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Friday, January 05, 2007


They were playing good until that game in Columbus. Our B's leaded 4-1 and were cruising to the victory until they collapse... Since that game, something have change and it lead to one of the most embarassing performance iv'e seen from the B's in the past 10 years.

Against an AHL Toronto Leafs, the B's renew with their bad habits: 1-Playing a 30 or 40 min game; 2- giveaway the puck in the defensive zone; 3- shaky goaltending and the list can continue till tomorrow. At first, after that game in Columbus, i wasn't bother. Bad games happend; the B's played good; they were in a good position for a playoffs spot. But then, another near collapse in Chicago and a 5-0 blowout in Nashville. The two games against Toronto showed us that the B's need help and need help fast.

First, Lewis have to stop to fall in love with some players and make them accountable for their laspses. For one, Jason York is logging ice time while hurting the team (-10 ) and the same can apply to Mara ( -14 ). Thomas is played to exhaustion and show sign of fatigue while Marco Sturm is -11 and invisible for most of the games, this year. In order to be respected by his players; Lewis have to be ballistic. The whip should be the first item on the menu. The strategy of not benching veterans because they knows " how to correct their mistakes " is, at least, a monumental failure...

Secondly, on the trade market, get ride of Mara. Sadly, this guy was brought for his offensive skills and he showed nothing since the beginning of the season. Mara is living bomb in his own end... We need a stay at home D who knows how to play in his own end. For now, call back Lashoff and Stuart. Those two guys deserve a shot when you look at York and Mara's performances. They cannot be worst for sure.

I said, earlier, that in the case of Thomas, we will have to wait till a full season and , maybe, a playoffs run to see what he's really made of. Nothing against the guy or the team player. But people get too excited, too fast and you have to be cautious before apposing tag like: 1- Franchise player or 2- Elite goaltender. Marty Brodeur is an elite goaltender and he have the wins and the Stanley Cup rings to prove it. Thomas doesn't show signs that he will become the new Marty Brodeur ( Thomas is not on the Top 20 for sav% and GAA ). Performances in Columbus, Chicago and Toronto showed why teams were so reluctent to give him a contract to be their #1 .PC have to fix the goaltending issue and avoid a situation like they had in Philadelphia. If the B's are to miss the playoffs; it will be better, for their future, to play Toivonen. There's too many times where the team was bad in front of him but fans blamed the young keeper for the defeat. When the same happend to Thomas; fans gave him the benefit of the doubt. It's time, for the fans, to give Hannu some slack. I must stress that i'm not knocking on Thomas but on the perception that, this guy, can be an elite or franchise goaltender...

The last few games showed that the B's can Dr.Jekyll or Mr.Hyde. I don't know what they really are, right now. One night, they are on top of their game and on another occasion, they play like the Phoenix Coyotes. Change need to be made. No need for a blockbuster, here. Waive players who have to be waive; trade players that didn't live up to the expectation and allow your youngs prospects to play. At least, those young guns will bring energy; something we didn't see behind the bench, too often, this season.


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