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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Brewer to Bruins What would you do?

I kinda hinted at this in an earlier post, and now it's interesting that a few of the websites are mentioning this as a possible destination for Eric ( here and back in Oiltown). Besides needing another forward the Bruins are searching for one or two defensemen to shore up the defense. Brewer's name is popping up more and more as the Bruins would only have to move a small contract, say demote someone to the minors, and Brewer's salary fits the B's just under the cap. What is left on his current salary would not effect the Bruins at all.

That move will help considering it will give more experienced depth to the defense, which I think needs only dress five guys a night with our Captain playing thirty minutes a game.

Then I would possibly package a few players (Mara, York, Primeau, Axe or Murray, Hannu) drop in a prospect or two and a pick and grab something BEFORE the deadline. Players may come cheapest money wise then... but, the price you pay in players might go up this year, from the lack of movement so far.

What and where this deal happens depends on the need the B's want to address most. My vote is scoring or a tender. I don't think San Jose will trade with Boston, as there are more then a few rumors floating around about both San Jose goalies... Ditto Anahiem's. It's a hard sell... but, who knows only deals that get talked about get done.

I'd like to see talks with Tampa Bay. I believe the whole "We will not trade our top three" is a smokescreen, they can't seriously think of keeping three players which combined are half the team's salary under the cap, and in other reports, openly admitting they are listening to offers. I would go after St. Louis or Lecavalier. Offer up a top six forward, a prospect like Rask or Marchand and a draft pick. Moving around a player or two in the system and you can support the salary... for this year at least. A deal for a big contract $4 million + player comes only if Brad doesn't sign with the team in the coming weeks.

That's my story... gimme yours! What will the Bruins do if anything before the Trade Deadline? I think a move is on the horizon, and knowing Lewis he'd be on PC to do it before the trade deadline, to obsorb the new in with the team as quickly as possible. Let's see if they can keep from trading Bergy, Savard, Murray, Chara and Stuart.

Talk to you soon


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think the B's should go after Brewer. He's an UFA and his 2per salary prevent a deal pretty much. But, the B's will be involve in a deal regarding Brad Stuart or Paul Mara. If PC can find someone to take Mara's contract; Stuart will likely be re-sign. If not, Stuart is gone because the situation regarding the cap will be too tight with his 5 per.

PC knows how it is to be painted in the corner regarding the cap ( like this year ). I'm sure that he will try to afford more room for next year. If they give 5 per to Stuart it leave 10 millions or so to re-sign players and he will have to replace Primeau and Sturm.

PC will have to look at goaltending too. So,if he spend 5 per on Stuart; it leaves nothing to acquire or sign a proven and legitimate #1 keeper unless he find a way to trade Mara or Murray in order to free cap room. You cannot have Stuart and a #1 keeper without moving one of the two; assuming that Savard, Bergeron and Chara are going nowhere...

The B's have a fair amount of huge contracts and PC's last comments regarding the fact that he look to add another D might hint that the team cannot afford Stuart re-signing. With Lashoff and Stuart ready to step up in the big league; i don't see why PC would trade for a #5,6 or 7th defenseman.
We have enough Jason York, already.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

I actually have been a fan of Brewer for a long time and him coming to Boston seems fairly realistic at this point.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Scotianuck said...

Thanks Matt, that feeling is starting a bit for me too.

Here's some things to consider about the cap for next year. I love numbers and right now this minute we have 11 guys signed for next year at a total cap hit of give or take 33 million. The cap will raise again and could hit anywhere between 47 - 49 million.

So we work with the average, 48. That gives the Bruins around 15 million to figure to, I'll give the benefit of the doubt and save 2 million for a "rental" player for next year, 13. Pop 5 big ones Brad's way. You've got 8 to splash at ten more players who at this years rates garner 7.5 million dollars. All of which won't resign and if do, will get less. Sturn will get the hack to about a million. You are looking at about 3-4 million in total under the cap and this team retains the essence that it has now.

Stuart can be resigned and Brewer can come to the team for next to nothing on the current roster. The Bruins have the room.

As for a big time 4-7 million a year player? Well, hats off if you can unload Mara... for me this is Martin Lapointe all over again and it's gonna suck. He's not even a rental player. We are stuck with him me thinks.

Hate to say it... but Murray (possibly packaged with Mara) would be the only thing anyone would jump at. The Mara inclusion is because PC is trying to dump. It may be the reason we haven't seen any movement is because no other team wants him.

Again in a perfect world, Murray, Mara, draft pick and a prospect for say St.Louis. That is the kind of package that has to go on the table for that. Don't think it will happen.

In other news.. will Tucker get dealt? With the spoked wheel on his chest, would we love him or hate him?

Fantasy trade - Tucker for Axe and Mara?

4:28 AM  

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