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Sunday, June 24, 2007

My take on the goalies...

I know a lot of people have asked me my take on the goalie situation, so here it is.

I don't see Tim Thomas or Hannu Toivonen as number 1 goalies this season for the Bruins. TT, as much as I love him, is nothing but a top-end backup, or a mediocre starter. The team won't go anywhere with him in net.

Hannu, I don't see doing much this season. He let me down last season, but I am still willing to say he has the talent. He could rebound, but I am not putting money on the bank for him to be my starter come opening night.

Saying that, overpaying for Manny Fernandez isn't a great option. My whole philosophy is to get a bridge guy to Tuukka Rask. I don't want to rush the kid, but he is what many people are praying on to turn out well. Manny, I thought was a good bridge guy because we'd only have him for 2 more seasons, but he is a head case and his contract isn't user friendly.

Marty Turco looks like an a nice goaltender to acquire. The Stars have an up and coming guy, and they want him to be their goalie. Marty is, no question, a top 10 goaltender and could lead a team to a cup if the supporting cast is there. I don't know what Dallas wants in return, whether it be picks for salary dumping or talent and contracts in return.

Free agents, the Dominator isn't coming here, Gigs is off the market, so I don't see who else I want. Eddie the Eagle is too old IMO, and see no fit. Guys like Esche, Boucher, Thibault, Aebischer, they all suck. Why not just stick with TT and Hannu?

If a trade is not reached, I don't see any free agent goalie coming unless Hannu is dealt and they sign one for a backup.

P.S. No way in hell is Martin Gerber coming here with his phat 3.6 per contract...unless Dany Heatley is involved...


Blogger Jake said...

Please do not tell me you were serious when you want Hannu as your number 2 for a NHL team! I watched the Bruins season, and even went to the AHL Calder Cup playoffs when the Monarchs played the Bruins for 3 of the games and Toivanen looked horrendous! Besides having a butch woman haircut, the guy has no talent for the NHL level. I have watched him up in the NHL, and seen him in the AHL, and he's even worse there. The Monarchs torched Hannu in the playoffs (granted they had Oleg Tverdovsky who won the Cup with the Hurricanes two years ago) and Toivanen looked just lost in net. He goes down to early, his five-hole is open longer than a 24-hour McDonald's drive thru, and his rebounds are always open for the clean-up goal. If they have him on their final roster for the start of the 2007-2008 NHL season, the Bruins are in trouble!!!

7:02 AM  
Anonymous green lantern said...

i think you're being a little to harsh on toivo here. he struggles at times but he looked great a couple of seasons ago. he is a good young kid with great flexability who will pan out to be a star some day.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Name one really superior goalie who spends most of his time on the ice in a full split and I'll agree that Hannu has a chance. His coverage of the lower part of the net is his biggest problem. Go down in a split and you stop one shot at best. Second shot is a goal 90% of the time. Worse yet, he goes into a split to catch a shot from the point and has with regularity missed the puck anyway. Until he learns that the butterfly was designed to limit the lower part of the net while allowing for movement to the rebound with ease, he'll flounder. TT is a great battler and a player with heart, but he can only sustain his best level of play for one or two games top and then he needs a rest or he blows the third game. Boston needs a starter, a real number one, or they're be at the bottom again this year.

2:21 PM  

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