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Monday, June 25, 2007

My Bruins free agent targets:

If I was PC and Co. I would take a intresting look into this years free agent class along with next years. The Bruins must be smart, this year they have there hands tied a little bit unless they unload a Murray or another high priced player.

Now I am going out on a limb here but I think the Bruins need to trade Murray, I do not consider him a leader(Ive heard stories), he is not a great skater and in this new league, its all about speed and disipline. I do not think they need a goalie for him either, TT and Hannu are good tenders but D need to be better.

Every GM makes a list of players they wish to talk to as July 1st roles around, heres my list:

Aaron Miller
Roman Hamrlik
Ossi Vaananen
Brian Rafalski
Tom Poti
Tom Pressing
Martin Gelinas
Yanic Perrault
Darren McCarty
Alyn McCauley
Aaron Asham
Jeff Hamilton
Jeff Friesen
Mika Noronen (Goalie)
Danius Zubrus
Richard Zednik
Viktor Kozlov( great in shootouts and killed B's this year)
Michael Peca
Dominek Hasek (hope not)
Slava Kozlov (him and Savard again, would be scary)

Now I might not even be close with this list but I think if they can get trade Murray look for PC to go all out and make an attempt for Drury. In return for Murray I would stock up maybe a prospect and a young forward or D-men.

Let's now wait and see, my list could also change...

From Eklund: B's intrested in Marek Zidlicky from Nashville, D-man with 30 pts and +8 last year.

Some scouts say Bruins 1st round draft choice Zach Hamill will be a 1st line center and that other than Patrick Kane, may be the closest to being NHL ready maybe not next year but the year after.


Anonymous green lantern said...

i got wind of a trade rumor: marc savard to phoenix for a bag of pucks and a half-eaten tuna sandwich. who put o'connell back in office?

7:52 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Was that a full half eaten tuna sandwich? I heard it was the left over tomato and pickel.

11:06 PM  
Blogger justin said...

hey i'm with you regarding murray. he could potentially score 30 goals. however, as much as i like him, he is slow, injury prone, and draws the most untimely penalties ever. oh yeah, and he is hitting us up for $4.15 million a year.

11:52 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

That is the whole point justin... the 4.15 million! Who is going to take that salary with an ageing power forward? Who is going to give us a gritty player for him? Or a couple of young guys.
Face it, the Bruins are stuck with Murray, guys! Some of us like him, some of us don't.... Bottom Line.... unless PC can pull a miracle.... Murray is a Bruin for the remainder of his contract.
And something a lot of people are forgetting..... maybe Murray's slow down was the style of play Lewis wanted. Listen to what Brad Stuart, Paul Mara, and Brad Boyes all said after leaving. Lewis' coaching style could have just as well cramped Murray's production.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

While I do not have a problem with trading Murray you have to give him his due - he led the team in goals while only playing 58 games -not bad!!
If you take that away your going to need an impact player or two on D to replace him.
Unless they are wise they'll just end up with diminished offense meaning they lose more games..

9:41 AM  

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