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Monday, January 01, 2007

My Lines for the New Year

Even with the recent struggles, I feel like the Bruins are going to make the playoffs and have played well this season. In 2007, these would be my lines


Obviously, this will never happen but its fun to think about. I like Axelsson best when he plays on the checking line with Primeau. I think Chistov looks awesome. He has quick moves like Sergei Samsonov and I think he would make the top line even better. Martins Karsums has been great in Providence, cannot wait for him to be up with the B's, although it is unlikely to happen until next season. He plays a very similar style to Bergeron and he can score, he would look good on his left wing. Kessel with Sturm and Tenkrat because of the speed. That would be great to watch. I feel Kessel, when he returns, will be much better and if he had to veteran wingers who could skate with him then they could do some damage. This would also allow Lewis to roll 4 lines consistently, all having offensive skills.


Anonymous Neelyrules said...

After watching that toilet flush of a game last night against the Leafs, I wouldn't recommend new lines but perhaps a new coach. NO ONE finshed their checks on D other than Chara and the only forwards I saw consistently hit anyone was Chistov and Donovan, the rest would turn instead of hitting. There was little or no effort to go after loose pucks. I could go on and on...but. Those kinds of things are instilled through the coaches at practice. My B's have skill but seemingly no guidance, and until there is we will continue to struggle towards a playoff spot instead being the team we have shown flashes of this year, one that is dangerous every night.

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