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Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Bruins have done the impossible (implausable?) and forced a game 7. 

We all saw the game, no need for recap....

Who thinks we can do it?

I think we can.  I refuse to jinx it by dissing the Habs though.  That being said, even if we lose, I am still proud of this team.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bruins force a game 7

Bruins 5, Habs 4.

One of the best if not the best game I have ever seen.

4 3rd period goals.....crazy crazy.  I'll have more later.  I'm trying to calm myself down...

Bruins try to even up series

Here we go Bruins, here we go...

The Bruins are one 5-2 win from a freakishly familiar game 7 vs. the Habs.  The 04 breakdown is almost identical with reversal roles.  

Saku Koivu will be back in the lineup for Las Habitants tonight, but don't expect him to do much since he isn't close to 100%.  The Bruins will be back with Aaron Ward tonight, likely replacing Alberts.

The Bruins need to get out quick, and take the lead.  When they play with the lead, they are much better.  Thomas cannot let any softies in.

5 hours til the puck drops.  

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kessel, Alberts to Play

Phil Kessel will suit up after being scratched for the previous 3 games. No word on who he replaces in the lineup. Andrew Alberts will replace Aaron Ward who suffered a knee injury last game.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

B's get f*cked over...again...


Now, a series the Bruins could lead 3-1, then are down 3-1.
Kovalev falls on air, Brisebois scores the only goal.

Now, I am not saying we could not have scored. Sturm, Muzz and Krecji have plenty of chances but could not finish.  At the same time, the Habs were doing much worse to the Bruins and they were not getting called, but Kovalev falls on nothing and they get a PP.  Crap

Monday, April 14, 2008

B's vs. Habs - A National Perspective

I found the playoff matchup page on TSN Canada to be very interesting. Check out the videos on their page as their analysts are all saying the Bruins definitely stole the momentum in the series with their win yesterday. Furthermore, they all agreed that the B's were the better team on Saturday. I whole heartily agree with their perspective, however, it's refreshing and encouraging to see it come from a media outlet outside of New England.

Anyone else love the sight of this picture? Lets hope there will be more of this tomorrow night.

Do you believe?

2-1 Bruins in an OT win.  Thanks to a great play by Peter Schaefer and Dennis Wideman, and Marc Savard, the Bruins won.  Tim Thomas played alright (sarcasm if not noticed).

First off, Schaefer has been great all series.  This is what I was expecting all year from him, and he is finally producing when we need him the most.  

Thomas stole the game in OT on a save from a Kostopulous shot.  Like I said in the beginning of the year, elite goaltending is needed to steal a game from time to time.  Thomas did that last night.

Savard is now looking like his old self after a few games out.  

Reich has been great on the penalty kill IMO and has stepped his game up.  Same goes to Shawn Thornton who has been jousting all series with the Habs.  Nokie has been good as well.

If we can get Bergy back some how, are team will be that much better.  I am surprised to see Kessel out, but then again I am not a coach.

The thing that pisses me off is the diving the Habs players are doing.  Everytime they get touched, they fall over.  It is crap and I want to see some diving calls.

In all, the Bruins could lead the series 2-1 easily.  The Bruins have been the better team for 2 games in a row now, and if we can even up the series tomorrow, I definitely think we have a chance.

I am starting to believe this team can go a few rounds deep, call me crazy.  We can play any team competitively now.  


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bruins Win 2-1 in OT!

Marc Savard looked like he was quite possibly the happiest man in New England after he ripped the twine for the OT winner tonight. What a great game from start to finish. The Bruins came out swinging and played physical throughout.

Milan Lucic, all 19 years young, was a freakin' beast tonight. He was by far the best player out there on the ice.

With the series now 2 games to 1 Montreal, the Garden should be going nuts on Tuesday night in the hopes that the B's can tie up this series. It can be done. This team showed they could hang with the Habs on Saturday night, only to be undone by a horrible call.

I've got my tickets for Tuesday, can't miss this one. Anyone else going to be there to hopefully stick it to the Habs again?

1-0 B's

The Bruins get their first lead of the series thanks to the rookie Lucic


Anyone know why Kessel is out again? I know Julian wasn't happy with him after game one. Also any word on Patrice?

On a side note the Habs fans are out numbering the Bruins fans due to Sox vs Yanks at Fenway at 8 PM tonight.

Don Cherry must be loving this game the Bruins fans are BOOing Alex Kovelev everytime he touchs it. Cherry hates him. I have been lucky to get CBC in Michigan. I wil let you know Coach Cherry's coments.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Refs-3 Bruins-2


You have to be kidding me.  I watched that game. The Bruins battled hard, came back in a gutsy performance.  Then they get screwed.  The Habs had been diving all night, not 1 unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  The Bruins got held, high sticked, etc. and no calls.  

