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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Board of governors: Much Ado About Nothing

Each year, the NHL have an All-Stars game and each year, there's a board of governors. Quite frankly, i wonder why. Few weeks before those meetings; we hear rumours about changes that could occur. As usual, nothing happend.

The governors were way too busy to look at the new uniforms then to really care about the problems around the league. For once, the schedule is a topic of discussion since the beginning of the season. The players hates it; the fans are angry to see the same divisional rivals 8 times and desperate to see teams from the other conference. Everything was set for a change, right? ( Buzzer ), wrong answer. The proposition to change the schedule failed by one vote. The message to the fans is clear: we don't care about your opinion. Instead of rising to the occasion, the NHL decide to stay put and vote for a statu-quo. What a shame; especially for a league who have to increase their ratings in a country (US) where fans need to be excited about the game.

The other topic who deserved to be discuss is the officiating. I don't know what happend since the beginning of the season but the officiating is plain awful. In fact, there's no standard anymore. A hook is called at one occasion but is let go at another one. Major penalty and cheap shots are overlooked while referees are wasting their time to penalise a goaltender for knocking the goal out of his place. So far, there's too many games who are decided by the referees. Last year, the NHL implant the new officiating system in order make the game more open and to allow goal scorer to fill the net. So far, there's not a huge difference between this year and last year. However, the number of cheaps shots and dangerous head hits are up. Do we will have to wait until a player like Crosby or Malkin fall due to a post-concussion syndrom to do something?. It's doubtful that the game of hockey will be sell with 4th line grinders...

As usual, the board of governors deliver very few. For years, this meeting was perceive as a " private party " where governors talk about life and golf scores. This year result will not help to change that perception...


Blogger Matt said...

I agree there should be a shedule change, but I also think that they should just finish the 3 year cycle then change it. I believe the NHL wants to go through with its plans and that it will be changed after the 07-08 season. I do think playing the division teams 8 times is a little hefty.

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