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Monday, January 01, 2007

5 Questions for the New Year

1. When will the Bruins get an enforcer? It is very apparent the Bruins cannot compete with physical teams. They need that gritty fourth liner who goes out and hits everything in site and drops the gloves on occasion. Our current 3rd and 4th lines all lack physical play and we all know none of them will not fight.
2. When will Jason York do anything productive? He runs around in his own end and makes poor decisions all the time. When will he do anything? Take a hit to make a play? Give a hit? Make a good pass? Shoot better than a peewee? Retire? Or just jump on the freeway to Providence?
3. When will Stan Chistov or Petr Tenkrat get more ice time? I think Chistov has looked awesome lately. Personally would love to see him on the top line with Murray and Savard. He finally was put onto the 2nd PP unit against Toronto. These two obviously have offensive skills, get them some more ice time.
4. When will Thomas stop playing the puck? Obviously the goaltender must play the puck in certain situations, but Thomas is so bad when he is forced to handle it himself. I get scared every time he touches the puck.
5. Why has P.J. Axelsson looked so lost? Since returning from his injury, he has looked absolutely awful. I know he has picked up some points in the games he has been back, but he looks lost and out of position. He gave up on a few plays against Toronto in the neutral zone, one which resulted in a 2 on 1, where they hit the post.


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