The Bruins then lose in OT to a bullshit tripping call that was irrelevant to the play.  First of all, the Bruins had just killed a 4 min major penalty, so give them a break.  The Bruins did not have a chance in OT to do anything.  Reich gets called for tripping a guy, barely touching him, and then he falls over.  Come on.  This is playoff hockey, this game could be the series.  1-1 is a hell a lot different than 2-0.  Let them play.

My biggest beef is though, if the penalty was say a high stick or something legit, so be it.  But, this was a crap call that had nothing to do with scoring.  If whoever the hell it was not gotten tripped, I doubt Montreal scores.  So why call it?  How is that penalty worth the game?  



Is this what happens when the Bruins lose one game to the Canadiens in the playoffs? Everyone goes silent and into hiding?

Crying out loud people, it was one game. If this Bruins can take this one tonight they'll be alright. Then again, if they happen to drop Game 2, then they're screwed. See, it's all relative!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dave Shea to Appear on Radio Show

I am pleased to announce that former Boston Bruins play by play man, Dave Shea, will joining my radio show today on the phone to discuss the Bruins playoff series against the Canadiens as well as anything else hockey related.

Feel free to tune in as it should make for some great hockey chat.

To listen in:
91.5 on the radio dial
Listen Online at: or iTunes (Click on Radio - Public - WMFO Tufts Freeform Radio)
Feel free to call in after the interview at: 617-627-3800

Solving the Habs

What's the issue?  We can play any team and give them a solid game except the Habs.  Why?  Here is why.

The Habs are a weird team, in a good way.  They don't have an Ovechkin or Crosby good player.  Hell, they don't even have a true all-star.  They have a rookie goaltender who should be good, but he is inexperienced.  Their best player is arguably Alex Kovalev.  But, they have depth.  They don't drop off in skill after 1 line.  Anyone can score, and they all play a similar style.

The Habs are a bad matchup.  They are all speedy nd can outskate the Bruins.  How many times you see a Hab blow by a Bruin with a 10 foot headstart?  A lot.  The Habs are just much faster.

The Bruins injuries.  I hate to use it as an excuse, but it is.  When guys like Reich, Thornton and Nokelainen are getting 10+ minutes a night, something is wrong.  The Bruins lack depth.  They are without Bergeron, Kobasew, 2 top forwards, Savard isn't 100%.  Fernandez is out.  So on...

The Bruins can't score.  This it a major issue.  The Bruins can't score.  They score around 2 goals a game.  The Habs?  More like 3 or 4.  You aren't going to get goals without shooting and making plays.  Too many times I see the Bruins dump it in, and with a fast team like the Habs, that will not work.  They need to make more plays coming into the zone.  Kessel did that and they scored.  Also, they need more cycling in the offensive zone.  The Habs cycle like nuts which creates confusion for the D and opens players up.  The Bruins are very lame in the o-zone.  

Defensively, the Habs have 3 major plays.   They don't dump it in.   A winger will streak down a wing side into the offensive zone.  He will then stop on a dime, give it to the trailer, usually Markov or Streit, and then they will unload a slapper or wrister while the other 3 or 4 guys will just attack the net and hit in a rebound.  The 2nd play is similar where the winger goes down the wing, but this time he will keep going behind the net and dish out front and then the entire Habs team will be there.  The 3rd play is more of a PP.  They cycle the puck, the D running around, they do a backdoor type play.  The winger, usually Kovalev, will walk into the circle, and then a winger or center like Kostityn will sneak in the other wing and hit a one timer.

To stop this, the Bruins need to either play a zone defense type scheme to counter the cycling the Habs do or step it back in the neutral zone because the Habs blow by the 1-2-2 formation.

Whatever the issue is, it needs to be fixed.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Game 1 - Live Blog

6:35 p.m. EST - NESN is reporting that Marc Savard, Glen Metropolit and Andrew Ference will all be in the lineup and ready to go for tonight's game.

For Montreal: Mike Komisarek is in while Francis Boullion is out. It is also possible that Saku Koivu could be out for the entire series.

6:55 - As an aside before the game starts, Kathryn Tappen is indeed hot

7:11 - CANADIENS GOAL 1-0 Montreal - Only 36 seconds in and the Habs are on the board. Not the start that the Bruins need.

7:13 - CANADIENS GOAL 2-0 Montreal - The Bruins are running around in their own end and have no direction. This will get out of hand fast. Julien needs to take a time out to get this team level.

