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Friday, January 12, 2007

B's All-Star's

The All Star game is coming up all the ballots are in for the starters. Crosby, Ovechkin, and Briere (Ovechkin and him have had problems against eachother, makes it intresting) will start up front for the east. Sabers d-man Brian Miller along with his goalie Ryan Miller wills start. The other defensemen is the Habs Sheldon Surey.
For the West Joe Sakic will be playing with two Sharks, former Bruin Joe Thorton and Jonathan Cheechoo. Vetern defensmen Lidstrom and Scott Niedermayer will play infront of Roberto Lunongo.
For the Bruins I think Marc Savard is a lock. After playing last year in Atlanta in the shadows of Hossa and Kovalchuk. According to last year Savard was the most under-rated player in the NHL. He has earned ervery penny for the Bruins so far. He has tremendous hands and sees the ice very well. He has lead the Bruins offense and given them depth and a second line that can score (I know he's on the first line, without him Bergy's line would be first).
I think Chara will be on the team. He leads all players in ice time with over 30 mins a game. He hasn't been exactly what the Bruins wanted. I think we all expected to see more hits and a much better defensive player (unstead of him running around the ice). We also expected more perduction from him offensively and we're still waiting him to drop the mitts a little more than he has. I know we need him on the ice but he can still pick and choose when to drop the gloves. We have 0 fighters on our roster. If you look at the last player Boston fans feel in love with that was a Bruin it was PJ Stock, who was far from a goal scorer, played little ice time but showed great heart and was willing to fight anyone.
I think Patrice Burgeron is going to be off of the all-star team. I think the late push he has put on is not enough. remeber each team must have at least one all star. There are going to be several teams with multi all stars in the east; Atlanta, Buffalo, and Ottawa will have at least three each. Buffalo already has three starting. We sometimes forget how young Burgeron is, but there is a ton of young tallent in the east; Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin, Staal, and Vanek. Who should all be on the team. However, I think Vanek will be left off they already have three starters without having Drury and Afinogenov not starting.

What is everone else take?


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