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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Time for a Change

The Bruins have been awful lately. All season I have said that they should trade P.J. Axelsson to address another need that they have. On the season the Bruins are 13-18 with Axelsson and 7-4 without him. He brings down the first line and should not be there. Granted he is a great defensive player and a fan favorite, but he is not a first liner and it is very apparent. He is not offensively gifted and should not be asked to be. The Bruins need help in more places than one, and their only good bargaining chip could be Axelsson. He is the only player who would get the Bruins anything in return, therefore I believe he should be traded. Lewis refuses to take him off the top unit and it shows on a nightly basis that they are better with him not on that line. Chistov and Tenkrat, both of whom are nothing special themselves, add more offensively and should be on there with Savard and Murray. In my opinion maybe even put Boyes on the left side and then move Chstov to a line with Bergeron and Sturm. Either way Axelsson does not deserve to be on the top line and right now our checking line is fine so trade him and help the team in a different place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lewis is hurting this team more then in a way. He stubbornly refuse to play forwards who can spark the offense while he's giving planty of ice time to the DMP. In deficit of 1 goal; you need to score not to prevent an another goal. Lewis is playing for not losing that's why the team is not winning. I stop here; i'm too pissed off.

5:10 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

I totally agree with latrappe. Lewis is the problem with the team. Why are we wasting Kessel's talent on the 4th line? Why is he not playing with Savard and Murray? Rumor was that if he was drafted a year earlier, he would have gone ahead of Crosby! Do I believe that... NO! But, if he has that much potential, why the heck is Donovan, Primeau, and Mowers getting more ice time then he is? Play the kid for goodness sake!
Put Axelsson back on the checking line where he belongs. And then stop shifting the line combos so damn much!
I hate to say it, but Lewis needs to go! He couldn't do a dang thing with the juggarnaut that Bowman left him in Detroit, so why should management think he can do anything with a rebuilding Bruins team?
Sorry... my rant...... I'm too pissed as well!

3:13 PM  

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