7:22 - For what it's worth, the B's killed off the first Montreal power play. If anything is going to help this team gain some confidence this early in the game that's it. At the first commercial break, the B's seem to be calming down a bit. The Montreal zone is basically devoid of any skate marks as the game has been all in the B's zone. The one question I pose right now, can the Bruins manage to score at least 3 goals in this game to win?

7:25 - BRUINS GOAL 2-1 Montreal - Maybe they can, Hnidy rips the twine with a slapper from the point! 2-1 game. Nice push up the ice by Kessell to set up Ference on the play.

7:36 - B's are going on their first power play of the game. They seem to be getting more opportunities in the offensive zone now. Clearly they have calmed down a bit and gotten over the initial nerves. Special teams production will be key to get the Bruins back in, and stay in, this game

7:46 - END OF 1ST PERIOD - 2-1 Montreal - Impressive 2nd half of the 1st period for the Bruins who couldn't have gotten off to a worse start. The talk was the Bruins playing a physical game in order to keep the speedy Habs in check. However, it's the Habs who have brought the physicality to start the series. B's bodies have been flying all over the ice and Habs players are setting the tone. Thomas did a nice job collecting himself after the first two goals and looks to be poised for the rest of the game. The Bruins are almost in a position where they can't afford to give up another goal in order to win this game. They need to remember what got them here in the first place, defense first and the offense will come. Stick to this and they will be in good shape for the rest of regulation.

8:09 - Here comes the after whistle shoving. Expect plenty of this throughout the series. It's just a matter of time until it finally boils over to a fight.

8:12 - GOAL CANADIENS - 3-1 Montreal - Goal off the rebound, nothing Thomas could do. The B's have come out flat to start the period and that goal was critical.

8:24 - B's going on the power play due to a Ryder penalty. They need to put one on the board before the end of the 2nd period and no better time than now. The Habs continue to set the tone physically in this game. They are knocking the B's all over the ice and the fans are loving every minute of it.

8:30 - That was a rather anemic power play to say the least. The B's mustered a few shots from the point and one Kessell rush that resulted in a shot. They're going to have to do far better than that to convert anything into points. The B's need to relax and set up the power play and cycle the puck rather than rush up ice and take a shot.

8:36 - I've had it with this crap. I don't care that it's the playoffs or the B's need to be conscious of staying out of the penalty box. Someone on the B's needs to set the tone and kick somebody's ass. Lucic, Thornton, Reich, whoever. Drop the gloves and show that they're not going to put up with this crap anymore

8:42 - END OF 2ND PERIOD - 3-1 MONTREAL - To say the least, this was a bad period for the Bruins. Players were basically standing around and going through the motions. I'll leave it at that and hope they can come out with some life to begin the 3rd. They have an enormous amount of work to do if they want to tie this game up.

9:00 - Sturm is denied on a great breakaway opportunity. Would have been huge if he were able to convert on the attempt. Bruins need to keep that intensity up that they came out with to start the 3rd.

9:12 - GOAL MONTREAL - 4-1 CANADIENS - Just as I was about to comment on how Tim Thomas has been carrying the Bruins during the 3rd period, Montreal scores with 12:30 remaining in the third. That's your nail in the coffin folks, as much hope that I have there is hardly a chance the B's will rip off 3 goals to tie this game. Furthermore, Thornton is on his way to the box. The B's are clearly frustrated with the results thus far and are taking cheap penalties now.

9:28 - More stupid penalties - Marco Sturm puts a two hander across the back of a Hab's leg and gets 2 minutes for it. Put this one in the books folks it's time to look towards Game 2. I'll do my final write up at the end of the game

9:34 - FINAL 4-1 MONTREAL - CANADIENS LEAD SERIES 1-0 - This game went about as bad as it could have. The B's played uninspired hockey for most of the game and got caught running around several times in their own end. The Canadiens clearly set the early tone for the series with their physical play and overwhelming offensive power. The Habs basically asserted themselves in all facets of the game and the B's had no answers. The only part of the game the B's played well was the 2nd half of the 1st period. Tim Thomas did an admirable job for what was in front of him on defense. Game 2 is going to have to be much different if the B's intend on going home with a split. Seeing the way things went tonight it's hard to see how that could happen though. I hate to be the pessimistic type, but there is hardly anything good you can take from tonight's game. Time to regroup, forget about what happened for the past 2 1/2 hours tonight and be ready to go next time. Someone has to step up, whether it be physically or offensively. Until then, that's a wrap on tonight folks.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Playoff News and Notes

