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Monday, January 01, 2007

P.J. Axelsson

P.J. Axelsson is one of the best defensive forwards in the NHL. No one can argue that. However, the Bruins seem to play better when he is not in the lineup. It is a puzzling fact. Maybe the subbing in of the fourth line combo of Chistov and Tenkrat on the top lines makes a difference. Since P.J.'s return, the top two lines have remained intact throughout the entire game ( except after a PK). I like the idea of mixing and matching the lines, like Lewis was doing prior to the return of Axelsson. Since his return they are 1-3 and almost lost the Chicago game as well, allowing 3 3rd period goals, before scoring the empty-netter. Obviously, Axelsson is not to blame for this, but I think they Bruins play better when they roll a different combination of lines, and when he does play they keep him on the first line. I personally would like to see him back on the checking line with Primeau and Donovan, which would give Chistov and Tenkrat more opportunities on the top 2 lines. With Axelsson in the lineup the Bruins are 13-14 and when he was injured the Bruins were 7-4


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think PF is hurt right now. One or two day off will help greatly to recover. I'm not worried a bit about him and he will regain his timing and his game very soon.

I'm more worried about the fact that York is still in the lineup...

9:05 AM  

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