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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More on J.P. and Bruins

J.P. has reportedly received 3 "serious offers" from Northeast clubs. The Habs are not one of them, and the Leafs cap situation makes them an unlikely canidate. Now, this is good news if your a Bruins fan, PC has realized that the need of a LW is necessary and Phil Kessel might go back to college for another year. It seems like he may not want to go back to Buffalo, so that leaves the Sens and Bruins. The Sens could make a pitch, but the Bruins could offer more money. If we can sign Dumont for 2.5 million or less, that will cap off a solid offseason. I am not sold on Kessel playing LW for us this year. It'd be beneficial for him to go back to college or the Providence Bruins for a year. With a second line of Dumont, Savard, Murray, that could be one of the top scoring lines in the NHL. Cross your fingers Bruins fans.


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