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Friday, January 05, 2007

Bruins Get Smoked

I agree the Bruins were a total embarassment. They lost to a bunch of guys who were hungary then them getting a chance to play at the top level. Toronto was with out Sundin and Tucker there 2 best players. Sadly, Thomas gave up 8 goals before being pulled. However, at least 5 of those goals aren't his fault, and thats alot. The goals he gave up were defensive problems, I know Thomas has pulled them out of it before but he couldn't this time. Guys are being left wide open. Defensemen are getting caught looking at and chasing guys with the puck and they are making easy passes to the wide open guy in front, leaving Thomas little to no chance to stop them.

If I was Lewis I would call up half of the Providence Bruins guys who are hungary and want to be in the NHL and sit guys who cashed it in. Mara was a disgrace and should not be aloud to wear the spoked B ever again after the awful play on his half and then taking dumb pentlies at the end. I know alot of the guys for Providence would have to go through the wavier wire before getting sent back down, the fact is something must be done. I like how Shean Donovan went out there and played hard hitting guys down 8 goals and then getting into a fight, I respect that showing heart and passion all game. I would like to see a move before the next game weather it's scratch a guy, call someone up, trade or realse, something has to be done.
IF anyone like me watched the end of the game the first commerical came on was a Bruins commerical with heart and passion. I sat with my dad and laughed with him because they showed none of that tonight. With the exeption of Dononvan.

Brad Stuart tried to play hurt and cost the Bruins a goal. If your hurt try to get off, he couldn't because the Bruins couldn't break out for the lives of them. I like seeing guys battle through inguries but if your going to hurt your team sit down and they can call someone up.

Finally I saw Stasny play with Chistov and Tenkrat at the end and they were buzzing arround having several offensive chances. I would like to see this line stay together and play a whole game for the Philly game Saturday.

This is the lineup I'd like to see
Donovan (deserves the ice time after playing hard all game)-Savard-Murray
Chistov-Stasny-Tenkrat (with more ice time, played well together at the end)
Axelsson-Mowers-Kris Versteeg (Ben Walter or Pacal Pelliter any of them)

(I wouldn't even mind seeing Jonathan Sigalet)
(York and Mara shouldn't play...... EVER again)

Backup any goalie you can find on waivers


Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

After that pathetic excuse for a team effort I think a lot of changes need to be made.
First and for most..... Lewis has got to stop changing the lines so much. Let guys gel together for more then a period for goodness sake! (I'm holding back the curses even though I really want to use them!!)
Give guys down in Providence a chance. Primeau, Donovan, York, Mara, and a few others need to be hit with a reality check! Wearing the spoked B is an honor... not an exception!
Make a trade! Thomas is going to wear down. I'm not getting on him cause he gives 100% every night. Very few on the team can say they do every night! Thomas is not Brodeur! Heck, he isn't even Giguere! And honestly I don't think he ever will be. He is a good goalie, no question, but he sure as heck can't do it alone!
So here goes.....
Chistov- Statsny- Karsums
Those should be the lines that Lewis sticks with. Tenkrat plays at 100mph every shift... give him some darn ice time! Same goes with Chistov!! I'm still not sold on Lewis. I've thought he was our weakness since before the season started. He took over for Bowman in Detroit. Scotty left him a juggarnaut.... any of us fans could have coached that team! He hasn't proven squat to me... not here.... and not in Detroit! I'd rather have Barry Melrose as coach!
As for a trade.... I mentioned this once before.

Send Mara, Suave (or Finley) and a draft pick to the Islanders for Witt and Dunham!
The salaries would wash out. Islanders get a pick, get younger on the blueline, and give full control of the crease to the 15 year man, DiPietro! Boston gets a rugged stay at home defenseman that can play in the new NHL, and a goalie that can share the load with Thomas. Kind of like Miller and Biron in Buffalo, Giguere and Bryzgalov in Anehiem and Toskola and Nabokov in San Jose! Not to mention it would not take anything away from Hannu or Rask being the future in net!

Finally, I'd actually give Allison a look. Especially for the power play. Heck..... our special teams could use a boost.

Defense would be..
B. Stuart- Lashoff or Dempsey
Witt- M. Stuart


Just my rant..... sorry for carrying on! I bleed black and gold.... and after slitting my wrists the other night.... my house is covered with it! Happy New Year!!

7:30 PM  
Blogger Walshie said...

The Islanders wont trade Dunham. Did you forget that Dunham's best friend is the GM Garth Snow?

12:52 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

I have to say that is the worst reason why a trade wouldn't work that I have ever heard.
But it is even more of a reason to go. He'll get more playing time in Boston and the other players won't cry favoritism!
Not to mention Snow would not refuse a trade if it worked and made his team better. Not if he wants to keep his job!

1:27 PM  

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