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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Decision Time

Yesterday, the B's rebounce from two embarassing performances and win 4-3 against the Philadelphia Flyers. Looking at the standing, the B's are in great shape only one point shy from a playoffs spot with a TON of game on hand on almost everyone. So, it's decision time: Are you making that playoffs run or are you thinking, already, for next year.

Tough call. The B's are facing decision tough decision regarding their roster. For one, Brad Stuart will be UFA at the end of the decision. From various sources, Stuart can command a salary around 5 millions per years. When you look at the cap situation, the signing of Stuart can be a problem especially if you consider that you will have to replace guys like Sturm and Primeau. So, do it will be better to call some young legs up and make them ready for next year???

Don't get me wrong: I'd like to see that B's make that chase for a playoffs birth. But, the more it goes, the more this team is showing a lack of consistency that will killed them anyway. Do it will be better to sacrifice this year in order to have a brighter futur? I guess so. Right now, there's players in Providence who deserve to have a chance to compete at the higher level. Matt Lashoff and Mark Stuart are ready to make the big step but guys like York and Mara are halting the process. On the upfront, there's planty of young promissing talent but, once again, guys like Mowers, Primeau and Donovan are getting lots of ice time without producing. In fact, they are getting ice time because their head coach is high on veterans. Stepping up for veterans is one thing; playing them while hurting the team is another one. PC said, at the beginning of the year, that he would like to see a young team with speed and skills. I don't think Primeau, Mowers and York are fitting the bill. Do a power struggle is in sight???

The B's are improving. This year, the team is showing more desire to win and more consistency ( which give us a picture of how they were bad last year ) . But, entering the new year, a decision will have to be made soon. Do the B's are good enough to make that playoffs run and halte some of their young guns developpment? I don't think so. We have to look at the big picture, here. If i had the choice, i would prefer to see Lashoff, Mark Stuart, Chistov, Tenkrat and CO having plenty of ice time and see what they are all about. I waited for 30+ years, now, to see legitimate contending team. Now that there's a real commitment; waiting one year or two won't hurt me a bit...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The B's are improving. This year, the team is showing more desire to win and more consistency"

The reason for your above quote is due to guys like "Mowers, Primeau and Donovan". Keep that in mind. These guys show passion and effort every game!

12:40 PM  

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