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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Julien; Could that lead to Rafalski?

Well, Mr. Timonen is off the market, and a nice 6 year deal at 6.3 per. Hmmm...Chara's deal is looking pretty sexy right about now. Bruins are obviously in the hunt for 1 more top defenseman. Pitkanen could be available, but his asking price would start at Kessel, no thanks. Redden won't be traded to a rival. Jovocop could be an option, but the salary may be a bit high and we have enough stay at home defenseman.

Brian Rafalski, one the best puck moving defenseman, is a UFA this summer. Now the Devs could well resign him, but I wouldn't rule out Boston. PC connection gave us Chara, so a Julien connection could land us Rafalski. Rafalski's tag could be around 4.75-5.1, which isn't too bad. Scott Hannan, Craig Rivet and Andy Sutton are other options.


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