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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ottawa: 1/9/07

No Chara tonight, this will be a tough test. The Flyers team is a joke and the Bruins play has been subpar of late. If the Bruins can get a solid win, most people will be a tad more relaxed. The Bruins defense needs to make up for the absense of Chara and look for Lashoff to get some big minutes. I am looking forward to a solid game. Also, first game we get to see Mike Comrie. Phil Kessel will be back and hopefully will play some good minutes. Want to see what he can give, since he had cancer before, we didn't necessarily see what he is made of.

Keys to winning:
1. Stop Alfredsson, Redden, and Comrie
2. Test Ottawa's goaltending
3. Neutral zone play
4. Efficient at bringing the puck into the offensive zone
5. Fluid transistion



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Good Fix

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