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Friday, August 25, 2006

Bruins Interested in Gionta?

Ok I'm not going to give you this "A solid source" told me. This is a hunch I have. Even though the Bruins signed Kessel to play LW on the second line, I believe he will play in Providence or on the 3rd line like Thornton did in his first year. My idea leads me to believe Tuuka Rask would be sent to NJ for Gionta. The Bruins have no need for Rask beacause a) Toivonen is the goalie of the future and b) Thomas is signed for 3 years, so why would the B's need Rask because they have Thomas and Toivonen long term. Rask was acquired to be dealt. Also, Kessel is a center, hence he shouldn't play LW. Now Gionta would be fairly cheap at around 3.5 million a season. And the Bruins currently sit at around 39,000,000, about 5 million under. So they have enough room to sig Gionta. Gionta is a native to Boston, so he would likely want to play here. A perfect fit.

Now where to put Kessel. Well, I never really thought Primeau was a 3rd line center. Axy and Donovan could provide a scoring, yet gritty touch. So I would move Primeau down to the 4th line, then place Kessel on the 3rd line as the center for a year.

Now in the future, I would maybe try to trade Murray, IF he doesn't connect with Marc Savard. Then put Kessel where Murray would have been. So you put him at RW, kind of like a Brad Boyes situation. Your other option is if Savard is a bust, try to unload him and put Kessel there.


Sturm Bergeron Boyes
Gionta Savard Murray
Axelsson Kessel Donovan
Stastny Primeau Mowers


Anonymous mack said...

I like the way you think. The Bruins have to pick up a half decent left winger before the season starts just in case Kessel doesn't pan out. Whether it be Gionta, Dumont or my favourite Devereaux (for some reason I still believe that he can be a scoring forward) something has to be done before October if the Bruins plan on being a contender.

12:21 PM  
Blogger bruins#1fan said...

that would be a good deal, but we still have zhamnovs contract untill he officially retires

5:09 PM  
Blogger bruins#1fan said...

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5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Bruins really aquired Gionta, I would rather see them have 3 scoring lines that play pretty equal minutes and a checking/energy line, maybe something like this.

Sturm Bergeron Kessel
Karsums Savard Murray
Gionta Boyes Tenkrat/Kalus/Krejci
Axelsson Primeau Donovan

6:37 AM  

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