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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Give Julien Some Time

I know Bruins' fans are pissed that we got Claude Julien as the new head coach.

Everyone is saying, "I want Mike Milbury", "PC has to be fired", "Julien sucks, the Devs players hated him".

Obviously, anyone who was going be hired, if it was Milbury, we'd be pissed. So get over it, Milbury isn't it. And honestly, I am somewhat glad. Most B's fans remember his as the guy who coached the 1990 B's, not the guy who signed Alexei Yashin to a 10 year deal and who couldn't make any sort of team in New York with the Isles.

People think Julien sucks and is too soft. His own players wanted him to be fired. Any truth? I did not hear anything that boldly stated, "Julien was fired because he was too soft on the players." It may be true, but do we really know?

People say that Julien will suck because the NJ style of hockey only works because of Brodeur. Yeah, ok, you must not know about hockey much then. NJ ALWAYS AND WILL ALWAYS PLAY LIKE THAT. It's the Devils, no matter who coaches, they play like that. This isn't like Julien was always a Devils guy. He coached the Habs as well. Yeah Brodeur is amazing, but who said the Bruins will now play like the Devils? And maybe Julien got fired because he did not want to play that style. Makes sense. Don't jump to conclusions people.

Julien was a huge contributor to the success of Higgins, Plekanec, and Higgins in Montreal. As it kills me to say this, they are good solid young guns. I wouldn't mind them on the B's.

Now, Julien could well turn out to be the 2nd coming of Dave Lewis, and I am not sucking up to the B's front office or anyone, but I want to give the guy a chance before I jump off the Toban. I'd like more than 1 hour to make my decision.


Blogger Jeff said...

As much as I hated it, Julien out-coached Sullivan in the playoffs in 04. He's not a bad coach, and the Bruins dont need a coach the players like. They need a coach that is going to make Chara play like Chara.

12:32 PM  

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