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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quick Hit Rumors from Eklund

Patrick Marleau to Boston (e2)- Hmm....another center at 4+ million price tag...and he is an impending UFA. The only way I see this happening is...wait it won't. Why would the B's need ANOTHER center. Unless they slot Bergeron on a wing. So it would be Bochenski-Marleau-Bergeron. Not bad I guess. It would take a lot to get him, and I would want an extension if we got him. I don't see the fit. The cap hit is not bad for a player of his caliber. Unless it is in a bigger deal with Toskala, do not see it happening.

Eric Boulton to Boston (e3)- Boulton is a good forward, could be a decent 3rd liner. Is 29, made 500k last season. Possible, would be a nice gritty player.


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