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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Clean up time?

That All-Star break is welcome in Beantown. PC will have to face some decisions and according to the Globe, the negociations with Stuart seems to stall. So, do PC will make a clean up in order to be in the playoffs hunt or to prepare his team for next year??? Let's see who's hot and who's not...

-Tim Thomas: had a shacky start then was red hot and then cooled off. Thomas had to do it by himself but crumble, in the end, largely because of the exhaustion factor. He gave everything he can but in the end; he's not the long term solution. Some players, in this lockeroom, could take lessons from him about commitment and team spirit...

- Hannu Toivonen: had a shacky start but was not able to recover his old form. He played an annoying yo-yo game between Providence and Boston; only to warm the bench. His last two outing might suggest that he's on the road of recovery. Still, there's a long, long way to go. If the B's give up on the playoffs; Toivonen need to play more in order to see if he can cut it.

-Jason York: Jason York is Jason York. Protected by Lewis, this defenseman showed that he cannot play in this new NHL anymore. He's too slow; miss the coverage and take bad penalties. A guy like Allen or Lashoff can take his spot with better result. PC should waive him and a demotion to Providence is in order.
-Paul Mara: A case of the player in the wrong team at the wrong time?? He's playing better lately but Mara didn't deliever what was expected from him. He's a high risk player in his own end and have the bad habit to turnover the puck in key moments. He's the only guy who showed that he care and was never afraid to stick his nose in the traffic. A tough call for PC but his 3 per contract might force PC to dealt him.
-Brad Stuart:Was considered as the marquee man in the JT trade. The B's want to re-sign him but his prohibitive cost might be the signal of a trade for him. Stuart prove that he's a legitimate #2 D but with Lashoff and Mark Stuart in the minors; PC might want to move him order to fill some needs.

-Marco Sturm:Annonced at the beginning of the season that he would test the UFA market. Since then, Sturm is almost invisible on the ice. Except his shootout goals; there's very few to say about his season. A deception, this year, and trade is , likely, on the way. I don't expect the B's to have a lot in return for him. Seems to suffer from the " Samsonov " syndrom...
-Brad Boyes:Sophomore slump? This guy showed that he could have a very bright future. The fact that he was not playing with Sturm and Bergron at the beginning of the season might hurt him more then in a way. Boyes seems to play without motivation and confidence. Still, this guy is young and there no need to push the panic button here.
-Donovan/Primeau/Mowers:No question about their work ethic. But, in this new NHL, you need 3 productive lines and except a couple of games this line didn't produce. Of course, you cannot expect a 50 goals production from them but, at least, they need to bring something to the table. At 1.2, Primeau is a goner and Mowers ... buyout??. Donovan have a 2 years contract... There's some young talents in Providence who can replace them and we should give them a chance to prove if they can make it.

Dave Lewis:His bad tendancies to bench rookies in favor of some veterans ( who brought very few to the table )annoyed some fans. For some, Lewis have no clue; for others, he know exactly what he's doing. Lewis is tough to decrypt. Lately, he bench 4 guys in the same game and was willing to use the " whip strategy ". Maybe this lockeroom have played with Lewis's patience too many times. Let's wishes that he will make players accountable for their bad outings. His comments after the 1st period against Ottawa might indicate that he will take the hard line...

At the All-star break, the B's are where some peoples expected them : 10th in the conference. Some moves need to be made in order to shake up this team. This team is definitely not consistent enough to reach the playoffs and the timing might be right to think about the future. No need of a major clean up here but some adjustements are needed; especially after this bad performance against Ottawa. Who's hot and who' not???. Your choice are good as mine...


Blogger Matt said...

Mowers signed a 2 year deal...

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn !

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the game last night That must of been their worst of the season. If a goalie cant get a shut out on 18 shots then he must be really bad

10:27 AM  

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