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Monday, June 25, 2007

Turco trade situation?

I've heard alot on here about Marty Turco getting traded. I understand that the Stars have Bud Smith had a great rookie year and is now the future of the Dallas organization. But Marty Turco has been doing it, Turco gets backlashed for not winning in the playoffs after Belfour won a Cup in Dallas. The Stars haven't gotten any younger the teams getting older in Turco's defense. My problem with all these rumors on here about Turco is what are you going to have to give up to get him? It's not like the Bruins have alot to offer to teams on their NHL roster. Guys like Burgeron, Mark Savard, and Chara are all untradeable according to the Bruins. The only thing the Bruins have to offer are Hannu, Matt Lashoff, Mark Stuart. So who are the Bruins going to give up for Turco and the Stars will have a high price tag for him. Also teams want to make sure young goalies don't get burnt out like Blaine Lacher.... See I touched a nerve with you all now. Smith has only been in the league once and I'm sure Dallas wants to make sure it's not a one year onder. Not to mention look at the teams who used the two goalie system; Nashville, San Jose, and Anaheim. The system works and if your a team who only plays one goalie, what happens if that guy gets hurt?
My take is Turco's going to stay in Dallas price tag Dallas wants is too high. Just look what Minnesota wanted for Manny who isn't half the goalie Turco is.

Former Boston College star Ryan Shannon gets dealt from Cup champs to Vancouver.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

learn to spell bergeron you dumbass

1:01 PM  
Anonymous green lantern said...

i really odnt think the bruins should even attempt to get turco. they would have to give up way too much young talent to get him. the future is all i cazn hope for with this team...

7:47 PM  

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