  • Marc Savard says "I feel ready," for the series opener tomorrow vs. Montreal. Savard will be re-evaluated tomorrow to determine if he's good to go. This would be a great boost for the B's to have their best set-up man back in the lineup
  • Savvy, when/if he suits up for Game 1, will be playing in his first ever playoff series since entering the league in 1997.
  • Patrice Bergeron is definitely ruled out for Game 1 of the series. It appears as if he won't be playing at all for the games in Montreal. Don't be the least bit surprised if the young scorer throws on the Black and Gold for either Game 3 or 4 back home. Now that's the boost this team would love to have. Bergeron clearly is the best goal scorer this team has, and if he comes back and can be at 85%, the B's could have some hope
  • Tim Thomas (28-19-6, 2.44 GAA, .921 sv%) matches up rather well against rookie goaltender Carey Price (24-12-3, 2.56 GAA, .920 sv%), at least on paper. Give the slight edge to Thomas perhaps because of past NHL experience. Anything can happen here though as the Bruins, and Thomas, flourish as the underdog and Price is the un-proven netminder playing in the pressure cooker of Montreal
  • With Saku Koivu out with an ankle injury, look for the B's to focus their energy on shutting down Alexei "I'll play like a Hall of Famer when I want to" Kovalev.
  • To beat an already dead horse, the Bruins need to stay out of the penalty box in order to have a chance to win. In other news from Captain Obvious, the team that scores the most goals will win the game.
  • Glenn Murray MUST, and I can't emphasize this enough, MUST have a good series and find the back of the net. Unfortunately, this guy, however washed up he might be, is a crucial part to the Bruins potential playoff success.
  • In my belief, Aaron Ward will be another critical player in this series. His past playoff success will help lead. I heard him interviewed on WEEI today on D&H and this guy deserves to have an "A" on his sweater. This guy has leadership written all over him.

That's all for now, I'll be posting some in-game thoughts and observations tomorrow night as well as a post-game wrap. Let's go B's!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Eastern Conference Playoff Matchups

As promised, here's the breakdown for the Eastern Conference playoff match ups and a small analysis for each.

1 Montreal Canadiens vs. 8 Boston Bruins
What a surprise here folks. The Bruins and Canadiens always tend to find a way to habitually meet up in the playoffs. We are all too familiar with the way this season has gone for the B's against the dreaded Habs and if history has anything to say about it, it could get ugly. There is no love lost between these two teams and I fully expect to see an all out battle. The rivalry will be back and in full force. The outlook isn't pretty for the B's but I feel as though they are going to put up a much harder battle than many expect. The Habs are clearly a better team, as much as it pains me to say it. However, defense is the name of the game come the playoffs. As much as the Bruins need a series win to instill some pride back in this town, this really doesn't seem like the year.
Prediction: Canadiens in 6

2 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 7 Ottawa Senators
If any match up in the Eastern Conference has the makings of a sweep, this would be it folks. The Senators have been a pathetic franchise for more than half a season. Whether it's the firing of their coach or the Ray Emery saga, they have no direction. Couple that with their captain, Daniel Alfredson, out with a head injury and they are a classic one-and-done.
Prediction: Penguins in 4

3 Washington Capitals vs. 6 Philadelphia Flyers
The Washington Capitals are arguably the hottest team in the NHL going into the playoffs having gone 9-1 over their last 10 games. Alexander Ovechkin is in the process of doing his best Superman/Wayne Gretzky/Mario Lemieux impression and all of the NHL should take note. This team is going to do some serious damage and if I were the Flyers, I'd be nervous.
Prediction: Capitals in 5

4 New Jersey Devils vs. 5 New York Rangers
Their are a few things you can count on in life: death, taxes, and a Martin Brodeur lead team making it to the playoffs. Never count out a team that is back-stopped by quite possibly the best goaltender in NHL history. On the other hand, the Rangers feature no slouch of their own between the pipes. Henrik Lundqvist is a proven #1 go to guy and I fully expect this to be a great match up that will go deep. The Devils kill you with solid goaltending and a knack for making you pay for mistakes. The Rangers are a team that has clicked over the past month and anytime you have the services of Chris Drury during playoff time, look out.
Prediction: Rangers in 7

2nd Round Predictions
1 Canadiens vs. 5 Rangers - Canadiens in 6
2 Penguins vs. 3 Capitals - Penguins in 7

Eastern Conference Finals
1 Canadiens vs. 2 Penguins - Penguins in 7

Eastern Conference Champions - 2 Pittsburgh Penguins

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bruins do it: Make the Playoffs

First off, I am back. Had some computer issues for a while then was in Washington DC and so on.

