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Friday, June 22, 2007

Don't be Bitter B's fans...

I know most of you are all pissed that we did not land Vokoun. Find it kind of funny.

As I recall, I brought this up earlier in the day and people were like for 5.7 I don't want him. He gets dealt, now you all are up in arms.

First off with Toskala. Toronto only got him because they took Bell. I don't want Bell. He is overpaid and overrated. So that was not going to work out.

Second, Vokoun to Florida. Even if the B's had a legit offer, they could not afford his cap hit without giving up some contracts, which NSH has no interest in doing. So there was no way we were getting Vokoun.

Everyone underestimates Fernandez, and if we get him, I will be very happy. He is a solid goalie and will do well in Boston.


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