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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kessel leads the way!

I'll admit I was one of the ones disgusted by the first period and walked away. I checked in expecting a 6-1 score and instead it was 4-3. Then it was the Shootout. Kessel who assisted on the game tying goal, scored the SO winner. That's 2-1=3 in two games and a shootout winner, and I believe this is his second career one. Not bad. Not bad at all.

On top of that Hannu got a win, which, if anyone felt as I did, that felt like his first of the year. All and all I appreciate the two points. Vancouver helped us by beating Ottawa, but the Habs and Leafs also won, so we do not make up any ground for the finally playoff spot. Watch also for talk to increase about Sturm and possible trades for Stuart as he has yet to re-sign with the team.

Anyway B's Fans, just wanted to check in and the news is that Hannu is on his way out. The most likely spot right now is the west coast (our favorite trading partners). Of course that all remains to be seen.


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