could be looking at a major deal involving berg, kessel and hammil and a first for him...not what this team needs right now

10:25 AM  

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