Congrats to the Bruins for making the playoffs for the first time since the lockout. One thing matchup with New Jersey or Montreal. We have played them both since 2002 and that is all we have played. Everyone we are one and done.

I'd like to see a matchup vs. either Washington, Carolina or Pittsburgh. I feel the Bruins could knock off any of those teams.

At this point, I am just glad the team made it because the expectations were so low this season, and to top that off with injuries up the wazoo.

The Bruins have been playing great hockey as of late, and by tomorrow morning we should have a better idea of where we will finish this season. But as of now, 6th place is nice and playoff berth better. The Dream Team?

Keep On Keepin' On

Sweet victory indeed! With a 2-1 win over the Senators last night, the Bruins secured their spot in the post-season for the first time since the '03-'04 season. Defying all pre-season predictions by so-called "experts" at ESPN, NESN, et al., the B's have scratched and clawed their way through injuries and even an 0-7-1 campaign against the Canadiens.

Who can't love the way the Bruins made it into the playoffs? A rag tag team of tough guys, hard workers, and a defense first attitude. This team isn't going to dazzle you with its finesse or blow out it's opponents. The playoffs are going to be a battle from the start of the first game until whenever or wherever it ends.

Now I'm not going to get my hopes up and think that they will be competing for a Stanley Cup. However, what I will say is that those who think this team is going to be a quick 4 game sweep have another thing coming. This team is built, as mentioned above, as a defense first squad that emphasizes responsibility for your particular role, especially in their own zone. The playoffs are a totally different ball game in which teams that play good defense have the upper hand. Unfortunately, sacrificing offense for defense is also a drawback.

So, where does this leave the Bruins as they prepare for an opponent like the Penguins, Canadiens, Capitals, or Hurricanes? Well, what do know is that the B's have let up the 4th fewest goals among the 8 Eastern Conference playoff teams. On the other hand, they have scored the third fewest goals as well. When it comes down to it, it's going to be low scoring contests with the winner advantageous by 1 or 2 goals.

Obviously on its face, the Bruins would probably be best suited to play the Hurricanes given the weakness of not having Rod Brind'Amour's services and that they are probably the weakest of potential matchups. Perhaps we could even resurrect the lucky demons from 1999 when Anson Carter was sliding across the ice leading the Bruins to their 1st round victory.

Watch out for Washington folks, this team couldn't be any hotter going into the playoffs. Unfortunatly, my whole Hurricanes theory above would be completely moot if the Caps end up making it in.

So, when Sunday's dust clears and all the seeds are determined, here's what I think will be the playoff matchups for round 1 of the Eastern Conference. When the actual seeds are determined, I will throw out my predictions for the entire playoffs. Until then, enjoy the final home game and sit back, relax, and enjoy the fact that your team is in the playoffs no matter what happens tonight!

1 Penguins vs. 8 Senators
2 Canadiens vs. 7 Flyers
3 Capitals vs. 6 Bruins
4 Devils vs. 5 Rangers

Friday, April 04, 2008

Latest Playoff Scenarios has a great playoff scenario breakdown that looks to the last minute detail, how the playoffs could shake out.

What a great ending we have coming down the stretch.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


The Bruins can clinch a playoff birth tonight if they beat New Jersey AND Carolina does not earn any points against Tampa Bay in their game.

Here's to rooting for the lowly Lightning!

Alberts Ready To Go

Out since December, Andrew Alberts will be suiting up tonight for the first time against the Devils. With the playoffs on the line and only three games remaining, it is great news to have him back and ready to go.

Marc Savard has now been off the ice for 9 days with a cracked bone in his back. Somehow, someway, Claude Julien is saying that he might be ready to skate soon. Call me confused, but a cracked bone in your back sounds pretty serious. I'd be interested to see if Savvy makes it back within two weeks.

Obviously a huge game vs. the Devils tonight in New Jersey. Washington won their game last convincingly against the Hurricanes, 4-1. Now only a point back, a win tonight for the B's would be huge to regain their three point comfort. Furthermore, a win tonight puts the B's in a 5th place tie with the Rangers. Basically, if the B's are able to take 2 wins out of the last 3 games, they will be assured a spot in post-season play. I can see them taking an OT win tonight. The Devils have already clinched a spot and might be resting some guys (hopefully namely the perennial 40 game winner that plays between the pipes).

Here's the remaining games for the playoff hopefuls:

Boston (3) ................. - @NJ, @OTT, Buf
Washington (2) ........... - TB, FLA
Philadelphia (3) ........... - @PIT, NJ, Pit
Ottawa (2) ................... - @TOR, Bos
New York Rangers (3) - @NYI, NYI, @NJ
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